BattleBowl '98:
The World Warrior*

Sting & Lex Luger
Photo of Lex Luger
Provided by Jon Shetler, Jr.
Photo of Sting
provided by Mark A. Long
Results originally appeared in Solie's Vintage Wrestling*

This story is an extention of my BattleBowl '98 dream card!!!  What you will see now is the results of the tag team matches leading up to the BattleBowl match itself!!!  It goes:

Bret "HitMan" Hart/Sting (1990) VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin/Bruiser Brody (1986)

     The action in this opening bout has been furious!!! Seven minutes into it, Bret puts the "Hart-Breaker" (ringpost figure
     four) on Austin but Brody is over there to quickly break it up!!! Sting is now in the ring and all four men are brawling!!!
     Hart and Austin are going toe to toe but Brody is getting the better of Sting!!! Austin ends the stalemate by kicking Hart
     low!!! Brody comes up from behind and brushes against Austin. Austin, instinctively, grabs Brody and puts the "Stone
     Cold Stunner" on him!!! Austin, realizing what he's done, tries to go over to help Brody but the "HitMan" cuts him off!!!
     Sting, meanwhile, goes to the top rope and executes a flying splash onto Brody for the three count!!!

Eddie Guerrero/Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (1982) VS. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (1989)/Scott Steiner (1990)

     Ten minutes into it, Eddie Guerrero has gained a brief advantage on Scott Steiner!!! He puts a Tornado DDT on Steiner
     and covers but Steiner kicks out at two!!! Eddie quickly goes over and tags in Snuka!! Snuka goes to work with chops
     and headbutts that has Steiner reeling!! Snuka throws Steiner into the ropes for a backdrop but Steiner counters by
     hooking him in the tiger bomb (underhook/powerbomb combo)!!! Steiner falls backwards but makes the tag to Ricky
     Steamboat!!! Steamboat comes in via the top rope and catches Snuka with a flying chop to the head as Snuka was
     getting back to his feet!!! Eddie comes in and gets a thrust kick to the chin for his trouble!!! Steamboat throws Snuka
     into the ropes and catches him again with a chop!!! "The Dragon" is on fire!!! Steamboat hits the ropes to come with
     another move but Snuka has a counter as he headbutts Steamboat in the gut!!! Snuka hits the ropes himself and catches
     Steamboat with a flying headbutt!!! Snuka grabs Steamboat and brings him over to his corner!!! Snuka tags Guerrero
     in!!! Guerrero peppers Steamboat with right hands that staggers "The Dragon"!!! Guerrero has Steamboat set for a trip
     into the ropes!!! Guerrero, however, doesn't see that Steamboat has made a "blind" tag to Steiner!!! Steamboat reverses
     the whip and goes down to allow Guerrero to go over!!! When Eddie does, he is met with a "Frankensteiner"!!! Scott
     makes the cover while Steamboat holds off Snuka!!! Steiner and Steamboat advance!!

Lex Luger (1990)/Antonio Inoki (1984) VS. Owen Hart/Barry Windham (1988)*

     With only two minutes left, both Inoki and Hart are down after a double-collision!! Both men manage to make the tag at
     the same time as both Luger and Windham come in!!! Both Windham and Luger come in swing punches at each other
     with Luger coming out ahead!!! Luger throws Windham into the ropes and gives him a press-slam!!! Luger serves
     Windham with another trip into the ropes and nails the powerslam!!! He is now going for the "Human Torture Rack" but
     Windham slides behind him and hooks in his version of the "Iron Claw"!!! He has Lex going down!!! Meanwhile, Owen
     and Inoki has hooked it back up again on the outside!!! The ref is trying to seperate the two men!!! He ends up trying to
     get Owen back to his corner!!! This gives Inoki the opportunity to get in his "insiguri" kick on Windham to break the
     claw hold (Lex is almost out at this point)!!! Lex has enough presence to place an arm over Windham and get the three

Ric Flair (1987)/Dan Severn VS. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (1986)/The Undertaker*

     Five minutes into this encounter, it is all Hansen and UT!!! Severn manages to get in a German suplex on UT but UT
     raises up like nothing!!! Severn can't believe it!!! Severn pretends to backpedal a bit, giving Flair the opportunity to
     sneak in a kick to the back of UT's left knee!! For about the next five minutes, Flair and Severn go to work on the
     damaged limb of UT!!! Flair finally slaps on the figure four but UT raises up again and grabs Flair by the throat!!! Flair
     breaks the hold and gets put into a chokeslam!!! Severn is immediately in the ring attacking UT!!! Hansen nails Severn
     with his "Lariat" clothesline!!! Hansen has gone berserk!!! Flair, during the confusion, goes outside and gets a steel
     chair!!! He tries to nail UT with it but UT blocks it, kicks him in the guts, and nails him with it!! The ref, however, saw
     this and disqualifies UT and Hansen!!! UT and Hansen, seeing that they have nothing to lose, both deck the ref and do a
     number on Flair and Severn!!! Hansen nails Severn again with a "Lariat" and puts him in his Boston Crab!!! UT,
     meanwhile, has put Flair in the "Tombstone" piledriver!!! Finally, some officials come in to restore order!!! UT and
     Hansen lose the match but definetly won the war there!!!

Chris Benoit/Road Warrior Animal (1983) VS. Bruno Samartino (70's)/Ken Shamrock*

     Eight minutes into this brutal encounter, Benoit and Animal have Shamrock right for the pickings!!! Benoit heads to the
     top rope for his diving headbutt but misses!!! Shamrock slowly crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Bruno!!!
     Bruno comes in a house of fire with kicks and punches on both Benoit and Animal!!! The Road Warrior has rarely been
     tested like this as he is reeling from the attack!!! Samartino focuses back on Benoit!! He whips Benoit into the ropes and
     catches him with a boot to the gut!!! He then lifts Benoit up into his over the shoulder backbreaker for a possible
     submission!!! Animal ends that scenrio with a save!! That brings Shamrock back in!!! Now all four men are brawling in
     the ring!!! Shamrock is knocked outside by Animal and they have the "Living Legend" in the ring by himself!! Benoit
     holds Samartino for Animal's clotheline but Samartino moves and Benoit gets nailed!!! Shamrock grabs Animal from the
     outside and prevents him from making a save as Samartino coves Benoit for the win!!!

Nikita Koloff (1986)/Road Warrior Hawk (1983) VS. Kerry Von Eric (1984)/Davey Boy Smith

     Von Eric and Smith never really got out the starting gate as Koloff and Hawk totally dominated this contest!!! The Texan
     and the British stars did manage a brief comeback as Kerry did get in a discus punch after a missed shouldertackle in the
     corner by Hawk!!! That was short lived because, as Von Eric was making the cover, Nikita hit the ring with the "Russian
     Sickle"!!! Nikita also gave the "Sickle" to DBS for good measure as Koloff and Hawk both covered their foes for an
     easy victory at the eight minute mark!!

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (1983)/Tatsumi Fujinami (1991) VS. Rick Steiner (1988)/Ole Anderson (1985)

     These mixed duos showed surprisingly good tag team wrestling (Valentine is a former WWF and NWA World Tag
     Team Champion with Ric Flair and Brutus Beefcake, Fujinami is a former IWGP tag champ, Steiner is a former UWF,
     NWA and WCW World Tag Team Champion as well as a former US Tag champ, and Ole is a former two time NWA
     World Tag Team Champ with late brother Gene Anderson). The tag team experience edge, however, went to Steiner
     and Anderson as they kept Fujinami in the ring for extended lengths of time!!! The end came when Steiner landed one of
     his devestating "Steinerlines" on Fujinami!!! As Steiner went for the cover, Valentine tried to nail him with his
     elbowsmash but Steiner moved and Valentine hit Fujinami!!! This brought Ole into the ring and the two vets began to
     brawl!!! As the ref was trying to break it up, Steiner was going for a bodyslam on Fujinami but Fujinami slipped behind
     him and hooked in a "Dragon Sleeper" for a possible submission!!! Ole, seeing this, headed to the top rope behind
     Fujinami (the ref, meanwhile, was with Valentine)!!! Steiner, meanwhile, had nailed Fujinami with a knee to the head to
     break the "DS"!!! As Fujinami staggered backwards, Ole came off of the top rope with a knee to the back and
     shoulderblades of Fujinami!!! Steiner gets over to cover and the ref counts Fujinami down!!!

Shawn Michaels/Jushin "Thunder" Liger (1992) VS. Wahoo McDaniel (1988)/Syxx

     These two rivals who recently battled for the J-Crown title worked well together against Syxx and the legendary "Chief".
     This was a clinic of both mat and areial wrestling on the part of Michaels and Liger!! Only when it turned into a brawl did
     Syxx and McDaniel gain any kind of advantage (mostly due to McDaniel and his chops)!!! Still, the end came when
     Syxx missed a flying kick and nailed his own partner!!! This set McDaniel up for Michaels' "Sweet Chin Music"
     superkick!!! Michaels also gave the "SCM" to Syxx for good measure!! Liger then headed to the top rope and nailed a
     prone McDaniel with a moonsault for the win!!!

Hulk Hogan (1989)/Ron Garvin (1987) VS. "Superstar" Billy Graham (70's)/Billy Jack Haynes (1987)

     This was a surpisingly even contest as the team of Graham and Haynes held their own against the former WWF Champ
     Hogan and the former NWA Champ Garvin!!! The surprise came five minutes into the contest when Haynes locked his
     full nelson on Hogan!!! Hogan, after about 30 seconds in the hold, began to "Hulk Up" to try to break the hold!!! He
     nearly succeeds but Haynes somehow hangs on!!! Hogan is going out as Haynes is now clamping it on!!! But Garvin
     comes in and delievers his "Hands Of Stone" punch to the back of Haynes' head, breaking the hold!!! Hogan makes the
     tag to Garvin and Garvin goes to work on Haynes with his hard chops and headbutts!!! Graham comes in but gets the
     same treatment!!! This gives Haynes the opening he needed, however, as he gets in a kick on Garvin!!! Haynes is now
     whipping Garvin into the ropes but Garvin makes a "blind" tag to Hogan!!! Garvin ducks a clothesline from Haynes!!
     When Haynes turns around, Garvin takes him off of his feet with another "Hands of Stone" punch to the head!!! This sets
     up Haynes for Hogan's legdrop and the pin!!!

Kensuki Sasaki/Ahmed Johnson VS. Kevin Nash/Don "Magnificent" Muroco (1981)

     Six minutes into this match, the team of Johnson and Sasaki has Nash and Muroco on the run!!! Johnson has just
     delievered his version of the "spinebuster" on Nash!! He signals for the "Pearl River Plunge"!!! As he's going for it,
     Muroco comes into the ring!! That brings Sasaki into the ring!!! As the ref is putting Sasaki out, Muroco jabs Johnson in
     the throat with his "Asiatic Spike" manuvear just as Johnson was set to do the "PRP"!! Nash quickly takes advantage
     and performs his "Jacknife" powerbomb on Ahmed for the pinfall (in case your wondering, the powerbomb is NOT
     illegal in my "what-if" world)!!!

Randy Savage (1987)/Arn Anderson (1991) VS. "Ravishing" Rick Rude (1993)/Buzz "Mad Dog" Sawyer (1983)

     This was a wild bout from start to finish!!! All four men were brawling with some wrestling mix in between!!! The end
     came when Rude accidently nailed Sawyer with a forearm!!! After about 10 seconds of arguing, Sawyer nails Rude with
     a forearm!!! This knocks Rude into Anderson's DDT!!! Sawyer leaves his partner to be planted by Savage's flying
     elbowsmash from the top rope!!! Savage covers and gets the three count!!!

Brian Pillman (1992)/The Giant VS. Vader (1993)/Dean Malenko

     This big man/small man match up saw the "Man of a 1,000 Holds" and Vader dominate the contest by keeping Pillman in
     the ring for extended lengths of time!!! The end came when the Giant was finally tagged into the match!!! The Giant
     dominated both men but no one can fight off two men for too long!!! Malenko snuck in a dropkick to The Giant's
     knee!!! This staggered him a little but he was still on his feet!!! Vader, however, snuck a right hand into the gut and lifted
     the Giant up in a powerbomb!!! Vader then quickly went to the top and hit his moonsault (Malenko meanwhile kept
     Pillman occupied by putting him in his "Texas Cloverleaf" submission hold on the floor)!!! Vader covers and gets the

Terry Gordy (1986)/Scott Hall (1994) VS. Ron Simmons (1992)/ The Great Muta (1989)

     The match was a short five minutes as Muta started the bout by blowing the green mist into the eyes of Gordy!!! This left
     Hall to fight a two on one mismatch!!! He valiantly held his own but Ron Simmons' "spinebuster" left him helpless and in
     position for Muta's moonsault!!! Muta got the pin but Gordy returned with a steel chair and bashed both Simmons and
     Muta in the head with it!!! Gordy then put the chair on Muta's face and bashed it on his face by stomping both feet on
     it!!! Muta had to be rushed to the hospital and will not participate in BattleBowl!!!

Ultimate Warrior (1990)/Riki Choshu (early 1980's) VS. Michael Hayes (1984)/Marcus "Buff" Bagwell

     At the beginning of the match, Choshu, Hayes and Bagwell are already in the ring!!! When it is announced that UW was
     Choshu's partner, the crowd at the Nofolk Scope (yes, I finally picked a place for this event) went nuts!!! The Warrior
     quickly hit the ring and clotheslined Hayes over the top rope!!! Bagwell moved in but UW catches him with a
     clothesline!!! Bagwell gets up but is caught with the Warrior's "Gorrila Press" slam!!! UW then chases Hayes away while
     Choshu puts the "scorpion deathlock" on Bagwell for the submission!!! Total time of the match was 1:10!!!

David Von Eric (1983)/Steven Regal (1994) VS. Pedro Morales (1970's)/Shinya Hashimoto

     This was a bit of a mismatch!!! While Von Eric held his own with Morales and Hashimoto, Regal was total dominated!!!
     Only his ring technique saved him on several occasions!!! Still, the team of Morales and Hashimoto worked on Regal's
     back to set up Morales' "Boston Crab"!!! When Morales put it on, it was all over!!! Regal quickly submitted while
     Hashimoto kept Von Eric at bay!!!


Before the match, some of the winning participants each had some comments about the BattleBowl matchup:

OLE ANDERSON:  So, I'm in BattleBowl!!!  A two ring over the top rope slugfest!!!  Well, they don't call me the "Rock" for nothing!!!  Regardless of what number I draw, I'll be coming so the other 29 competitors better look out.

ANTONIO INOKI (speaking through an interpreter):  It is an honor and privilage to be in BattleBowl.  I know there are 29 others looking to become BattleBowl champion but rest assured that I am coming and that I will do Japan proud!!!

SHAWN MICHAELS:  So here we are!!!  The "HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels involved in one of the biggest battle-royals ever!!!  Out to beat 29 other guys!!!  Well, you're talking to a two time winner of the Royal Rumble and with this match being under Royal Rumble rules, you got to go with a winner!!!  You gotta go with Shawn Michaels, 'The Showstoppa'!!!

KEVIN NASH:  BattleBowl '98.  The winner of this will be known as "The World Warrior"!!!  He'll be the biggest and baddest on the planet!!!  Well, I already know who the biggest and baddest wrestler is on this planet and that's "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash!!!  So, you other 29 fossils out there, be ready!!!

ARN ANDERSON:  Let me explain what BattleBowl is.  It is a two ring, over the top rope battle royal.  The match is conducted by men coming in one at a time wearing anything and bringing anything they well please too.  That is the rules of it.  The reality is that it is a 60 minute trip through hell and back!!!  Gentlemen, be prepared to bleed, be prepared to suffer like you have never suffered in your life!!!  I have been through both the Bunkhouse Stampede and The Royal Rumble and I can tell you that neither is very fun!!!  But you take those two match concepts and put them together with this collection of talent?!!!  You are talking about one crazy match coming up but "Double A", "The Enforcer" will be ready!!!

RANDY SAVAGE:  Ohhhhh, yeah!!!  It's the "Macho Man" Randy Savage coming at ya!!!  Up next, is a 30 man over the top rope "tourture chamber" known as BattleBowl, yeah!!!  I'm coming with the "Madness", yeah!!!  Because to survive this, you gotta go crazy!!!  You gotta go to the edge!!!  So, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Steamboat, Bret Hart and whoever else is in this, be ready to go!!!  Oh, yeah!!!

RIC FLAIR:  WHOOO!!!  It's "The Nature Boy" coming into this 30 man nightmare called BattleBowl, but it's only a nightmare for the other 29 competitors!!!  But it is a dream for the man that "styles and profiles"!!!  Whooo!!!

During these interviews, it was announced that a drawing took place among the losers of BattleBowl to see who would replace The Great Muta and Dan "The Beast" Severn (both were injured earlier in their matches).  The two men that drew gold were Chris Benoit and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!


The wrestlers are ready to make their appearance:

"Coming down the aisle, from Minnesota, weighing in at 260 pounds, Ole Anderson!!!"  Ole comes down wearing his Georgia Championship Wrestling t-shirt, blue jeans (with a leather belt) and his wrestling boots underneath.  He calmly goes into the ring and awaits his next opponent.

"From Tokyo, Japan, Antonio Inoki!!!"  Inoki comes down with a tank top t-shirt and blue jogging pants on.  He acknowledges the crowd as he enters the ring.  That proves to be a big mistake as Ole jumps him from the get-go!!!  He pins him in the corner with knees and fists!!!  Inoki was not prepared for this as he is reeling already from the early attack!!!  Ole has now ripped off Inoki's shirt, takes off his belt, and whips Inoki like a p*ssed off father with it!!!  He now has the belt around Inoki's neck and is trying to choke the life out of the Japanese star!!!  Inoki, however, comes up with a streetfighting move as he puts an "Iron Claw" hold on Ole's n*ts (I don't mean to write this homophobically but that would be an effective counter)!!!  This gets an immediate break (as you can imagine)!!!  Inoki is now dragging Ole by his "vitals" (both men are still on their feet)!!!  Inoki finally lets go and Ole falls to the mat!!!  Inoki is now fired up and he is stomping Ole in the chest and face!!!  Inoki takes Ole's legs and delivers another low blow with an elbow drop!!!  Amazingly, Ole is now on his knees despite the pain he's in!!!  Inoki comes after Ole but Ole repays Inoki with a low shot of his own!!!  Ole takes Inoki down, straddles him and gives him a "pepper" treatment in the form of right hands to the head!!!  As he does this the horn sounds for the next competitor!!!  It is Ken Shamrock!!!  He comes down with blue jeans, cowboy boots, no shirt and his fist gloves on!!!  As he slides into the ring, however, Ole spots him and catches Shamrock coming in with a boot to the head!!!  Ole continues to kick Shamrock as Shamrock tries to make it to his feet!!!  Inoki, recovered from the low blow, sneaks up behind Ole and uses his "insiguri" kick on him!!!  It catches Ole flush in the back of the head!!!  Ole staggers to the center of the ring to be met with a right hand from Inoki!!! Ole is reeling from the blow and the momentum turns him around to be greeted with a belly to belly suplex from Shamrock!!!  Shamrock straddles Ole and peppers him with fists to the head!!!  Inoki joins in and gets in some kicks on Ole as well!!!  Shamrock picks up Ole and whips him into a corner!!!  Inoki then takes Shamrock and whips him into the corner where Ole is!!!  Shamrock greets "The Rock" with a shoulderblock!!!  Ole goes down to the mat face first!!!  "The Rock" is in deep sh*t now as Shamrock and Inoki continue to attack!!!  They are now trying to get Ole over the top rope and over the top rope and over towards the second ring!!!  Ole is valiantly hanging on as he has a small cut over his right eye from the punishment!!!  There is 3 seconds left as the three men continue to battle!!!  Out next comes Shawn Michaels!!!  He is dressed in black jeans, black cowboy boots and a Shawn Michaels T-shirt!!!  When he arrives, he sees Inoki and Shamrock with Ole!!!  They also have their backs to his!!!  Shawn flies across and nails Inoki with a flying forearm to the back of the head that sends him over the top rope and over to the second ring!!!  Shamrock leaves Ole to go to Michaels but is met with the "Sweet Chin Music" superkick (remember he has on hard sole cowboy boots)!!!  Shamrock goes down like he's been shot!!!  Shawn is now working over Ole but "The Rock" is fighting back!!!  Ole, however, throws an attempted haymaker!!!  This gives Michaels the opportunity to dip his shoulder and throw Ole out of ring #1!!!  Inoki, who was standing around waiting for someone else to come to ring #2, immediately reaches through the ropes, grabs Ole and brings him to the second ring!!!  Meanwhile, Shawn had been watching Ole to make sure that he was eliminated!!!  When he turns around, he is met with a thunderous clothesline from a "madder than hell" Shamrock (who is bleeding from the lips from Michaels' "SCM" superkick)!!!  Shamrock straddles Michaels and bounces his head off of the canvas like a basketball!!!  He now picks Michaels up and gives him a reverse atomic drop!!!  Shamrock hits the ropes and goes for a "Frankensteiner" but Michaels counters it by holding Shamrock in the air for about 3 seconds, falling backwards and dropping him throat-first on the top rope!!!  Meanwhile, in ring #2, Inoki is trying to get Ole out of the ring but "The Rock pokes him in the eyes to stop that!!!  Ole, taking advantage, picks up Inoki in his "Hammerlock" bodyslam!!!  Ole then drags Inoki to a corner, drapes his left arm over the top rope and pulls on it!!!  In ring #1, while this is going on, Shamrock has Michaels going as he has nailed him with right hands to the face and body!!!  He picks Michaels up in a bodyslam position and is headed to the ropes!!!  But, as he was going over, Michaels held on to Shamrock and caused him to go over instead of him!!!  So, Shamrock is officially eliminated into ring #2!!!  Michaels takes a quick rest as he only has 10 seconds until the next man comes out!!!  Shamrock tries to go back to ring #1 but the refs make sure that he goes to ring #2!!!  As the seconds tick down, Inoki is hurt as Ole has put the hurting on his left arm!!!  Ole goes and drags Shamrock into the ring as the buzzer sounds to bring another man to the ring!!!  It is Riki Choshu!!!  He is wearing traditional wrestling gear to this match (not very wise but it is come as you are)!!!  Michaels waits for him and tries to give him his "SCM" but Choshu counters by ducking the kick and sweeping his pivot leg from under Michaels!!!  Michaels knocks the back of his head when he hits the canvas!!!  This move has hurt the left knee of Michaels!!!  Choshu goes to work on this injury with knees to the left leg of Michaels!!!  He places Michaels in his version of the "Scorpion/Sharpshooter Deathlock", putting more pressure on the leg (while this was going on, Inoki was eliminated by Ole Anderson.  Inoki had to be helped to his feet because of his injured arm)!!!  While Michaels is struggling to escape, Ole and Shamrock is having a go at it!!!  Shamrock has him in a front-facelock as he is trying to choke Ole down to attempt a throwout on Ole!!!  Ole counters by loosening Shamrock's grip on him and turning to the side away from his windpipe!!!  In this weird angle, Ole punches Shamrock in the b*lls four times!!!  Shamrock releases the hold and is in pain!!!  The cut on Ole has slowed somewhat but it is still apparent!!!  Meanwhile, Michaels has caused Choshu to lose his balance in the "Scorpion/Sharpshooter Deathlock", making him fall backwards!!!  Michaels grabs him in a headlock and rakes the eyes to get loose from him!!!  Michaels gets to his feet but he is limping!!!  With 15 seconds left, Michaels goes back to Choshu but Choshu kicks him in his left leg!!!  Michaels responds by throwing a punch to Choshu's head!!!  They trade back and forth with Choshu coming out ahead (while this is going on, Shamrock has regained the advantage by delivering a DDT to Ole)!!!  Michaels staggers back into the ropes and Choshu hits him with a clothesline that sends him over and out of ring #1!!!  Choshu is the only one left in ring #1 for about 5 seconds!!!  Now, another has come to join the fray!!!  It is WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko!!!  He, too, has chosen to come out in traditional wrestling garb!!!  Choshu tries to get in a surprise clothesline but Malenko ducks it!!!  When Choshu rebounds off of the ropes, he gets in a boot to the gut and hooks in the "Tiger Bomb" (chicken-wing powerbomb)!!!  Malenko goes to work on Choshu with kicks and stomps!!!  In ring #2, Shamrock is punishing Michaels' left leg in the corner with kicks!!!  He then takes Michaels down and goes for his ankle-lock!!!  He has it in but Ole breaks it up with a double-axhandle blow!!!

In ring #1, Malenko is trying to get the "Texas Cloverleaf" on Choshu but Choshu escapes by turning over quickly, throwing Malenko off-balance!!!  Meanwhile, Ole and Shamrock are brawling again while Michaels is sitting in the corner trying to recover!!!  Shamrock grabs Ole in a belly to belly suplex and tries to throw him over!!!  Both men are hanging off-balance right now!!!  Michaels, seeing opportunity, limps over and pushes both men out of the ring!!!  Both Ole and Shamrock are eliminated!!!  Both are highly p*ssed but they have to go (Meanwhile, Malenko almost has Choshu ready to go over to the next ring!!!)!!!  Michaels will now (unofficially) get a much needed rest as he is the only one in ring #2 currently!!!  The buzzer sounds as former WWF Intercontiental Champion Don "Magnificent" Muroco is coming to the ring!!!  He comes with black pants, black wrestling boots and a black "Gold's Gym" t-shirt!!!  On his way to the ring, he accidently bumps into Shamrock!!!  Shamrock takes offense and he and Muroco go at it!!!  Shamrock is quickly double teamed as Ole jumps in the fray to help Muroco!!!  The two rulebreakers overwelm Shamrock as officials come over to seperate this beating!!!  Ole is ushered back while Muroco is ushered to the ring!!!  Shamrock tries to go after Muroco but is restrained by security (while this was going on, Choshu was eliminated to ring #2 by Dean Malenko)!!!  Muroco hits the ring as Malenko, surprisingly, lets him come in!!!  The two trade off punches with Muroco coming out ahead!!!  Malenko is reeling as Muroco sends him into the ropes!!!  Muroco decks Malenko with a clothesline!!!  In ring #2, Michaels and Choshu continue their battle that started in ring #1!!!  Michaels uses his quick hand-speed to keep Choshu at bay!!!  Choshu backs into the ropes seemingly reeling but it is a a set up move as Choshu flies off of the ropes with a forearm that knocks Michaels down!!!  Meanwhile, in ring #1, Muroco is going for his version of the "Tombstone" piledriver!!!  As he has Malenko up, Malenko squirms out of it and hooks a "Scorpion DeathDrop" (a la Sting)!!!  Malenko is now trying to get Muroco up and over towards to the second ring as the clock is running down!!!  It is now time for a new participant!!!  It is the nWo's Kevin Nash!!!  He comes with an nWo t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots and a steel chair!!!  Nash enters the ring over the top rope!!!  He goes over to Malenko and bashes him in the back with the chair!!!  He then lays the chair flat in the ring, takes Malenko, and puts him in the "Jacknife" powerbomb....on the steel chair!!!  Malenko is in serious pain right now!!!  Nash then hooks him near the ropes and puts him in another powerbomb, sending him over to ring #2!!!  Muroco, seeing opportunity, attacks Nash from behind and is pounding on him (Choshu and Michaels, meanwhile, put aside their battle to eliminate a badly hurt Malenko)!!!  Muroco tries to send Nash into the ropes but Nash reverses things and catches him with the size 16 boot that sends Muroco out of ring #1!!!  Michaels and Choshu are all over Muroco immediately while Nash stands there waiting for the next man to come down to face him!!!  As the clock ticks down to 30 seconds left, Choshu and Michaels are double-teaming Muroco!!!  Michaels is holding Muroco from behind while Choshu delivers kicks to the midsection!!!  Muroco gets out of this situation by kicking Choshu in the gut and mule-kicking Michaels "south of the border"!!!  With Michaels down, Muroco goes to work on Choshu!!!  He fires him into the ropes and puts him in a powerslam just at the buzzer!!!  Now entering the ring is Jushin "Thunder" Liger!!!  Nash stands back and laughs!!!  Liger is wearing his traditional wrestling garb to the ring!!!  Liger hits the ring and Nash tries to nail him with the boot but misses!!!  Liger comes off of the ropes with a spinning kick that staggers Nash!!!  Liger rushes him again but Nash catches him and military-presses him above his head!!!  Nash then tosses Liger into the second ring!!!  Meanwhile, Choshu tries to throw the "Magnificent" one out but Muroco reverses things and it is Choshu that goes over the top rope and to the floor!!!  Choshu is eliminated!!!  Meanwhile, Nash is standing in the other ring relaxing and waiting for the next man to come down!!! "Step right up, get your free a**-whippin'!!!  Come on now, it's free of charge!!!  Step right up, come on down!!!, says Nash in a humorous tone!!!  In ring #2, Michaels and Liger are double-teaming Muroco but Muroco is fighting back as both Michaels and Liger are hurt!!!  Muroco gains the advantage by kicking Michaels in his bad leg and nailing Liger with a standing dropkick!!!  Michaels jumps over to Muroco and the two are exchanging punches with the "Magnificent" one gaining the advantage!!!  Still, Michaels gets some distance between himself and Muroco by lifting both feet into Muroco's face by using the corner ropes for leverage!!!  Seeing Muroco down, Liger nails him with a "Steamroller" (similar to the mover that Lord Steven Regal used to use)!!!  The air has been knocked out of Muroco!!!  When Liger gets up, he is nailed with a flying clothesline from Michaels!!!  Michaels, however, has done just about as much damage to himself as he has to Liger as he used his bad leg to get leverage off to do the move!!!  This occurs just as the period ends to bring down another participant!!!  It is former triple crown winner Pedro Morales!!!  "Ohhh, I'm so scared!!!  Here comes another old fossil!!!", mocks Nash as Morales enters the ring wearing regular ring garb!!!  Morales comes in with hard left hands to the head of Nash!!!  Morales hits the ropes for an air attack but that proves to be an error as Nash catches him, puts him on his shoulder and does his "Snake-Eyes" manuvear in the corner!!!  As Morales staggers back into the ropes, Nash comes with a head of steam and clotheslines him over and out of ring #1!!!  Nash is once again standing alone in the ring!!!  Muroco, seeing his old nemisis, immediately goes over and grabs Morales and brings him into the ring #2!!!  Meanwhile, Nash is over in the other ring singing mockingly, "Whip that a**, whip that a**!!!  Whip that a** all night long!!!"  While Nash was being full of himself, Liger almost eliminates Michaels but Michaels hangs on and rolls back into ring #2!!!  Muroco and Morales is resuming their feud over in the corners!!!  Morales hits Muroco with a side backbreaker!!!  He then just kicks and stomps on Muroco!!!  Liger has Michaels on the top turnbuckle and tries to DDT him off of it but Michaels shoves him off!!!  Michaels goes to the top rope himself and nails him with a flying elbowsmash!!!  He then picks a half-unconscious Liger up and easily gets him over and out!!!  Liger is gone!!!  The clock is ticking down as ten seconds remain in the time period!!!  Morales has Muroco in his patened Boston Crab hold!!!  Michaels takes advantage by stomping Muroco in the back and ribs!!!  The time ends as the next man is coming down!!!  It is "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson!!!  He is wearing a Four Horsemen T-Shirt, blue jeans and his wrestling boots!!!  Nash stands ready as Arn slides into the ring!!!  Nash gets him coming in!!!  Nash whips Anderson into the ropes but Arn reverses the whip and catches him with his "SpineBuster" slam!!!  This gets a huge pop from the crowd in Nolfolfk, VA at The Scope!!!  He gets up fired up and holds up the four fingers for the "Four Horsemen"!!!  Anderson quickly goes back to Nash with kicks and stomps!!!  "Now, you take a free sample of 'whup-a**!!," screams Anderson!!!  Anderson dives down into a side headlock and is bashing Nash with left handed fists to the face!!!  In ring #2, Morales and Michaels are now fighting (Muroco is huddled in a corner recovering from the double team)!!!  Morales almost has Michaels over but Michaels pokes Morales in the eyes to stop that!!!  Michaels is moving around somewhat better now even though he still favors the knee from time to time.  In ring #1, Arn throws Nash into a corner and charges in but is caught with the big boot!!!  Nash goes to work with a bodyslam on "The Enforcer"!!!  He then hits the ropes and comes off with a running elbowsmash to a prone Arn Anderson (while this was going on, Morales was tossed out by Michaels via a backdrop over the top rope.  Morales is gone)!!!  Nash now picks up Anderson and is trying to get him out of ring #1 but Anderson is hanging on as the final seconds tick down for the next entry into this hellhole!!!  The buzzer sounds and it is Road Warrior Hawk!!!  He comes to the ring shirtless, with leather stir-ups over his wrestling tights!!!  Nash lets go of Anderson to go to Hawk but it is too late as Hawk double-clotheslines both Anderson and Nash out of ring #1!!!  Meanwhile, Muroco and Michaels temporarily stop their fight to see Anderson and Nash come over to ring #2!!!  They are now paired off with old friends Nash & Michaels on one end and Muroco and Anderson on the other!!!  Muroco points to Nash and rushes him!!!  This leaves Anderson and Michaels to do battle!!!

Muroco has Nash pinned in the corner and is trading punches with him!!!  As good a brawler as Muroco is, this proves to be a bad strategy as Nash is winning the slugfest!!!  Muroco takes a wild swing at Nash!!!  Nash ducks down, lifts Muroco on his shoulder and heads to a corner!!!  It looks like he's going to do his "Snakeeyes" move again but he simply tosses Muroco out!!!  The "Magnificent" one is gone!!!  Nash now goes over to help Michaels as he is in trouble with Anderson!!!  The final seconds tick down as Hawk awaits his next opponent in ring #1!!!  It is Randy "Macho Man" Savage!!!  He comes down in blue jeans, no shirt, wrestling boots with a yellow "Macho Man" bandana on his head!!!  He hits the ring as Hawk attempts to nail him with a clothesline!!!  Savage ducks it and, when Hawk turns around, nails him with a kick to the gut!!!  He opens up on Hawk with right hands to the face but it only seems to anger the Road Warrior!!!  Hawk stands straight up and stares at Savage!!!  Savage has a rare look of shock on his face!!!  Hawk takes advantage of this momentary lapse of concentration by throwing a right of his own to the head of Savage that knocks him down!!!  He then picks up Savage and, from a dead-lift position, puts him in a gorilla-press slam!!!  Over in ring #2, Nash and Michaels have taken over on Arn Anderson!!!  Nash and Michaels throw Anderson into the  ropes for an attempted double-backdrop!!!  Anderson reads the move and holds onto the ropes!!!  He then kicks a doubled-over Nash in the face!!!  Michaels stands straight up but is kicked in the gut by Arn and is given his DDT!!!  Anderson is now going into his jeans pocket for some powder to use on Nash!!!  Just as he's about to throw it at Nash, however, he sees a flying body coming into ring #2 in the form of Randy Savage (thanks to Hawk)!!!  Arn instinctively throws his hands up but nails himself with the powder!!!  Michaels and Nash takes advantage and sends Arn out of the ring on his back!!!  Anderson is gone!!!  With that accomplished, Nash and Michaels go to work on Savage!!!  Michaels gets him in a front-facelock and holds him there while Nash gets out a leather belt that had been left by Ole Anderson earlier in the bout!!!  Nash then proceeds to whip Savage's back mercilessly!!!  Meanwhile, Hawk stands ready for his next opponent as the buzzer sounds!!!  It is Bret "HitMan" Hart!!!  He comes to the ring with a Calgary HitMen t-shirt, black jeans, and tennis shoes!!!  Bret hits the ring and begins to trade punches with Hawk!!!  Hawk is winning this stand-off as he has Hart reeling!!!  Hawk, however, makes a rare mistake because when Hart (who is still on his feet) doubles-over from the punches, Hawk stands there and yells at the crowd!!!  Hart takes advantage of this lapse by kicking Hawk low!!!  This gets a priceless look of shock and pain from the Road Warrior!!!  Bret quickly hits the ropes and catches Hawk with a clothesline!!!  Meanwhile, in ring #2, Savage has gotten loose from Nash and Michaels and is putting a whipping on both of them with the leather strap!!!  Nash stops this flurry with a knee to the midsection!!!  He then holds Savage and tells Michaels to come at him!!!  Michaels goes for his "SCM" superkick but Savage moves and Nash gets nailed and goes over the top rope to the floor!!!  Nash is gone from BattleBowl!!!  Michaels isn't given time to think about what he's done because Savage is going to work on him!!!  Michaels gains a brief advantage and decides to hit the ropes!!!  The ropes he goes to, however, are on the side where Nash is!!!  Nash, highly p*ssed, pulls the top rope down and causes Michaels to be eliminated as well!!!  Nash then attacks Michaels and the two are brawling out on the floor and back up the aisle!!!

Meanwhile, Bret has somehow gotten the "Sharpshooter" on Hawk!!!  Equally impressive, however, is that Hawk is somehow powering out of it!!!  He breaks the hold but some damage had been done to the Road Warrior!!!  Hawk gets up with a slight limp in his left leg and Bret goes to work on it!!!  Figuring that he wouldn't get Hawk over to the next ring at this point, Bret takes Hawk over to a corner and puts the "Hart-Breaker" (my nickname for his ringpost figure four leglock) on Hawk!!!  Hawk is being severely punished in this hold!!!  This occurs with 5 seconds left in the period (Savage, meanwhile, is laying in a corner taking a needed rest)!!!  The period ends and out comes NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair!!!  He comes with traditional wrestling gear!!!  He has on his white boots, purple trunks and purple kneepads!!!  When he arrives, he sees Bret in a vunerable position and takes advantage by executing his patened kneedrop to the head!!!  Bret immediately releases the hold!!!  Flair goes to work on Bret with right hands (Bret is on his knees at this point)!!!  He then throws Bret into the ring!!!  Flair tries to follow but Savage has left ring two to attack Flair!!!  He has the leather belt wrapped around his fist and is pounding Flair with it!!!  The refs usher Savage back to ring #2 but, as they do, Savage throws the belt into ring #1 to Bret!!!  Bret uses the belt as a weapon as Flair returns to the ring!!!  He clotheslines Flair with it and puts an old fashion whippin' on him!!!  Seeing opportunity, Hawk charges at Bret as Bret has his back to him....or so he thinks!!!  Bret, seeing Hawk at the last second, dips his shoulder and throws Hawk out of ring #1!!!  This momentary distraction was all that Flair needed, however, as he came up from behind Bret and clipped his left knee!!!  Flair now has the strap and is now whippin' "The HitMan" with it!!!  Meanwhile, Savage is having a little more success against Hawk than he did earlier as he has him down!!!  Savage goes to the top rope and nails him with his elbowdrop!!!  Savage now picks up Hawk and attempts to move him out of the ring!!!  Hawk, through hurting in his legs, still has plenty of strength as he hangs on!!!  In ring #1, Flair has Hart in his figure-four leglock and he is pulling on the ropes to increase the pressure of the hold with his left hand!!!  He is also has the leather belt wrapped around Bret's left knee and is pulling it with his right hand!!!  This occurs just as the period ends!!!  The next competitor to join the fray is Bruno Samartino!!!  He hits the ring wearing traditional ring wear!!!  He goes for Flair immediately with kicks and stomps that break the figure-four!!!  Flair is up battling the man from Italy and is on the losing end of this brawl!!!  Samartino is knocking Flair from corner to corner as Bret has joined in as well!!!  They are both ganging up on Flair now but Flair is valiantly fighting back!!!  In ring #2, Hawk and Savage is still battling!!!  Hawk has gone to the second rope and flies out with a tremendous clothesline on Savage!!!  Now, Hawk goes to Savage to attempt to put him out!!!  Savage, amazingly, is hanging on!!!  Over in ring #1, Hart and Samartino nearly have Flair out of there but Flair gets a low shot on Hart and rakes Samartino's face to escape that!!!  Flair goes to a corner to take a breather with time running down and another fresh competitor getting ready to come down!!!  The buzzer sounds and it is Ron Simmons!!!  He's wearing blue jeans, a Florida Seminoles t-shirt and some dark brown cowboy boots!!!  He slides underneath the ring!!!  Flair, seeing Simmons, tries to rush him but Simmons catches him with his version of the "SpineBuster" slam!!!  Hart tries to rush him but Simmons puts him in the powerslam!!!  Simmons is now on his feet and is standing face to face with "The Living Legend"!!!  They are going toe to toe with neither man gaining a clear advantage!!!  Simmons ends the stalemate with a kick to the gut!!!  He throws Samartino into the ropes and backdrops him out of ring #1!!!  Simmons turns around to admire his work but that proves to be fatal as Flair sneaks up from behind and throws out Simmons!!!  Both Samartino and Simmons are headed to ring #2!!!  Flair lets out a "whoo" but when he turns around, he gets nailed with a clothesline from Bret!!!  Flair is now eliminated from ring #1 as well!!!  Flair is livid but the ref's are ordering him to the other ring!!!  Bret takes a breather in a corner as Flair, Samartino, Hawk, Savage, and Simmons are now battling in ring #2!!!  Flair and Samartino are hooking it up again while Savage, Hawk and Simmons are all fighting each other!!!  Samartino has Flair up in his backbreaker and is headed towards the ropes for an attempted throw out!!!  Flair, sensing this, grabs the top rope and uses it to swing himself back into the ring to avoid elimination!!!

At this point, Flair, Samartino, Simmons, Hawk and Savage are all in ring #2 while Bret Hart is alone in ring #1. Flair just managed to hold off elimination by Samartino!!! Meanwhile, a three way brawl is going on between Savage, Hawk and Simmons!!! Hawk decks Savage with a clothesline!!! He and Simmons are now into it!!! Simmons rakes the eyes to blind Hawk!!! Taking advantage of this, Simmons reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles!!! He aims for Hawk!!! Hawk ducks and Simmons hits Savage (who was just coming to his feet)!!! Meanwhile, Flair is pulverizing the chest of Bruno with his chops!!! As the action continues in ring #2, Bret hears the buzzer and awaits the next entry into this battleground!!! It is Vader!!! He's wearing a red/black lumberjack shirt, bluejeans and logger boots along with the customary black gloves!!! He forsakes his traditional head piece for this bout!!! He slides in with Bret waiting on him with kicks to the head!!! As he comes to his feet, Vader catches the "HitMan" with a shot to the ribs!!! He then begins his customary mauling in the corner on Bret!!! An irish whip into the opposite corner sees Vader connecting with his version of the "Avalanche" splash on Bret!!! All the air seems to go out of Bret like a ballon!!! In ring #2, Samartino and Flair are still going at it!!! Hawk is slummped in the corner but he's coming back up!!! Savage has Simmons down and is picking him up!!! Simmons, however, is not out as he grabs Savage with a waistlock and gives him a reverse atomic drop!!! He then picks Savage up and violently drops him crotch first on the top rope!!! Savage is in serious trouble!!! Hawk, seeing opportunity, gets on the second rope and comes off with a double clothesline that nails Simmons in the back of the head and knocks Savage off of the top ropes and to the floor!!! The "Macho Man" is gone!!! Samartino has Flair in a bearhug and has taken him into a corner for another attempt at an elimination but Flair is hanging on!!! Meanwhile, Vader is dominating Bret Hart!!! He gets on the second rope to come off with one of his flying tackles!!! Bret, however, is ready as he catches the big man and powerslams him just as the period ends for another participant!!! It is WWF Intercontiental Champion Lex Luger!!! He is wearing dark blue jeans, dark brown cowboy boots and a flanel shirt with no sleeves!!! He hits the ring just as Bret was attempting the "Sharpshooter" on Vader!!! Luger, seeing Bret vunerable, catches Hart with a clotheline before he can attempt to turn Vader over!!! He knocks him over the top rope and out of ring #1!!! Bret is now a participant in ring #2!!! Meanwhile, Luger goes to work on a prone Vader but Vader is getting up!!! Luger hits the ropes for another move on Vader but Hart (who is still between the rings) pulls the top rope down and Luger goes out backwards over the top!!! Luger is now officially in ring #2 leaving Vader in the ring all alone!!! Luger and Hart are having a heated battle between the rings (while this was taking place, Samartino whipped Flair into the corner. Flair went into his patened flip into the corner over the top rope move but Hawk catches him with a clothesline that sends him out!! Flair is gone!!)!! The battle with Hart and Luger has now hit ring #2, joining Samartino, Hawk and Simmons!!! Samartino goes after Hawk and has him in the corner!!! Meanwhile, Simmons is along the ropes taking his time and picking his spots!!! He now is helping Lex Luger with Bret as the former collegiate football players are pounding Bret!!! Samartino decides to leave Hawk and go help Bret as he goes after Lex Luger!!! Meanwhile, Vader is posing in ring #1 screaming, "WHO'S THE MAN?" out into the crowd as the buzzer sounds for the next participant!!! It is WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan!!! He is wearing his traditional nWo tights with a weight-lifters belt on!!! Hogan comes to the ring but backpedals when he gets there to meet Vader is stalking Hogan!!! Hogan is still backpedaling but this gives him the opening he needs as he thumbs Vader in the eyes and gets in a right hand to the head that rocks "The Mastadon"!!! Meanwhile, Samartino is still going strong but Luger turns the tables on him by catching him in a powerslam!!! Luger quickly goes for his "Human Torture Rack" backbreaker!!! As he streches Samartino, he intelligently takes him over to the ropes and dumps him out!!! Samartino is gone!! Luger quickly goes back to Bret Hart (who has taken over on Simmons)!!! Almost immediately, Hawk rushes in but Luger uses the shoulder-dip to lift Hawk up and over and out!!! Road Warrior Hawk is gone!!! In ring # 1, Vader has taken over on Hogan!!! He has Hogan down and nails him with one of his big splashes!!! In ring #2, Bret Hart is fighting for his life against Ron Simmons and Lex Luger!!! He gets in a low kick on Lex and kicks the left knee of Simmons to back him up!!! Hart is now alternating with punches to the head and kicks to the knee until Simmons goes down!!! Bret is now going to work on Simmons' knee with elbowdrops and kneesmashes!!! Luger is in the corner tending to himself (I'll leave him alone for awhile)!!! Hogan has now come back on Vader but Vader is holding his ground with the buzzer sounding and the next man coming down!!!

It is Rick Steiner!!! He's coming down with spandex shorts, a "Steiner" t-shirt and his traditional ear-muffs!!! As he hits the ring, Hogan and Vader form a temporary alliance to get him as he comes in!! They try a double-clothesline but Steiner ducks it, rebounds off the ropes and nails them with a double "Steinerline"!!! Hogan is the first up but Rick grabs him and gets him in a bearhug suplex!!! Vader tries to nail Steiner but Steiner catches him with a powerslam!!! As Vader gets up, Steiner nails him again with a "Steinerline" and knocks him over the top rope!!! Vader is gone from ring #1!!! In ring #2, Bret is going for the "Sharpshooter" on Simmons but Luger tries to nail him with a clothesline!!! Bret, however, doesn't fall for the same trick twice as he uses the popular shoulder-dip to lift Luger up and over and out!!! Luger is gone!!! With Luger gone, Bret turns Simmons over into the "Sharpshooter" but Vader nails him from behind!!! Vader now leaves the ring through the ropes and goes under the ring!!! He finds a wooden table underneath!!! He gets it out and sets it up outside of the ring!!! Vader re-enters the ring to find Bret just coming to his feet and Simmons still down with his hurting leg!!! Meanwhile, Steiner has Hogan in an STF trying to wear him down for a trip over the top rope!!! Steiner releases the hold and picks Hogan up for a whip into the ropes!!! Hogan, however, reverses the whip and catches him with the boot to the face!!! This sends Steiner over the top rope and out of ring #1!!! At the same time, you hear a sickening crash over at ring #2!!! That's because Bret Hart has just been eliminated by Vader via the powerbomb through the table to the floor!!! As Steiner makes his way in, Simmons goes to work valiantly against him but his leg is limiting his productivity!!! Vader sees this and "chop-blocks" Simmons in that leg from behind!!! Hogan, meanwhile, to prancing in ring #1 as the buzzer sounds for the next participant!!! It is former NWA United States Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!! He comes to the ring with a SCU t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown logger boots!!! Hogan has yet to pay any attention to him as he doesn't know he's coming!!! Austin has entered the ring right behind Hogan!!! Hogan is spun around and taken down with a double-leg pick up as Austin has opened up a can of "whoop-ass" on Hogan!!! Hogan gets some relief by racking the face!!! Hogan throws Austin into the ropes and goes for his boot but Austin catches it, yells "F*CK YOU JACKASS!!", spins him around, kicks him in the guts and nails him with the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!! This brings the Nolfolk crowd to their feet!!! Austin now picks up Hogan and dumps him over to ring #2 (while this was happening, Simmons was eliminated by Vader and Steiner)!!! Steiner and Vader, upon seeing Hogan, decide to put aside their personal battle and go after Hogan!!! Meanwhile, Austin is just sitting in the corner over in ring #1 as he awaits his next opponent!! Hogan is being double-teamed by Rick Steiner and Vader!!! Steiner hits Hogan with another suplex variation, which sets up Hogan for another big splash from Vader!!! Steiner then takes Hogan over to the ropes and puts a front-facelock over the top rope on Hogan!!! Vader has removes Hogan's weight-lifting belt and is whipping the hide off of Hogan!!! Hogan is in serious trouble right now as the buzzer sounds for the next wrestler!!! It is Scott Steiner!!! He hits the ring with his traditional wrestling gear on!!! Austin nails him quickly as he was coming in!!! Austin throws Scott into the ropes and goes for a backdrop!!! Steiner counters with a forearm to the back and nails him with a "Tiger Bomb" (double-underhook powerbomb)!!! He then gets Austin in his "Blockbuster" suplex (bodyslam/flipover combo)!!! Meanwhile, Hogan is still being double-teamed but avoids another "Steinerline"!!! Rick, however, didn't miss Vader as he sends him over the top rope and out!!! Vader is gone!!! That leaves Rick Steiner and Hulk Hogan in ring #2 and Scott Steiner and SCSA in ring #1!!! Austin has taken back over on Scott by using his "Stun Gun" move on him!!! He puts him on the top rope for a superplex!!! He gets Scott up but Scott reveses out of it, lands on his feet on the second rope and hooks a German suplex from the second rope on Austin!!! Austin is "stunned" by the move!!! Meanwhile, Hogan and Steiner continue to brawl!! Steiner throws Hogan into the corner but Hogan reveses things and nails him with his clotheline in the corner!!! Steiner goes down!!! This action continues until the buzzer sounds for the next man!!

It is one half of the WCW World Tag Team Champions Nikita Koloff!!! He comes to the ring with red jogging pants (with yellow trim), his red Russian singlet, his Russian chain and his traditional boots on!!! Austin almost has Scott over the top rope but he sees Koloff at the last second!!! It is too late however as Koloff nails Austin with his chain in the head!!! This blow busts Austin wide open!!! Scott sees Koloff but Koloff sends Scotty over the top rope via "The Russian Sickle" clothesline!!! Scotty is gone!!! This leaves Koloff with a chance to settle unfinished business with Austin (remember they had a US Title match on the undercard of Hart Foundation VS. Ole & Arn Anderson)!!! Meanwhile, Hogan is valiantly fighting but is badly outnumbered against both Steiner Bros.!!! They lift Hogan up for their top rope bulldog and connect!!! Hogan is about out but Scott wants to put the double DDT on Hogan!!! Rick then lifts Hogan onto his shoulders as Scott goes to the top rope!!! Scott hooks it in but Hogan, right before Scott can go down, lifts Scott up and over in a backdrop from the top rope!!! Scott lands hard on the floor!!! Rick quickly falls back on Hogan, slamming him to the mat!!! He then leaves the ring to check on Scotty!!! Rick is very concerned at this point!!! "Get a doctor out here!!! Damnit, get a strecher out here!!!", screams Rick!!! Scott's right knee and back took a bad hit with that backdrop!!! Meanwhile, Nikita is choking Austin with his chain in the corner!!! Austin counters with a poke to the eyes!!! With Koloff's back to him, Austin delievers a low blow which staggers the russian but he stays on his feet!!! Koloff is near the ropes!!! Austin takes advantage and lifts Koloff over the top and into ring #2 where Hogan is just as the buzzer sounds (Rick has opted to forfeit BattleBowl to go with his brother so he's officially eliminated)!!! Austin is battered and bloody as Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin is coming down the aisle!!! He is wearing snake-skin boots, blue jeans and a white t-shirt!!! He hits the ring with Austin already all over him in the corner!!! Garvin switches things and begins to give him his traditional hard chops in the corner!!! He follows up with his leaping headbutts!!! Austin is reeling!!! Meanwhile, Hogan is getting it from Koloff as the russian is hammering him with forearm shots to the back!!! In ring #1, Garvin is executing his "Garvin Stomp" on Austin!!! Austin is in tremendous pain but is still getting back up!!! Garvin follows him with kick to the back and the back of the head!!! In ring #2, Koloff has Hogan up and almost out!!! Hogan is hanging on for dear life!!! Hogan gets out of it with a right to the ribs!!! In ring #1, Garvin is ready for his knockout punch but Austin is near Koloff's chain!!! He wraps it in a ball as Garvin is getting set!!! As Garvin is throwing the punch, Austin puts up the chain ball like a shield!!! Garvin strikes it!!! He is in some pain but nothing serious!!! This gives Austin the time he needs to get in a running kick to the gut and give him the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!! Austin, however, is too weak to take advantage and put Garvin out!!! Koloff and Hogan continue to battle as the buzzer sounds!!! It's The Ultimate Warrior!!! Coming down in his WM VI (WrestleMania 6) outfit!!! He hits the ring and nails Austin with a clothesline that sends "Stone Cold" out of ring #1!!! Garvin tries to head towards UW but UW lifts him up in the gorilla press slam position!!! He then throws Garvin into ring #2 on top of Austin, Hogan, and Koloff!!! UW is alone in the ring!!! In ring #2, Garvin goes after Koloff while Hogan (wanting revenge for what happened earlier) goes after a bloody Austin!!! Garvin throws Koloff into the ropes but Koloff switches the whip!!! He catches Garvin in the chest with a boot that knocks Garvin against the ropes!!! Koloff rushes in and nails him with his "Sickle"!!! The momentum, however, carries both men out of ring #2 so both men are gone!!! That leaves Hogan and Austin in ring #2 with Hogan seeing a huge advantage!!! Hogan has Austin against the ropes bashing him with right hands to the head!!! Hogan hits the ropes for a clothesline but Austin duckes down and pulls the top rope down!!! Hogan goes flying over and out!!! Hogan is gone from a clever move from Austin!!! In ring #1, UW is waiting for the next man to come out as the buzzer sounds!!!

It is UW's former partner in Sting!!! Sting comes to the ring with a Sting t-shirt, hot pink shorts, and tennis shoes!!! UW goes for a quick clothesline as Sting comes in but Sting ducks it and nails UW with a dropkick!!! UW gets up and is nailed again with a dropkick!!! Sting moves in with kicks, chops and punches that has UW stunned!!! Meanwhile, Austin is getting a valued rest right now as he is slumped in the corner!!! Sting goes for his "Stinger Splash" in the corner and connects!!! UW is stunned but he is still on his feet!!! Sting hits the ropes and nails UW with a flying bodypress that sends both men over!!! Sting, however, held on to the top rope to avoid elimination so UW is gone from ring #1!!! UW tries to go back but SCSA (against better judgement) gets up and grabs UW from behind and brings him into ring #2!!! Sting, meanwhile, is standing in ring #1 waiting for the next opponent!!! In ring #2, UW is going to town on a weakening SCSA!!! Austin, however, gets in a forearm shot that moves UW back a bit!!! Another shot sends UW back some more!!! Austin, using his leg strength, bolts out of the corner with a clotheline that knocks UW down!!! The buzzer sounds as another man is coming down!!! It is Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat!!! Sting, surprisingly, allows Steamboat to come in!!! They both knod in respect and the two lock up!!! Sting gets in a quick knee to the gut and follows up with a press slam!!! Before he can slam Steamboat, however, Steamboat slides behind Sting!!! Sting turns around to be met with a hard chop to the chest!!! Steamboat is now throwing a series of them at Sting!!! Sting is now throwing right hands back at Steamboat as they trade off with the chops of Steamboat VS. the punches of Sting!!! We are now up to the final two men in this battle!!! As the buzzer sounds, it is Shinya Hashimoto!!! He comes down in his traditional wrestling gear and a kendo stick!!! As Steamboat and Sting continue their stand-off, Hashimoto calmly walks into the ring!!! Sting, meanwhile, has just gotten the "Stinger Splash" on Steamboat!!! As Sting turns around to meet his opponent, Hashimoto throws powder into the face of Sting!!! Steamboat staggers out of the corner and is met with a vicious blow to the head with the kendo stick!!! Steamboat goes down!!! Sting comes over to get Hashimoto but is met with a thrust kick to the ribs!!! He then takes a kendo stick blow to the back from Hashimoto!!! Sting is now down!!! In ring #2, UW has Austin in the corner and is charging in to get him!!! Austin sidesteps him, however, and gets in the "Stunner"!!! UW is down but every move Austin makes at this point is taking its toll!!! Hashimoto is now working on Sting with kicks to the ribs and chest!!! Steamboat, however, takes the kendo stick, nails Hashimoto between the legs with it and quickly jerks it out (Hashimoto has "burnt" b*lls now)!!! Steamboat and Sting then team up to throw Hashimoto up and over and out!!! Hashimoto is gone from ring #1!!! Meanwhile, Austin is up on his feet as UW is just recovering from the "Stunner"!!! Hashimoto takes advantage by superkicking Austin over the top rope and to the floor!!! Austin is gone!!! Steamboat and Sting have resumed battle in ring #1 as the final man is coming in!!! It's WCW United States Champion Chris Benoit!!! As Sting has Steamboat going, Benoit sneaks in from behind with a kick to the back!!! Benoit hooks a vertical suplex on Sting but drops him stomach first on the top rope!!! Benoit nails him with a kneelift that sends Sting out!!! He's gone from ring #1!!! Meanwhile, UW is getting it from Hashimoto!!! He has UW in a "Boston Crab" but Sting comes over and frees the Warrior!!! Sting goes to work on Hashimoto!!! Hashimoto strikes back with a blow to the throat!!! In ring #1, Steamboat and Benoit renew their rivarly (Look out for the story Steamboat VS. Benoit coming soon to Solie's Vintage Wrestling)!!! Benoit is getting the better of the exchange but Steamboat is game as he keeps coming back!!! Benoit goes for a back suplex but Steamboat flips over him and goes for his "Double-Arm Chicken Wing" submission hold!!! Benoit counters with a mule-kick "down below" before Steamboat could put it on!!! Benoit quickly takes advantage and throws Steamboat over to ring #2!!! Benoit is the winner of ring #1!!! Now, he must wait for someone to win in ring #2!! In ring #2, it is a four-way dance between UW, Sting, Hashimoto and Steamboat!!! Sting opts to go after UW while Hashimoto and Steamboat go after each other!!! Sting has UW in the corner!!! Sting goes for his "Stinger Splash" again but UW moves and Sting hits the turnbuckle and falls out!!! Sting is gone!!! Meanwhile, UW goes over and gets rid of both Steamboat and Hashimoto at the same time!!! UW has won in ring #2!! When he turns around, he sees Benoit laid out!!! That's because while the refs and everyone's attention was on ring #2, SCSA came back into the ring and "Stunned" Benoit!!! UW doesn't know what's happened but he is coming over!!! Benoit is just making it to his feet!!! UW nails him with a clothesline!!! A ref has hit the ring as this is now a pinfall or submission only match!!! UW hits the ropes and gets his splash on Benoit!!! UW covers for 1..2....but Benoit kicks out!!! UW then signals for the press slam which gets a mixed reaction!!! UW picks up Benoit and has him in the air!!! Benoit, however, slips behind him, takes him down by the arms, and hooks in the "Crippler Crossface"!!! The crowd is standing to see if UW will escape or submit!!! UW, unbelievably, is not giving up as Benoit is applying the pressure!!! UW tries to push himself out but can't!!! After 2 minutes of suffering, UW has passes out from exhaustion and the ref has no choice but to ring the bell!!! Benoit is estatic as he has won BattleBowl '98!!! As he celebrates in the ring, though, Austin comes back with a microphone and has this to say:

AUSTIN: "Crippler!!! Okay boy, you survived tonight but remember that I still owe your a** for what happened at WarGames!!! So, take your little victory, go home and have a great celebration but I have "cork" that's going to pop up right now (Austin holds up a middle finger)!!"

BENOIT: Austin!!! Anytime, anywhere!!! Be prepared to pass out again!!!

The show goes off the air with both men staring the other down.

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