On Line Chatting

Chatting on-line is a lot of fun and is easy. Of course, it slows you down on whatever else you're doing! lol

There are plusses and minuses about using these programs and I'm not going to try to influence you. Anyone who wants their ICQ number or Yahoo ID listed, just drop me a note. If you don't want yours listed, don't drop me a note! lol I'll admit that it can use up time and can also be very irritating if you're trying to work.

If you don't have a chat program but think you'd like to try it, just download ICQ or Yahoo Pager and follow the directions to install them and open your account. Then let us know the number or ID. Both of them are free. ICQ has really good security and a whole lot of features, including the file sending capability. Yahoo automatically opens a chat window and you aren't spending all your time clicking on stuff. I run both. Yes, I know about POWWOW, AOL Messenger and so on but none of them are better then these and all have some real bad points. IMHO

List Member's Chat ID's

Please don't tell everyone in the world these numbers!!

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Last updated on May 22, 1999
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