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I am a forty year old mother, wife, artist, gardener, builder, kindergarten supervisor, heterosexual, gourmet cook, brownie leader and practitioner of the craft of the wise. Whew!!! We all wear many titles and I bet I forgot a few.

Basically I am a stay-at home Mom who tries to find time foremost for art and magic. My sanity depends on my art due to a driving need to create. Consequently, I am a multi-media artist, which translates into someone who works in all meduims, traditional and non-traditional.

I do not call myself Wiccan because I am adverse to all "religion". This is not due to some horrible experience with organised religion, but rather a choice to be free from doctrine. I tend to draw wisdom/teachings from many sources, religious or otherwise.

I have been a "sensitive/seer/psychic" ever since I can remember, but only began truly training my abilities at age 33. I am self trained in so far as I have never had a physical teacher (much as I wished for one) but benifited greatly from some unseen guidance. The emphasis during the years I was training, was on energy and making manifest, so I tend to work with energy raw. I can see energy (auras, chi, non-physical beings etc) so raw energy is the form I am used to dealing with.

The craft was something that I felt called to, and I am most comfortable with it due to the rede. A sense of ethic was and is very important to me. When I went on line I finally met people who were knowledgable and of like mind. A whole new education began and I connected with a group of great people. We still meet every week and loosely call ourselves a coven. I was given the title of high priestess although that means MC more than anything else.

As far as practical experience goes, I have lead workshops on many metaphysical and craft subjects and I have trained in a few forms of healing. I have also dabbled in Geomancy and feng shui. I dabble a lot, truth be known, due to an intense curiosity or need to know. I think that about covers it....mostly.

Looking forward to our discussions, Aura

PS: Greycat, I do not have a spellcheck on the email software, so let me apologize in advance for the many typos and plain old spelling mistakes I am going to make :)

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