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OK folks, this isn't particularly intended to be a "visually stimulating", "state of the art", "cutting edge", web site with all the fancy bells and whistles. We'll probably have some fun with it, but primarily I suspect it will remind any truly old hands we've got of the "real" internet! lol

On this page, we'll list links to the various documents that will make up the site. It WILL be changing pretty darn often, particularly if those volunteers show up!!

For right now, all there is is That Old Black Magick by Judy Harrow and the various biographies as they come in!

Since it was already on the site, my article titled "Do We Need More Witch Wars?" is also available.

If you want to review the RULES (~oooHHHHHoooo) here's the Welcome Letter.

Don't forget to go have fun with the survey!

We've added a link page called Attachment Archives where we can have photographs of ourselves, our pets and such other things as we might want to share. When there's something you'd like to put on this page, just email it to Bun or me. (Be sure your message is in plain text and that the attachments aren't being encrypted or something! Easier yet, if you've got ICQ, you can send the file next time we're both on line!

Nan suggested that we ought to have a copy of "The Wiccan Rede" on the site. Well, I've got several versions in hard copy and know of others. So I'm making a separate sub-directory for them and you can find them under Rede. Please forward any other versions you have handy to me and we'll put them up! If you find some on line, read this short suggestion about how you can get them to us so we don't have to do any work!

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