The Giant Vs. Bruiser Brody

Bruiser Brody & The Giant
The Giant is affiliated with
World Championship Wrestling (WCW)
Bruiser Brody was affiliated with
World Class Championship Wrestling


Kevin Nash is in the middle of a match with his arch-rival The Giant!!!  The Giant has regained the advantage and is going for the chokeslam on Nash!!!  As he has Nash ready, he rethinks it and puts Nash in the powerbomb!!!  With Nash laid out, The Giant goes to the top rope and executes a "frog-splash" on Nash!!!  With that move, here comes the nWo in the form of "Buff" Bagwell, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, Scott "Flash" Norton, Vincent, Scott Hall and "Macho Man" Randy Savage!!!  But waiting for them in the aisle (dressed as security guards) are members of WCW in the form of "The Total Package" Lex Luger, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Bret "HitMan" Hart, NWA World Champion Chris "The Crippler" Benoit, and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!!  As the referee and the real security guards try to break up this riot, no one notices a huge figure coming through the crowd and over the guard-rail.  This wild looking man comes into the ring from behind The Giant (who is observing the fight in the aisle, Nash is still down from the "frog splash")!!!  Hear (read rather) the comments of Jim Ross and Jesse "The Body" Ventura:

ROSS:  Who in the hell is that?!!!

VENTURA:  I'm not sure JR Ross but it looks like.....Oh my god!!!  It's Bruiser Brody!!!

ROSS:  Bruiser Brody!!!  Apparently, he still feels that he has a score to settle with The Giant (see Magnum TA VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin I. in the 12/7/98  edition of Solie's Vintage Wrestling)!!!

Brody comes up and nails The Giant with a clothesline in the back of the head!!!  The Giant goes over the top rope and to the floor!!!  Brody steps over the top rope and comes down with a double axhandle blow on The Giant!!!  The Giant is dazed as he struggles to his feet!!!  Meanwhile, Brody grabs a steel chair and bashes The Giant over the head with it!!!  Brody turns The Giant around and catches him again flush in the face with the chair!!!  Brody then throws The Giant back into the ring!!!  Brody follows up with a bodyslam on the 450 pound man!!!  He then goes off of the ropes with a flying kneesmash to The Giant's chest and neck!!!  By this time, Nash is on his feet and is laughing at the carnage (WCW nor the nWo has any idea what has happened because they are still fighting each other)!!!  Nash holds out the hand as a gesture of peace!!!  Brody accepts the hand.....and gives Nash a quick kick to the gut and a running knee lift that knocks Nash to the floor!!!  Brody then gives Nash the piledriver on the bare concrete!!!  Brody, satisfied, leaves through the crowd!!!  Members of both WCW and nWo catch site of what has happened on the close-circuit monitor but it is too late!!!  "The Mercenary Of Mayhem" has struck!!!  Medical attention was called out for both The Giant and Nash!!!  Both factions, surprisingly, cooperated with each other to get their friends to the hospital.


A week later, The Giant requested a match with Brody from WCW but WCW refused on two (weak) basis':

1. Brody is not under contract with WCW or any major federation.

2. This should be settled in court.

To this "rational", The Giant simply replied "bullsh*t"!!!

The following weekend, this statement was made from WCW on Saturday Night by JJ Dillion:

"After discussing the situation with WCW's Executive Board Of Directors, the WCW will let The Giant get into the ring with Bruiser Brody.  However, The Giant can only have this match if he signs a waiver absolving WCW of any responsibility for whatever happens. The reason for this waiver is because The Giant has requested that the match be a Mongolian Strecher Match!!!  The rules of this match eliminates disqualifications, countouts, pinfalls and submissions!!!  The wrestler that gets carried out on a strecher will be the loser!!!  WCW thinks that this match is too violent but The Giant wants this kind of match so we will let him have it but only under a waiver!!!"

With that, The Giant comes out from the back, takes the paper from JJ and signs it.  He gives the paper back to Dillion and gives the chokeslam symbol!!!

"I guess we have a match then!!!  Because of the possible violence that could happen on this card.  WCW has gotten special permission from Ted Turner to joint-air the card on both TBS and FOX at 8pm this Wednsday!!!  Athletes from the WWF, NWA, and ECW will participate on this card and I understand that some members of New Japan are interested as well.  The card will originate from Philedelphia, PA at the Philedelphia Civic Center and it will be called "Untamed"!!!


The crowd at the Philedelphia Civic Center are electric and ready for this!!! Nearly all of the matches was either some kind of stipulated encounter or a title match.  Here is the undercard:

Taz VS. "Buff" Bagwell (Kiss My Butt Match)

In this crazy encounter, the loser would have to kiss the butt of the winner (no mooning allowed though due to censoring).  Buffy had things going his way until he missed a "blockbuster" neckbreaker from the top rope!!!  This enabled Taz to get in his "T-bone" suplex!!!  At this point, Scott Norton, Vincent, and Curt Hennig tried to interfere but Sabu, Rob Van Damn, John Kronos, Bam Bam Bigelow and former ECW wrestler Perry Saturn headed them off at the past and delivered a vicious beating to these members of the nWo!!!  Meanwhile, Taz applies the "Taz-Mission" to Bagwell and gets a tap-out with Sabu, Van Damn and Bigelow keeping the nWo at bay!!!  While these ECW wrestlers continue to brawl with Hennig, Norton, and Vincent, Saturn and Kronos handcuff Bagwell's hands behind his back and force him to kiss Taz on his butt (Taz even let loose some "gas" while Bagwell was kissing)!!!  They leave Bagwell (still handcuffed) sick and humiliated as ECW made its presence known to the nWo!!!

Chris Benoit VS. Ken Shamrock (NWA World Title Match)

In this 20 minute match, Shamrock reversed a hiptoss into a leg takedown for the anklelock!!!  Benoit quickly gets to the ropes for a break but he is hurt!!!  Shamrock takes advantage by executing a "dragon-screw" legdrag to take Benoit back down!!!  Shamrock goes for it again but Benoit executes and "insiguri" head kick with his good leg to stun Shamrock!!!  Benoit gets the "Crippler Crossface" on Shamrock but Shamrock gets to the ropes for a break as well!!!  After about 5 minutes of a stalemate, Shamrock goes for a vertical suplex but Benoit reverses out of it and gets his "dragon-suplex" (full-nelson suplex)!!!  Benoit can't bridge because of his ankle and goes for a straight cover.  Nevertheless, he gets the three count and retains his NWA title!!!

Sting VS. The Undertaker (Texas Death Match)

Both of these men really gutted it out in this match (Side Note:  Imagine the entrances for these two?!!!  It would be some creepy stuff!!)!!!  The two battled it out for minutes with neither man staying down for the 10 count!!!  The fight spilled outside of the ring where Sting executed his "Scorpion Deathdrop" on UT on the concrete floor!!!  UT was down until the ref reached nine!!!  UT sat up in his usual fashion, getting a priceless look of shock from Sting!!!  Sting, unintimidated, went back to the attack with kicks, chops and punches!!!  Sting then went for a flying bodypress but UT turned it into a "Tombstone" piledriver on the floor!!!  Sting was counted out and UT was declared the winner but the fight didn't end there!!!  Sting, after fifteen seconds, slowly rose to his feet and pulled UT to the outside!!!  UT and Sting fought up the aisleway!!!  Both men had to be restrained by officials from WCW, ECW, WWF and New Japan respectively!!!

Kevin Nash VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (NWA United States Title Match)

This match saw Nash dominate about 80% of the contest until he went for his big boot!!!  Austin ducked it and, as Nash rebounded off the ropes, he put Nash in the "Stun Gun"!!!  Austin then began to kick and stomp the seven footer down but Nash comes back with a knee to the gut!!!  Nash gets his jacknife powerbomb on Austin but does not go for the cover!!!  He lifts Austin up for his "snake-eyes" move in the corner but Austin slides behind and pushes him chest-first into the corner and gets the "Stone Cold Stunner" on Nash.  This prompts the whole nWo to come down (including Scott Hall, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, Bagwell (after taking a REAL good shower and some serious Listerine from earlier in the night), Norton, Vincent, Randy Savage, Masa Chono, Muta, Tenzan, and Hennig)!!!  Austin flashes them a "bird" sign and takes off into the crowd with the US title!!! Before he leaves, Austin had this to say:

"Well, I just busted the big man of the nWo ass!!!  When I'm through with Magnum TA, I'm coming after everyone of you over the hill jackasses!!!  And that's the bottom line cuz "Stone Cold" said so!!!"

By the way, Austin retained the US belt by DQ.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage VS. Magnum TA (No DQ)

In this no disqualification bout, these two former partners battled long and hard for about 15 minutes.  It ended when Savage knocked Magnum outside of the ring to the floor via a knee to the back.  Magnum hit hard on the concrete!!!  As the referee was giving his count, Savage (uncharacteristically) stood back to let him count.  Meanwhile, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had snuck into the ring and while the ref wasn't looking (it was no DQ so it wouldn't have mattered if he was), he turned Savage around and gave his quick kick to the gut and slapped the "Stunner" on Savage!!!  When Magnum returned to the ring, the ref and Magnum both were shocked to see Savage laid out!!!  Nevertheless, Magnum took the pin and the win but one could tell that he knew that "Stone Cold" had struck!!!

Diamond Dallas Page VS. The Great Muta (Kendo Stick Match)

In this bout, both men were armed with Kendo sticks in this no rules battle!!!  Muta had the obvious advantage being more adept with the stick!!!  DDP countered this advantage with brawling tactics and using the stick in creative ways (such as "spliting" the stick between Muta's legs and quickly jerking it out)!!!  In the end, DDP went for the Diamond Cutter but Muta was ready with the green mist in the eyes!!!  Muta quickly took DDP down and went to the top for his moonsault splash and connected for the win!!!  Afterwards, DDP was taken to the hospital to be checked on for vision problems.

Dean Malenko VS. Bruno Sammartino

In this classic power and science VS. scientific technique match up, Bruno began one of his remarkable comebacks after about 10 minutes of scientific brilliance by Malenko.  He dominated Malenko with kicks and punches that had the "Man Of 1,000 Holds" on his heels!!!  Bruno then grabbed Malenko in a bearhug and rammed him into the corner backfirst!!!  Sammartino showed his wrestling smarts by continuing to work on the back for about 5 minutes.  Malenko created his own break by dropkicking Sammartino in his leg.  Malenko went for the "Texas Cloverleaf" but his back couldn't handle the strain and he released the hold!!!  Quickly, Bruno grabbed Malenko and put him in an over the shoulder backbreaker for the submission.  Afterwards, Bruno helped his vanquished foe back to the dressing room as a show of sportsmanship.

While this match was going on, a near fight between SCSA and Magnum TA occured.  Both men were separated before contact could be made but it started another fight between SCSA and Chris Benoit when Austin struck Benoit (who was one of the wrestlers trying to separate the fight)!!!  This caused a brawl that went outside into the Philadelphia Civic Center parking lot!!!  Police and security were sent out to seperate the two (it will not be the last time these two will meet, I can assure you personally on that!!)!!!


The ring announcer for this bout is Michael Buffer:

"Wrestling fans, we have now come to the main event of the evening!!!  It is a Mongolian Strecher Match between two of the biggest men in pro wrestling today!!!  So, ladies and gentlemen, from the "City of Brotherly Love" Philedelphia, Pennsylvania!!!  LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!"

As he says this, Judas Priest's "Freewheel Burnin'" blares over the speakers!!!

"Making his way to the ring!!!  He hails from New Mexico!!!  This legend of pro wrestling is known for his strength, power and brutality!!!  Standing at 6'8" tall and weighing in at 320 pounds, here is the "Mercenary Of Mayhem"!!! Bruiser Brody!!!"

Brody comes stomping in the ring like a wild animal!!!  He comes swinging a steel chain over his head, forcing everyone to flee the ring!!! As he paced around the ring, Buffer introduces his opponent:

"His opponent, standing at 7'5" and weighing in at 458 pounds, The Giant!!!"

Uncharacteristically, The Giant is running to the ring!!!  He slides under the bottom rope with Brody waiting on him!!! When The Giant gets under the bottom rope, Brody meets him with a boot to the head!!! The Giant is being peppered with kicks as he makes his way to his feet!!!  Brody is now dropping right hands and forearm shots to The Giant's neck and head!!!  This attack, however, only serves to anger The Giant!!!  Once on his feet, The Giant unleashes a headbutt that knocks Brody down!!!  Now, it is The Giant's turn to stomp Brody with kicks!!!  Brody heads for a corner to try to get to his feet with The Giant in hot pursuit!!!  Brody gets to a corner but The Giant greets him with a flying splash (a la Vader) in the corner!!!  The Giant whips him into the opposite corner and tries it again but is met with the size 16 foot of Brody on the side of the head!!!  Brody then nails The Giant with a running dropkick (yes, in real life, Brody did use a dropkick occasionally) that sends The Giant back into the opposite corner!!!  Brody follows it up with a kick to the gut that doubles The Giant over!!!  Brody goes for a piledriver but The Giant reverses it on him into (at first) a backdrop but The Giant holds onto Brody's legs!!!  The Giant suddenly whips Brody back down with a "spinebuster" type move!!!  Brody is seemingly motionless!!!  The Giant calls for the strecher and tries to roll Brody onto it (Remember, the opponent must be on the strecher and must reach the dressing room to be declared the loser).  Brody, realizing what's going on, hangs onto the bottom rope!!!  The Giant is pushing him with his right foot towards the strecher!!!  Brody delivers a low blow punch to halt The Giant's progress!!  The Giant slowly turns around and goes to his knees in pain!!!  Brody comes in and kicks The Giant in the back of the head!!!  With The Giant still on his knees from the groin shot, Brody grabs him by the chin and brings down a forearm shot to the chest!!!  Brody follows up this with an elbow to the top of the forehead!!!  Brody goes for a piledriver again and this time he gets it!!!  The Giant is limp from this blow!!!  Brody, sensing victory, drags his 458 pound opponent to the strecher!!!  He actually gets The Giant onto the device but, before the attendents can cart him away, The Giant reaches out for the throat of Brody!!!  Brody has a look of shock in his eyes as The Giant comes off of the strecher and pulls Brody outside the ring between the second and top ropes!!!  The Giant goes for his chokeslam but Brody pokes the eyes before he could get it!!!  The Giant is temporarily blinded!!!  Brody goes over and gets his chain to use as a weapon!!!  He takes it and chokes The Giant from behind!!!  Brody manages to choke him down to one knee!!!  As The Giant is losing consicness, he notices that they are near the timekeeper's table!!!  The Giant grabs the ring-bell and uses it to "ring" Brody's bells as he hits him flush in the face with it!!!  The Giant also notices Sting's baseball bat (Sting left it out there earlier after his match with UT)!!!  He takes it and nails Brody in the ribs with it!!!  He swings again and hits Brody in the back!!!  Brody is laying against a cornerpost!!!  The Giant was going for a "home run" on Brody's head but Brody moves out of the way!!!  The Giant pursues Brody but Brody catches him with a boot to the mid-section!!!  Brody then grabs the strecher itself, picks it up and crashes it down on The Giant!!!  The Giant falls to one knee!!!  Brody, needing another weapon, grabs a steel chair and charges with it!!!  The Giant (who now has a nasty cut on his back from the strecher shot) sees Brody and puts up a big foot that catches the chair and knocks it flush into Brody's face!!!  Brody is laying on the ground hurt as his head has been opened up from the chair shot!!!  The Giant, sensing victory, throws Brody back into the ring!!!  Seeing Brody weakend, The Giant lets out a roar and signals for the chokeslam (which gets a big pop from the Philedelphia crowd)!!!  But, The Giant looks at the commentators table (Tony Schivone, Jim Ross and Jesse "The Body" Ventura are calling this one) and smiles!!!  "Why is he looking this way JR Ross?!!", wonders Jesse.  They are about to get their answer as The Giant brings a battered Brody to the ring apron!!!  The Giant gets Brody up in the chokeslam and deposits him through the commentator's table from the apron!!!  "Get the hell out of here!!!", yells Schivone before impact!!!  Brody is almost out at this point!!!  The Giant calls for the strecher as the attendents bring it!!!  But, suddenly, one of the attendents nails The Giant with a clothesline!!!  The stunned crowd sees that it is Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (Brody's long time tag team partner)!!!  Hansen is now pounding The Giant as Brody is slowly making his way back to his feet!!!  Hansen throws The Giant back into the ring with Brody following him!!!  The two monsters are now pounding The Giant as their blows have now opened up The Giant's head as well!!!  Then, the crowd is cheering and pointing as someone is coming down the aisle!!!  Unbelievable, it is Kevin Nash!!!  Nash enters the ring and goes after Brody!!!  Hansen comes over to help!!!  Brody manages to get a hold of Nash and holds him for his "Lariat" clothesline!!!  But as Hansen is running across, he is met by the boot of Nash!!!  Hansen turns around to meet the outstreched hand of The Giant!!!  The Giant lifts Hansen up into the chokeslam and drives him through the mat!!!  Meanwhile, Brody and Nash are fighting up the runway with security trying to seperate them!!!  The match is ruled no-contest but it really didn't matter at that point.

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