ECW Uncensored:
The Way It Should Be!!
Pt. 3

Photo taken from Slobberknocker Central

With that comment, we hear the music of Bret "HitMan" Hart as he comes down to a shower of boos from the ECW crowd.  He does get into it verbally with some of the crowd as he is drawing tremendous heat from the fans.  He gets into the ring and grabs the mic:

BRET:  You know, I've been to some hostile arenas and been booed by some degenerate fans but the biggest degenerates have got to be here in South Philadelphia!!

This gets a thunderous roar of boos.

BRET:  Tommy Dreamer, get your fat ass out here and let's get this over with so I can get the hell out of this shit-hole as fast as possible!!

With that statement, "Man In The Box" plays and out comes "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer with his ECW TV Title strap.  He comes out to his usual slow walk to the ring but you could tell there was some caution in his walk as he still had the knee injury that he suffered at the hands of his opponent back at WrestleMania.  He enters the ring and Bret wastes no time in attacking the champion.

"Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer VS. Bret "HitMan" Hart (ECW TV Title Match)

This match saw Bret more dominant than at the WM encounter, focusing his attack on the bad leg of Dreamer.  Tommy was constantly battling from behind just to keep from being pinned.  At the 10 minute mark, Bret slapped on "The Sharpshooter" on Dreamer.  Dreamer did attempt a push up to escape but Bret sat down harder on the hold to prevent a reversal. This move, however, pushed Tommy forward just enough for him to get the ropes for a break. Bret actually held onto the hold for about a full minute afterwards since there was virtually no disqualification in ECW.  Bret continued to go after the leg of Dreamer.  Dreamer did fight back when, on a missed swing by Hart, Dreamer picked him up and executed a "Death Valley Driver" on him!  Dreamer managed to cover Bret but only got two.  Tommy then went for a vertical suplex but couldn't do it because of bad leg.  Bret quickly took Dreamer back down and applied his finisher again. This time, in the center of the ring. Dreamer never gave up but passed out from the pain as the ref had no choice but to award the match and title to Bret Hart, who was once again ECW TV Champion, much to the misdelight of the crowd, who jeered him unmercifully as he left.  Bret, however, had a smile on his face as he left.

We now switch to the outside as we see DDP and Jacqueline pulling up to the ECW Arena. They get out of the car and head inside of the building.  Just as quickly, we switch back to Joey Styles and Shane Douglas w/Francine.

STYLES:  Well, we know that DDP and Jackie are back here at the ECW Arena but to do what?

DOUGLAS:  I think that is obvious Joey (Douglas says with a smile).

Meanwhile, we hear the old national anthem of the Soviet Union playing as Nikita Koloff comes to the ring.  He is focused on this world title shot as he faces his old enemy Bill Goldberg for the NWA World Title.  He comes along without his uncle Ivan Koloff.  He enters the ring to a mixed reaction but pays it no mind.  He gets into a corner and awaits his opponent as the music changes to Goldberg's theme.  Goldberg comes down to his usual wear, black trunks, black boots, no robe with the NWA Title around his waist.  Likewise, he is oblivious to the crowd but gets a decidedly more positive reaction. When the two are face to face in the center of the ring, they look like twins almost as the match is ready to begin.  It is also announced that, in this match, disqualifications are waived, making this a No-DQ bout!!

Goldberg VS. Nikita Koloff (NWA World Title Match/No Disqualification)

This match saw a pure power struggle between "The Russian Nightmare" and Goldberg.  Both men focused their respective attacks on the back and neck of their opponents.  This bout went both inside and outside of the ring.  At the eight minute mark,  Goldberg went for a side kick on Koloff but Nikita sidestepped it, hit the opposite ropes, and nailed Goldberg with his "Russian Sickle" clothesline!!  Koloff went for the cover immediately but, as he hooked the leg, he pulled Goldberg's body over too much and allowed the native of Atlanta, GA to kick out at 2 1/2.  Even so, Koloff couldn't believe it.  Still, Nikita regained his composure quickly and kept after Goldberg with kicks and punches in the corner.  Koloff now whips Goldberg into the opposite corner but the former Atlanta Falcon came exploding out with his "spear" tackle on Koloff!!  Goldberg then put Koloff into his "jackhammer" suplex and covered for 1...2...but Koloff escapes a pin!!  Now, Bill Goldberg is now in shock.  Goldberg, while in his stunned state, falls victim to a rare low blow from Koloff!!  Unusual for Nikita to resort to that but he is pulling out all the stops.  Koloff now has his steel chain and a table.  He puts the table off to the side as he mounts the top rope with his chain wrapped around his arm.  When Goldberg gets to his feet, Nikita jumps off the top with his "RS" clothesline again!!  Koloff covers but still doesn't get the pin!!  As Koloff contemplates his next move, there is a rumble in the aisleway!!  The Rattlesnakes have hit the ring and have attacked both Koloff and Goldberg!!  They pound on their larger opponent but then, unbelievably, Koloff and Goldberg are fighting side by side against Magnum TA and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.  To their credit, Magnum and Austin stood their ground until security hit the ring to break this fight up, much to the displeasure of the crowd and the four men.  As security starts to lead the NWA United States Tag Team Champions out of the arena, Goldberg gets the mic:

GOLDBERG:  Hey!!  Wait a minute!!  I got a few short words!!  Koloff, up until those two interfered, you were giving me the match of my life! I admit to that and I do respect you. Now, I know that we aren't great friends, but I was wondering if you would like to be my partner right now, in this ring, against those two punks that are on the outside?!!

Koloff looks at Goldberg cautiously at first, but then holds out his hand and accepts Goldberg's offer to the roar of the crowd!

GOLDBERG:  So, security, let those two into the ring.  Austin, Magnum, I know that neither one of you are a coward so get in here!

The crowd is now chanting "Let Them Fight, Let Them Fight" as security now allows The Ratttlesnakes safe passage to the ring.  Austin and Magnum waste no time in hitting the ring to face their two long time rivals!  We now have an unscheduled added match for ECW Uncensored!

The Rattlesnakes VS. Goldberg & Nikita Koloff

This "match" was a wild affair as all four men have some issues with the other team. This match resembled a "Texas Tornando" match.  Styles and Douglas go into the history of this feud:

STYLES:  Well, if you go back into wrestling history, Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff had one of the most hate filled feuds in wrestling history.  We all know that Goldberg and Austin have no love lost.  For years, Goldberg was compared to Austin and vice versa.  Magnum's last NWA U.S. Title reign was ended by Goldberg back at WCW World War III and Austin, while he was NWA U.S. Champ, had a run-in with Austin on the undercard of The Hart Foundation VS. The Andersons in Dallas, TX.

DOUGLAS:  And we all know the history between Magnum and Austin as well as Goldberg and Koloff so expect a wild match!!

Douglas' words were indeed true as all four men tore into each other with a viciousness that even animals don't attack each other with.  At the five minute mark, an amazing sequence happened as Magnum nailed Koloff with his belly to belly suplex.  When Magnum made it to his feet, he turned around to take the spear from Goldberg!!  When Goldberg got to his feet to celebrate, he was spun around and leveled by Austin's "Stone Cold" Stunner!!  As Austin started to pin Goldberg, The Dudley's came from the back and attacked Austin.  As the began to pound him, Magnum got to his feet and helped his partner!!  Then, in another shocking scene, Koloff and Goldberg got up and was helping Magnum and Austin against the Dudley's!!  Goldberg "speared" Big Dick Dudley out of the ring while Magnum and Austin used their "Stun Gun" (their version of "3-D") on D-Von Dudley!!  Buh Buh Ray was knocked out of the ring by Nikita as Joel Gertner nailed Koloff with the world's weakest chair shot.  As Gertner celebrated his pitiful attempt, Goldberg stood in one corner while Koloff stood ready in another corner.  Meanwhile, Gertner saw that he was cut off from leaving by the Rattlesnakes.  Both T.A. and "Stone Cold" grinned and flipped off Joel and pointed to behind him, laughing as they left.  When Joel Gertner turned around, he received the spear and "RS" from Koloff and Goldberg simultaneously!!


It certainly looked that way as he laid there unconscious.  The Rattlesnakes have already left while Koloff and Goldberg were just leaving together--which in itself was an event--leaving The Dudley's to collect the carcause of Joel Gertner.

STYLES:  Well, we now go to a more classic wrestling match as former ECW Heavyweight Champion The Rock faces the legendary Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.  Two men who are, ironically, from the beautiful South Pacific.  Hawaii to be exact. Two men who have migrated to the east coast.  The Rock, from Miami, FL, Steamboat from Charolette, NC.  Steamboat is a proven winner, he's done it all.  The Rock, as much of a jackass as he is, has the bloodline and the athletic credentials to live up to his moniker "The Great One".  One is a proven veteran while the other is an up and comming wrestler making his name now.  Now, Douglas, I feel that The Rock has nothing to really lose and everything to gain by defeating Steamboat.

DOUGLAS:  Well, Joey, you are right.  I don't like The Rock, I've made that clear but I will admit that from a professional standpoint, his career would skyrocket to the top, I just don't want it to happen!!

At that point, the speakers blasted out the words "Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'?" as the fomer ECW Champion came out to the loudest boos of the night.  He was looking cocky and arrogant as usual but had a more serious edge to him than usual.  A minute later, the music changed to "I Can Read Your Mind" to herald the entrance of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, who got a nice ovation from the usually hardcore ECW audience.  When the two had a stare down in the center of the ring, it was like the past meeting the future as the match began.

The Rock VS. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

This match saw it start out slow at first with both men feeling the other out.  After about four minutes though, the match was broke wide open with fists, chops, and wrestling holds (both legal and illegal).  At the 12 minute mark, Steamboat went for another chop but The Rock ducked it and caught him in perfect position for his "Rock Bottom" slam!!  The Rock, who usually goes for "The People's Elbow" after this move, went for an immediate cover for the closest fall of the match!!  The Rock, from there, used a basic but effective rear chinlock to wear down his more experieced foe.  Steamboat fights back by getting to his feet and getting out of the hold with a arm toss. Steamboat rushes in with a chop but The Rock floats over with his DDT!!  He then drags Steamboat out to the center of the ring and takes off the elbowpad, which gets the crowd to their feet because "The People's Elbow" is coming.  As he is coming to execute the move, he mocks "The Dragon" by doing his finger symbol and plants the elbow into the chest of Ricky!  The Rock covers Steamboat for another close count.  The next ten minutes saw see-saw action between the two men.  The Rock caught Steamboat in position again for his "Rock Bottom" slam but Steamboat countered the move by wrapping his leg around Maivia's to prevent the lift.  "The Dragon" then turned the move against Rocky by executing a "flatliner" (similar to Kanyon's finisher).  Steamboat then gave the sign that he was going to the top rope for his flying bodypress.  When he reached the top rope, Maivia quickly countered by dropping himself across the top rope, causing Steamboat to lose his balance and fall on the top turnbuckle nuts-first!!  The Rock then got on the turnbuckle and hammered Steamboat with a series of right hands.  He followed this up with a superplex from the ropes that rocked (no pun intended) both Steamboat and Rocky.  As the ref gave his in-ring 10 count, Rocky slowly moved himself on top of Steamboat.  The ref counted to two but Steamboat bridged out of the move and turned it into a backslide for a close count on Maivia.  Maivia quickly got to his feet and nailed Ricky with a clothesline.  As Maivia went for a cover, the bell rang to signify a time limit draw!! The Rock is irate at this point but there is nothing that can be done.  Infuriated,  The Rock slams the referee in the center with his "Rock Bottom" slam!!  He now executes his "People's Elbow" onto the poor soul.  Steamboat does come to the aid of the official but The Rock has done his damage as he retreats to the back. The ref, by the way, has ruled this bout a 30 minute draw.

STYLES:  A 30 minute draw between The Rock and Ricky Steamboat.  Even what Maivia did at the end of the match can't take away the fact that he and Steamboat put up a 30 minute classic and I hope that we both of those men hook it up again very soon.

DOUGLAS:  Well Joey, we now have two matches left, up next is for the Unified World Tag Team Championship.  The champions, The Midnight Express, will be facing the former champions Darkside, comprised of Sting and The Undertaker.

STYLES:  And this match will be held under Texas Tornado......wait a minute, what is that?

We go to the aisleway to see Darkside and MX battling up to the ringside area!!  A referee has rushed out and has rung the bell!!

STYLES:  Hell, these guys didn't even wait for introductions or the bell!!

DOUGLAS:  I love it!!  These men are ready to get it on!!  Let's do it!!

Darkside VS. The Midnight Express (Unified World Tag Team Championship/Texas Tornado Rules)

This match, like most of the others this night, was wild from the get-go!  Both teams used their greatest attributes and a lot of double-teaming during this crazy affair!!  Tables, wires, chairs, microphones....well, you name it, they probably used it in this match!!  The high point came when "Beautiful" Bobby and "Sweet" Stan had UT down on the outside. Meanwhile, their manager Jim Cornette had just clocked Sting in the head with his loaded tennis racket. With "The Dead Man" down, MX gets a table from under the ring and a ten foot ladder!!  They place Sting on the table and set up the ladder.  Bobby goes to the top rope and then to the top of the ladder.  Stan climbs up the other side to meet Bobby.  Before they could put their plan into action however, UT gets up on the apron and shakes the ladder, causing Stan to fall throat first across the top rope while Bobby falls crotch-first on the top rope!!  Cornette tries to sneak up on UT on the apron with his racket but Sting gets off the table and stops Cornette before he can strike.  UT turned around and grabbed "The Louisville Slugger" by the throat and chokeslammed him off the apron and through the timekeeper's table!!  With Stan down, Darkside focused their attack on Bobby.  First, they fold the ladder up and lay it in a corner.  UT rams Eaton's head into the ladder.  He then leaves him against it to feel Sting's "Stinger Splash" in the corner with the ladder biting into his back!!  UT then takes Eaton and puts him on the shoulders while Sting sets up the ladder again.  The Stinger then climbs to the top of the ladder and jumps off, grabbing Eaton's head as he went by and they put Bobby through the table headfirst!!  UT and Sting cover a helpless Eaton for the three count and the recapturing of their titles!!  As they leave, everyone in the arena gave all four men a standing ovation for their efforts.  The ring crew are now there to both help the former champions, MX, out of the ring while cleaning up the ring and setting up the barb wire for the final match of the evening......or so we think!!  Read my final chapter to see what I mean!!  :)

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