WWF Survivor Series: Welcome To The Jungle, Pt. 2

f/ Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The "Original" Degeneration X
(Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna)
Photo Appears At The WrestleFest Web Site

As Ross and Ventura debate the point along with Lawler. Rude has slapped a piledriver on Sting and Savage has put a swinging neckbreaker on Flair. Arn is getting creamed in the corner by UT as the clock goes down and the next competitor gets ready to come in.


It is Lex Luger for the WolfPack! He hits the ring with Rude waiting on him!! Rude goes to work on him with kicks and punches that stun Lex. Rude then backs up and charges in for another move but Lex levels him with a clothesline. Savage rushes in and gets the same treatment as does Arn. Flair does try his chops on Luger with no effect. Luger simply presses Flair, from a dead-lift position, over his head and slams him to the canvas. With a 4 to 3 advantage, Arn, Flair, Savage and Rude make a silent agreement to go after Luger, Sting and UT. Rude goes for Luger, Savage goes for Sting while the two Horsemen try their luck with UT again. Rude does manage to gain a slight upper hand on Lex but Sting is whipping Savage while UT is handling Arn and Flair. This continues until the period ends.


It is Tully Blanchard of The Four Horsemen!!! Blanchard hits the ring and executes a kneelift to Luger. He also cheapshots Rude with a knee to the back. Sting rushes in but Blanchard kicks him in the b*lls to stop that. He then takes Savage, who took a whipping from Sting, and executes his "Slingshot" suplex on him. Now, Arn, Flair and Tully are stomping a mudhole into UT. Luger and Sting make their way over and it is a WolfPack VS. Horsemen deal going on while Rude and Savage sit in the corner picking their spots to attack and getting a needed rest. This six man battle continues as the period ends (the matchups are Sting VS. Blanchard, Arn VS. UT and Flair VS. Luger).


It is Vader for WP!!! DX members Savage and Rude go to double team Vader as he comes into the ring but to no avail as Vader fights them both off. Arn comes over to Vader and gets leveled with a clothesline for his trouble. Flair rushes over and gets pressed slammed again. Vader now has Blanchard and flings him into the corner. Vader then "Avalanches" him in the corner. Sting follows this up with a "Stinger Splash" and UT comes over with a flying splash of his own. Luger then rushes in with a clothesline and Rude joins in with a clothesline of his own. Savage rushes in with a hard elbow in the corner. Blanchard staggers out of the corner and falls face first to the mat. While this was happening, Vader powerbombed Rude while Sting captured Savage in the "Scorpion Deathlock". Vader then followed that up with a big splash as the period ended.


It is Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig!!!! He races towards the ring and when he gets there, he nails Sting with his "AX" (clothesline/forearm combo). He then dropkicks Ric Flair in the chest. Rude is still down from the splash administered to him by Vader. Savage, however, is on his feet despite the pain from the "Scorpion". Flair and Arn are back into it and are double teaming Rude. Hennig goes over to even the score. Blanchard has recovered somewhat from the gang-tackles earlier and is going to work on Savage. This time it is the WolfPack who decides to stand back and watch what's going on. This Horsemen VS. DX battle continues until the period ends.


It is Barry Windham for The Horsemen!!! He races down with UT waiting on him. As Barry enters the ring, UT catches him with kicks and stomps but Barry gets up and fights back. Sting, Luger and Vader, meanwhile, stand back in the corner and watch the activity:

VENTURA: I hate to say it but The WolfPack are being the smarter of all the factions involved here. They are virtually letting The Horsemen and DX beat the living hell out of each other and they are just standing back and watching. I have to say, if this keeps up, they will be in excellent shape for the final man to come out.

As Ross expands on Ventura's point, UT and Windham continue to battle. Windham has his "Iron Claw" on UT but UT has his grip on the throat of Barry. We never get to find out who wins that battle because the final bell has rung for the final man.


It is Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He sprints to the ring and now everybody is fighting in the ring!!! It is total chaos. Sting and Flair are the first to go as Sting tried a flying bodypress that sent both men over the top rope and out. Rude and Savage double team Luger and eliminate him as well as Arn Anderson. The Undertaker is the next to go as Blanchard used some smarts. He tricked UT into rushing him, when he did, he simply pulled the top rope down and allowed UT to go over. Immediately after that, however, Vader clotheslined Blanchard over the top rope. Vader found himself alone against all of DX and one Horsemen in Barry Windham. Amazingly, Vader eliminated Rude, Savage, and Hennig and pinned Triple H. It is now one on one with Vader and Barry Windham. Windham tries valiantly to get Vader over. Vader stops that with some heavy punches to the ribs and face of Windham. Windham fights Vader back and sends him into the ropes. Windham goes for a clothesline but Vader ducked it. Vader then kicked Windham in the guts, picked him up and powerbombed him over the top rope and to the floor!!! Vader has won it for The WolfPack. The WP come back out to celebrate with Vader while The Horsemen come out to help Windham back to the dressing room.

Syxx VS. 2 Cold Scorpio (J-Crown Championship Match)

During this fast paced bout, there were some rumblings in the back involving "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. Ross, Lawler and Mike Tenay (who has joined them now) talk about the match and what might be going on backstage. Meanwhile, in the ring, Scorpio has things well in hand against the cagey Syxx. He is going for his "Disc That Don't Miss" (450 Splash). He connects on it!! Scorpio get the three count and a mild upset as he claims the J-Crown title!!!

Now, the music of Hogan plays as he is heading to the ring with the nWo. He looks pissed (no pun intended) as he hits the ring with his nWo cronies. He has the mic:

HOGAN: You know something? There is a lot of crap going on around here. If Shawn Michaels can't defend the title tonight, then I should win the match and the belt by forfeit. The WCW and everyone else is trying to "screw" "Hollywood" out of what is rightfully his!!!

At this point, JJ Dillion comes down and confronts Hulk Hogan.

DILLION: First of all Hogan, be glad that we haven't fined or suspended your ass!!! Second of all, we are not going to give you the title on a "silver platter"!!! Third of all, you screwed yourself by attacking Michaels earlier in the card. Had you not done that, you would've had a match tonight and you might very well have won the title.

HOGAN: This is a bunch of "ga-ga" from the suits in WCW. If Shawn Michaels can't wrestle injured, he should forfeit the belt.

DILLION: Maybe you think that's what should happen but that's not the way it is going to go!!!

HOGAN: Okay, Mr. Dillion. If "Fag-Man" can't wrestle, then find me an opponent that can.......

That's all Hogan gets out because down the aisle comes Bret "HitMan" Hart.

HART: Hulk Hogan, you are the biggest piece of trash that's ever set foot in the wrestling ring!!! I used to think that Shawn Michaels was, but you put him to shame ten times over!!! You want a match? You want an opponent? You're looking at him!! See you later tonight!!!

A few minutes later, it is confirmed that Bret Hart will face "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan later in the card.

Perry Saturn/TAZ VS. Kevin Nash/Scott Hall (Texas Tornado Match)

In the most violent match of the evening so far, the members of A.S., Inc. and DX went at it with scary intensity. There was chairs, tables, broadcast headsets, trash cans, and even a dumpster used in this bout!!! The match ends when Saturn puts an incredible "Death Valley Driver" on WWF Champion Nash. Hall, meanwhile, was caught in the "TAZ-mission" from TAZ but Hall fell backwards and both men fell through the ring!!! This move caught everyone by surprise, including Saturn. As he went over to see if his partner was alright, Nash recovered just enough to catch Saturn from behind and slap the "Jacknife" powerbomb on Saturn. Nash covered Saturn for the victory and then helped Hall out of the ring and to the back to end this mayhem.

Bret "HitMan" Hart VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

In this bout, both men went at it with surprising intensity. Before the bout, Bret was quoted saying "Hogan is the one man that I have never faced in singles competition. Before tonight, I would've been just satisfied with just defeating him. Now, I want to beat his tanned ass black and blue."

This match saw the advantage trade several times. Hogan, for one of the rare times in his career, was challenged as he was pushed past the 20 minute mark. Hogan was up to the challenge as he continued to battle the game Hart with power moves mixed in with some surprising wrestling skills. Hart, of course, used wrestling mixed with brawling to his advantage. At the 25 minute mark, Hogan goes for a knee in the corner but Bret moved out of the way. The ref, by the way, got hit with a stray hand from Hogan as he charged in. Bret took advantage and slapped on the "HartBreaker" (the ringpost figure four leglock) on Hogan!!! Hogan is screaming to the high heavens!! After one minute in this hold, Bret releases it. He comes back into the ring and slaps on his "Sharpshooter" on Hogan. Hogan is tapping out but the ref is still out. Then, out of the crowd comes Raven!! He comes in and, for the second time tonight, he DDT's Bret. Meanwhile, Jake "The Snake" Roberts is reviving the ref. Hogan crawls over to Bret as the ref comes to. The ref counts down Hart as Hogan gains a tainted victory. Raven and Jake come in and reveal nWo attire. They are now part of the nWo as well as they all laugh sinisterly at a half-unconscious Bret. As they hit the dressing room, "Mean" Gene Okerland questions Hogan and Co.

GENE: "Hollywood" Hogan, what the hell is going on and why were these two men down at ringside?

HOGAN: Simple, Gene. They are the new members of the nWo. They were my backup plan. The Snake and the Raven came up from the darkness of hell and took apart the "HitMan".......

That's all that Hogan gets out because Bret comes running down the hallway and attacks Raven!!! This catches all of them by surprise. Raven and Bret are fighting in the hallway as security comes to break them up. Bret is being restrained by security as Raven beats a hasty retreat with Hogan and Roberts.


The ring announcement is done by Howard Finkle.

FINKLE: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is our feature attraction of the evening. It is for the National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship!!!

At this point, the wolf howls followed by the music of Chris Benoit.

FINKLE: First, the challenger!!! From Edminton, Alberta Canada, weighing in at 235 pounds!! He is the World Championship Wrestling United States Heavyweight Champion, "The Crippler" Chris Benoit!!!

Benoit comes to the ring with a serious look on his face and fire in his eyes. He is wearing long red tights with black trim, a black vest and his US title belt. He enters the ring to a decent pop. He goes over to a corner but only removes his title belt. He stands waiting for "Stone Cold".

FINKLE: His opponent (at this point, the music of Austin plays)!!! From Victoria, TX, weighing in at 245 pounds, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!

Austin comes to the ring with his traditional black tights and black boots as well as his own leather vest. He hits the ring with the title belt and does his traditional raising the hands to the fans. When he's finished, he goes to the center of the ring where Benoit meets him. The two still have their vests on as they stare down each other. It is like two gunfighters getting ready to have a showdown at dawn. "Stone Cold' slowly takes off the belt and hands it to the referee. He doesn't, however, take his eyes off of Benoit. The mics in the cameras pick up these comments.

AUSTIN: Okay Benoit. Here we are again, "Stone Cold" against "The Canadian Crippler". The two toughest son of a bitches ever to set foot in a wrestling ring. Let's see what you're made off.

BENOIT: Yeah, we will see won't we? Don't tempt your fate with the "Crippler" Austin.

At this point, Benoit does his "cut-throat" sign at Austin. Austin responds with his "double-bird" gesture. With that, the two lock up. Both men are jocking for position with neither getting the advantage. Benoit manages to leverage Austin into the ropes as the two go along the ropes. Austin ends up with the advantage. He slowly gives a clean break....or so it seems. Austin then goes for a quick right hand but Benoit ducks it and gets off of the ropes. Both men stare at each other. The two lock up again but this time, Benoit gets in an armdrag. Austin smiles at Benoit for the move surprisingly. The two lock up again and Benoit gets it in again but this time holds onto the armbar. Austin then forces Benoit back to the corner and slaps Benoit. Benoit slaps him back and the two are now trading blows. Austin grabs a side headlock but Benoit quickly shoots him into the ropes. When Austin comes off, Benoit takes him down in a Fujiwarmi armbar and goes for a "Crippler Crossface"!!! Austin quickly gets to the ropes to force a break. Benoit gets back to his feet quickly and so does Austin. Benoit tries to clothesline Austin back down but Austin ducks and gets in his quick kick and goes for the "Stone Cold Stunner" but Benoit gets away just as fast. Here are some commentary statement:

ROSS: Wow!! Both men are going for the win early and it is apparent that they are aware of the others tendencies. What do you think King?

LAWLER: Well, when you've been in the ring with someone as many times as Austin and Benoit have with each other, you get that familiarity. Sometimes, you'll know what the opponent is going to do before he knows it.

As the commentators talk, Benoit has taken Austin down into a hammerlock. Benoit is adding to the pain by driving the knees into the left elbow of Austin's arm. The ref asks Austin does he give up. Austin, of course, doesn't give in. Austin gets back to his feet and pushes Benoit into a corner and the ref asks for a clean break. Austin acts like he's going to do that but then quickly drives a shoulder into Benoit. He does this two more times before whipping him into the opposite corner. Austin then charges in but Benoit moves and Austin goes into the corner shoulder-first. Benoit then takes Austin back down with an armdrag and hooks in an armbar. Benoit now streches out the arm and is driving knees into it. He then hooks the armbar back in. Austin still doesn't give up. Austin then gets back up to his feet again. This time, he throws Benoit into the ropes but Benoit mows him down with a shoulder-tackle. Benoit hits the ropes again and Austin ducks down to allow Benoit to go over. When Benoit rebounds off of the ropes, Austin catches him with a kick to the gut. He then sets Benoit up in a corner for a Liger-Bomb....or so it seems. When Austin picks him up, he steps out of the corner for about three steps and then, suddenly, he falls back!!! Benoit goes head-first into the cornerbuckle!! Benoit is still laying on the turnbuckles so Austin continues the assault by kicking Benoit repeatedly in the back!!! Austin then brings him out and bodyslams him. Austin then hits the ropes and does his forearm-elbowsmash on Benoit. He does this about three more times before going for the first cover of the match. He gets a two count.

Austin then hooks in a reverse chinlock on Benoit. He wrenches it in tight. He holds this hold for about 1 1/2 minutes. He then releases the hold and goes to his forearm-elbowsmashes again. He then throws Benoit into the ropes, catches him in a waistlock, and give him his "Stun Gun" move. Benoit falls back onto the canvas after his neck was thrown across the top rope. Austin picks up Benoit again, throws him into the ropes and catches him with a hard clotheline. He covers Benoit again and gets only two. He then goes for his reverse chinlock again but Benoit counters with a jawbreaker. Benoit then gets to his feet and nails Austin with a hard chop that echos all around MSG. Benoit does this four more times. He then hits Austin with a headbutt that rocks "Stone Cold". He then throws Austin into the ropes and gives him a hard elbow. He then puts Austin in the corner and gives him a traditional Austin tactic as he kicks him repeatedly, driving him down to the canvas. He then gives Austin a "double-bird" as insult!! He then throws Austin into a corner but Austin comes out with a "spear" tackle (similar to Goldberg's), straddles Benoit and pounds away with fists of fury!!! He then gets back up to his feet and give him the "finger" as he throw Benoit to the outside. Austin follows him out there.

ROSS: Now, normally, this would be Austin's territory but Benoit has shown that he can go on the outside as well.

LAWLER That's right JR. You don't survive wild bouts with guys like Cactus Jack, Kevin Sullivan and Raven without being tough. Austin might be better served to get Benoit back into the ring.

As Ross and Lawler talk, Austin has fired Benoit into the guardrail backfirst. Austin then charges in but Benoit then ducks down, grabs a waistlock, lifts Austin up, and does Austin's own "Stun Gun" onto the safety rail!!! Benoit then throws in a right hand that decks Austin down to the canvas. Benoit then throws Austin back into the ring. Benoit then hits a big piledriver on Austin. Benoit then signals that he's going to the top rope for his flying headbutt. Benoit gets there and flies and connects!!! Benoit, however, is stunned by the move himself but he makes it back to his feet. Benoit is now waiting on Austin to get up. As Austin does, Benoit goes in for his "CC". Before he can take him down, however, Austin mule-kicks Benoit low. The ref reprimands Austin but the damage has been done. Austin then goes in and hooks in his "Texas Cloverleaf". Benoit is in pain but won't give up. After about 40 seconds in the hold, Benoit pushes up but can't force Austin off. So, Benoit reverse into the hold and throws Austin off balance. This breaks the hold. Benoit gets up first and hits a clotheline. He then goes and pick up Austin but this is a set up because Austin slips in his arms and does the "SCS"!!! Austin quickly covers but Benoit's foot is on the ropes. This causes a break. Austin then whips Benoit into the ropes but Benoit reverses it. Benoit hooks in a sleeper hold but Austin quickly counters with a jawbreaker. Both men are tired but still keep going. Austin, as insult, then hooks in the "CC" on Benoit!! Benoit doesn't submit but is feeling the pain. He manages to squirm to the ropes to force a break after being in the hold for about 30 seconds. Austin then throws Benoit to the outside again. This time, Austin is in total control of the outside-the-ring activities. Austin throws Benoit into the steps. He then throws Benoit back into the ring. Austin then goes for his "SCS" again but Benoit quickly throws his left arm up over Austin's head and hooks in a "Dragon Sleeper"!!! Austin is struggling to break free. As he struggles, he accidently kicks the referee. The ref DQ'es Austin and Benoit has won the match. However, Austin retains the title due the disqualification. Benoit is pissed!!! He goes back into Austin but here comes A.S., Inc. in the form of Brody, Hansen, TAZ and Saturn. Just as quickly, the Wolfpack comes out and now we have five on five fight in the ring. Referees and security are trying to break up this wild ending with no success as we leave the air with Jim Ross telling us that the full brawl will be shown tommorow on RAW.

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Photos of DDP, X-Pac, Lex Luger (w/Sting), Goldberg, Benoit, DX, and Austin appear
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