Magnum TA VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Pt. 3: Hell Burns Over!!

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
World Wrestling Federation Champion
Photo provided by Jon Shetler, Jr.

As stipulated in their last encounter, Magnum TA won the right to face arch rival "Stone Cold" Steve Austin once again for the NWA United States Championship.  But, SCSA shrewdly put into the contract that he reserved the right to choose the battlefield in which they would battle.  In an interview with "Iron" Mike Tenay, Austin revealed what kind of match he will face Magnum in.

TENAY:  Hello wrestling fans!!!  I am here with NWA United States Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.....

AUSTIN:  Yeah, that's right you jackass, I am the United States Champion and I'd wish you'd hurry the hell up and ask your stupid little questions because I am getting tired of looking at your sorry little carcass already!!!

TENAY:  (slightly scared) Mr. Austin, we know that your rematch with Magnum will be at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.  What we want to know is what kind of a match will it be?  We know that you had that stipulation put into the contract that stated that you had the right to choose the type of match if Magnum won his title shot.

AUSTIN:  What kind of question is that?!!!  That's a question for a horse's a**!!!  Well, since you had the guts to ask, I'll give you and the world the answer!!!  Magnum, the type of match that I want is a "Hell In A Cell" cage under Texas Death Rules!!!  Now, let me explain this real slow so that everyone can understand what the hell I am getting at!!!  Especially you Magnum because I realize you pretty boys aren't too bright!!!  The cage encloses the entire ringside area!!!  There is no disqualifications, no time-limits and no countouts!!!  The fight is going to go on until there is a winner!!!  Now, the Texas Death rules simply means if Magnum is lucky enough to get a pinfall on me, there is a 30 second rest period!!!  After the 30 seconds, there is an added 10 seconds!!!  If I can't get up after those ten seconds, my a** looses!!!  But the same goes for you Magnum!!!  We can pin each other all night long but until one of us stays the hell down for a 10 count, the match isn't over!!!  So, in other words Magnum "Jackass", you want a shot at this (holding up the US title)?!!!  Your going to have to take this kind of a match!!!  Hell freezes over?!!!  Not in this match!!!  In this match, Hell Will Burn Over!!!  And that's the bottom line cuz "Stone Cold" said so!!!

Austin abruptly leaves.

TENAY: (whistling in shock) Well, there you have it!!!  That's the match that Austin wants.  Whether he gets it, only time will tell.

The NWA granted Austin's request with a slight rule change.  The match will not have 30 second rest periods nor will pinfalls or submissions count.  It is the man that can't answer the 10 count that will lose this potentially brutal match up.


On World Championship Wrestling, Magnum TA was doing an interview with Tony Schivone when things got a little interesting:

SCHIVONE:  Here is former US Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA.  Now Magnum, I called you the former champion but come April 14 in Greensboro at "Hell Burns Over", I'm certain you want to change that.

MAGNUM:  Well, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is making all kinds of demands about how this match will be contested.  Well, "Stone Cold", it really doesn't matter when, where or how this match is going to go.  Just know that I am gunning for you and that the United States title will be back around my waist.

At this point, SCSA comes out from the back.  Magnum stands his ground but Tony is a little wary (rightfully so since he was attacked by Austin in  Magnum/Austin I.  ).  Austin takes the mic and speaks:

AUSTIN:  Hey Magnum, you really want a piece of me that bad huh?!!!  I'll tell you what, I'll take you on tonight in a tag team match with whoever you get as your partner.  Here is my tag team partner.

Out from the back comes Perry Saturn of The Eliminators.

AUSTIN:  Now, there aren't too many people in this business that I think are worth crap besides "Stone Cold" but I have to say that this man is damn tough!!!  So, if you really can't wait until "Hell Burns Over", then you get a partner and we'll do it tonight!!!

MAGNUM: (screaming) You bet you a** I'll find a partner!!!  You and Saturn just show up!!!  I'll be there!!!

At this point, Magnum leaves.


Austin and Saturn are waiting in the ring.  Magnum slowly walks out from the curtain and enters the ring.  Austin is yelling "where is your partner?"  Magnum points at the curtain and motions for someone to come out.  That someone is NWA Champion Chris Benoit!!!  Austin, Saturn, nor the crowd in the studio can believe it!!!  Benoit climbs into the ring with a mic and speaks:

BENOIT:  You know, at first, I wasn't certain that I would take this match because I have a big bout myself against Rick Steamboat at "Hell Burns Over!!!"  But when I was informed that Steve Austin was going to be involved, I was more than willing to step in as Magnum's partner!!!  Austin, I owe you from "Untamed" (see  The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody story).  So, to quote Steve Austin himself (pointing at Austin), your a** is mine!!!

With that, the match has started with all four men brawling all over the ring!!!  Magnum is trading blows with Saturn while Benoit is pounding Austin in the corner with quick, stiff kicks followed by four hard chops that make the studio crowd "ooohh" and "ahhhh"!!!  As it settled down, Saturn and Magnum went to their respective corners while Benoit and Austin continued to battle!!!  Benoit whips Austin into the corner and charges in but "Stone Cold" puts up the foot to stop him!!!  Austin, while Benoit is stunned, mounts the second rope and flies out with a clothesline that nearly decapitates Benoit!!!  Austin makes the tag to Saturn who comes in and puts Benoit in the headlock suplex takeover!!!  Saturn quickly mounts the top rope for a moonsault but Benoit moves out of the way!!!  Benoit tags in Magnum.  Magnum comes in with kicks and punches on Saturn!!!  He then takes Saturn down with a fireman's carry and works on the arm of Saturn with knees and kicks!!!  He then hooks in a "keylock" armhold on Saturn's left arm but Saturn gets to his feet and rams Magnum, with his shoulder, into his corner!!!  Saturn makes the tag to Austin and Austin comes in with right hands to the face of Magnum!!!  He whips Magnum into the ropes and sets up for a backdrop but Magnum nails Austin with a knee to the face that stands up Austin!!!  Magnum quickly hits Austin with a dropkick and makes the tag to Benoit!!!  Benoit comes in just as Austin is coming up from the dropkick!!!  He nails him with a hard chop that knocks him down again!!!  Benoit follows that up with a headbutt to the back of the head!!!  Austin staggers backwards into the ropes but comes back with a quick kick to the gut!!!  He quickly grabs Benoit by the back of the tights and rams him head and chest first into a neutral corner!!!  As Benoit staggers backwards, Austin comes at him with a clothesline to the back of the head that almost decapitates Benoit!!!  Austin begins to kick and stomp the back of Benoit's head (while throwing verbal insults at him)!!!  Austin makes the tag to Saturn!!  Austin holds Benoit for Saturn as he gets in a boot to the ribs of Benoit!!!  Saturn goes to the top rope and drags Benoit with him!!!  Once there, he hooks Benoit into a powerbomb from the top rope!!!  Saturn covers but only gets two as Magnum made the save!!!  Saturn now picks Benoit up off the canvas and gets in a "Brainbuster" suplex and covers for a close two count!!!  Saturn tags in Austin while holding Benoit in the corner.  Austin whips Benoit in and catches Benoit in his "Stun Gun" move!!!  Austin then goes for a "Texas Cloverleaf" but, as he has Benoit turned over, Magnum gets a boot to the back of the head to break that up!!!  The force of the blow causes Austin's head to strike the middle turnbuckle (they were near a corner when Austin hooked in the move).  Benoit slowly drags himself to the corner and makes the tag to Magnum!!!  Austin tried to stop him but it was too late as Magnum came in "a house of fire"!!!  Peppering Austin with closed-fists and kicks!!!  Saturn came in to help but got the same treatment!!!  This, however, provided the opportunity Austin needed because as Magnum turned around, Austin gave him a boot to the gut and delivered "The Stone Cold Stunner"!!!  As Austin covered Magnum, it was Benoit who made the save as the three was coming down!!!  Now, all four men are in the ring fighting!!!  Saturn gets in a rake of the face and puts Benoit in the "Taka-driver" (bodyslam/piledriver combo)!!!  At the same time, Magnum gets in a hard poke into the eye of Austin!!!  Saturn comes over to help Austin but Austin mistakenly believes to be either Magnum or Benoit!!! He, instinctively, puts the "Stunner" on Saturn!!!  After this move, Magnum shouldertackles Austin (much like the Goldberg spear) and starts to pound him in the face!!!  Meanwhile, Benoit has managed to get to the top rope and deliver his flying headbutt to a half-unconcious Saturn for the pinfall!!!  Magnum goes over to Benoit (who took a pretty good beating) to help him out of the ring.  Meanwhile, Saturn is still out while Austin is sitting in the corner glaring hatefully at both Magnum and Benoit.  It is almost like he's saying "You've won this time but 'I am your shadow' and I will not be far behind you!!!  I'll see your a** in Greensboro!!!"


This is a PPV brought to you from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.  The main broadcasters for the entire card is Jim Ross and Jesse "The Body" Ventura!!!  Rotating appearances for commentary was made by Tony Schivone, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Joey Styles, "Iron" Mike Tenay, Bobby "The Brain" Hennan, and Gordon Solie.  The NWA, WCW/nWo, WWF, New Japan, and ECW sent wrestlers to participate in the big event.


Tatsumi Fujinami VS. The Great Muta (IWGP Heavyweight Title Match)

In this New Japan VS. nWo bout, Fujinami utilized experience while Muta used his high-flying style.  Fujinami kept working on the legs to neutralize Muta's flying attack.  Conversely, Muta worked on the veteran's arms to prevent Fujinami from using the "Dragon Sleeper".  The 20 minute match ended when Fujinami, as he was going for the "DS", got hit in the face with Muta's green mist!!!  The referee DQ'ed Muta and Fujinami retained his IWGP strap.

The Ultimate Warrior VS. Bill Goldberg (WWF Intercontiental Title Match/WWF VS. WCW)

In this 15 minute encounter, both men found that they couldn't keep the other man down for any length of time!!!  The experience factor of the Warrior proved to be the deciding factor in the match as Goldberg went for his "spear" shouldertackle!!!  The Warrior simply moved to the side and Goldberg went shoulder-first into the ringpost!!!  The Warrior simply rolled up Goldberg for the three count!!!  Livid, Goldberg knocked The Warrior to the outside, moved the protective mats to expose the concrete, and get the Warrior his "Jackhammer" suplex on the concrete floor!!!  The Warrior had to be "strechered" out and taken to the hospital for medical observation!!!

The Hart Foundation VS. The British Bulldogs (WWF World Tag Team Championship VS. NWA World Tag Team Championship/Double Title Match)

In this all important title match, both teams put on a clinic of wrestling and high-risk maneuvers!!!  Twenty-five minutes into this war, the Harts put Davey Boy Smith in the "Hart-Attack"!!!  Dynamite Kid came in for the save and now all four men were fighting!!!  While Jim"The Anvil" Neihart was battling Dynamite, Bret had hooked in the "sharpshooter" on DBS for a possible submission!!!  The ref, however, was busy trying to get Neidhart and Dynamite to go back to their corners.  This allowed SCSA, who blamed Bret for Magnum getting the title shot tonight (see  Magnum TA VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin II: A Trip To The Bunkhouse ), to sneak in and get in a "Stunner" on Bret!!!  DBS, not realizing what had happened made the cover and got the three count!!!  The British Bulldogs were now NWA/WWF Tag Team Champions of the world!!!

Shane "Franchise" Douglas VS. Harley Race (ECW Heavyweight Title Match/ECW VS. NWA)

This encounter saw the former seven time NWA World Champion lay into Douglas!!!  Mostly because of the disrespect that Douglas had once shown towards his former title!!!  Fifteen minutes into the match, Race headed to the top rope for his flying headbutt but Francine snuck a chair near Douglas while the ref's back was turned (the ref was giving the five count to Race)!!!  Francine then went to the apron to distract the ref!!!  Meanwhile, Race dove off of the top but Douglas put the steel chair in front of him!!!  Race crashed head first into the chair, knocking himself out!!!  Douglas quickly got rid of the chair and covered Race for the victory and the three count.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Vader (WCW United States Title Match)

(Sidenote:  The WCW US Title, in this reality, is seperate from the NWA US Title.  In fact, all of the WCW titles will be viewed seperate from the NWA versions.)  Rude and Vader tore into each other with a vengence as both men used their strengths to their fullest advantage!!!  Vader, however, dominated most of the contest and was going for his powerbomb when Rude flipped overtop of Vader and hooked his "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker!!!  Rude covers but Vader kicks out!!!  Rude is stunned but continues to fight!!!  Vader knocks Rude outside with a clothesline and the fight continues on the floor!!!  The ref counts them both out but Rude is still the WCW US Champion!!!

"Lord" Steven Regal VS. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (WCW World Television Title Match/WCW VS. NWA)

Regal dominated this match for the most part but couldn't put Rhodes away.  Regal, out of frustration, began to brawl with Dusty and that proved to be a big mistake as Rhodes began to mount a comeback with a series of left jabs and "bionic" elbows!!!  The end came when Regal went for a european-style forearm but Rhodes avoided it and turned it into a backslide for the victory and the title!!!

Dean Malenko VS. Jushin "Thunder" Liger (WCW Cruiserweight Title Match)

In this magnificent match, Malenko showed his various array of moves while Liger showed he is more than just a high-flyer!!!  At about the 30 minute mark, Liger caught Malenko with a German suplex but both men's shoulders were down on the mat!!!  Malenko managed to get a shoulder up just before the three count!!!  After much discussion with the refs, Malenko was ruled the winner and retained his Cruiserweight Title.

The Giant VS. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (Mexican Death Match)

This encounter started in Philedelphia, PA at "Untamed" (see  The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody ) and it continues in this Mexican Death bout in which there are no DQ's, no time limit and pinfalls are the only way to win!!!  Fifteen minutes into this fight, Hansen gets caught in the chokeslam of The Giant!!!  The Giant covers but Hansen kicks out!!!  The Giant then picks up Hansen into a powerbomb and goes to the top rope and performs a moonsault!!!  Hansen still kicks out!!!  Frustrated, The Giant whips Hansen into a corner and charges in and is met with an elbow to The Giant's chest!!!  Hansen mounts the second rope and nails The Giant with his "Lariat" clothesline!!!  Hansen covers but only get a two count!!!  Hansen goes to the outside and gets a steel chair!!!  The Giant, by this time, is barely standing up in a corner!!!  Hansen charges in with the chair but is met with a boot that knocks the chair square into the face of Hansen, knocking him cold!!!  The Giant then does a flying elbowsmash and covers for the victory!!!

Bruiser Brody VS. The Undertaker (No DQ)

This match was much like the previous bout above!!!  Little wrestling but a lot of fighting!!!  UT, at the 10 minute mark, managed to get Brody up in the "Tombstone" piledriver but Brody kicks out of it!!!  UT then goes for a chokeslam but Brody kicks him in the groin before he could lift him up!!!  With UT in pain, Brody comes off of the ropes with the big boot to the face!!!  Brody then hits the ropes again for a flying kneesmash to a prone UT!!!  Brody covers but UT kicks out!!!  Brody, looking for a weapon, goes outside and gets a table to use.  He brings it in and sets it up while UT still laying on the mat!!!  Brody then picks UT up but UT strikes with a blow to the face of Brody!!!  UT brings Brody on top of the table and underhooks his arms!!!  At first, it looks like a chicken-wing (or butterfly) suplex but UT only brings him up halfway with Brody's head between his legs!!!  When Brody's body is straight, UT drops while still holding onto Brody's arms in  a chicken-wing position!!!  Thus, it is a chicken-wing/piledriver that goes through the table!!!  UT wearly covers Brody for the three count!!!

Andre The Giant VS. Kevin Nash (WWF VS. nWo)

The legendary 7'5" 525 pound Giant stepped into the ring to take on the nWo's own 6'10" 350 pound Kevin Nash.  This ten minute match saw Andre dominate in a slugfest.  Only Nash's mobility and power kept him in the contest!!!  The end came when Andre performed Nash's own "Jacknife" powerbomb on Nash!!!  But, as Andre set him up for his "rear-end" splash to the chest, Scott Hall of the nWo came down to cause a disqualification!!!  Both Hall and Nash pounded Andre but Andre still managed to stay on his feet until WCW's Giant came down to help his legendary namesake!!!  The two seven footers drove off The Outsiders and stood tall as Hall and Nash headed for higher ground!!!  The two Giant's embraced out of respect and left together to a nice ovation!!!

The Steiner Bros. VS. Ivan & Nikita Koloff (WCW World Tag Team Title Cage Match/WCW VS. NWA)

The Koloffs earned this title match by winning a "contenders" match against Ole & Arn Anderson (see Magnum TA VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin II: A Trip To The Bunkhouse ).  This cage is the standard fence cage that only encloses the ring.  In this match, Rick and Scott put the titles on the line against the Koloffs!!!  The unique style of the Steiners kept the Russians off-balance for about the first 5 minutes of the contest until Rick Steiner tries a "Steinerline" on Ivan but missed!!!  He struck the cage head first!!!  From there, the Koloffs double-teamed Rick for the next 10 minutes until Rick managed to make the tag to Scott!!!  Scott cleaned house on both Koloffs and had the match won on Ivan when he put him in the "Steiner-screwdriver"!!!  Nikita, however, broke up the pin.  Now, with all four men inside, the ref was trying to seperate Rick and Nikita.  At the same time, Scott nailed Ivan with the "Frankensteiner" and was going for the pin but was nailed with the "Russian Sickle" from Nikita!!!  Nikita place Ivan on top of Scott while the ref's back was turned!!!  When the ref returned, he counted Scott out and new WCW World Tag Team Champions were crowned!!!

The Road Warriors VS. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams/Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy (NWA VS. All-Japan)

All mayhem broke out in this one as The Warriors and the team of Williams and Gordy tried to beat each other to death!!!  The match, at the five minute mark, was ruled no contest because the teams were continuously brawling in and out of the ring!!!  Several refs and officials tried to seperate the brawl but was unsuccessful for several minutes!!!  Finally, they managed to get the teams to their respective dressing rooms!!!  But, the real story occured right after this when, in the hallway, Williams was jumped by Gordy, Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts!!!  The Fabulous Freebirds had been reunited with this attack and officials found themselves breaking up a riot again as Ted Dibiase came to the aid of his former partner!!!

Sabu/Rob Van Damn VS. The Midnight Express (Scaffold Match/NWA VS. ECW)

In this match, all four men were set to battle on top of a 30ft. scaffold with the object being to throw both of your opponents off of the scaffold to the ring or to the concrete floor!!!  Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane used mainly brawling and dirty tactics in this match (such as powder and Jim Cornette's tennis racket) but Sabu and Van Damn threw all caution to the wind as the brawled back and used high risk maneuvers such as dropkicks and spinning karate kicks!!!  Lane was injured seriously in the neck when Van Damn used a "Taka-Driver" on the metal platform!!!  Still, Lane showed heart as he continued to battle with Eaton against the two ECW upstarts!!!  The most amazing move in the match saw Sabu use a "Frankensteiner" on Eaton to throw him off of the scaffold!!!  Sabu held onto the bottom of the metal ladder to keep himself from falling off!!!  Eaton crashed to the ring mat and laid in pain!!!  Lane put up a galiant effort but was knocked off by a clotheline from Van Damn!!!  After the match, Cornette tried to get in a cheap shot as Van Damn came down from the scaffold but got caught!!!  Van Damn brought Cornette into the ring (Eaton and Lane are still laid out and Sabu is still on top of the scaffold)!!!  Van Damn performs his split-legged moonsault on Cornette and dragged him out to the center of the ring!!!  He signals Sabu, who comes off of the top of the scaffold (remember he's 30ft. up in the air) with a legdrop on Cornette!!!  The Greensboro crowd is both stunned and thrilled at this and give the ECW wrestlers a standing ovation for their actions against the hated Cornette and the Express!!!  All three members of the Midnights were taken out on strechers!!!

Rick Steamboat VS. Chris Benoit (NWA World Title Match)

Twenty-five minutes into it, it has turned into a chop for chop affair with Steamboat coming out ahead!!!  Benoit, however, counters when Steamboat goes for another chop by ducking, grabbing the left arm and hooking in the "Crippler Crossface" for a possible submission when SCSA shows up again taunting Benoit!!!  Benoit gets up to trade words with Austin in a rare lapse of concentration for Benoit.  This gives Steamboat enough time to go to the top rope.  When Benoit turns around, he is greeted with a flying bodypress that knocks the air out of him!!!  Steamboat gets the three count and regains the NWA crown.  Benoit, however, has a look of hate that could burn through metal as he glares at a laughing Austin as Austin goes back to the dressing room.


This ring announcer for this is Tom Miller:

MILLER: Our next event of the evening is a "Hell In A Cell" cage match under Texas Death Rules!!!  No time limit, no disqualifications, if a man cannot answer a 10 count, his opponent will win the match!!!

After Miller says this, the "Hell In A Cell" cage is lowered to the WarGames theme music!!!  This gets a moderate pop from the crowd!!!  After it is lowered, Miller introduces the challenger.

MILLER:  First, let's introduce the challenger....

A huge roar goes up from the crowd when Jimi Hendricks' "Purple Haze" after Miller's statement!!!

MILLER:  From Virginia Beach, VA!!!  Weighing in at 235 pounds, Magnum TA (Magnum appears from behind the curtain after his name is introduced)!!!

Magnum stands to greet the huge crowd at the Greensboro Coliseum!!!  He holds up the number-one with both hands as he walks towards the ring!!!  The crowd even sings the lyrics of "Purple Haze", particulary the part where Hendricks goes "excuse me while I kiss the sky."  Magnum enters this huge structure that encloses the entire ringside area.  He enters the ring and acknowledges the crowd and they cheer him!!!  Magnum then goes to a corner and awaits "Stone Cold."

The music changes from "Purple Haze" to shattered glass and driving guitars, signaling the arrival of Steve Austin!!!

MILLER:  His opponent, the NWA US Heavyweight Champion, from Victoria, TX, weighing in at 245 pounds, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!

A huge wave of boos thunder and echo around the arena as Austin makes his way to the ring!!!  He barely acknowledges the crowd as he takes off his vest and US title outside of the cage!!!  He then enters the cage and the ring and stands in a neutral corner!!!  The music stops and the bell rings to begin things!!!  Austin is testing the ropes for strength by pulling on them but has his back turned to Magnum!!!  In a rare backfighter move, Magnum jumps Austin from behind with fists and elbows and this match is underway!!!  The two are trading punches fiercely!!!  Austin ends the stalemate by delievering two quick kicks to the gut and a kneelift that knocks Magnum outside the ring!!!  Austin goes after him with a double-axhandle to the back!!!  Austin goes in to press his advantage but Magnum waistlocks him, picks him up and rams him back-first into the ringpost!!!  Magnum gives Austin a bodyslam on the floor!!!  Magnum then tries to go back into the ring but Austin hangs on to his foot to prevent that!!!  Austin then delivers a lowblow that doubles Magnum over!!!  Austin then kicks the top half of the steel steps off, leaving only the bottom half!!!  Austin then goes to try to piledrive Magnum on the floor but Magnum reverses it into a backdrop....onto the steel steps!!!  Austin cries out in pain!!!  Magnum goes back into the ring and let the referee administer his ten count!!!  Amazingly, Austin is up and back into the ring by about the four count!!!  Magnum then grabs Austin and throws him into the ropes!!!  Magnum goes for his belly to belly suplex but, as he grabs Austin, Austin goes dead weight as Magnum was turning him over!!!  He gets in a knee and delievers a DDT!!!  Now Austin requests the ref to count Magnum!!!  Magnum is back up by the count of six but Austin, anticipating that Magnum wouldn't stay down, has mounted the second rope and nails him with a devestating clothesline!!!  Austin goes to the second rope again and comes off with his forearm smash to the chest and throat of Magnum!!!  Austin points at the ref and then at Magnum to signal his request for a 10 count!!!  Magnum barely makes it at the count of 8!!!  Austin takes Magnum and whips him into the ropes but Magnum reverses things and catches Austin in a version of his "Stun Gun" move!!!  When Austin rebounds off of the ropes, Magnum puts a boot to his gut and gives him a piledriver!!!  Magnum now asks the ref to count!!!  Austin justs makes it at the nine mark!!!  Magnum explodes out of the corner with a dropkick that puts Austin down!!!  Magnum then straddles Austin and peppers him with right hands to the head!!!  Magnum then places him on the ropes and charges to the opposite side ropes!!!  Austin, however, is ready for him as he dips his shoulder for a backdrop!!!  Austin, though, turns the backdrop into a "spear-throw" as he sends Magnum out of the ring and into the steel cage head-first!!!  Austin, surprisingly, doesn't ask the ref for his count.  Instead, he goes outside to get Magnum (who is bleeding from the forehead and bridge of the nose).  Austin picks Magnum up in a powerslam position but "spears" Magnum again into the steel fence!!!  Magnum is as limp as a rag right now!!!  Austin goes in to attack again but Magnum picks Austin up, gets a running start, and rams him backwards, groin-first, into the ringpost!!!  Austin's spine and other "vital" parts are in serious pain!!!  Magnum wearily throws Austin back into the ring!!!  Magnum follows him and goes to the attack with rights to the head!!!  Austin, however, reaches up and pulls Magnum's trunks to cause him to go head-first....into the referee!!!  When Magnum turns around, he is met with "The Stone Cold Stunner"!!!  Austin raises his hands like he's won but doesn't realize that there is no ref to count to 10 (the fans in the arena have already reached 10 and counting)!!!  Austin goes over to try to get the ref up when someone has entered the cage!!!  It is Chris Benoit!!!  From behind, he hooks in his "Dragon Suplex" (full-nelson suplex) on Austin!!!  With Austin stunned, Benoit goes to the top rope and delievers his flying headbutt to Austin!!!  Benoit then quickly leaves the cage to a standing ovation from the Greensboro crowd!!!  Meanwhile, the ref has made his way around and sees both Magnum and Austin laid out in the ring!!!  He starts to count both men as both are trying to get to their feet!!!  Austin is making a little bit better progress than Magnum (which is amazing)!!!  Magnum (knowing that the count is getting close and that Austin is almost up) kicks Austin's legs from underneath him as the ref reaches nine!!!  Magnum makes it to his feet just before 10!!!  Magnum TA has regained the US Heayweight Title!!! He leaves the ring to the cheers of the Greensboro crowd!!!  Meanwhile, Austin gets up and gives the "Stunner" to the ref!!!  Austin leaves the ring (Magnum is long gone by this time) and the arena to a smattering of boos but some cheers!!!  One gets the feeling, however, that while one war had ended, another may just be beginning!!!

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