Chris "The Crippler" Benoit Vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: WarGames
guest starring Magnum TA, The Undertaker, Saturn, Bret "HitMan" Hart, Jim "Anvil" Neidhart, Sting, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Arn "Enforcer" Anderson and  two surprise guest stars!!!

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (WWF)
and Chris Benoit (WCW)
Photo of Benoit
appears in
 Slobberknocker Central


After losing the NWA United States Title in a "Hell In A Cell" cage match with Texas Death Rules, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was livid but not at Magnum TA!!!  He was more livid with the man that cost Austin the title, Chris Benoit!!!  That anger was apparent one week later on WCW Nitro in Macon, GA when Benoit was wrestling a "squash" match.  After winning, Austin came in to attack Benoit!!!  He quickly kicked Benoit in the guts and nailed him with his "Stone Cold Stunner"!!!  Austin then kept kicking and stomping Benoit in the face and chest area!!!  Several officials came in to get Austin off of Benoit and drag him out of the ring!!!  They managed to get him out of the ring but as they was taking him back up the aisle, Benoit made his way to the top rope and dove of the top to the outside onto an unsuspecting Austin!!!  Now, Benoit was the one dishing out the punishment with punches and kicks!!!  The two had to be separated by several refs and officials!!!  Austin and Benoit was screaming insults and curses at each other as they were drugged back to their respective dressing rooms!!!


WCW Executive JJ Dillion comes out to announce something:

"Because of the earlier confrontation between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Chris Benoit, the two have requested time on this program to have a match tonight here on Nitro!!!  WCW Executive Committee have talked this over and that match will happen tonight!!!"


Here is David Penzer with the announcement:

PENZER:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a special grudge match!!!

The shattering glass sounds over the speakers bring out "Stone Cold"!!!

"Coming down the aisle from Victoria, TX, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!"

Austin comes down with just his wrestling tights on.  No ring vest tonight.  He slides into the ring like a King Cobra ready to strike!!!  He stands in the center of the ring as he awaits Chris Benoit.

The music changes at this point to Benoit's music.

PENZER:  Making his way to the ring, from Edmonton, Alberta, The Crippler.......

That's all Penzer gets to say because Benoit rushes the ring and the fight is on!!!  Both men are trading chops and punches on each other!!!  Benoit uses a double-leg takedown and straddles Austin to throw right hands into this face!!!  Austin turns it over and gives Benoit similar treatment!!!  The two roll outside and fight on the floor!!!  Austin takes a side headlock but Benoit fires him off into the ringpost!!!  Austin, hurting, rolls back into the ring with Benoit right behind him!!!  Benoit throws in a knee to the gut and hooks Austin in his "snap" suplex!!!  Benoit then gets up and kicks a prone Austin while he's down on the mat!!! "GET UP!!!", screams Benoit!!!  Benoit goes to pick up Austin but Austin gets in a double-leg pickup of his own and slingshots Benoit into the corner!!!  When Benoit turns around, he receives "The Stone Cold Stunner"!!!  Austin, surprisingly, doesn't go for the pin!!!  Instead, he gives Benoit a few kicks of his own and then gets in a push up position to scream at Benoit!!!  "GET YOUR A** UP YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!!," screams Austin!!!  Austin then picks up Benoit and shoots him into the ropes!!!  Austin goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks it and hooks the "Crippler Crossface!!!"  Before there could be a submission though, Saturn hits the ring and attacks Benoit!!!  The ref calls for the bell!!!  Benoit will win by DQ but Austin and Saturn don't care right now!!!  They just want to destroy Benoit!!!  As they double-team Benoit, the crowd rises to their feet and cheer because NWA US Champion Magnum TA (in jeans and cowboy boots) has hit the ring to help Benoit!!!  It is now a 2 on 2 brawl with Benoit on Austin and Saturn with Magnum!!!  In the mists of this brawl, Magnum gets in his belly to belly suplex on Saturn!!!  As he does this, however, a large figure has made his way down to the ring and is stepping over the top rope!!!  That figure is The Undertaker!!!  As Magnum gets up from executing his move, he is met by the cold hand of the "Dead Man" around the throat!!!  He picks up Magnum and delivers a thunderous choke-slam!!!  At this point, Sting (who had a brutal Texas Death Match with UT on the undercard of  The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody ) glides down from the ceiling and onto the top turnbuckle!!!  He unhooks himself from his harness and jumps off of the top rope with a clothesline to UT!!!  It is now a 3 on 3 battle!!!  Sting has taken over on "The Dead Man" until two men, who have come from the back, pull him outside to double-team him!!!  They are Ric Flair and Arn Anderson of The Four Horsemen!!!  It is now 5 VS. 3!!!  Until two more join the fray, those two are The Hart Foundation!!!  It is now 5 on 5!!!  Security tries to break them up with limited success!!!  Magnum is on Saturn, Benoit is on Austin, UT on Sting, Jim Neidhart on Anderson and Bret Hart on Flair!!!  There is chaos as Nitro leaves the air!!!


On WCW Thunder from Augusta, GA, JJ Dillion had this announcement:

As everyone knows, there was a big brawl at the end of Nitro on Monday!!!  Fines were levied and reprimands were made but there was also requests made by the parties involved!!!  The team of Chris Benoit, Magnum TA, Sting and The Hart Foundation want a WarGames match (this gets a big pop from the crowd) with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Perry Saturn, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and The Undertaker!!!  Now, I have been on the phone with WWF Head Vince McMahon and from what I understand, The Undertaker is still under contract with the WWF.  But, he will allow The Undertaker to participate in WarGames if we hold the match at his next In Your House Pay Per View!!  Also, in return for holding this match on his card, he has allowed other WCW athletes, if they choose, to participate on the card.  He also has invited other organizations as well!!!  But, to get this match on his PPV, McMahon had to waive the right to choose the location for this card.  So, that match will happen at WWF In Your House on April 30 in Atlanta, GA!!!

A huge cheer went up in the Augusta Arena!!!


At the end of the first hour of Thunder, Tony Schivone, Lee Marshall and Bobby Heenan were talking about the big announcement when all the sudden hell broke loose!!!

TONY:  What...I'm sorry fans but I am getting a message from Craig Leathers that we are going to the back.

HEENAN:  What's going on?!!!

TONY:  I don't know "Brain."  We are about to.....

That is all he gets out when the cameras show both Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart laid out hurting in the dressing room!!!

MARSHALL:  What the hell happened back there?!!!

TONY:  Apparently, somebody has jumped The Harts in the dressing room!!!  "The Anvil" is holding his left knee and neck and is grimacing in pain!!!

HEENAN:  Tony, Tony!!!  Look at Bret, laying face down on the concrete holding his lower back!!!  One of the physical therapist is checking out his shoulderblades!!!  This is bad.

TONY:  Boy, you're not kidding Bobby.


Tony and others are still in shock at what they have seen until the crowd begins to boo fiercely!!!  They turn around to see Austin and Co. coming towards the commentators area!!!  The three start to run but Austin and his guys hold them hostage while Saturn delivers a video tape to the production crew!!!  Then Austin speaks:

AUSTIN:  You want to know what the hell happened to the pink and black sissies?!!!  Roll that damn film!!!  Roll it!!!

The film rolls and it shows Austin forcing a camera man to come with him.  They are walking down the hallway to the dressing room. It goes:

AUSTIN:  You bring you a** along over here!!!  You just stand there and roll that camera and don't say a word!!!  Bret Hart, I told you that I would get your a** for sticking your nose in my business (see  Magnum TA VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin II: A Trip To The Bunkhouse )!!!  Now, you are about to find out what I mean!!!

With that, Austin, Flair, Anderson, UT and Saturn enter the Harts dressing room.  Jimmy Hart sees them first and tries to warn his charges but UT gives him a throat chop that takes him down!!!  Now, they walk over to the area of the dressing room where Bret and Jim are!!!  Austin rushes in and gives "The Anvil" a quick kick and "The Stunner"!!!  Bret tries to come over to help but UT beats him to the punch with another throat chop!!!  By this time, Flair and Anderson is stomping a prone Neidhart!!!  "THIS IS FOR BACK AT TBS!!!", screams Anderson (see Harts VS. Andersons )!!!  Saturn goes over to where Austin, Hart and UT are!!!  UT has picked up Hart and delivered the "Tombstone" piledriver on the concrete!!!  Then, Austin goes and puts a "Texas Cloverleaf" on Bret!!!  While he has him in this hold, Saturn pulls up on Bret's arms while planting his foot between his shoulder blades!!!  Thus, double the pain!!!  Meanwhile, UT is holding the door as Flair has Neidhart in the figure-four leglock!!!  Anderson also has a "Dragon Sleeper" on "The Anvil", cranking it down!!!  Now, Austin has released the hold but Saturn is now applying his "Rings Of Saturn" submission hold on Bret!!!  Bret is screaming to the heavens!!!  "The Anvil" has almost passed out from the pain of taking both the figure-four and the "DS"!!!  Satisfied, the group of villains have backed off!!!  Leaving the Harts in doom, despair and agony (as they used to say on "Hee-Haw")!!!

They have now cut away from the film back to live action with all of the members of Austin's team laughing (except UT who is standing there like a bodyguard!!!

AUSTIN:  Magnum, Benoit, Sting!!!  You boys just got a visual aid for what's coming for you a**es on April 30 at WarGames!!!  And that's the bottom line cuz the Horsemen (Flair and Arn hold up four fingers), the Reaper (pointing at UT), Saturn and "Stone Cold" says so!!!

With that, they take their leave.  Leaving behind a shocked crowd and commentators.  At the end of the show, it was announced that the Harts will be able to wrestle but not in time for WarGames.  So, officially, they are out of the match!!!


Magnum TA and Chris Benoit did the following interview:

MAGNUM:  Yeah, "Stone Cold."  It takes a 'real' man to do what you and your goon squad did to the Harts.  You think you have us down and cornered.  Well, come April 30, "The Boss" (pointing to himself), "The Crippler" (pointing at Benoit, and Sting will have a few surprises up out sleeves as well!!!

BENOIT:  Austin, Flair, Anderson, Saturn, Undertaker!!!  You have just sealed your fate!!!

Later, on that show, "Mean" Gene Okerland did an interview with Austin and his team:

FLAIR:  Meeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Gene!!!!  What you saw on Thunder two days ago was what the Harts have had coming to them for a long time now!!!  Now, look at Bret and "The Anvil"!!!  They don't look so tough now do they?!!!  Bret Hart, you have been running your mouth for the last 3 years or so saying you are "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be"!!!  Well, pal, your butt got laid out by the "Enforcer", yours truly, "The Undertaker", Saturn and "The Stone Cold" one!!! WHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!

ANDERSON:  Harts, you have just learned that when you're at war, you must be prepared to meet the enemy at anytime or anyplace!!!  You got caught with your sissy pink and black tights down and got your butts beat black and blue!!!  So Magnum, Benoit, Sting and whoever else you're going to bring, be prepared for the beating of a lifetime!!!

UNDERTAKER:  Magnum, Benoit, Sting and whoever you choose to bring!!!  Make out your will, eat your last meal, say farewell to your loved one because you will REST IN PEACE.

AUSTIN:  Magnum, you and Benoit must have some serious brain damage!!!  You had little chance of beating us when you did have the Harts with you!!!  Now, you have no chance at all!!!  In fact, you have a better chance of walking through hell with a full pitcher of water than defeating this team right here at WarGames!!!  So, you best be prepared for a beating!!!  You best be prepared to bleed and suffer!!!  Austin 3:16, in its full text, will say "I just whipped you a** and left you for dead" and that is what you guys are going to be wishing you were after we get through with you and that's the bottom line because "Stone Cold" said so!!!


The card is a PPV taking place in Atlanta, GA at The Omni to a capacity crowd of 25,000!!!  Stars from WCW/nWo, WWF and NWA are taking part in this event.


Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen VS. The Steiners

Coming off of a loss at "Hell Burns Over" by Ivan & Nikita Koloff (see Magnum TA VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin III: Hell Burns Over ), The Steiners were given a stern test by "The Mercenary Of Mayhem" and "The Lariat"!!!  Fifteen minutes into the contest, they have Scott in trouble!!!  Hansen goes for his "Lariat" clothesline but, as he comes in, he is met with a "Frankensteiner" from Scott!!!  Scott, however, is too weak to make the cover but manages to make the tag to Rick just as Hansen tags Brody!!!  Rick comes in and explodes out of the corner with a "Steinerline" that almost knocks Brody out of his boots!!!  Rick throws Brody into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam!!!  Rick covers but is knocked off by Hansen!!!  Scott comes in and knocks Hansen outside!!!  Rick signals for the double-team DDT!!!  Rick picks Brody up on his shoulders as Scott goes to the top and delivers the move on Brody!!!  Scott gets knocked outside!!!  Rick is battling two men for about 10 seconds but can't keep it up!!!  Brody gets in a piledriver on Rick and goes for the cover but Scott makes the save!!!  The ref is trying to break up Rick and Brody!!!  Rick and Brody both look at each other, nod, and deck the ref at the same time and go back fighting!!!  The match is called no-contest as the four men continue to battle each other!!!

Steve "Dr. Death" Williams/Ted Dibiase VS. The Fabulous Freebirds

This is a result of Terry Gordy turning on Williams at "Hell Burns Over"!!!  William is reunited with his old tag team partner from the UWF to battle Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy!!!  This match was a mix of science, rulebreaking and brawling all in one!!!  The match ends when Dibiase goes outside to battle Hayes but gets into it with Buddy Roberts!!!  Williams, meanwhile, had gotten the "Oklahoma Stampede" powerslam on Gordy but the ref is trying to break up the brawl on the outside!!!  Hayes sneaks in and gets in the DDT on Williams and puts Gordy on top!!!  The ref comes back to count but only gets two!!!  Gordy makes the tag to Hayes!!!  Williams, meanwhile, makes a "blind" tag to Dibiase!!!  Hayes comes in to attempt to give Williams another DDT but doesn't know that Ted is the legal man!!!  Dibiase gets in his "Million Dollar Dream" sleeperhold on Hayes while Williams keeps Gordy and Roberts at bay!!!  The ref signals for the bell as Hayes has been put to sleep!!!  Williams and Dibiase are victorious!!!

Jake "The Snake" Roberts VS. Diamond Dallas Page

It is the DDT VS. The Diamond Cutter here!!!  Late in the match, DDP goes to the top rope to deliver a double-axhandle to his former mentor and idol.  Jake, however, catches him in the mid-section as he is coming down!!!  With DDP doubled over, Jake gets in his DDT but doesn't go for the cover!!!  Instead, he tells the ref to count to 10!!!  DDP just makes it up at the nine count!!!  Jake moves in with a kick to the guts and goes for another DDT but DDP picks him up into the air, spins him and hooks the "Diamond Cutter"!!!  Jake, however, is near the ropes and puts a leg on the bottom strand to stop the three count.  DDP picks up Jake but Jake pokes him in the eye!!!  Jake whips him into the ropes and tries a hiptoss but DDP, in mid-air, turns it into a DDT (The Diamond Dream)!!!  DDP covers and gets the three count!!!  He does make the mistake, however, of celebrating too long!!!  Jake, recovered from the surprise move, hooks a reverse-DDT (Scorpion DeathDrop) on DDP!!!  Jake is screaming abusive words at DDP as Kimberly rushes the ring to try and beg Jake off of her husband!!!  Jake grabs her and, at first, looked like he would DDT Kimberly!!!  Instead, he lets her go, gets "Damien" (his pet snake) and drapes him over Kimberly!!!  Kimberly is in a state of shock!!!  She is too petrified to even scream!!!  Several officials come in to help DDP and to make Jake get the snake off of Kimberly!!!  Finally, Jake removes the snake and walks off laughing sadistically as he leaves a scared Kimberly Page and an unconscious DDP!!!

Tully Blanchard/Ole Anderson VS. Scott Hall/Kevin Nash

It is the NWA VS. the nWo is this tag team contest!!!  Hall and Nash used their power for most of the match while Ole and Tully kept working on the legs of the bigger men (particularly Nash)!!!  The match broke out with all four men in the ring!!!  Tully gets his "Slingshot Suplex" on Hall and goes for the cover but Nash makes the save!!!  Ole and Nash go outside to brawl while Hall is setting Tully up for the "Razor's Edge" powerbomb  (Sorry, but I hate the name "The Outsider's Edge")!!!  Meanwhile, Ole pushed Nash into the ringpost, knocking him down!!!  As Hall gives the sign that he's going to put Tully in the "Edge", Ole (who sees opportunity) goes to the top rope and comes down with his knee to the shoulder on Hall!!!  Ole quickly moves in and hooks in his armbar and gets the submission!!!  Nash, however, has gotten up and he is angry!!!  He first puts a boot in the face of Ole and then Tully!!!  He then "Jacknife" powerbombs first Ole and then Tully!!!  The Outsiders leave with their hands in the air even though they have lost!!!

Barry Windham VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (WCW World Title Match)

Windham and Hogan put on a good, hard fought battle for the WCW World strap.  At the 20 minute mark, Hogan goes in for the clothesline in the corner but Windham moves out of the way!!!  Hogan turns around to receive the "Iron Claw" from Windham!!!  Hogan is just about to go down when The Outsiders hit the ring to cause a DQ!!!  Windham is laid to waste as Nash executes the "Jacknife" powerbomb on Windham (Hall's arm is still hurt from his match with Anderson/Blanchard)!!!  Hogan then executes his legdrop on Windham three times in the chest area!!!  Then, as they start to spray-paint Windham, Blackjack Mulligan, Ole and Tully hit the ring to stop the carnage!!!  Hogan, Hall and Nash beat a hasty retreat!!!

Bill Goldberg VS. Kane

Two unstoppable forces collide here!!!  Ten minutes into this brutal bout, Goldberg gets his "Jackhammer" suplex and covers but Kane kicks out and raises up!!!  Goldberg is shocked!!!  Kane then reaches up and grabs the throat for the chokeslam!!!  He drives Goldberg into the mat!!!  Kane then goes for the "Tombstone" piledriver but Goldberg slides behind Kane and gets in his "spear" tackle that takes both men to the outside!!!  Both men hit hard on the floor!!! Goldberg goes and gets a steel chair and smashes Kane with it!!!  Kane just looks at him!!!  The two continue to brawl and the ref calls for the bell because he has counted out both men!!!  The shocker of the bout was where Goldberg used the "Jackhammer" again on the floor on Kane!!!  After 10 seconds, Kane raises up again!!!  Goldberg is stunned!!!  Officials have made their way down to seperate the two but the look on Goldberg's face tells the story!!!

Lex Luger VS. The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Intercontiental Title Match)

Ten minutes into it, The Warrior signals for the gorilla-press slam!!!  He lifts Lex into the air and extends the arms but his lower back (which was injured at "Hell Burns Over" at the hands of Goldberg in Greensboro) gives out on him!!!  Lex takes advantage and puts him in the "Human Torture Rack" backbreaker!!!  UW doesn't submit but does pass out from the pain!!!  The ref calls for the bell and Lex Luger is the new I-C Champion!!!  Out of respect, he does help to former champion back to the dressing room.

Rick Steamboat VS. Dean Malenko (NWA World Title Match)

Fresh off of his victory over Chris Benoit, Steamboat came to defend the title against "The Man Of 1,000 Holds" and WCW Cruiserweight Champion.  The majority of this 30 minute thriller saw both men trade the advantage several times!!!  The match ends when Malenko has the "Texas Cloverleaf" on Steamboat but Steamboat powers out of it, causing Malenko to go into the corner and hit the turnbuckle head first!!!  With Malenko stunned, Steamboat quickly gets to the top turnbuckle and nails his flying bodypress for the three count and a successful defense of his NWA crown!!!


The ring announcer for this match is Howard Finkle:

"Ladies and Gentlemen!!!  This contest is the WarGames bout, scheduled to fight to the finish!!!  First, to come down from the ceiling (WarGames theme starts), the WarGames cage!!!

A huge pop comes from the crowd as fireworks erupt from the sight of the cage coming down!!!  The construction crew comes in and secures the cage!!!  Then, we go back to Finkle:

"Now, about to make their entrances, the team captained by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!

Boos rain down as you hear the bells toll!!!  Which means that The Undertaker is coming!!!  The lights go out and lighting starts flashing in the ceiling!!!  Then, a lighting bolt strikes the runway and, instantly, The Undertaker appears!!!  He makes his way down to the ring and goes to the side for his team!!!  Then, he raises his hands and, with lighting coming out of them, raises back up the lights!!!  This gets a moderate pop from the crowd (amazing what they can do with technology these days)!!!

Next, you hear the theme from 2001: A Space Oddessy, which signals to the coming of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.  As usual, Flair is dressed in a stunning robe (take your pick) while Arn comes down in just wrestling tights and boots!!!  He lets out a "whooo" as he approaches the cage!!!  They both go over to where UT is and await their partners!!!

Now, shattered glass along with driving guitars signal the arrival of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with Perry Saturn!!!  Austin and Saturn ignore the taunts of the crowd as they make their way down to the cage!!!  Once there, they begin to talk strategy for this match as Finkle introduces the next team.

"Now, making their entrances, the team captained by Magnum TA!!!"

Jimi Hendricks' "Purple Haze" is now blarring over the speakers and is getting a huge pop!!!  Magnum makes his entrance but stops mid-way to the ring!!!  He signals for someone to come out!!!  With that signal, the music changes to mark the arrival of Chris Benoit!!!  Benoit looks intense and focus as usual!!!  With his arrival, both he and Magnum walk down together to their side of the cage!!!  Once there, the spooky music of Sting plays for about 10 seconds but Magnum signals for it to cut off!!!  Everyone wonders what is going on here!!!  With that, Magnum and Benoit both point at the music boot and "The Man Called Sting" plays!!!  Everyone in the Omni goes nuts!!!  Sting comes out with gold tights and boots with a multi-colored jacket!!!  He even has his hair back blonde and in the spiked-style!!!  He lets out a "owww" that gets a rise out of the crowd!!!  He comes down to the ring and goes over to Magnum and Benoit.  As the crowd settles down, Magnum has the microphone:

MAGNUM:  As everyone knows, The Hart Foundation was supposed to be our partners for this contest but thanks to Austin and Co., that was not to be!!!  However, I think these two guys are more than adequete replacements!!!  Come on down guys!!!

With that, you hear a bass drum beat "thump, thump, thump" until a loud shrill of guitar blarres over the speakers!!!  Then you hear the line "I AM IRONMAN"!!!  That gets a loud reaction from the crowd!!!  Then, over the cheering and music, you hear "Harley-Davidson's" warming up!!!  On those Harley's are The Road Warriors!!!  They are riding down on the Harley's as Ozzy Osbourne sings "IronMan"!!!  The crowd is estatic!!!  Austin's team is stunned (even UT has a rare stunned look on his face)!!!  The Warriors get off their rides and head over to high-five Magnum and Co.!!!


Now, with all of the pagentry and pomp over with, it was time to get down to business!!!  First, who was going to start this match?!!!  Austin's team sends in The Undertaker first!!!  UT comes in and stalks the ring on his side, waiting for his opponent!!!  Magnum's team sends in Sting for their side!!!  Sting hits the ring as UT heads for the other ring!!!  They meet each other between the rings and the fight is on!!!  They trade blows back and forth!!!  Sting catches UT with a clothesline that knocks him back into his ring!!!  Then, Sting goes back to his ring, runs into the ropes and clears both ropes to catch UT with a flying tackle that knocks "the man from the darkside" down!!!  Sting hits the ropes and goes for an elbow and connects!!!  Sting gets up on his knees to howl at the crowd but this proves to be an error as UT reaches up and grabs Sting by the throat!!!  UT gets to his feet, grabs Sting by the throat with both hands, and throws him into a corner!!! UT comes in with a flurry of punches to the rib cage and stomach of Sting!!!  He then follows that up with kicks to the guts followed by right hands to the face!!!  UT whips Sting into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Sting hooks him and gets a piledriver!!!  UT, however, pops back up and Sting quickly moves to another corner!!!  Sting is rethinking his strategy against this man!!!  UT, meanwhile, comes in with a right hand aimed at Sting's head but misses and hits the turnbuckle!!!  Sting comes back with kicks to the mid-section and right hands to the face!!!  Sting whips UT into a corner but UT reverses it!!!  UT flies in but Sting moves out of the way!!!  UT crashes in chest-first into the corner!!!  Sting follows up with a back suplex!!!  Sting gets to his feet just as UT is sitting up!!!  Sting quickly kicks him in the face repeatedly!!!  UT is now on his knees but Sting continues his kick attack!!!  UT counters the move by grabbing Sting's right leg and delivering an upper-cut to the b*lls!!!  Sting falls immediately to the ground (as would any man)!!!  UT is up on his feet now!!!  He takes Sting and whips him into the ropes!!!  When Sting comes off, he grabs him by the tights and head and throws him head first into the cage!!!  Sting falls in a crumpled heap as he now has a cut between  his eyes!!!  UT "zeroes" in on the cut with right hands, trying to open up Sting even more!!!  The strategy is working as the cut has opened up!!!  UT then takes Sting and puts his throat on the second rope, trying to choke him down!!!  Austin is throwing out verbal taunts:

AUSTIN:  Hey, you warpainted goof!!!  You blonde headed b*stard!!!  'Betcha your a** wish you were chasing skirts instead of being here don't you!!!

While Austin was talking trash, UT backed off the chokehold and buried a kick into Sting's ribs!!!  UT does his "cut-throat" sign for the "Tombstone" piledriver!!!  He gets Sting up but Sting slides out of it, gets behind UT and delivers his "Scorpion Deathdrop"!!!  Sting quickly gets up and hooks in the "Scorpion Deathlock"!!!  Before he turns him over, though, he flashes Austin and Co. a "crotch chop"!!!  He has now turned UT over with 10 seconds left in the five minutes period!!!  He still has the hold as the period ends!!!  Now, we go to the coin toss:

REFEREE:  Okay, call it Magnum!!!

MAGNUM:  Heads!!!

The ref tosses the coin!!!

REFEREE:  Tails!!!  Austin's team wins!!!

(Now, the two minute periods begin)


Austin quickly signals his team to send in another man!!!  That man is Arn Anderson as the first two minute period is underway!!!  Sting, meanwhile, still has the "Scorpion" on UT!!!  Arn sneaks in and gets in the DDT which breaks the hold and opens up his cut even more!!!  Arn throws Sting into the ropes and executes his "Spinebuster" slam!!!  Then Arn puts Sting in a "Boston Crab" hold!!!  By this time, UT has made it back to his feet and begins to stomp on the back of Sting as Arn holds this hold!!!  Arn calls for UT to come over and UT takes a leg!!!  It is now a double-team version of the "Boston Crab"!!!  The combined weight of both Anderson and UT is now on the back and legs of Sting!!!  The pain is unbelievable!!!  Then, UT takes both legs and it goes back to a single "BC"!!!  Arn is now stomping Sting in the back!!!  He also gets on his knees, grabs Sting by the back of the head and rubs his face in the mat, aggravating the cut on Sting's face!!!  "How's that feel hero?!!!", screams Arn!!!  UT lets go of the hold, takes Sting and puts him in a corner with 20 seconds left!!!  Both he and Arn take an arm, wrap it around the ring ropes, and both begin to kick Sting in his guts!!!  Meanwhile, Magnum has volunteered himself to go in next!!!  With 10 seconds left, Arn brings Sting out of the corner and attempts another DDT!!!  Sting, however, blocks it by executing a reverse atomic drop!!!  UT quickly knocks Sting down with a clothesline as the period ends!!!


Magnum rushes in and heads to the second ring just as Arn is getting up!!!  He greets Anderson with a right hand that knocks him down!!!  UT goes for a clotheline but misses (Sting is on his feet laying against the ropes)!!!  Magnum kicks UT in the mid-section and hooks his belly to belly suplex on UT!!!  That brings the crowd to their feet!!!  Sting takes advantage and splashes UT while he's on the mat!!!  Magnum, meanwhile, goes to work on Anderson but Arn stops his flurry with a knee to the gut!!!  Anderson then grabs Magnum by the tights and tries to throw him against the cage but Magnum blocks the attempt, heel-kicks Arn in the n*ts, and throws him into the cage!!!  Arn goes down to the mat and Magnum straddles him and peppers his head with rights to the forehead (which is now bleeding)!!!  Meanwhile, Sting is trading punches with UT!!!  UT is getting the better of it when Sting kicks UT "south of the border" (if you get my meaning)!!!  UT is standing there in pain!!!  Magnum takes advantage by going off of the ropes, grabbing UT by the hair and flinging the back of his head into the mat!!!  Anderson tries to hit Magnum from behind but Sting chops him in the neck and throws him into the cage again!!!  Anderson is down so now (with 15 seconds left), Magnum and Sting take UT to their side and double team him!!!  Magnum holds UT down by grabbing his legs while Sting drops repeated elbowsmashes on him!!!  This continues as Arn has made his way into that ring!!!  He manages to get a knee into the back of Magnum to free UT just as the period ends!!!


The next man for Austin's team is "Stone Cold" himself!!!  He comes into the cage and goes over to Sting who's resting against the ropes!!!  Austin gets in a right hand to the jaw and hooks the "Stone Cold Stunner" on Sting!!!  Magnum forgets about Arn and UT and goes right for Austin!!!  The two trade blows back and forth as this rivarly is renewed for about 5 seconds before Arn ends it with a kicks to the left knee of Magnum!!!  Magnum goes down but gets up limping!!!  Austin moves in with a single-leg takedown!!!  Austin hooks in his old "That's A Wrap" (standing figure-four) on Magnum!!!  Arn helps out by holding Magnum's arms down!!!  UT also joins in by stomping Magnum in the ribs and chest!!!  Forgotten in this fray, however, is Sting!!!  That proves to be costly as Sting rushes in and clotheslines Austin and does the same to UT!!!  Meanwhile, Arn continues the assault on Magnum by executing his "Gorge-Buster" suplex on Magnum!!!  Sting moves in on UT with right hands but Austin kicks Sting in his back to stop the assault!!!  Austin throws Sting into the ropes but Sting reverses it!!!  Sting executes a backdrop on Austin, sending him back-first into the cage!!!  UT rushes in on Sting with a clothesline!!!  He then locks in a nerve hold on the right side of Sting's neck!!!  Meanwhile, Magnum has taken back over on Arn with right hands and a dropkick that causes the back of Anderson's head to strike the cage!!!  This move, however, takes something out of Magnum!!!  This allows Austin, who's made it back to his feet, to drive his forearm smash into Magnum!!!  Austin does this repeatedly as we have 10 seconds left in this period!!! UT, meanwhile, still has his nerve hold on Sting but Sting is fighting out of it!!! He hits UT with two quick elbows to the gut but UT still has the hold!!! Then, in a streetfighting counter, Sting hooks a clawhold on UT's "vitals"!!! This gets an immediate break from UT as Sting (with both men still on their feet) drags UT by the "vitals"!!! This goes on as the next man comes in!!!


It is Chris Benoit!!! He immediately goes for Austin!!! He starts out by catching Austin from behind as Austin was still driving the elbows into Magnum!!! He pushes Austin into the corner and lays in some right hands to the face and neck of "Stone Cold"!!! He then changes and delivers ten straight chops to the chest of Austin!!! Austin, after Benoit is finished, just walks out of the corner for a couple of steps and then falls face-first on the mat!!! Benoit continues his attack by stomping Austin repeatedly in the back of the head!!! This is stopped by Arn Anderson as he gets in a left handed punch to the back of Benoit's head and throws the back of his head into the cage!!! But, as Arn was doing this, he didn't notice Magnum TA recovering in the corner!!! When Arn turns around, he is met with a clothesline that almost knocks him out of his boots!!! Austin, meanwhile, has made it back up again!!! Now, for the next minute, they are paired off like this: UT VS. Sting, Magnum VS. Anderson, Benoit VS. Austin!!! UT and Sting have made their way to the opposite ring to continue their was while the other four remain in the other ring!!! UT, recovered somewhat from that low-blow clawhold, ducks a clothesline from Sting and nails him with a dropkick!!! Sting gets up immediately but is met with the hand around the throat from UT!!! UT lifts Sting up and delivers a chokeslam!!! UT picks up Sting and takes him up the ropes to the roof of the cage!!! He then puts him in a "Rude Awakening" position and rakes Sting's face on the roof of the cage, re-opening that cut Sting suffered earlier in the bout!!! Sting counters with some elbows to the ribs that make UT let go!!! Sting then grabs UT in the "Rude Awakening" position and performs the move from, basically, the top rope!!! UT is flat on his back from the move!!! In the other ring, while this was going on, Magnum lifted Anderson in the air and gives him a reverse atomic drop!!! Magnum lifts him up again and crotches him on the top rope!!! Magnum, then, drags him across the top rope by his legs (we'll never know how injured Arn was)!!! Benoit, meanwhile, has taken over on Austin but Austin counters with a quick "jawbreaker"!!! He whips Benoit into the ropes and catches him with his "stun-gun" move!!! It snaps Benoit's head and neck backwards across the top rope (Meanwhile, UT has gotten up from the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker from the top rope and has done a number on Sting!!)!!! Austin then puts the "Sharpshooter" on Benoit (flashing a "double-bird" before turning him over)!!! UT comes over and lays in some fist-drops on the back of Benoit's head to do more damage. Magnum TA, after temporarly incapacitating Anderson, goes over to help Benoit with 5 seconds remaining in the period!!! He kicks Austin in the mouth to break up the "Sharpshooter" and goes to work on UT!!! The period ends with Austin and Benoit laying on the mat as well as Arn Anderson (who is holding himself laying between the ropes) and Sting (who's laying in the other ring trying to get up) while Magnum and UT battle it out!!!


Next man in is Ric Flair!!! Flair comes in just as Sting is getting to his feet and chops him down (which gets a "whoo" reaction from the crowd)!!! Flair picks up Sting, puts him in the corner, and starts his customary chops in the corner!!! The second one he throws opens up Sting's chest!!! The third one, however, stands Sting up and Sting has "fire" in his eyes!!! Flair can't believe it!!! Sting flexes as Flair gets on his "bicycle" and starts to run!!! Sting catches him, whips him into the ropes, and gorilla-press slams him!!! Flair is on the run or so Sting thinks!!! It is really a set up move because Arn Anderson has mounted the second rope and nails Sting with a double-axhandle move to the neck of Sting!!! The force of the move knocks Sting forward!!! Flair meets Sting with a running kick to the groin!!! Sting stands in pain and is measured for another Flair chop!!! Meanwhile, Austin has Benoit and is choking him with tape from around his wrists and UT has overpowered Magnum!!! UT then gets Magnum up in the "Tombstone" piledriver position and plants him!!! Magnum is near unconscious!!! This leaves Sting and Benoit at the mercy of four men!!! Austin is still choking out Benoit as UT comes over to lay in some kicks to Benoit!!! With 20 seconds left, Road Warrior Animal goes and gets a steel chair!!! Meanwhile, Sting is caught in the figure-four leglock of Flair while Anderson has Sting in the "Dragon Sleeper"!!! Over in the other ring, Benoit has managed to free himself by giving Austin a low-blow!!! He also catches the foot of UT as he was trying to give him another kick!!! He kicks UT in the back of his left thigh!!! UT is feeling it as Benoit gets to his feet and continues to kick UT in the leg (by this time Magnum has regained some consciousness)!!! UT goes down and both Magnum and Benoit go to work on his legs!!! Sting, in the other ring, has managed to free himself from this double team by raking the eyes of Anderson and then doing the same to Flair!!! By this time, another man has come in and it is Animal!!!


He comes in with a steel chair!!! He nails Austin flush in the face with it!!! He then throws the chair to Sting and Sting nails both Anderson and Flair with!!! Animal then picks up Austin and slingshots him into the cage four consecutive times!!! Austin is a bloody mess now!!! UT, meanwhile, is being worked over by Benoit and Magnum but UT manages to gets to his feet!!! He grabs both Magnum and Benoit by the throat but Magnum and Benoit counters by kicking him in the guts at the same time!!! Animal comes over, whips UT into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam!!! He follows it up with an elbowsmash!!! Magnum decides to head to the other ring and help Sting battle Anderson and Flair!!! Sting, meanwhile, has a now bloody Flair and suplexes him onto the steel chair!!! Anderson tries to come over to help but takes a forearm to the back of the head from Magnum!!! While Anderson and Magnum brawl, Sting attemps to put Flair in the "Scorpion"!!! Flair counters with a rake of the face!!! Flair quickly snap-mares Sting down and goes for his patened knee drop!!! Sting moves and Flair hits nothing but canvas!!! Magnum, who has Anderson tied up in the ropes, sees this happen!!! He quickly goes and puts a figure-four on Flair!!! Flair is screaming to the heavens!!! Sting adds more pain by going to the second rope and hits Flair with a splash with Magnum holding the figure-four!!! They keep doing this repeatedly as Anderson is trying to free himself!!! Meanwhile, UT is coming back on Animal but Animal is holding his ground!!! Benoit and Austin roll on the mat, pulling and tugging on each other but neither can get an advantage!!! This is all happening as the period ends to bring in the last man for Austin's team!!!


It is Perry Saturn!!! As Saturn comes in, Sting is preparing for another splash on Flair with Magnum holding him in the figure-four!!! As Sting comes down, Saturn catches him in a headlock/armlock combo and turns it into a devestating suplex!!! Magnum immediately breaks the hold and gets up but is met with a thrust kick from Saturn!!! Saturn goes over and frees Anderson!!! Anderson goes over to help Flair while Saturn goes over to the other ring to help Austin and UT!!! Animal is charging at UT but UT sidesteps him and throws Animal into the cage!!! When Animal rebounds off of the cage, Saturn catches him with a boot to the gut and puts him in the "Brainbuster" suplex!!! Saturn then goes over, pulls Benoit off of Austin, and executes the "Taka-Driver" (bodyslam/piledriver combo)!!! Austin gets to his feet and they both stomp on Benoit!!! Meanwhile, Anderson takes the steel chair in the ring and bashes Magnum in the face with it!!! Everyone is bleeding now except Saturn, Benoit, UT and Hawk (who isn't in the ring yet)!!! Road Warrior Hawk is getting a weapon of his own in the form of a steel chain as he readies himself to enter as he is the final man to come in!!! Meanwhile, Animal is being choked out by UT in the corner!!! In the other ring, Sting has recovered to help out Magnum (who is bleeding like a stuck pig)!!! Flair and Anderson are reeling from the second wind of Sting!!! Meanwhile, Austin and Saturn have Benoit streched out across the ropes, choking him out!!! UT comes over and helps out with right hands to the midsection!!! Saturn (who is wearing jeans) takes off his belt and gives it to Austin!!! UT holds Benoit's legs while Saturn holds his arms and head across the top rope!!! Austin then takes the belt and whips Benoit unmercifully!!! Saturn releases Benoit but Benoit is still hanging because UT is still holding his legs!!! Saturn hits the ropes, leapfrogs over UT and lands squarely on Benoit's back!!! Animal, who was slumped in the corner, goes over to the door because the period has ended and Road Warrior Hawk is coming in!!!


Hawk quickly hands Animal one end of the chain and they clothesline an incoming Austin with it!!! Hawk lets go of the chain and clotheslines UT down to the canvas!!! Meanwhile, Animal is brawling with Saturn and, in the other ring, Magnum and Sting continue to battle with Anderson and Flair!!! Now, Hawk holds up some signal with his hands!!! Benoit, who is helped up to his feet by Hawk, does the signal as well as all of the members of Magnum's team sees it!!! Magnum is quickly on Flair while Sting is on Anderson!!! Benoit and Hawk double-team UT in a corner while Saturn is being worked over by Animal!!! All the wrestlers pull something out of their trunks!!! They are handcuffs!!! They have all handcuffed all of the members of Austin's team to a cornerbuckle except Austin himself!!! Austin is just getting to his feet after getting clotheslined with the chain!!! Austin looks up to see Benoit, Magnum, Sting, and both Road Warriors in front of him and his team handcuffed!!! Undaunted, Austin rushes in to attack but the numbers are overwhelming!!! Surprisingly, they let Austin and Benoit go at it as they go over to the other ring where Anderson and Flair are!!! Benoit and Austin are tearing into each other once again!!! Austin does get in a kick to the gut and goes for the "Stunner" but Benoit reverses out of it before it could be applied!!! He hooks in the "Crippler Crossface"!!! Austin is bleeding like crazy as he bears the pain of this hold but he won't give up!!! The other members of Benoit's team come back over!!! Magnum begins to kick Austin in the face, Sting holds up Austin's legs in the air and applies his "Scorpion Deathlock" and the RW's both kick Austin in his ribs (all while Benoit is holding in the "CC")!!! Meanwhile, Anderson and Co. are trying to free themselves with no success!!! Austin has now been taking this abuse for about 1 1/2 minutes but will not give up!!! Finally, the ref comes in to check Austin and sees that he has passed out from both the pain and the bleeding (who could blame him?)!!! The ref calls for the bell and rules that the match is over!!! Magnum's team leaves victorious!!! They leave the keys for Austin's team to be freed!!! But, one gets the feeling, they will meet again in some form!!!

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