ECW Uncensored:
The Way It Should Be!!
Pt. 2

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We now go to a pre-recorded interview with "Buff" Bagwell.

BAGWELL:  Well, here we are in South Philly.  TAZ, the WWF Intercontiental Champion, comes home to where it all began.  Well, on a serious note, this match is more than just about the I-C title or even my fellow nWo comrade The Warrior.  Remember last year in this same city at "Untamed" (See The Giant Vs. Bruiser Brody)?  TAZ, you and your ECW friends gave me the worst, most humiliating moment of my life!!  Well, tonight, we change history.  Tonight, "Buff" Bagwell gets even.  Besides, the WWF I-C title would look much better around this waist because I am "Buff" and I am the stuff!!

We now come back to live action.

STYLES:  Those comments by "Buff" Bagwell, wanting to erase the memory of "Untamed" from last year when TAZ forced Bagwell to tap out to the "TAZ-mission" and, thus, was forced due to pre-match stipulation to kiss TAZ's rear end.  Bagwell looks determined and ready to take on TAZ but defeating TAZ, title or no title, is never an easy job.

DOUGLAS:  It certainly isn't.  I've been in the ring with TAZ and he is a tough bastard.  Bagwell will have to be ready for the match of his life if he expects to walk out of here as the new I-C Champion.

STYLES:  So far, a precedent has not been set.  Though we have new ECW Tag Team Champions in Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader and a new J-Crown champion in Rey Mysterio, Jr., "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam retained his WCW World TV Title while DDP remained WWF European champion.  Speaking of which, we still have no word on the condition of Kimberly other than to say that she has some facial injuries from that battery acid in the face from that slimeball Jake "The Snake" Roberts!......well, let's go to the ring.

Here, we see "Buff" Bagwell coming down to his nWo music to a decidedly partial reaction to his opponent.  He stands in the ring and taunts the fans but there isn't the usual posing or preening.  His concentration is like stone, despite the fans chants of "kiss my ass, kiss my ass"--making reference to last year's match with TAZ--he stands ready for TAZ.  The music now changes to "War Machine" as "The Most Miserable S.O.B. In Wrestling" makes his way down to a loud cheer.  While TAZ's concentration is like always, he did hi-five some fans along the way. Unusual for TAZ to do that but, after all, this is a homecoming of sorts.  He gets in the ring and holds his hands in the air to thundering cheer.  He then goes into his usual arms crossed stance with the WWF Intercontiental title around his waist (check out the pic above with his old ECW TV belt for this pose).

TAZ VS. "Buff" Bagwell (WWF Intercontiental Title Match)

This bout was a bit slower than last year's encounter as neither man wanted to make a big mistake that could cost them the match.  After about five minutes, however, they broke it wide open as both men tore loose!  TAZ used his usual ground game while Bagwell used a mix of ground and ariel tactics.  Bagwell, on three occassions, did manage to avoid the katahijimi (TAZ-mission) submission as he scouted that manuvear very well.  Still, TAZ was not discouraged as he managed to keep the advantage.  At the 15 minute mark, Bagwell started to take over due to superior stamina.  Still, Bagwell was too consumed with avenging last year's humiliation at the hands of TAZ and began to brawl with the native of Red Hook Brooklyn, NY.  This was a mistake as TAZ took back the match with kicks, clotheslines and suplexes.  TAZ finished this flurry with an amazing top rope T-Bone suplex!!  As TAZ closed in for the kill, there was a rumble among the crowd.  It was The Ultimate Warrior!  The man TAZ nearly crippled at WrestleMania rushed the ring and leveled "The Human Suplex Machine" with a clothesline!  The ref called for the bell and a DQ on Bagwell (this match was done under WWF rules so the ref had to call for a disqualification).  The Warrior was still wearing a neck brace from the TAZ-mission-plex that he absorbed back during his match with TAZ.  He pounded TAZ out of the ring until he was on the outside.  Meanwhile, Bagwell had regained his feet and just realized what happened.  He then turned The Warrior around and shouted something at Warrior.  The Warrior then shoved Bagwell and the two began to have words. After a 30 second exchange, Bagwell began to leave the ring when Warrior struck him from behind!!  He then whipped "Buff" into the ropes and clotheslined him down.  He then quickly picked up Bagwell up into the gorilla press and threw him into the crowd, turning it into a big mosh pit.  Meanwhile, TAZ has snuck back into the ring and has begun brawling with his large foe.  Officials from the back are now inside the ring trying to seperate them.  During this, Bagwell has made his way back and is trying to attack both men and has to be restrained as well.

We are now looking at a preview for NWA United States Tag Team Title match up between The Rattlesnakes against the Dudley Boys for later on tonight.  During this, the ring crew is setting up the heaters for the "Inferno Match" between "Ravishing" Rick Rude and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert.

We now come back to see Rude coming down the isle to the music of Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" as he is wearing tan colored jeans, no shirt and black cowboy boots for this bout.  True, his NWA World TV Title isn't on the line but his own life may be so he is prepared for the worst to happen.  He also has come down without Madusa Micelli, which is probably best anyway.  He gets into the ring as the music changes to Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" for Eddie Gilbert.  Gilbert comes down in a white tank top, blue jeans, and his wrestling boots.  He, too, knows what could happen in this match.  When both men get into the ring and the introductions are made, the ring crew light the pilots and the flames begin to burn for this match.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (Inferno Match)

Both men are fighting very tentatively at the beginning and for good reason, the flames are only a bad step or two away.  The rules of this bout is that the first man to get burnt is the loser.  Both men used every move, both legal and illegal, to keep from being burnt!!  Gilbert, of course, had plenty of motivation due to the betrayal of his wife Madusa to Rick Rude.  Rude, at times during the bout, would use that to his advantage to agitate Gilbert and even almost burnt him on two occassions.  During the bout, Gilbert used a leather belt and whipped Rude with it and even used it to bust Rude open.  The DX member was bleeding but was still fighting Eddie.  At the 15 minute mark, Eddie climbed to the top rope on the inside of the ring.  Rude quickly joined him up there and a brawl insued on the ropes.  They then went over the top rope, missing the fire but going through a table at ringside!!  As both men made their way up, Rude made a wild swing at Gilbert but he ducked it, picked him up and put his "rear end" close enough to catch fire!!  Rude quickly was running to the back with his ass (literally) on fire!!  Eddie Gilbert won this brutal contest and gained a measure of revenge on Rude.

As Gilbert made his way back, the king sized lighters were taken down for the next contest.  While this was going on, a video package was shown on the history between Tommy Dreamer and Bret "The HitMan" Hart, leading up to the ECW TV Title match scheduled for later.  We now see a scene with Kimberly laying in the hospital bed with doctor telling her the latest prognosis.  Her face is half bandaged from the acid throw earlier.  During the doctor's talk, she asks if Page is there.  The doctor says that he is along with Jacqueline.  She requests to speak to Page alone.  The doctor then goes to get DDP.  At first, Jackie suggests that it could be a trick but Page assures her that it probably isn't.  Jackie does follow Page to the door but let's Page go in alone as he requested.  She still waits outside of the room just in case.

We now are back into the ring where The Dudley Boys have been taunting the crowd as usual.  Most of their speech was not heard because the Kimberly footage so it is nearly over when live action is cut back to.  At that point, the music of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" fires up to mark the entrance of the NWA United States Tag Team Champions.  Both Magnum T.A. and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin both come down with the belts but no extra gear aside from their wrestling tights and boots.  D-Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley stand in the ring waiting while Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley exit.  When Austin and Magnum get inside the ring, they head to the center where the Dudleys are and have a face off.  From there, a big brawl breaks out and the match begins wildly!!

The Dudley Boys VS. The Rattlesnakes (NWA United States Tag Team Title Match)

The bout is crazy from the opening bell with several high impact moves from both teams.  While all four men brawled, the champions clearly had the edge when any wrestling came into play.  Seeing that strength, Magnum and Austin took advantage of it by outwrestling the Dudleys while mixing it with brawling.  Still, The Dudley's tag team experience was evident during various parts of the match as well.  At the 15 minute mark, both Buh Buh Ray and Austin made the tag to their respective partners D-Von and Magnum.  D-Von came in swinging but Magnum beat him to the punch on the exchange.  Magnum then whipped D-Von into the ropes and nailed him with a dropkick.  Buh Buh Ray came back in and was nailed as well with one.  This gave D-Von, however, enough time to catch Magnum with a gut shot.  D-Von then hit the ropes for a clothesline but Magnum ducked it and D-Von went into the opposite ropes.  When he rebounded, Magnum caught him with his belly to belly suplex for a sure pin but Buh Buh Ray broke that up. Austin is now back inside of the ring helping Magnum.  Austin then hits the ropes for a move on Buh Buh Ray but Gertner and Sign Guy pulled the top rope down and Austin went sailing backwards over the top of it!  Meanwhile, Magnum had hit the ropes on D-Von but was picked up by D-Von for "3-D"!!  Buh Buh makes the cover for 1...2...but Magnum kicks out!  The ECW crowd is stunned!  Only Masato Tanaka has ever kicked out of "3-D" but Magnum now has done it!!  Even The Dudleys can't believe it. In their frustration, they begin to argue.  Buh Buh ends the bad mouthing by slugging D-Von out of anger.  D-Von was knocked into Magnum.....and the "Stone Cold Stunner" from "The Boss"!!  Buh Buh realized what he had done and tried to make the save but Austin pulled his foot from the outside to prevent a breakup of the pin as the ref counted three on D-Von.  Afterwards, Austin quickly got his partner out of the ring as they had retained their gold.  When almost to the back, Austin waves to someone in the crowd.  That person throws two beers to Austin with his music (Austin's) playing in the background.  The Rattlesnakes share a brew together as they head back to the dressing room.

We now go back to the hospital where we see Jackie still outside Kimberly's room.  DDP emerges from the room and this is picked up.

DDP:  Jackie, lets go, we got unfinished business.  I'll tell you along the way.

JACKIE:  What's going on Dallas?

DDP:  If I have my way, a lot will go on tonight and a lot will be finished tonight too. Let's get back to the arena.

We now switch back to Joey Styles and Shane Douglas w/Francine.

STYLES:  I got to tell you, we and the viewers at home just saw that footage but many in the arena are unaware that DDP is heading back to the ECW Arena.  If Jake Roberts is still here, that can only spell trouble for the sick bastard from Stone Mountain, GA.

DOUGLAS:  DDP is a man on a mission.  He now understands that this feud with Jake Roberts should've been finished a long time ago.  He knows he let it go on for too long and now, by the tone in his voice, he looks ready to end it.

STYLES:  What else can happen?  Well, we now up to what we hope will resemble something of a wrestling match and that's "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer defending his ECW TV Title against former champion Bret "HitMan" Hart.  This feud really began when Bret Hart said that ECW was nothing but thugs and bar room brawlers.  What he said is partially true.  We do have those but name a federation on this planet, past or present, that doesn't?  We also have tough men that can wrestle and men that do things that some guys in the other two feds only dream of doing or want to do but the "higher ups" in their organizations won't let them because they hold six figure deals over their heads.  This war, by extention, led to my guest commentator's  feud with The Rock but Bret and Dreamer were always at the forefront of this feud so it is only fitting that they meet here at ECW Uncensored.

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