WWF WrestleMania
featuring "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (WWF World Heavyweight Title Match)

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair
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We are live on this Sunday afternoon in L.A.  A packed house of over 100,000 fans have jammed into the place where the 1984 Olympics was once held.  A madhouse of wrestling fans have come from all over the United States and from other countries to view WWF WrestleMania.  We now join Jim Ross for the pay per view television broadcast.

ROSS:  Hello everyone and welcome to WWF WrestleMania!!  We are live from the legendary Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California!!  Hello everyone, I am Jim Ross and I will be joined by three guest commentators.  My usual partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler, will be doing interviews with many of the top stars during this event along with Michael Cole, "Mean" Gene Okerland, and the legendary Gordon Solie.  Right now, let's go to the ring and the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon.

McMAHON:  Welcome to the magnificent Los Angeles Coliseum, the site of SuperBowls, The World Series, and the 1984 Summer Olympics is today the site of WRESTLEMANIA!!

This brings a big roar from the excited crowd.

McMAHON:  Now, to sing our national anthem, here is superstar recording artist and the woman that sung it at the 1991 Super Bowl, Ms. WHITNEY HOUSTON!!

Whitney comes to the ring all smiles to great the crowd.  Even she is taken aback by how many people are here.  She then shakes McMahon's hand and happily takes the mic:

HOUSTON:  Now, before I begin, I would like for another talented vocalist to join me.  Please help me welcome MS. MARIAH CAREY!!

This gets a big roar out of the crowd.  Vince is somewhat surprised but is pleasantly surprised as Mariah comes down.  The two great each other and sing a stirring version of the National Anthem that gets a standing ovation!!

ROSS:  What a way to kick off WrestleMania!!  As stated earlier, I will be joined by three guest commentators.  Two of them I have worked with while one I will be working with for the first time ever!!  May I welcome to the broadcast booth WCW's Tony Schivone, ECW's Joey Styles and the one and only Jesse "The Body" Ventura!!

The three men enter into the screen with Jim Ross.

TONY:  Thank you Jim Ross and it is a privilage to be here for one of the biggest shows of the year, WrestleMania.  I was fortunate to be a part of WrestleMania V when "Macho Man" Randy Savage took on Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Title.  Another man that knows a lot about wrestling history and WrestleMania is Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

VENTURA:  You got that right Tony Schivone!!  It is great to be here at WrestleMania!!  You know, being Governor of Minnesota is a busy job but I wouldn't miss this for anything.  I was at the first six WrestleManias and I am honored to be here to call this one.

ROSS:  What are your comments Joey Styles?

STYLES:  Well, even this 'extreme' announcer is honored to be at this event.  I am here to help provide commentary on the ECW athelets that will compete here tonight but I am looking forward to each and every match, but the two matches that have me most interested is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair VS. "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash for the WWF World Heavyweight Title and the ECW Heavyweight Championship match between former 3-time ECW champion against the third generation star and current champ The Rock.

ROSS:  Well, let's kick things off here at WrestleMania!!

Right after Jim Ross says this, Kilgore's version of "Walk" blares out to a nice ovation for the entrance of Rob Van Dam.  Surprisingly, RVD comes down without manager Bill Alfonso but doesn't seem too worried about it as he is all smiles.  He even high fives some of the fans on the way to the ring.

HOWARD FINKLE:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is for the WCW World Television Championship.  Coming into the ring, from Battle Creek, MI, weighing in at 237 pounds, "Mr. Monday Night" and "The Whole F'n Show" (this gets a rise out of the ECW fans in attendance), Rob Van Dam!!

The music now changes as we hear "Enough is enough and its time for a change!!" blare out for the music of WCW World TV Champion Owen Hart!!

FINKLE:  His opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, CA, weighing 242 pounds, The World Championship Wrestling World Television Champion, Owen Hart!!

Owen, at best, gets a mixed reaction but draws heat nonetheless.  He comes to the ring with the same wrestling singlet that he wore when he defeated his own brother Bret "HitMan" Hart at WrestleMania 10.

STYLES:  Hey, Ross.  Is those tights Owen wearing the same tights that he wore at WrestleMania 10?

ROSS:  Indeed they are Joey.  You did your homework young man. I wonder if Owen thinks that it will be a good luck charm?

VENTURA:  Well, he did defeat Bret at WrestleMania 10 at Madison Square Garden in that gear.  Maybe he feels he'll defeat RVD in those tights too.

As the commentators talk, we get ready for the first bout of the card.

Rob Van Dam VS. Owen Hart (WCW World TV Title Match)

This is a superb opening contest between these great atheletes.  The usual 10 minute time limit was removed for this bout as both men gave it their all in a 20 minute classic.  At the 15 minute mark, Owen whipped RVD into the opposite corner but "Mr. Monday Night" countered by leaping to the second rope and jumping backwards into Owen with a thrust kick!  The youngest member of the Harts was caught in the jaw.  RVD follows that up with a spinning legdrop.  He then pulls Owen out to the center of the ring, hits the ropes, goes into a tumbling move, leaps up into the air with it, and nails Owen with a sintaun back splash!!  He covers but Owen kicks out at two.  RVD moves in for another move but Owen rakes the face.  Owen then nails RVD with his insiguri kick to the head!!  Owen then goes in for the "Sharpshooter" but "The Whole F'n Show" kicks him away.  RVD pulls himself up into a corner with Hart charging in.  RVD nails him with an elbow to the face.  This buys just enough time for RVD to leap up to the top rope and nail him with a flying karate kick the face of Owen!!  Van Dam then pulls out an old move in the "split-legged" moonsault to get the three count!!  RVD has won the WCW World TV Title!!  As Owen left the ring, RVD did a rare thing and that's go into the stands to celebrate his big victory among the people.  This was a good start to WrestleMania.

We now go to Michael Cole who is standing by with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.

COLE:  Michael Cole standing here with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas who is set to challenge The Rock for the ECW Heavyweight Title in a Texas Death Steel Cage match.  Mr. Douglas, you are not only challenging for the ECW crown, a title that you virtually built from the ground up, you are defending your manager Francine because if you lose......

DOUGLAS:  Hold on Michael Cole!!  I know what you are getting at.  I know what's at stake here, the ECW Heavyweight title is important to me!!  You are right in pointing out that it is the belt that I created!!  It is the roughest championship to compete for in this industry but, when I put my manager, valet, best friend and......well, it does put a new spin on things doesn't it?  Rock, if you think that I am going to let your candy ass walk out with both of the things that mean more to me than anything else in this world, then you are the biggest dumbass that has ever lived!!  Maivia, I'll give you your due, you have raised the ECW Title to a higher status but so have I and all the other men that have held it before you.  People like me, The Sandman, former NWA World Champion Terry Funk, Raven, Sabu, TAZ, even Mickey Whipwreck!!  So, Maivia, we are going to find out later on if you have what it takes on the inside to be the ECW World Heavyweight Champion!!  Now get the hell out of here!!

COLE:  Back to you guys (Cole says this while beating a hasty retreat)!!

ROSS:  Looks like Michael Cole had himself a tough assignment there Joey.

STYLES:  Well, Shane Douglas is a man of several emotions.  Douglas obviously wants to regain the ECW Title but he just as much wants to keep Francine from going with The Rock.  I predict a great ECW Title Match later on in WrestleMania.

TONY:  I'll tell you though, I think The Rock has the advantage here.  Shane has a lot on his mind understandably and may not have the focus going into this match.  The Rock is worried about his title while Douglas is worried about the title and his woman.

VENTURA:  You know Schivone, that may work for Douglas though.  He has more to lose than The Rock plus remember, they are wrestling in a steel cage under Texas Death rules which is about as ECW as anything so Douglas has some things going in his favor too.

At this point, the music of AC/DC's "Balls On The Wall" fires up!!

FINKLE:  The following contest is the six man tag team match up, scheduled for one fall.  Making their way down to the ring, at a total combined weight of 990 pounds, is the team of Balls Mahoney, Axel Rotton, and Masato Tanaka!!

STYLES:  Well, it must be time for our six man tag team match up and here come the "blood-letting" freaks of Axel Rotton, Balls Mahoney, and Masato Tanaka.

SCHIVONE:  Balls Mahoney?  He actually goes by that name?

STYLES:  Yeah, what's wrong with that? You guys got Billy Gunn going by the nickname "Bad Ass"?

VENTURA:  Well, he better have "those" (refering to "balls") to have a nickname like that!

As the commentators talk, the three ECW wrestlers has most of the arena singing to the song.  After hearing the biggest sing along ever for the line "We got the biggest balls on the wall!!", we hear a change of music to Dan Severn's ring music to bring out "The Beast" along with The British Bulldogs.

FINKLE:  Their opponents, at a total combined weight of 755 pounds, members of The Shoot Foundation, Dan "The Beast" Severn and The British Bulldogs!!

Axel Rotton/Balls Mahoney/Masato Tanaka VS. Dan "The Beast" Severn/The British Bulldogs (Six Man Tag Team Match)

This match saw the power and wrestling technique of Severn and The Bulldogs against the brawling of Tanaka, Balls, and Rotton.  Anyone that thought that this was going to be a wrestling match was mistaken as all six men brawled from the opening bell!  While it was kept as a six man with tags, it was all high impact from the word "go"!  At the seven minute mark, all six men were in the ring.  It was Davey on Axel, Tanaka on Severn and Dynamite on Balls. Somehow, all six men got a hold of chairs!!  The ref tried to get all six men to drop them, much to the displeasure of the crowd.  At this point, Severn and Tanaka both nodded at each other and nailed the ref at the same time. From there, Severn and the Bulldogs ducked chair shots from Tanaka, Mahooney and Rotton and delivered ones of their own, only to see them still stand from them and laugh!!  The Shoot Foundation members can't believe it.  They try again but the ECW team ducks the swings and nails them with chair shots of their own!!  The team of "The Beast" and The Bulldogs fall down and get out of the ring quickly.  The match ends in a "no contest" with both teams being disqualified.

We now move to a montage of video that shows the history between Diamond Dallas Page/Jake "The Snake" Roberts/Kimberly Page and Raven.  It starts when Jake and DDP took on each other for the first time at WWF In Your House: WarGames the previous year.  From there, the feud went through Tag-Mania, WCW Road Wild, and WCW Halloween Havoc.  They also show Jake screwing the WCW World TV Title from DDP at Starrcade as well as DDP executing the Diamond Cutter on Jake from the ring apron to the floor during Raven's match with Bret Hart.  They then move to WCW SuperBrawl where Jake revealed that he had wooed Kimberly to his fold and the disturbing footage of DDP nearly killing Raven and attacking Jake during the WWF RAW/WCW Nitro simulcast.  From there, we now see footage that we haven't seen until now of Jake, Raven and Kimberly earlier that day.

JAKE:  Raven, Raven.  I don't understand why you didn't press charges against him!!  He could be in jail and out of our hair by now!!

RAVEN:  I don't want it that way Jake.  I want to kick DDP's ass.

JAKE:  Raven, you don't understand......

RAVEN:  No, you don't understand Jake!!  Page tried to f**king murder me!!  I want his ass and now I get him in barb wire.  I am going to cut him to pieces!!

JAKE:  You know what?  You always were a hardheaded son of a bitch.

RAVEN:  Yeah, well, you've always been a stubborn one Jake.  When are you going to realize that the whole problem is this little bitch here!!

At this point, Kimberly lunges for Raven but Jake holds her back.

JAKE:  Hey, you watch how you talk to her!!

RAVEN:  Well, somebody needs to tell you the truth.  She is going to get us hurt or worse.  I told you this was a bad idea from the beginning!!  Page almost ended my career and my life on earth because of her!!  I almost got killed because of her!!  Jake, kick her to the curb, she isn't worth this and stay out of my way!!

At this point, Raven leaves.

KIMBERLY:  What the hell is his problem?

JAKE:  I don't know....(at this point, we go back to our announce team)

ROSS:  Whoa.  It looks like trouble in paradise between Jake Roberts, Raven and Kimberly guys.

TONY:  You can certainly understand Raven's anger in this situation.  True, he has been a part of this situation since the beginning but it was always DDP as the target.  Now, Jake got personal and got Kimberly involved but I often wondered how Raven felt about this and now we know how he felt about it.

STYLES:  Well, can you blame the guy?  I mean, DDP is hopping mad almost to the point of commiting attempted murder on Raven.  Now, I am not one of Raven's biggest fans but he has a right to be mad and I think he was correct in pointing out that the whole situation revolves around DDP and Kimberly.  He's trying to get Jake to leave her alone but Jake won't do it.

VENTURA:  I think Raven has the right idea.  Jake is playing with fire, I say ditch the girl before it gets worse.

At this point, we are ready for our ECW World TV Title match.  The music of "The Man In The Box" is playing as Tommy Dreamer is making his way down.

FINKEL:  The following contest is for the ECW  Television Champion.  Scheduled for one fall.  Making his way to the ringside area, the challenger, weighing in at 270 pounds, "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer!!

Tommy comes to the ring with that cold stare of his and does his "cross-sign" to get himself up for the match.  He enters the ring to a nice cheer from the crowd as Finkle announces his next opponent.

FINKEL:  His opponent (the music of Bret plays at this point), is from Calgary, Alberta Canada, he weighs in at 240 pounds, the ECW Television Champion, Bret "HitMan" Hart!!

Bret comes down to a mixed reaction from the fans. Some cheering him, others (who are ECW loyalists) boo him unmercifully.  Still, he does hi-five some fans as he makes his way down to the ring.  When Bret enters the ring, he takes a quick glance around the ring and looks at the "sea of humanity" that is in the L.A. Coliseum. The cameraman picks up these comments.

BRET:  Goddamn.  Look at all of these people.  Kind of reminds me of WrestleMania's III and VI (making reference to the sell out crowds at both of those events).

STYLES:  Well, for the record, WrestleMania III had 93,173 fans while WrestleMania VI had 67,678 fans but this one has broken both of those I am sure.

ROSS:  Well, we will get the official attendance a little later but right now Joey, tell us about this match up.

STYLES:  Well, we have the consumate professional in Bret "The HitMan" Hart.  One of the best technical wrestlers in the game.  His resume speaks for itself and he has been a tremedous ECW TV Champ.  His opponent, Tommy Dreamer, has been in some of the most vicious feuds in his short 5 year career.  While a brawler at heart, Tommy does possess some technical skills. One of his teachers in his career was former NWA World Champion Terry Funk.

VENTURA:  Whoa!  Then this should be a great match up.  From what I've seen of Dreamer, he's going to try to turn it into a brawl with some wrestling mixed in but Bret is capable of the same thing, though I'm sure he would rather keep it a wrestling match.

SCHIVONE:  What it boils down to is this, if it is a wrestling match, Bret is most likely to come out the winner, if it turns into a street fight, Dreamer has the edge. Let's see what happens.

Bret "HitMan" Hart VS. Tommy Dreamer (ECW TV Title Match)

This match started out slow but soon picked up as Dreamer focused on the shoulders and neck of Bret while Hart focused on the legs.  This match soon became an ECW style of match as chairs, bells and tables were used by both men.  At the ten minute mark, Tommy went for his DDT onto the ladder but Bret counters with a low blow.  Bret then takes Tommy into a full nelson hold, lifts him up and drops him on his ass onto the ladder, compressing the spine!!  Bret quickly tries to turn it into the "Sharpshooter Deathlock" but Dreamer is near a steel chair.  As Bret goes to turn him over, Dreamer nails him in the back of the head with the chair!  Dreamer quickly gets up and, this time, he gets the DDT!  He covers Bret for the three count and we have a new ECW TV Champion!  But, as Dreamer celebrates, Bret gets up and punches Dreamer in the back.  He then gets the chair and is wearing Tommy's leg out with it.  He then gets in the "Sharpshooter" on Dreamer as the ref tries to get Bret off of him.  Then, the new WCW World TV Champ Rob Van Damn, comes down and gets in a spinning kick to the back of the head of Bret.  Bret quickly retreats to the back with the damage done as Tommy is laid out in the ring.

STYLES:  Well, we have a new ECW TV Champion but what a beating Tommy Dreamer took afterwards.

VENTURA:  That ought to be lesson to Tommy Dreamer, when you win a title, never celebrate in the ring.  Get the hell out of there and celebrate in the back!

SCHIVONE:  Perhaps so Jesse, but even I can't condone what Bret did, that was a hard fought bout.  I don't condone the use of weapons but both men did give everything and Tommy Dreamer did deserve that win as he is being helped out by Rob Van Dam and some medical personel.

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