The Search for the Wiccan Rede

Since there are a whole lot of different versions of the Wiccan Rede and the various Laws and Ardanes of the Wicca, Bun and I thought that it would be a really good idea to have a place where we could collect them and have them handy for any reference we want to make of them.

I actually don't particularly recognize any of them as having any particular application to modern Wicca nor do I believe that they are any older than Gerald and Alastair. lol (Valiente says that the first version of the Laws appeared in Gardener's possession just as the first fragmentation of the group heated up.)

That isn't to say that I disagree with everything IN them, just that I don't feel that all Wiccans are or should be bound by them!

This page will also list URL's to documents which exist elsewhere on the web that members of the group might be interested in.

Abbreviated Laws of the Wicca
Alternative Laws of the Wicca
Aidan Kelly's Laws of the Wicca
Ellen's Laws of the Wicca
Paul Hume's Laws of Wicca
United Wiccan Church Laws of Wicca
J. Random Folksinger's Laws of Wicca
Brandy's Laws of Wicca
Unsigned Set of Wiccan Laws
Wiccan Chivalry
Tony Kelly's Musings
Lady Sheba's Laws of Wicca
Laws of Wicca from the Salem Witches
Seymour's Laws
Unidentified Version of the Laws
(short and long version of the traditional rede)Wiccan Ethical Framework from The Blessed Bee
The Old Laws of Wicca from The Blessed Bee

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