ECW Uncensored:
The Way It Should Be!!
Pt. 4

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas
Photo taken from Slobberknocker Central

As the ring ropes are being taken down, they are replaced with real barb wire. Razor sharp to the tips.  After about 10 minutes, the ring is ready for the final match of ECW Uncensored. Here Joey Styles and Shane Douglas:

STYLES:  Well, this is a match that I'd personally thought I would never see.  A barb wire matchup featuring Shawn Michaels and "Hollywood" Hogan. I mean, these are two guys that rarely let their backs touch the canvas (refering to their history of non-jobbing), much less some barb wire.  Shane, I know you are familiar with both guys.  Did you ever think that they would go through with this match?

DOUGLAS:  Joey, in one sense, no I didn't but when I really think about it, it shouldn't have surprised me because we are talking about two of the biggest egos in wrestling.  They think that no one can stand above them.  They each see the other as a threat to their power.

STYLES:  Well, this feud began last summer at SummerSlam: Supreme Armageddon when Shawn Michaels, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage literally pissed on Hogan in the ring. From there, Hogan delivered a savage beating to Michaels that same night after the match (see Shawn Michaels VS. "Hollywood" Hogan).  From there, Michaels took the WCW World Title from Hogan in a falls count anywhere match, was supposed to have a match at WWF Survivor Series: Welcome To The Jungle but thanks to Hogan, he screwed us and himself out that title opportunity. Later, at Starrcade: Deadly Unions, Michaels defeated Hogan again in a Hell In A Cell match for the title and, due to prematch stipulations, had Hogan kiss his ass and, with the help of some fellow wrestlers, handcuffed him to the cage and each wrestler proceeded to whip the living hell out of Hogan!!  Hogan suffered over 210 lashes that night!!  After that night, it was thought that the feud had died down but during the RAW/Nitro telecast, Michaels challenged WWF Intercontiental Champion TAZ to an "I Quit/Submission Match" on that show.  Hogan, once again, got involved and ended up fighting off both men along with "Buff" Bagwell and The Ultimate Warrior.  Then, we move to WrestleMania where Hogan was involved in a Triple Threat bout with WCW Champion Chris Benoit and Michaels.  Hogan was once again screwed by Michaels when Shawn refused to help him get out of the "Crippler Crossface." Tonight, it all comes to ahead.

At that moment, the music of "Sexy Boy" fires up as Shawn Michaels comes down in a black DX shirt, black jeans and black cowboy boots.  He is looking very serious as he foresakes his usual posing and preening for this match.  He slides underneath the barb wire and stands near a corner (the turnbuckles are gone too).  The music now changes to Jimi Hendrick's "Voodoo Child" as Hogan comes down with his usual nWo tights but is also wearing a shirt too.  He also slides underneath the ring but has a look of focus and pure hatred on his face as this brutal match is about to begin.

Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels Vs. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (Barb Wire Match)

Both men circle each other cautiously, knowing that one wrong step could lead to disaster.  The two lock up in the center of the ring.  Both men's hands are heavily taped up for this match.  Hogan, using his superior strength, tried to push Michaels into the sharp mesh. Shawn, to his credit, realized what was going on and moved and almost caused Hogan to go into the wire chest first but Hogan kept his balance.  The two locked up again but Hogan got in a quick knee to the guts of Michaels, followed by a right hand that knocks him down.  Hogan now straddles Michaels and peppers him with right hands to the face!!  Hogan then picks up Shawn and tries to whip him into the wire but Michaels stops the attempt by sliding on his legs and using his feet as brakes to stop himself.  "HBK" quickly got to his feet and dropkicked Hogan down to the canvas.  Hogan gets to his feet quickly but Michaels nails him with another dropkick and knocks him backwards towards the wire!  Hogan quickly falls to his back to avoid contact.

STYLES:  Damn it, Hogan is a lucky son of a bitch!!

Hogan now gets back to his feet and is taking it slow again.  He and Michaels move in but, this time, it is Michaels who gets in the first blow with a kick to the gut.  He follows that up with three quick left jabs and a hard right.  This only fires Hogan up as he trades blows with his smaller opponent.  Hogan gets the better of the exchange and knocks Michaels down again.  Hogan now measures for a clothesline but "HBK" has a plan as he trips Hogan as "Hollywood" rushes forward.  Hogan goes down.......into the wire!!  He lands on his right side as the wire digs into the ribs and armpit of Hogan!!  Hogan slowly gets himself free but he is bleeding from the right side, despite having the shirt on. Michaels, the opportunist, focuses his attack on that area that is hurt.  Seeing that he is near the wire, Michaels takes Hogan and cuts his forehead open with the wire!! Hogan is now the proverbial "bloody mess" as Michaels has taken charge of the match.  Michaels applies a clawhold on the injured right side of Hogan.  The man formerly known as "Hulk" is letting out an inhuman scream of pain as Michaels digs into his ribcage.  Hogan fights him off with three elbows to the face of Michaels.  Hogan scrambles to his feet and throws some hard chops with his left hand because he can barely lift his right arm, which is protecting that side of his body.  Michaels counters by getting a short right to the injured area and retakes the advantage.  He snap-mares Hogan down and executes a splash onto Hogan. "HBK" covers Hogan for just a two count in this match.

Michaels slides underneath the wire and gets a chair from ringside.  He throws it inside of the ring and re-enters it.  He measures Hogan with the chair and slams it into the back of Hogan!  He now lays the chair flat on the mat, picks up Hogan and slams him onto it!  Michaels now decides that it is time to end the match as he sets up for "Sweet Chin Music".  He waits for Hogan, who is a bloody mess, to get up.  He goes for it but Hogan manages to duck the blow.  Michaels turns around and gets an elbow to the jaw......that knocks him back-first into the wire!!  Shawn lets out a loud scream in pain!  Hogan now is going to work as adrenaline is rushing through his body.  He hammers Michaels with a series of right hands as "HBK" is still pinned to the wire.  Hogan now takes Michaels legs and lifts him off of the mesh!!  The sharp edges scratched Michaels' back terribly as he slammed to the canvas.  Hogan now takes a belt and lashes the wounds on Shawn's back, opening them up more as the blood is flowing.  Wanting a better shot at the cuts, Hogan rips off Michaels' shirt, exposing them even more! Hogan now is behind Michaels as he wraps the belt around the head of Shawn and rips it violently across it, cutting him open!  Now both men are bleeding from the face.  Hogan now picks up the chair and bashes his foe in the head with it.  With Michaels down, Hogan stands over him and.......well, he repays Michaels for what he did to him at SummerSlam as he "relieves" himself on Michaels!!

STYLES:  I have heard of payback being a bitch, but a "piss"?

Michaels is drenched in nasty liquid mixed with his own blood.  Hogan is now smiling and bragging to the crowd through the crimson mask.  When he turns around though, Michaels is on his feet!!  He charges at Hogan and causes him to go backwards into the wire!!  It is now Hogan that is stuck on the deadly mesh!  Michaels, in blind fury, is pounding the head of Hogan, not noticing that the wire is giving way.  Both men go falling outside to the concrete floor!! Hogan's back smacked the concrete while Michaels' chin hit the safety rail!  Both men are down and tangled in wire.  Hogan, however, is more tangled than Michaels.  Michaels is nearly knocked out as he manages to get Hogan back into the ring. Hogan counters with a lowblow that puts down the weakend Michaels.  Hogan now takes a few steps back and nails Michaels with his legdrop.  Hogan backs up again and, with barbwire covering his back, jumps backwards onto Michaels, driving both his own weight and the wire into Michaels!!  Hogan covers and the ref mercifully ends the match with the three count.  Hogan has won this bout but both men need medical attention!  The EMT's and other medical personel come into to get the barbwire off of them.

STYLES:  Well, those two went farther than I expected them too.  I got to give them their respect. They went all out in this......wait, I am getting a report in the back that the police have DDP.

We now switch to the back where DDP is being held back by the police from Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  Jake is making a hasty retreat while the police hold DDP back.  He is now on the outside of the ECW Arena.  As he heads to his car, there is a figure in a black jacket standing there waiting for him.  That someone is TAZ!!

ROBERTS:  Hey, get the hell out of the way!!

TAZ just grinned at Roberts, who is now bewildered at this site.  Suddenly, nearly every wrestler from the card tonight (with the exceptions of "Buff" Bagwell and Ultimate Warrior) came out from inside the arena and surrounded Roberts.  A camera crew is outside.

TAZ: Hey Jake!!  Remeber "Rocky V"?  Well, we are going to have our own "Philadelphia Street Fight" right here and now!!  You and Diamond Dallas Page are going to have it out once and for all!!

A loud cheer was let out both on the street and inside the arena at this statement.  "Stone Cold" Steve Austin now says something.

AUSTIN:  If you want to see Jake "The Snake" get his ass whipped, give me a "Hell Yeah"!!

Everyone joined in unison on that one!

Jake doesn't know what to do, he is surrounded by the likes of Austin, RVD, X-Pac, TAZ, Booker T, New Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Magnum, Goldberg, Nikita, and others.  Even guys like The Rock, Bret Hart, Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart are out there to cut off Jake.  Then, through the masses came DDP.  He charged in and the fight was on!!

DDP picked up Jake by the waist and slammed him down to the concrete.  The two were struggling for an advantage as they traded right hands on the ground.  DDP now uses a hockey tactic as he pulls Jake's shirt over his head and pounds the living hell out of his head!!  Jake quickly counters with a lowblow.  Jake now takes DDP and forces him backwards into a car!!  He now bodyslams his former student on the concrete and is now pounding him with hard fists.  He now gets DDP to his feet and slings him backfirst into a brick wall.  As Page hit the way, though, he grabbed a trash can lid and nailed Jake in the face with it.  Roberts is staggared but is still on his feet and fires back with a clothesline on DDP.  Page is half out on his back.  "The Snake" now taunts his opponent, making derogatory remarks about DDP, Kimberly and Jackie.  This seems to fire DDP up as he waistlocks him again, gets some leverage and puts a belly to belly suplex on Jake.....through the window of a bakery shop!!  The wrestlers make almost a human cage as they keep the action contained for these two. To get a breather, Jake gets a whole cake and bashes it in the face of DDP. Jake now follows this up with an offensive flurry as he knocks DDP onto another car.  They both get on top of the hood of it.  Jake throws another right hand but Page ducks it and, out of instinct, puts the "Diamond Cutter" onto top half of the car! The glass drives itself into the jaw and lower lip of Roberts as he is out!!

DDP then calls for a dumpster to come over.  TAZ and some other wrestlers bring it over.  DDP dumps Jake into the dumpster and points to the oceanfront!!  He, along with some of the other wrestlers, push the dumpster (with Jake inside) into the ocean!  DDP now has a look of satisfaction as the other wrestlers cheer!!  Meanwhile, inside the arena, the fans are cheering as well by chanting "ECW, ECW".

STYLES:  That's one hell of a way to end this PPV.  As you can see, Shane Douglas is standing and clapping what we have just saw and he is heading out with the rest of the guys to congradulate DDP.  The only thing now is that the Jersey river will now have to be cleaned from "Snake" pollution.  Well, that's it from here, for my collegue Shane Douglas, I am Joey Style and we will see you later!!

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