Flanagan's Forest Photographs
In all the years that I have been taking photographs, my favorite subject has always been nature and British Columbia's' vast expanse of forests. I have worked in almost every corner of this province, from Granduc Mines up near Alaska, to working on the Alaska Highway in 1972 near Fort St. John. From the Queen Charlotte Islands, down to Vancouver Island, I have nothing but love and respect for B.C., and all it has to offer to us nature buffs and photographers. Below are some of my favorite photographs that I have taken over the years of Beautiful B.C.
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    a     b     c     d     e

a)Queen Charlotte Islands red sunrise, b)Seymour Watershed in North Vancouver, c)sunset in Nanaimo, d)bee on a dandelion, e)Rice Lake in North Vancouver frozen over.

           f     g     h     i     j

f) Crocus, g)Mushrooms on stump, h) sun through a spiders web, i) mushrooms on moss, j) more mushrooms.

          k     l     m     n     o

k)Salmon Berry and flower, l)mushrooms in moss 2, m)fly on flower, n)Upper Lynn Creek, North Vancouver, o)snow at Rice Lake Watershed in North Vancouver.

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