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Randy "Macho Man" Savage
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Following WWF Survivor Series, it was obvious that several situations have been started and needed an event to settle things (or attempt to settle things). WWF Head Vince McMahon got together with WCW Head JJ Dillion, NWA President Jim Crockett, Jr. along with other officials to discuss Starrcade: Deadly Unions. What came out of that event was the biggest card (in both size and magnitude) ever produced.


During both WCW Monday Nitro and WWF RAW, both broadcasts were cut into at the same time with Jim Ross and Tony Schivone announcing both the site and the matches for this Starrcade.

ROSS: Hello folks and welcome to this Starrcade report. I am Jim Ross along with Tony Schivone and for the next few minutes we would like to announce both the card and the location for Starrcade: Deadly Unions.

SCHIVONE: Starrcade: Deadly Unions will come from St. Louis, MO.This year, this card is so big that it will be a three day event with festivities as well as great wrestling each night. On most cable systems around the country, Starrcade will be offered at the price of $8.95 per night or at the special price of $19.95 for all three nights of wrestling action. Now, Jim Ross will tell us about the line up for Starrcade: Deadly Unions.

ROSS: Here is the lineup for Starrcade: Deadly Unions.

Next, we hear an announcers voice running down the line up. Create your own promo with this line up below:

Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (WCW World Title Match in a cage/If Hogan Loses, He Must Kiss Shawn's A**!!!)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (NWA World Title Match)

TAZ VS. Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontiental Title Match)

Kane VS. Nikita Koloff VS. Bill Goldberg (NWA United States Title Match under Triple Threat Rules)

The Undertaker/Sting VS. Bruiser Brody & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

Diamond Dallas Page VS. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (WCW World TV Title Match)

Sable VS. Jacqueline (WCW Ladies Title Match)

Eric Bischoff VS. Chyna

Bret "The HitMan" Hart VS. Raven (Raven's Rules Match)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS. "Buff" Bagwell

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Perry Saturn (NWA World TV Title Match)

"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash VS. Vader (WWF World Title Match)

Lex Luger VS. Magnum TA

2 Cold Scorpio VS. Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight VS. J-Crown/Double Title Match)

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard VS. Midnight Express (NWA United States Tag Team Title Match)

The Land Of The Giants VS. The Steiners (No DQ)

Barry Windham VS. Chris "The Crippler" Benoit (WCW United States Title Match)

New Jack/John Kronos VS. Harlem Heat

Tatsumi Fujinami VS. Dan "The Beast" Severn (IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match)

Owen Hart VS. The Great Muta

"Sycho" Sid Vicious VS. Big John Studd

Masa Chono/Tenzan VS. The Road Warriors (IWGP Tag Team Championship Match)

The Sandman VS. Sabu (UFC Style Match)

The Rock n Roll Express VS. The Headbangers

Shane Douglas VS. Bruno Samartino (ECW Heavyweight Title Match)

The Fabulous Freebirds VS. Demolition

Cactus Jack/Terry Funk VS. Yokozuna/Abdullah The Butcher

Dustin Rhodes VS. Curt Hennig

Ted Dibiase/Steve "Dr. Death" Williams VS. Scott Hall/Randy "Macho Man" Savage

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper VS. Chris Jericho

ROSS: Another big event for this is a unique bikini contest. Tony, tell us all about it.

SCHIVONE: This bikini contest will be run by none other than Luther Campbell of the 2 Live Crew. This bikini contest will be like none other in wrestling. In a Luther Peep Show Contest, the contestants will dance and come out in bikini's. Also, this contest will be anything goes so expect the unexpected here in this contest. The ladies can do virtually anything they choose to win. Here is the ladies slated to appear in this contest.

Kimberly Page

Ms. Jacqueline





Missy Hyatt

Sherri Martel

Beullah McGillicutty


Jenna Jameson

Luna Vachon

Lady Blossom

Lady Alexandria

Tracy (Funkette)

Nadine (Funkette)

Ms. Elizabeth

Nicola Roberts (Baby Doll)

Patti Garvin (Precious)

Dark Journey

Madusa Micelli


ROSS: This contest will be interesting to say the least with this line up!! The judges for this contest will be Ron Jeremy and Sean Michaels from the adult entertainment world. Also judging this contest will be former MTV VJ Bill Belamy, controversial pop star Madonna and the equally controversial rap star Lil' Kim.

SCHIVONE: There will also be other festivities for the folks in the St. Louis area for that weekend. We will also have the playing of the National Anthem each night by some great recording artists. On Friday night, country singers Reba McEntire and Kenny Rogers will perform the anthem with country music group Alabama.

ROSS: On Saturday Night, the group known as Pearl Jam will be doing the anthem along with rock legend Jon Bon Jovi and on Sunday, the anthem will be done by R & B sensations Brandy and Monica w/ R. Kelly and The Harlem Boys Mass Choir accompanying them.

SCHIVONE: All in all, this will be one of the biggest pay-per-views ever!!! Call your local cable operator for availability.

To Be Continued

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