WWF RAW IS WAR/WCW Monday Nitro, Pt. 1
(This story happens the week after the previous story)

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San Antonio, TX

We are joined by Tony Schivone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and "Iron" Mike Tenay for this surprise broadcast.

TONY:  Hello fans and welcome to WCW Monday Nitro, we are coming to you from the Alamo Dome here in San Antonio, TX!!  We have a compacity crowd here to witness some of the greatest wrestling action in pro wrestling today!!  Now, here is a surprise announcement and for that announcement, we are going to Houston, TX via satellite to here from Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.  No, that was not a miscomment, you heard me correctly.  Take it away guys.

We now go to The Summit in Houston with JR and "The King."

ROSS:  Thank you Tony Schivone and welcome.  For those of you that might be saying "what the hell is going on here?", well, Nitro and RAW will be broadcasting matches for the next three hours and you'll be able to see it all live and for free!!!  The story for this was that both WCW and the WWF had booked events for the Alamo Dome on the same day. The booker there apparently forgot about one or the other was going to be there on the same day!!

LAWLER:  Yes, and we had to move our show to neighboring Houston, TX but then, officials from WCW and WWF got together to put this one time only event where both Nitro and RAW would cooperate and show their cards simultaneously.  And you know what else?  It is not only free, you can see this action where you are on USA Network or on TNT!!

ROSS:  That's right folks!!!  For one night only, WCW Monday Nitro and WWF RAW will be seen on both networks so set your VCR's people because you'll probably never see this again. This will be something that you will want in your video library for the rest of you lives. Now, back to Tony.

TONY:  Thank you Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.  He is right about that guys, this show is a collectors item, not only because of this bold decision but because of the matches being signed for both arenas tonight.

TENAY:  That is so true Tony.  Tonight, we will have our one-night tournament to decide a new WCW United States Champion.  Also, we have with us tonight members of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, New Jack and John Kronus are here tonight to address the melay that we had last week at the end of Nitro between both former and current members of ECW and the newly formed "Shoot Foundation."

HEENAN:  That's right, and we should also report that the former ECW TV Champion Rob Van Damn is here tonight as part of that tournament as well as his partner Sabu.

TONY:  You may be wondering why is "The Brain" calling "Mr. Monday Night" the former ECW TV Champion?  Well, since last week when he defeated Bret "The HitMan" Hart for that title, the belt has changed hands a total of three times in the past week!!  Tenay, I understand that you were at all three of those bouts.

TENAY:  I certainly was Tony.  After RVD won the TV strap in Los Angeles, CA last week, they had a rematch in Chicago, Ill at the UIC Pavillon the very next night where Bret regained the strap.  Two nights later, "Mr. Monday Night" won the title again in Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena only to lose it again to Bret just last night in Tulsa, OK.

TONY:  Well, I must give credit to RVD, I don't like the federation that he wrestles for but I do respect the man's abilities in the ring. I'm sure that Bret Hart hasn't seen the last of Rob Van Damn.  Well, we now are going to WCW Executive JJ Dillon for the pairings in tonight's tournament.

We now go to JJ with the matchups:

DILLON:  Tonight, we are going to crown a new WCW United States Heavyweight Champion.  Here are the matchups as follows:

"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Magnum TA VS. Sabu
Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Barry Windham VS. Cactus Jack
Perry Saturn VS. Diamond Dallas Page
Ken Shamrock VS. Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin

The Garvin/Shamrock bout was decided over the weekend as both men turned in their names to participate at the last minute.  I wish all the competitors luck as we will crown a new champion tonight.

TONY: Well, those are the pairings.  When we come back, we will go back to Houston where RAW will have their first matchup and the first match of this three hours spetacular! Don't you dare go away!!

When we return, we are at The Summit where the fans are cheering and are pumped up!!  With that, The New Age Outlaws' music cranks up for the first bout.  "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, "Road Dogg" Jesse James and "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert are in their wrestling gear ready for battle along with Gilbert's wife, Madusa Micelli.  James gets the microphone and signals for the music to cut off.

ROAD DOGG:  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the WWF proudly brings to you, the ultimate ass-kicking TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOORLD!! "THE ROAD DOG" JESSE JAMES, "THE BAD ASS" BILLY GUNN, AND "HOTSTUFF" EDDIE GILBERT, THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!

With that, the music of DX began to play as their opponents made their way down in the form of "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and NWA World TV Champion "Ravishing" Rick Rude.

The Outsiders/Rick Rude VS. The New Age Outlaws

In this opening bout for this historic program, the six men tore into each other with reckless abandonment.  Things did settle down after about two minutes of mayhem but the match was contested very hotly!!  NAO used a smart strategy and kept either Hall or Rude in the ring.  Rude, by the way, still had the scars from where Gilbert burned him at SuperBrawl but that didn't stop the "Ravishing" one from wrestling.  At the ten minute mark, Gilbert went for a "bronco buster" on Rude but the "Ravishing" one moved out of the way.  Gilbert crashed groin first into the corner.

ROSS:  Well, that'll change a lot of things in your life, not to mention the complexion of this match.

LAWLER:  I'll tell you JR, Eddie might as well forget about Madusa tonight because the jewels are shattered!!

Meanwhile, Rude made the tag to Kevin Nash!!  Nash comes in and cleans house on all three of the NAO.  He then takes Eddie and whips him into the ropes. He nails him with his big boot to the face.  Nash does his old "pump fist" sign for his 'jacknife' powerbomb.  He quickly hooks Gilbert and executes the move.  Gunn and Jesse James try to come in for the save but was cut off by Rude and Hall as Nash got the pin on Gilbert.  As the match concluded, Madusa got into the ring and started talking trash to Nash.  Nash grinned at the woman as she was berating him.  Meanwhile, both Rude and Hall snuck up behind Madusa. By the way, she was wearing a black, glittering dress.  I stress was because Rude and Hall snuck up and yanked it off of her!!!  Leaving her in only her high heels and panties (she was wearing no bra with dress)!!  Madusa quickly left the ring embarressed as the Houston crowd got a good look at her bare "assests".  Gilbert quickly covered her up with his ring coat as he and the other members of NAO vowed revenge on the DX members.  Hall and Nash responded with "crotch chops" while Rude does his "bump and grind" number as RAW/Nitro takes a commercial break.

When we return, we are in San Antonio, TX at the Alamo Dome where they are ready to start the WCW U.S. Title tourney.  All commentators from both shows will commentate on all of the matches in both arenas (both tournament and non tournament bouts)


"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

In this competative bout, "The Whole F'n Show" took on the "Rattlesnake" in a great opener.  While this match was going on, Tony announces that in Tulsa, OK on the same card where RVD lost to Bret, SCSA and Magnum TA won the NWA United States Tag Team belts from Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. This give explanation to why Austin was carrying that U.S. tag belt to the ring with him.  Back to the match, it was the moves and high-flying of "Mr. Monday Night" against the straight brawling and technical style of "Stone Cold." At the five minute mark, Austin went for his "Lou Thez" press but RVD held his balance, caught him and dropped him across the top rope throat first.  RVD immediately jumped up to the top rope and executed a "Five Star" frog splash on SCSA.  As he went for the pin, in came Bret Hart and he attacks "Stone Cold", causing a DQ on RVD.  "The Whole F'n Show" is livid at this and he and Bret go at it.  From the back comes Owen Hart and The Rock.  Owen executes his spinning heel kick on RVD that knocks him down.  The Rock then moves in and gets in his "Rock Bottom" slam on "Mr. Monday Night" and does his "People's Elbow" on him!!  As Bret was going to apply his "Sharpshooter Deathlock" on RVD, Austin came back in and stunned Bret with the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!  He quickly did the same to The Rock and Owen. He then left as RVD slowly rolled out of the ring with manager Bill Alfonso.  He was visibly dejected as Austin advances to the next round.

Sabu VS. Magnum T.A.

In this next match, Sabu controlled most of the action with his wild style.  Only the experience of Magnum TA kept the wildman from Bombay at bay.  At the ten minute mark, Sabu went for his Arabian Facebuster legdrop with the chair.  The ref, however, warned Sabu that he would be disqualified here because this tournament was under WCW rules.  Sabu went for it anyway but Magnum moved out of the way!! As Sabu limped up to his feet, Magnum caught him in his belly to belly suplex and pinned Sabu to advance.  He would now face his own NWA United States Tag Team Partner and old rival in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas w/Francine VS. Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna

In this match, the former ECW champion went at it with the former WWF I-C champion with both of their respective valets at ringside.  Douglas held the experience advantage while youth belonged to Triple H. The match ended in controversy as Triple H executed his "Pedigree" move on Douglas.  Francine quickly got on the apron to distract the ref from making the count.  Chyna moved in and yanked Francine off of the apron and decked her with a forearm.  Meanwhile, Douglas reached into his tights for a pair of brass knuckles but Helmsley ducked it.  At the same time, The Rock came out of the crowd and caught Douglas (as his momentum from the missed swing made him go forward) and planted him with his "Rock Bottom."  Triple H saw what happend and quickly took the pinfall.  The ref (who was tied up with the women) saw none of this and counted down Douglas for the win.  After Douglas was revived by Francine, The Rock stood with Triple H and raised his hands. Helmsley then took the mic:

HHH:  Hey, Douglas!!  When it comes to a title like the WCW United States Title, I'll take it any way that I can get it and you'll do the same.  But, I do have a present for you!!

With that, Chyna low-blowed Maivia and gave him a DDT!!

HHH:  He's all yours!!!!

Triple H and Chyna left to get ready for the next round.  Meanwhile, Douglas slaps a camel clutch on The Rock and is stretching him pretty good.  Now, the other members of the Triple Threat come in and lay in some blows and kicks.  After they were done, they leave just as "Shoot Foundation" members Bret and Owen Hart hit the ring.  Douglas now has the mic:

DOUGLAS:  Hey Rock!!  If you have the guts, you will face me for the ECW Heavyweight Title at WWF WrestleMania coming up.  But not just any title match!!  I want your ass in Steel Cage match under Texas Death Rules!!  Hey, I'll even sweeten the pot for you!!!  If, by some miracle, you beat me, you'll get this......

He now points towards Francine, who has both a shocked and pissed look on her face as she looks at Shane unbelievably.

ROCK:  You want this title so bad that you would put up your little cheese rat to get it?  Well, I must admit, she does have a nice little bod on her.  So, I'll tell you what, get your trailer park trash of a whore cleaned up and ready for WrestleMania because The Rock will not only beat you again and retain his ECW World Heavyweight Title but he'll show your lady the time of her life and the real reason they call me "The Rock" if you smeeellllll what the Rock is cookin'!!!

The Triple Threat leave with Shane and Francine in a heated discussion about Shane's actions.  We now go to commercial break.

When we return, we go back to Houston and WWF RAW IS WAR where Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels is in the ring.  He has the mic:

MICHAELS:  What's up Houston?

The crowd responds with a pretty good pop.

MICHAELS:  Now, the reason that I am out here is to issue a challenge to WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris "The Crippler" Benoit.  Now, Benoit, I know that you are over in Japan right now on tour with the WCW belt, defending it against the best that the world of wrestling has to offer.....but, as is traditional in wrestling, a former champion has the right to a rematch.  So, I challenge you to an IronMan match for the WCW World Championship at WWF WrestleMania!!

Michaels pauses for a moment to let the message sink in.

MICHAELS:  Now, you did defeat me at SuperBrawl, no excuses.  But, as Ric Flair would say, "you did it once, let's see you do it again!"  As for tonight, I wish to have a high level match up to get ready for you Benoit.  I know that you are here Vince McMahon and I know that TAZ is also here!!

This gets a gasp from the crowd!!

MICHAELS:  That's right, tonight, for the first time ever.  "The HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels will go one on one with "The Human Suplex Machine" TAZ!!  Now, hit that music!!

As DX's theme is playing, the commentators discussed what they have just heard.

LAWLER:  JR, Tony, Bobby, Tenay, I know that Shawn Michaels "lays down for nobody" and that he's the "showstoppa'", "the main event", but has he lost his mind?!!  To get ready for Chris Benoit is one thing, but to challenge TAZ?!!  Michaels, get on a couch, you're nuts!!

ROSS:  Well, why not "King"?  Michaels wants to face the best in wrestling, he prides himself on that and, I am now being told that TAZ will accept the challenge and that it will be for the WWF Intercontiental Title as well.

TONY:  Well, JR, I certainly agree with you but I can see the "King's" argument as well.  TAZ is the type of guy that can take a lot out of you.  Even if Michaels wins tonight, he may not be in enough shape to challenge Benoit for the WCW title.  So, I guess we will all find out what will happen later tonight on this special "one-time only" RAW IS WAR/WCW Monday Nitro simulcast!!

When we return, we come to any interview with WWF Intercontiental Champion TAZ

TAZ:  You know Shawn Michaels, you either are the bravest man in wrestling or the stupidest man in wrestling.  You want to use me as a tune up for Benoit?  Understand one thing dumbass, if you thought the "Crippler" was tough, wait until your punk ass is trapped in the kata-hajimi.  You will not get the WWF Intercontinental title tonight. I will give you your due, you are a great performer in that ring but tonight, prepare to experience pain like you've never felt in your life.  Expect no mercy because I am TAZ.  Beat me if you can, survive if I let you!!

As the commentators talk about the interview, we now go to our next matchup that takes place in Houston.

Raven VS. Masato Tanaka (WWF European Title Match)

In this match, the nWo's Raven put his European gold on the line against the hardcore star from Japan.  This bout saw both men give a good match as Tanaka went for his Tornado DDT off of the ropes.  As he spun for the move, Raven snuck in a low blow that was hidden from the referee!  Masato released his grip in mid-move and crashed to the canvas.  Raven then went for his "Evenflow" DDT but, as he had the front facelock, decided not to as he stood Tanaka upright, kicked him in the gut, and gave him the "Diamond Cutter"!!  After executing the move, Raven stood and mocked DDP with his "bang" symbol.  But, then........


The third match of the U.S. title tourney is about to begin as Perry Saturn had already been introduced.  The announcer is calling for DDP but there is no Page.  There is confusion between the ring announcer, Saturn and the referee.  The security says that they cannot find Page so JJ Dillon is forced to give the win to Saturn via forfeit.  Saturn didn't want the win that way but he accepts it anyway. Tony and Co. are still rumbling about the whereabouts of DDP when, suddenly, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler cut in.

ROSS:  Tony, Tony!!!  If you want to know where DDP is, then look on the monitor!!  He's in the ring (the TV feed has switched back to Houston) with a steel chair and he's.....OH MY GOD!!.....just cracked Raven in the head with the chair!!

DDP was indeed a madman now as he beat Raven with the chair like he was a pissed off dad!  The match has been thrown out but it doesn't matter now as DDP lays the chair down and executes the "Diamond Cutter" on Raven onto the steel chair!!  Tanaka comes over to try to calm down DDP.  Page then does the "DC" on him just for the hell of it!!  Page then turns his attention back to Raven as the obssessed man now executes his face-first piledriver on Raven onto the chair!!  The Diamond man now goes to the outside and pulls back the mat cover to expose the concrete.  He then puts Raven on the top turnbuckle, goes up with him, hooks in his reverse nelson and does the "DC" again off of the top rope and to the concrete floor!!

HEENAN:  Oh my.

TONY:  He may have broken his neck guys.

ROSS:  Good god.  Well, I can't condone what I just saw but I hope that Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Kimberly Page, the estranged wife of DDP, was watching.  Jake, this man means business in a serious way but that's not the story right now. The story right now is in front of us as Raven needs medical attention right now.

The announce team is stunned now by what they have just seen from DDP.  Meanwhile, ETM's and other medical people are down there checking on Raven, who has been busted wide open from those two "Diamond Cutters."  We go to a commercial break as the mess is being cleared up.

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