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Welcome to my Crazy Cosmos!

Here, just about anything can happen - and usually does. Chaos and imagination rule, and convention is flung out the window. Expect the unexpected. Forget logic. Make sure you sense of humor is fully charged. Have fun.

Dedicated to those who died in the September 11 attacks.

The Hallway
Doorways to other realms of my Crazy Cosmos.

Bit O' Ego
Just a tot about myself.

Activism Alley
OK, a little seriousness. Save rain forest, feed the hungry, protect endangered Big Cats, etc.

Time for the Future
Some good links about Science Fiction in its many forms.

Ring, Ring, Web Site Ring
Various interesting web doodahs, and rings I have joined.

Winged Lions

Here is a tribute to all the people who lost their lives in the savage terrorist attack on the United States:

Click on the graphic to visit my September 11th Gallery. Please feel free to copy it and proudly display it on your web site.


Doorways to My Other Dimensions

I am a member of Mensa. That is how I met most of my friends. Mensa may sound like an organization only for geeks and nerds, but you'll find all kinds of people in Mensa - musicians, construction workers, salespeople, truck drivers, etc., as well as computer folks and engineers.

Mensa has a number of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) for a wide variety of interests, including Star Wars fans, counted cross stitch, haiku, nudists, Japanese culture, cats and scuba diving to name a few.

My hobbies include writing, drawing, hiking, and raising heck about one issue or another.

Join MEETUP! Get together with people who have similar tastes and interests in your hometown or metro area.


This refuge for big cats needs your help! Anything you can do for them will be most welcome. After you read about Tiger Haven and its residents, you will want to help this wonderful sanctuary survive.

The Meatrix
Learn the shocking facts about the sources for your meat and eggs!

The Hunger Site

Click to Save Wildlife Habitat for FREE!

Fight World Hunger

Lion Face Bar

Prepare for the Future - Read Science Fiction!

Science fiction, SF, sci-fi - whatever you call it, I love to read it. If you think science fiction is just bug-eyed monsters and rampaging killer robots, you're decades out of date - you need to read some of the new stuff. Start with the magazines listed below:

Asimov's Science Fiction - one of the best SF magazines on the market, if not the best!
Analog - Originally Astounding. Published since 1930, still going strong.
Fantasy & Science Fiction - Blends hard SF with fantasy quite well.

There are lots more whence these came!

The ultimate Science Fiction web guide
Resources for the SF Fan
SCIFI.com - Sign up for the weekly E-mailer!
Science Fiction Lover's Archive
The Sev Wide Web - Australian science fiction humor
The ultimate stellar duel - Star Trek vs Star Wars!
The "Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy"
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Fiction into Film - Stories that inspired SF movies
You Can't Do That on Star Trek! - Get some larfs at warp speed.
Read a Science Fiction classic in a minute!
A tribute to the late A. E. van Vogt
The Isaac Asimov Home Page
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Science Fiction Fact of the Day
Generated 3D space opera, and more!
Spicy Green Iguana, a comprehensive listing of SF, Fantasy and Horror magazines, pro and semi-pro, printed and web.

Join the Science Fiction Book Club!

A little something for everybody who hates Jar Jar Binks.

"Hey Freya! Where'd ya get all that crazy clip art?"
Well, you can start with:

Art Today - You have to pay for access to this site, but you will get your money's worth!

...and the weirdness is just barely beginning...

Are you a logophile? (That is, a word lover.) If so, here's a site for you:


Tina the Troubled Teen

The Weather in Hell

I'd love to hear from you! (Note: Remove the initial "x" from my address; that is there to foil e-mail harvesting programs.)

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