ECW Uncensored:
The Way It Should Be!!

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas
 ECW Champion (in my stories)


The crowd, who are always enthusiastic for ECW, is ten times more intense because this is a pay per view!!  We now have the usual introduction by ECW's Joey Styles.

STYLES:  Welcome to the ECW Arena!!  Welcome to the place where ECW was born!!  Welcome to "ECW Uncensored: The Way It Should Be"!!

The crowd begins to chant "ECW, ECW"!!

STYLES:  I am Joey Styles and at this time, I wish to welcome my guest commentator.  Along with "The Head Cheerleader" Francine, who is also the wife of this man, please welcome the ECW Heavyweight Champion, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!!

Douglas comes down in his usual street clothes while Francine comes down in a long gold outfit.  A bit more conservative for Francine but sexy nonetheless.  They are greeted by a huge roar from the crowd as they enter the ring.  Shane and Francine take each other by the hand and wave to the people in the audience.  Shane also shakes the hand of Styles while Francine kisses him on the cheek.  They then leave the ring and head for the broadcast booth as ECW Uncensored is set to get underway!!

Rob Van Dam VS. Syxx (WCW World TV Title Match)

The rowdy man from Degeneration X came to Philly to take on "Mr. Monday Night" for the WCW TV strap.  RVD was greeted with a nice ovation while Syxx did get a moderate pop out of respect for his abilities.  This match, as expected, was fast paced and high flying. At about the 14 minute mark, Syxx (who, after this story, I will refer to him as X-Pac) had RVD in perfect position for his "Bronco Buster" and went for it but "The Whole F'n Show" had a counter as he simply put up his foot into Syxx's exposed crotch!!  RVD quickly took advantage of the situation by leaping up to the top rope and executing his "Five Star Frog Splash" on Syxx for the three count and the defense of his WCW World TV Title.

STYLES:  What an opening contest to ECW Uncensored.

DOUGLAS:  It certainly was.  If this is any indication of what we will see later on this card, then we are in for a great evening of wrestling.

STYLES:  Well, now, as much as you probably don't want to hear from this guy Shane--and I know the feeling is mutual for Francine--we are now going to hear from The Rock, the former ECW Heavyweight Champion.

DOUGLAS:  Emphasis on the word "former".

STYLES (chuckles a bit at that comment along with Douglas):  Well, we will here from him as well as his opponent Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

We now switch to the interviews.

ROCK:  Well, The Rock has now come to the worst, god-forsaken arena in the whole world and that's this crappy, roody pooh, candy ass place they call the ECW Arena.  A glorified bingo hall that just got lucky to have ECW in it!!  Well, some luster has now been added to this place because The Rock is in the house and he is going to electrify this place and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, you piece of hawaian gutter trash, prepared to be laid out old man.  The Rock can't believe that you and The Rock are from the same place, Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on earth!!  Well, after tonight, Hawaii's favorite son will lay the smackdown on you in front the entire world if you smeeelllll what The Rock is cookin'!!

STEAMBOAT:  So, Rocky Maivia, you seem to think that you have all the answers.  You are a great athelete and have great heritage.  Former college standout at the University Of Miami, former National Champion in football, the son of "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson and the grandson of Peter Maivia.  Well, you have some impressive creditials but today, you face your stiffest match to date.  I have been five time NWA World Tag Team Champion, former NWA United States Champion, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, former WCW World Tag Team Champion, former WWF Intercontiental Champion.  Rock, be prepared to go the distance.

We now come back to the comments of Styles and Douglas.

STYLES:  Those comments from The Rock and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat were pre-taped from earlier today and, "Franchise", I must ask you this since you did spend some time with Ricky today.  What are his chances in this match against The Rock after being gone for so long?

DOUGLAS:  Well, bear in mind that Ricky Steamboat has a habit of taking long stretches of time off but comes back like he never left the game at all.  As much as I hate that son of bitch, The Rock is a great athelete but if he comes into this match thinking that he's going to have an easy night, he'll be on the canvas just like he was at WrestleMania!!

STYLES:  Not hard to see who's side "The Franchise" is on here (Douglas chuckles at this comment).  Meanwhile, while we were talking, the ring crew was putting up that pole in one of the corners for our next matchup which is the Mexican Death Match for the WWF European Title as champion Diamond Dallas Page along with Jacqueline--never thought I'd say that in the same sentence--takes on Jake "The Snake" Roberts with Kimberly, who, by the way, is still legally married to the champion DDP!!  What a messed up situation.

At this point, Jake "The Snake" Roberts comes to the tune of AC/DC's "Who Made You?" as he comes down in black jeans, a black tank top, and snake skin boots.  Kimberly is dressed in all black too.  She is wearing black tank top with a black mini skirt and long boots.  The hit the ring as the music changes.  DDP forsakes his "Self Hi-Five" theme for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" theme!!  DDP comes in with dark blue jeans and black boots while Jackie comes down in a white blouse, dark blue jeans and black hi heel boots.  Jake and Kim leave the ring as DDP and Jackie enter it.  Kimberly has the house mic:

KIMBERLY:  Dallas, Dallas, Dallas.  I know that you've been wanting a real woman since I left your pitifull little life but her?  Come on, do you think she could possibly compete with this?

Kim then struts a little to the applause of Jake and some of the fans.  Jackie now has the mic:

JACQUELINE:  Kim, I don't know what your problem is but trust me, girlfriend, I have been there and done that.  What I mean is, I've been in your situation with Kevin Sullivan and Woman, with Marc "Johnny B. Badd" Mero and Sable.  Trust me, the road that you are on now will only bring you is pain and suffering.  As for not being in your league?  Well, do something about this!

With that, Jackie lifted her blouse up and showed a thin black bra that only covered her nipples!  She then pulled away her pants as they were only "pull aways" and not real jeans to show tight fitting black "short" shorts!!  The crowd at the ECW Arena roared for this as Jackie strutted around the ring.  Shane Douglas and Francine applauded while Joey was in shock.

DOUGLAS:  Well, I see Jackie is in the ECW spirit!!

STYLES:  All I can say is "Oh My God!"

With that, we now go to the match.

Diamond Dallas Page w/Jacqueline VS. Jake "The Snake" Roberts w/Kimberly Page (WWF European Title/Mexican Death Match)

In this bout, the WWF European Title was placed on top of a 10ft. pole as anything went in this bout.  The ladies, for the most part, stayed out of the contest but one could guess that it wouldn't stay like that for long.  At around the twelve minute mark, both men were tired and battered but kept coming after the other.  Jake, getting to his feet, went for his short arm clothesline but DDP ducked it and countered it with his "Tornado" clothesline that leveled Jake!  DDP then decided to go up and get the belt.  As he made the climb, Kimberly got up on the apron and shook the top rope, causing DDP to fall crotch first on the top rope.  At this point, Jackie goes over to where Kim is and jerks her off the apron and a fight ensues on the outside!!  Meanwhile, Jake tries to take advantage of the situation by climbing to the top to get the belt.  Just as he gets there, DDP recovers and scampers up there himself.  They both have the title belt between them as they struggle.  DDP quickly gives Jake a low kick to gain possession of the belt.  Page then puts the belt on his right shoulder, hooks the head of "The Snake", and gives him the "Diamond Cutter" from the top rope, ramming Jake's head into the belt!!  The pinfall was a mere formality as DDP covered his former friend and mentor for the win and the defense of his WWF European belt.  Kimberly, having managed to get away from Jacqueline, got into the ring and tried to strike Page.  Page blocked it and nearly decked Kimberly but stopped himself at the last minute.  Kimberly stood face to face with her estranged husband as she taunted the visibly shaken Page.  Meanwhile, Jake had gone into his tights for something inside of a bottle.  As the arguing continued, Jake came up behind DDP.  As DDP turned to walk away from Kimberly, Jake threw the substance at DDP's face.  Jackie, at the last minute, pushed DDP out of the way and managed to avoid getting hit herself.....but Kim wasn't so fortunate as she was struck flush in the face with battery acid!!  Kim rolled on the ground in pain as DDP, in a fit of rage, chased Jake out of the ring but his attention quickly turned back to his wife as she was in pain.  Jackie quickly went to the back for medical help as Jake surveyed the situation.  He was actually smiling at what was going on!  He didn't really care what happened to Kimberly, as long as it hurt Page.  There is almost a hush in the usually noisy ECW arena as medical attendants are in the ring led by Jacqueline.  DDP was shown nearly in tears as he pleaded for help for Kimberly.

STYLES:  Well,....I don't know what to say.  Jake Roberts, the sick bastard, wants to hurt DDP so much that he is willing to sacrifice Kimberly to that end.

DOUGLAS:  Well, Joey, I know I am no angel but this is going to far even for me.  I can imagine the pain that Diamond Dallas Page is feeling right now. I know that if Jake Roberts did that to my wife Francine, I'd be going nuts right now.  I'll say this, Jake Roberts is in for it now as is the rest of the nWo because DDP is going to be a pissed man.

While they were clearing the ring and getting Kimberly to a hospital, they went to footage on the Midnight Express/Darkside feud.  This footage lasted about 2 minutes.  When we return, they are just getting Kimberly out of the ring as the commentators and the fans in the arena try to compose themselves for the next matchup.

2 Cold Scorpio VS. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (J-Crown Title Match)

Two former ECW stars make a return to the ECW Arena as 2 Cold Scorpio defended against Rey Mysterio, Jr.  Though outweight significantly by Scorpio, Mysterio matched his bigger opponent move for incredible move.  This thriller saw dives over the top, incredible moves, counter moves and holds rarely seen in the United States.  At the 15 minute mark, Scorpio got in a spin wheel kick on Rey as he was coming off the ropes.  Scorpio then went to the top rope and executed a back flip into a legdrop on Mysterio!!  Scorpio covered but only got a two count off of this incredible move!!  2 Cold then went for a powerbomb but Rey turned it into a DDT.  Rey then picked up Scorpio, threw him into the ropes, and executed hurracanrana into a pin, hooking the legs for leverage and got the three count!!  We have a new J-Crown champion in Rey Mysterio, Jr.  Both men, as is usual for the cruiserweights, showed mutual respect as they shook each other's hand afterwards.

Meanwhile, we see an ambulance taking Kimberly to the nearby hospital.  WWF European champion DDP and Jacqueline also ride in the ambulance with her.  We now go to Steven Prazack who is with Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

PRAZACK:  Steven Prazack here with Jake "The Snake" Roberts and I have to ask this question.  Why aren't you going to see about Kimberly?

ROBERTS:  Well, well, well.  Have you people figured out anything?  Kimberly was a means to an end and that end is to tourture Diamond Dallas Page.  Oh, sure, she got a little acid in her face but hey that's life man.  Hey, Page, your little whore was very nice for the last few months but she served her purpose!  So, you can have the little bitch back now, all dirty and damaged.  Oh, one more thing, Dallas, this thing isn't over yet. Trust me.

Jake gives a sinister grin and walks away.  We now are back with Shane Douglasn and Joey Styles.  The usual vocal Douglas is silent but his disgust could be seen on his face.  Francine, likewise, is disgusted.  Finally, Joey manages to get out some words.

STYLES:  That son of a bitch.  No remose at all.  I thought the Dudley Boys were sick.  Jake Roberts, you are scum.  I very seldom cheer for wrestlers in the "Big Two" but I sincerely hope, with every bone in my body, that Diamond Dallas Page beats you to death the next time that you guys meet!!  Jake, what he did to Raven back at that Nitro/RAW simulcast, I wish it would've been you instead.

We now get the theme music of WCW United States Champion Ken Shamrock as he and Owen Hart come out for the "New Jack City Match" against New Jack and an unnamed partner.  Owen has the mic as they enter the ring:

OWEN:  Finally, you people are going to be treated to some real wrestling talent, not some bum that uses foriegn objects and curses all day long!!

This draws some boos from the crowd.

OWEN:  New Jack, you and whoever you conned to get in this match, come on out here!!

The music of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's "Natural Born Killers" blares out as New Jack makes his way out to the ring in his usual gear with a dumpster full of weapons!!  He now has the house mic:

NEW JACK:  So, are you two punks ready to get your ass whipped?  Well, here is my partner....hit the music!!

The music now plays Big Punisher's "I'm Not A Player".  To the surprise of everyone, New Jack's partner is........Booker T of Harlem Heat!!  New Jack's former rival has joined him for this bout against Shamrock and Owen Hart.  He is dressed in black jeans and no shirt.  He hi-fives New Jack as they head to the ring for pure chaos!!

New Jack & Booker T VS. Ken Shamrock & Owen Hart (New Jack City Match)

In this wild bout, anything went and pinfalls counted anywhere in the building.  While New Jack, Booker T and Shamrock was comfortable with this type of bout, Owen seemed kind of lost here but was effective nonetheless.  Still, this was Booker T's and New Jack's match.  They finally got them near the food stand where they put both Owen and Shamrock on respective tables and tied them there with rope!!  They then went into the stands and, with the roar of the crowd, New Jack executed a splash on Owen while Booker T executed the "Harlem Hangover" (spinning legdrop) onto Shamrock, putting them both through the tables!!  After about 30 seconds, Booker T managed to cover Shamrock for the pin and the win (if there really was any winners in that match).

STYLES:  Well, all I have to say that some of these "Big Two" wrestlers are getting into the ECW spirit tonight!

DOUGLAS:  Yeah, and that was just the fourth match.  We still have nine more matches to go. It makes you wonder what else could happen tonight.

STYLES:  Speaking of matches, up next we have the ECW Tag Team Championship match. The new champions, The New Age Outlaws will take on Bam Bam Bigelow and a yet to be named replacement.  It was supposed to be Chris Candido but Candido is so upset and distraught over the betrayal by his former fiancee Tammy Lynn Sytch that no one has seen or heard from Candido in weeks since WrestleMania.  Bigelow says he has someone that will step in to help him tonight so, we will have to wait to see what transpires.

At this point, the New Age Outlaws music plays out. Even the ECW fans get into the opening phrase "OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW........YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODY!" as "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, "Road Dog" Jesse James and Tammy Lynn Sytch come out to the arena to a mixed reaction.  Sunny is looking hot as she is wearing one of her old L.O.D. outfits.  The Outlaws hit the ring as "Road Dog" takes the mic:


Now, we hear "Welcome To The Jungle" blare out as Bam Bam Bigelow comes halfway down to the ring.  He stops and motions from the back.  Out comes.......VADER!!  Bigelow's former IWGP tag team partner!!  They are also joined by "The Total Package" Lex Luger!!  The crowd is going nuts now as NAO is panicking in the ring.

STYLES:  Bigelow has pulled one out of here!!  With all due respect to Chris Candido, no one on planet earth thought that Bam Bam Bigelow would bring Vader here to ECW Uncensored!!

DOUGLAS:  Well, I think it was a pretty good choice.  You had to know that the NAO wouldn't have figured Vader to be here and they also have Lex Luger here to keep an eye on Tammy.

STYLES:  I think most men would volunteer for that job "Franchise."

With all of the surprises out of the way, the match begins.

The New Age Outlaws w/Tammy Lynn Sytch VS. Bam Bam Bigelow & Vader w/Lex Luger (ECW Tag Team Title Match)

The element of surprise worked in favor of Bigelow and Vader as they dominated most of this match.  NAO did try to stall several times during the match Luger would make sure that they got back into the ring. At about the 10 minute mark, BBB missed an "avalanche" splash in the corner.  The two Outlaws then used double teaming to keep Bigelow on the run for eight minutes. Then, Billy got cocky showing off for Tammy when he tried a move similar to Bigelow's in the corner.  Billy ran into the corner chestfirst as BBB moved out of the way.  BBB then lifted Gunn into his "Greetings From Ashbury Park" piledriver but was took weak to cover him.  Still, he did make the tag to Vader.  Vader came in a pounded both Outlaws into the mat.  Vader clotheslined Road Dog out of the ring, leaving only Gunn to face him.  Vader then put "Bad Ass" in a thunderous powerbomb and would've had the pin but Road Dog made the save.  Now, all four men are inside the ring.  Vader then went for his moonsault on B.A. while BBB took care of Road Dog.  When Vader got to the top rope, Tammy snuck into the ring.  Luger tried to cut her off but the ref cut him off first.  Meanwhile, Tammy put both of her hands on Vader's behind and pushed him just enough for him to loose his balance and fall crotch first on the top turnbuckle.  Gunn then got up and performed a fantastic belly to back suplex from the turnbuckles on the 450lb. mastadon!!  Tammy then put a table inside of the ring and helped B.A. set it up in the center of the ring (BBB is kicking the crap out of Road Dog up in the stands while all of this is going on).  Gunn and Sytch then put Vader on the table (it does sag a bit) for some finisher.  Gunn then gets on the second rope backwards and taunts the crowd while Tammy is cheering him.  Suddenly, those cheers turn into screams as she tries to warn Gunn of something (who hasn't noticed her pleas yet).  It was Chris Candido!!  He rushes the ring and lowblows Gunn!!  In the meantime, Vader has rolled off the table.  Candido then goes to the top rope and puts his "Blonde Bombshell" (top rope powerbomb) on Gunn that sends him through the table!!  Vader quickly takes advantage by splashing an already out Gunn amoungst the shattered pieces of table.  Luger, at the same time, makes sure that Tammy can't interfere this time by putting her over his shoulder (giving some fans a great ass shot).  Candido, meanwhile, has left but the damage has been done as the ref counts down Gunn and we have new ECW Tag Team Champions in Bam Bam Bigelow (who has just comeback to ringside, leaving a bloodied Road Dog behind) and Vader!!  Lex Luger gets the belts for the new champions as they celebrate inside of the ring.  As they leave, Candido also joins the trio in celebration as the NAO are left to lick their wounds.


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