WWF WrestleMania
Pt. 2

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After the ring is cleared, we go to Gordon Solie who is with WWF Intercontinetal Champion TAZ.

SOLIE:  Well, after the mayhem that we just saw, I expect this match to be no different as you TAZ put your WWF I-C title on the line against former WWF I-C and World champion The Ultimate Warrior.  I must ask this TAZ.  One on one against The Warrior, you can do well but have you considered the nWo factor at all as this will be a Brooklyn Death Match with no rules?

TAZ:  Gordon Solie, the most respected of all commentators, the "Dean" of commentators.  Only you would have enough balls to ask that question so I will address that point.  Against The Warrior, I am not worried because I know that I can kick his overblown ass all over the L.A. Coliseum.  As for the nWo, this is fair warning to all of them. Interfere in this match, and you will suffer the same fate as the Warrior will.  Warrior, Hellwig, whatever the hell you want to call yourself, be prepared for the beating of your life.  Beat me if you can, survive if I let you.

We now return to Styles, Ross, Schivone, and Ventura.

ROSS:  Well, I didn't envy Gordon Solie there.  Mr. Styles, is that guy always like that?

STYLES:  No, usually he's worse than that.  TAZ is the most miserable son of a bitch in pro wrestling.  "Stone Cold" Steve Austin calls himself the "toughest son of a bitch" in wrestling but TAZ is by far the most miserable.  He even makes Austin look approachable.

SCHIVONE:  Well, I will say this.  This will be the first opportunity that I will have to see TAZ.  I have heard of this man's reputation and all but, even so, he's got a big challenge ahead of him because what The Ultimate Warrior lacks in ability, he makes up for in intensity.

VENTURA:  Okay, well you guys know that I've never been a fan of the Ultimate Maniac but he is the favorite because of his track record but I can't wait to see TAZ tear him to shreds.  I have had the opportunity to see him back at Starrcade and he was impressive against Ken Shamrock.

SCHIVONE:  Well, I didn't arrive until the third day of Starrcade but I did catch the film afterwards and he was impressive.  Well, let's get to the first WWF title match of the day, let's go to Howard Finkel.

FINKEL:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Brooklyn Death Match for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship!!

At this point, the Warrior's music plays (it is the theme he used in the WWF).

FINKEL:  Coming down the aisle, from Phoenix, AZ, weighing in at 275 pounds, The Ultimate Warrior!!

The Warrior is greeted by a chorus of boos from both ECW loyalists and anti-nWo fans.  Nevertheless, he ignores them as he races to the ring wearing a long multi-colored coat with the nWo logo on it.  He takes it off quickly as he has on black jeans and his wrestling boots on.  He is shirtless as expected.  He stands in the corner and awaits TAZ.

The tune of "War Machine" plays out over the speakers as the voice of TAZ goes "survive if I let you" to the cheers of the crowd.

FINKEL:  His opponent, from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY, weighing in at 248 pounds, the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion TAZ!!

TAZ powerwalks to the ring with the I-C title around his waist.  He enters the ring and raises his hands in the air to a nice ovation.  He then stands in the corner with his arms folded, ready for action.

*TAZ VS. The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Intercontinental Championship/Brooklyn Death Match)

The two circle each other cautiously, eyeing each other down.  The Warrior charges in at TAZ which proves to be the first mistake of the contest as TAZ ducks the charge, hooks the waist and delivers a thunderous German suplex (TAZ-plex for you TAZ fans) on the Warrior!!  TAZ now moves in and puts the boots to UW.  He kicks him into the corner as TAZ has the early advantage.  TAZ whips UW into the ropes but UW reverses the whip and sends TAZ into the corner.  TAZ comes out with a clothesline to the Warrior but UW still stands on his feet.  TAZ hits the ropes for another clothesline and gets him down.  Ultimate uses some brains and goes to the outside to catch a break.  This smart move works against him however, as TAZ comes after him.  He comes behind The Warrior and nails him with a hard crossface to the nose of UW.  He does it again for two more times, causing the Warrior to bleed at the nose.  TAZ moves in for more punishment but Warrior quickly lifts him up by the waist and drops him crotch-first onto the safety rail!!  The Warrior now levels TAZ with a clothesline that knocks him into the first row at ringside.  The Warrior is now coming after him with the ref close behind.  UW gets in one hard right hand onto TAZ's head.  He nails him with four more hard punches to the face.  UW now has a steel chair and hits TAZ in the back with it.  TAZ then surprises UW by taking him down by the legs and covering him, getting a close pinfall!!  TAZ now signals for the katahajimi (TAZ-mission)!!  TAZ moves in for the hold but UW slips behind "The Human Suplex Machine" and executes a Russian Legsweep on the concrete on TAZ.  UW covers TAZ but TAZ kicks out at two.  TAZ now heads up the stairs into the stands with UW following close behind.  UW catches up to him and goes for another right hand but TAZ ducks it and hooks in his T-Bone suplex on UW, throwing him down the steps!!  Warrior hits hard and tumbles back down to the ground floor!!

STYLES:  Oh My God!  TAZ just T-Boned Warrior all the way down the stairs!!

VENTURA:  Yeah, I love it!!  The Ultimate Maniac is finally getting his just desserts!!

ROSS:  How can you say that Jesse?  A man's career could be finished after this.

VENTURA:  Well, it couldn't have happended to a nicer guy.  TAZ would be doing the wrestling world a favor!!

As the commentators continue, the Warrior is getting back up to his feet surprisingly.  When he gets up, TAZ dives, from about three rows up from the balcony, onto the Warrior.  It looks bad for UW as TAZ seems to have everything under control.  Suddenly, here comes "Buff" Bagwell from the back.  He nails TAZ from behind with a clothesline.  He begins to put the boots to him as The Warrior gets to his feet and joins in.  They begin to go for a double-piledriver on TAZ when, from the back, comes Perry Saturn, TAZ's sometimes partner, along with his former Eliminator partner John Kronus!!  They knock down the Warrior.  Bagwell goes for a right hand on Kronus but misses, never noticing that Saturn is behind him.  "Buff" has put himself in perfect position for.....TOTAL ELIMINATION!!  The former partners use their old finisher to totally wipe out Bagwell!!  The Warrior is back on his feet and has a stand off with The Eliminators.  As they talk trash, TAZ gets to his feet and does his "cut-throat" sign to the fans.  Saturn and Kronus both smile and wave goodbye to UW as they know what's about to happen.  UW is still jawing with Saturn and Kronus, not realizing that TAZ is coming up behind him.  TAZ hooks in his "TAZ-mission" on UW!!  UW is hanging on, trying to escape but can't. He picks up TAZ on his back and rams him back first into the concrete wall but TAZ hangs on!!  TAZ then uses his "TAZ-mission-plex" on the concrete floor on UW!!  TAZ hangs onto the hold as well as he has Warrior down.  The ref checks UW and sees that he is out!!  He calls for the bell and TAZ retains his WWF Intercontinental Title!!  TAZ heads back to the ring, grabs his belt and raises his hands in a token of victory.  He now has the mic:

TAZ:  Now that I have proven that The Ultimate Warrior is The Ultimate piece of sh*t, "Buff" Bagwell, you want a piece of this again, come on down!!  Beat me if you can, survive........

The fans finish his saying, yelling "if I let you!!" in unison.'

Meanwhile, The Warrior is still laid out as medics and officials are checking on him.  They are also seeing about Bagwell as he is just now getting to his feet after "Total Elimination."

SCHIVONE:  Well, I have to say that was a brutal display of skill from TAZ.  There was interference from "Buff" Bagwell that was negated by Saturn and Kronus.  What a dangerous move that "TAZ-mission" is.

STYLES:  Well, on its own, it is dangerous but when he turns it into a suplex, the match is over.  He first used it years ago in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA against Sabu.  He doesn't use it often but when he does, the match is over and, sometimes, a man's career.

ROSS:  Well, add to the fact that it was used on concrete, I'm sure that made that manuvear worse than it usually is......Ventura, why are you smiling?

VENTURA:  I love it!!  The Ultimate Maniac has finally been put to rest!!  Now, if only someone would do that to Hogan, that would make my day!!

ROSS:  Oh, come on Jesse.  I may not agree with the road that The Ultimate Warrior has taken but no one deserves this but you made an something of a point.  This does not boad well for the nWo as "Hollywood" Hogan goes for another WCW World Title later today in a 60 Minute Iron Man Triple Threat Match with the champion Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, who is looking for another WCW World Title run as well.

We are now viewing pre-taped interviews with "Hollywood" Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

HOGAN:  Well, it is WrestleMania, the event that I put on the map!  The event where I buried guys like Roddy Piper, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Andre The Giant, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Sid Vicious, Yokozuna, the list goes on and on.  Benoit, you are just a guy that held the WCW World Title in the wrong place at the wrong time and you, Shawn Michaels, you are at the right place at the wrong time!  You two little men get ready because the largest arms in the world, the 24 inch pythons, are going to bury you in L.A. Coliseum!!

MICHAELS:  Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.  Don't you just get it?  Why don't you get out while you still are breathing.  You could barely handle me, how are you going to handle me and Benoit at the same time.  Everyone has been asking "how are you going to handle Hogan and Benoit?"  Well, really, it is still between myself and Benoit for the WCW World Title, Hogan just happens to be there and he'll just be sideshow entertainment.  Benoit, get ready for an hour of war with "HBK" while Hogan, you just be ready for a good ass kicking!!

BENOIT:  The WCW commitee made this match up and I never back down from a challenge.  I'll make this short and to the point.  Michaels, you are a great athelete but I am the WCW World Champion.  You better bring all you have Michaels and Hogan, you are a guy I've been wanting to stretch since I've became a wrestler.  I am glad that you are in this match because I can now get my hands on you.  Whoever walks out as champion, I will promise, it will not be you Hogan and if I have my way, it will not be Michaels.  It'll be "The Crippler"!!

When we return, we get the theme of "The New Age Outlaws."

FINKEL:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ECW Tag Team Championship.  About to enter the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 520 pounds......

"Road Dog" Jesse James comes in and stops Finkel....


Billy Gunn now has the mic:

BILLY GUNN:  Hey, now you two jabroni's in the back, shine up those titles and clean up your bitch (refering to Tammy Lynn Sytch) because they are both coming with the New Age Outlaws!!

At this point, the music of "Welcome To The Jungle" plays bringing ECW Tag Team Champions Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow along with Tammy Lynn Sytch and they are pissed!!  This sets the tone for this matchup.

The New Age Outlaws VS. Chris Candido & Bam Bam Bigelow w/Tammy Lynn Sytch (ECW Tag Team Championship Match)

This match was heated from the get go because of the lewd comments of Billy Gunn about Tammy Lynn Sytch.  This also caused friction between Chris and Tammy as the match wore on as the usual business-like team of Bigelow and Candido misqued several moves during the bout.  Meanwhile, Gunn and Jesse James took advantage of those mistakes and had the champs reeling.  Still, they couldn't put the champs away.  At the fifteen minute mark, Bigelow managed to get into the match and was cleaning house on both of the NAO. He then put his "Greetings From Ashbury Park" (pogo piledriver) on The Road Dog for a sure pin but Gunn made the save.  Now, we have all four men inside the ring.  Tammy decides to get on the apron to slap Billy Gunn.  Gunn blocks the blow and lays a french kiss on Tammy.  Candido sees this and goes beserk on Billy.  He knocks him down and away from his lady.  Candido then checks on Tammy and she says that she's okay.  But, when Chris goes back to Gunn, Tammy kicks him dead in the nuts!!  Chris falls to his knees in pain, not only from the low blow but from what Tammy had just did.  He has a look on his face that is almost screaming "why, why, why?".  Gunn quickly takes advantage and piledrives Candido in the ring.  The Road Dog, meanwhile, holds Bigelow down long enough for the three count to take place and we have new ECW Tag Team Champions!!  Tammy quickly goes over to Billy and they share another kiss in front of the fallen Bigelow and the heartbroken Candido.

STYLES:  Well, I always knew that Tammy was sneaky but this is a new low even for her!! Why would she turn on the man that came to her defense.  Chris Candido came to her aid and she kicks him in the nuts for his trouble?

SCHIVONE:  There had to have been a plan before this match.  I don't want to speculate but the NAO, particularly Billy Gunn, had to have gotten with Ms. Sytch before WrestleMania.

VENTURA:  Well, Schivone, I wonder how that meeting was conducted?  I'll bet that was interesting.

ROSS:  Well, be that as it may, there is going to be a lot of trouble in The Triple Threat and this puts them in a bad way heading into ECW Title Match later tonight.  Speaking of which, we have The Rock standing by.

THE ROCK:  Today is the day!!  WrestleMania, live, from the Los Angeles Coliseum, the arena of champions!!  And the greatest ECW champion of all time has set foot in the L.A. Coliseum.  Well, The Rock plans on taking that piece of white trash, Shane "The Franchise" Douglas and laying the smack down on his roody pooh candy ass!!  And, after The Rock knocks your damn lights out and that referee counts out you out, The Rock is going to take Francine, make sure she knows her role, lay a different type of smack down on her and give her the "ride" of her life as I show her why they call The Rock "Rock Steady"!!  So, in front of the thousands in attendance tonight and the millions and millions of The Rock's fans at home, Shane Douglas, prepare to lose your trailer park whore and to fall to the best damn ECW Heavyweight Champion there ever was IF YOU SMEEEELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!!

We now have the music of NAO playing again, this time it is Madusa coming out.

FINKEL:  The following contest is for the WCW Women's Championship.  Coming down the to the ring, originally from Italy, now making her home in Tampa, FL, here is Madusa Micelli!!

Madusa enters the ring in one of her old "Alundra Blaze" outfits.  She is surprisingly pleasant towards the fans as she comes to the ring and even hi-fives a couple of them.  But, once she hit the ring, she got serious as the music of her opponent began to play.

FINKEL:  Her opponent, from Tallahasse, FL, the WCW Women's Champion, Sable!!

Sable enters the ring wearing her usual black outfit.  She also greets the fans as well as she enters the ring.  Like Madusa, though, she got serious once inside.

Sable VS. Madusa Micelli (WCW Women's Title Match)

This match saw the veteran Madusa dominate for most of the match due to her vast experience and Sable's inexperience.  Still, the game champion kept fighting back against her older challenger.  Sable even got in her "SableBomb"(powerbomb) on Madusa but Micelli kicked out. Sable then went for her "TKO Diamond Cutter" but, as she swung Madusa around, Madusa slid behind her and hooked in her German suplex for the three count!!  Madusa wins the WCW Women's title and the NAO faction now has two titles in their stable.

We now return to our commentators with comments on the remainder of the card.

ROSS:  Well, gentlemen, we have had six matches and of those six, we have had five championship matches. Four of those titles changed hands.

STYLES:  That's right, Rob Van Dam is the new WCW World Television Champion, we have also seen Tommy Dreamer win the ECW TV strap from a tough man in Bret Hart but man what a price Tommy paid.

VENTURA:  From there, we had a wild six man tag team match, we just saw Madusa win the WCW Women's title from Sable as well as the New Age Outlaws win the ECW Tag Team Championship in, admittedly, a surprise manner.  No one could've saw that turn my Tammy Sytch coming.

SCHIVONE:  No, especially one Chris Candido.  We still don't know why Tammy Lynn Sytch would turn on her fiance--maybe it is ex-fiance now--but nevertheless, the NAO is on a roll here and that doesn't bode well for on "Ravishing" Rick Rude as he is set to face "HotStuff" Eddie Gilbert later on for the NWA World Television Title.  And what about that brutal Brooklyn Death Match for the Intercontiental Title that we saw with TAZ and The Ultimate Warrior?

ROSS:  Well, I must say that it was a brutal affair as we expected.  TAZ felt he had something to prove to everyone in this title defense and he did, for the most part, proved that point and that point being is that he is the WWF Intercontiental Champion and that if you want to beat him, you'll have to go to hell and back.

STYLES:  By the way, any word on The Warrior's condition?

ROSS:  No, as of this moment, we do not know the status of The Ultimate Warrior's condition.  We do know that he sustained some kind of neck injury from that devestating "TAZ-mission-plex" on the concrete floor.  Well, it is about time for our next title match of the day, it is for the WCW United States Title. Let's go back to ringside.

FINKEL:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (at this point, the Horsemen's music plays)!!  Coming down the isle is the challenger.  He hails from Sweetwater, TX, he weighs 275 pounds, one of the Four Horsemen, Barry Windham!!

Windham comes down to the ring in his Texas style gear.  He looks focused and ready as his opponent is being introduced.

FINKEL:  (Shamrock's music plays now) His opponent, from Sacramento, CA, he weighs 235 pounds, the WCW United States Heavyweight Champion and "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock!!

Shamrock comes down in black tights and traditional wrestling gear wearing nothing else but his championship belt around his waist.  He goes to the stairs and enters his "zone", getting ready for the veteran Windham.

Ken Shamrock VS. Barry Windham (WCW United States Heavyweight Title Match)

In this rematch of the U.S. title finals, Windham comes better prepared for his opponent as he managed to control Shamrock for much of the contest.  At the 12 minute mark, he put Shamrock in his patented superplex from the top rope.  Shamrock landed hard but so did Windham.  Windham now awaits for Shamrock to get up so he can hook in his version of the "Iron Claw".  When Shamrock gets to his feet, Windham goes for it but Shamrock counters by taking him down with an armbar and floating over into the anklelock!!  Windham tries valiantly to make it to the ropes but can't and taps out!!  Shamrock successfully retains his U.S. title.

We now go to the back where The Dudley Boys have accousted Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

HEENAN:  Guys, guys, I am supposed to do an interview with......

BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY:  Shut up and hold the damn microphone and let us do the talking!!  Now, me and my half brother are the greatest tag team in ECW history and of the world!!  We are five time ECW Tag Team Champions!!  New Age Outlaws, congratulations but know this, down the road, we will meet up in the ring and you will feel "3-D"!! But, where are the Dudley's on this card?  Why aren't we facing Sting and The Undertaker for the Unified World Tag Team Championship?!  Why aren't we facing Magnum and "Stone Cold" for the U.S. Tag Team Titles?!!  Speaking of whom, Rattlesnakes, you dare to copy our manuvear?!!  We are the one's that made that move famous!!  If you come out as champions today, come and face The Dudley Boys and bring those belts with you!!  And don't think that you are safe either Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, if you are the champs, then expect us to show up at your door too!! Now, get out of here you old bastard mother-f**ker!!

We now return to our commentator team.

SCHIVONE:  Well, I can't say that I am sorry that happened to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (Tony chuckles a little) but being serious, these Dudley Boys seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

STYLES:  They always have chip on their shoulder.  That's how they are.  They are so disgusting that I refuses to interview them.  You'll never see me near the Dudley's.  They are five time ECW Tag Team Champions.  They, at one time, beat and split up The Eliminators, they split up The Gangstas, they took The Sandman and nearly ended his wrestling career, they even took 5'6", 110lb. Beullah McGillacutty and broke her neck with "3-D", the move that they claim that the men coming up now in this interview, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Boss" Magnum T.A. stoled from them.  I'll be interested in what they have to say.

COLE:  I am standing here with NWA United States Tag Team Champions The Rattlesnakes, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Boss" Magnum T.A.  Now I know that you had to hear the comments of D-Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley, what's your reaction?

AUSTIN:  Well, I'll tell you what my damn reaction is.  My reaction is who gives a rat's ass about the Dudley's. They are not our opponents today. It is Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson that we are concerned with and you are beginning to piss me off so why don't you ask something about our match.

COLE (slightly intimidated now): Well....uh, Magnum?

MANGUM:  It is just like the man said.  The Dudleys are another subject for another time.  Who cares about The Dudley boys.  Austin and myself will deal with them in due time.  Blanchard and Anderson, you are coming for the belts and I know that you will come hard but it isn't going to matter because you won't walk out with these belts.

AUSTIN:  Now, get your little ass out of here Cole.

MAGNUM:  I'd take the man's advice.

Cole, not wanting to argue, quickly leaves.

MANGUM:  Well, let's do it.

AUSTIN:  Oh, hell yeah. Come on.

We now return to our broadcast team.

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