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So just who was this Doctor Snuggles guy, you ask? Well, he was the main character in an old 70's show called, "Doctor Snuggles." Doctor Snuggles was an inventor and had many friend, usually animals. This show was one of many that I grew up with, but Doctor Snuggles is in a realm all its own. It was so different that you couldn't help but like it so I decided to build this place in honor of the good doctor.

"Doctor Snuggles, you're wonderful. Well, you're just...good." ~Nobby Mouse.

Doctor Snuggles is dedicated to Jeffery O' Kelly's superb sons, Sean, Jerome and Eugene. And to his lovely daughters, Rebecca and Clara. It's dedicated to them in token for their patience and every whiff of nonsense.

Many thanks to Jeffery O'Kelly, who was very kind and helped my site grow with all the insights, pctures and info that he sent me. And thanks to Jerome O'Kelly, who helped with the video and CD info.

A big thanks to Mike Beltzner as well, for letting me use his cute Snuggles pics and for inspiration.

I'd also like to thank my bestest best friend, Eula, for being so cool as to move my site here to Tripod, scanning things, and downloading stuff for me.