WWF Survivor Series: Welcome To The Jungle!!!

f/ Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The Four Horsemen (1988)
Photo appears in The Ric Flair Tribute web site

ROSS: Hello and welcome everyone to WWF Survivor Series. We are coming to you live from the world famous Madison Square Garden here in New York City. I am Jim Ross with Jerry "The King" Lawler and we will be hosting this broadcast. Also, we will have rotating commentary from some of the top color men in the business. We would like to welcome to our team for this first match, WCW commentator Tony Schivone.

SCHIVONE: Thank you Jim Ross and our first match from this venue will be that six man tag team match where WCW World TV Champion Diamond Dallas Page will team up with former NWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors. They will face the Hart Foundation trio of Bret "The HitMan" Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Owen Hart. Also featured here tonight is NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He will defend the title against WCW United States Champion Chris Benoit.

LAWLER: Plus, we have that big twelve man Royal Rumble style bout featuring Degeneration X VS. The Four Horsemen VS. The WolfPack. But the one that I am waiting for is Sable, making her pro ladies debut and what a debut she's got as she faces Chyna of DX.

ROSS: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will also face TAZ and Perry Saturn in an anything goes Texas Tornado contest and NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Goldberg will face Kane in a no disqualification match.

SCHIVONE: Plus, we have a battle for the J-Crown Championship as Syxx of DX will defend against 2 Cold Scorpio and Unified World Tag Team Champions Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen will defend against the men that recently joined the nWo and the men that Hansen and Brody defeated for the title, The Steiner Bros.

ROSS: Folks, before we begin, we have some late breaking news to tell you. Shawn Michaels was jumped earlier today by "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan while coming into the arena. We have that footage right here.

While Ross, Schivone, and Lawler talk, the footage shows Michaels walking into the arena with some fans (who came early) cheering him. As Shawn was hi-fiving the fans, another limo drove up. Shawn payed it no mind. This was a foolish mistake as "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan jumped out of the limo and attacked Shawn!!! He picks up the safety rail and jams it into the neck of Michaels. Hogan then executes a piledriver on the concrete floor on Michaels!!! Hogan then drops a series of legdrops on a prone Michaels!!! Security rushes out to break this up but the damage has been done. Michaels is reported to have a serious neck injury.

ROSS: The last word on Michaels is that he has an injured neck. He will be alright but he won't able to defend the championship tonight at Survivor Series. That's the final word on that right now. Let's go up for the big six man tag.

Diamond Dallas Page & The Road Warriors VS. The Hart Foundation (Bret "HitMan" Hart, Owen Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart)
The music sounds for The Hart Foundation as Bret's theme plays out to a round of boos from the MSG crowd. Owen and Neidhart are focused but Bret seems taken aback by the response. They hit the ring raising their hands in the air confidently as they await their opponents. The music of "Iron Man" plays as the response changes to cheers as DDP and The Warriors come to the top of the rampway. DDP does his usual "Diamond Cutter" sign as he makes his way down with the Roadies. As soon as they hit the ring though, Bret and Co. attack and the fight is on!!! Even after order is restored, the tempo of the match never really slowed down. The exchange especially got heated between DDP and Bret Hart. The contest ended when DDP slipped in his "DC" on Bret. As he covered, Owen broke up the pin and that brought the Roadies back in!!! As the Warriors went to the outside to fight "The Anvil" and Owen, DDP went for another "DC" but Bret applied a quick reverse atomic drop on DDP and delivered a quick low blow behind that!!! With DDP sore on his spine and n*ts, Bret hooks in his "Sharpshooter Deathlock" on DDP!!! The ref, however, is still trying to break up the outside activities. Then, from the crowd, comes Jake "The Snake" Roberts along with Raven. Raven DDT's Bret while Roberts goes for DDP!!! Roberts applies his DDT to Page. With Page unconscious, Roberts pulls out a belt and whips DDP like a dog with Raven holding him down. The Warriors and the Harts finally see what is going on and rush the ring. Roberts and Raven beat a hasty retreat but the damage had been done. Neidhart, Owen and The Warriors put grudges aside to help their partners out of the ring and to the dressing room for medical attention. By the way, the match ended in a no contest.

Immediately following that match, we see Lee Marshall with five members of Ass-Whippers, Inc.

MARSHALL: Jim and Jerry, I am standing here with members of A.S., Inc. The Unified World Tag Team Champions Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, WWF Intercontiental Champion TAZ, NWA World TV Champion Saturn and the lovely Sable. Gentlemen, we know that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has a big title defense with Chris Benoit but you guys have tough matches ahead in your own right.

HANSEN: That's right microphone man. Tonight, me and the Bruiser are going up against those nWo crybabies The Steiners!!! You wanted this shot, you got this shot. Make the most of it because at the end of the night, me and the Bruiser are still going to be wearing the gold....aowllllll(the Texas scream that he always does)!!!

SATURN: Outsiders. Hall and Nash. Tonight, you got me and the "suplex machine" in a Texas Tornado Match. You better be prepared for a war because that's exactly what your going to get. You are going to be dropped on your head or you're going to be choked out and stretched.

MARSHALL: Now, Sable, don't you think you might have bitten off a little bit more than you can chew? I mean, to make your ring debut against DX's Chyna......

SABLE: Marshall, I know what you're getting at. I know that Chyna is bigger and stronger than me and that she has more experience. But, one of the things that make us the group that we are is that we never back away from any challenge so tonight Chyna, be prepared for a fight!!

MARSHALL: Well, they seem very confident this evening guys. Later on, I hope to have an interview with "The Crippler" Chris Benoit about his shot at regaining the NWA World Title. Back to you guys.

ROSS: Thanks Lee and welcome back folks! We have just seen a wild one here to start out things and it is apparent that the hate for DDP from Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Raven has not died down at all.

SCHIVONE: Obviously not. The early report that I got from the back is that DDP and Bret Hart will be okay. They'll have to be checked out for concussions due to those hard DDT's they took but they'll be back in action.

LAWLER: Well, now comes a match that I personally have been looking forward to. It is the new member of A.S., Inc. Sable as she goes against the devestating Chyna.

ROSS: A lot of people have been talking and writing about this match. Me and "The King" have gone on record that this match is going to be a painfull massacure for Sable. Tony, what do you think?

SCHIVONE: Well, on paper, Chyna is the obvious favorite but sometimes being an unknown works to your advantage. Chyna is a seasoned pro but even veterans will have trouble with an opponent that they have no scouting reports or films of. While Chyna may very well win this match, I look for an upset here. Sable takes her.

Ross and Lawler knod in shock but is respectfully of Tony's opinion.

Chyna VS. Sable (WCW Ladies Title Contender's Match)

The winner of this match will face Ms. Jacqueline at WCW Starrcade from St. Louis, MO at The Kiel next month. Sable showed surprising toughness and skills as she dazzled Chyna with her kickboxing skills and surprising scientific skills:

ROSS: This is surprising!!! Sable has really prepared for this bout. Of course, she is married to top contender for the WCW TV title Johnny B. Badd.

LAWLER: Yeah. You can bet he's been working out with her in more ways than one!!!

As Ross and Schivone talk about the match and Lawler's bad taste in words, Chyna has made a comeback with a powerful dropkick that knocks Sable's head into the lower turnbuckle. It is all Chyna for about five minutes but Sable comes back again. She goes for a side kick but misses. Chyna takes advantage of the miss and picks up Sable in the "Chyna Rack". The match seems over but Sable, as she is being picked up, rakes Chyna's eyes before she could hook the hold completely. Sable then kicks Chyna in the gut and powerbombs her down!!! Sable covers but only gets a two count. Chyna gets up at the same time as Sable and clotheslines her down. Chyna then hooks her for a vertical suplex but Sable goes behind her and rolls her up for a close two count. Sable then goes for the kill as she picks up Chyna in a fireman's carry. She then spins for four rotations and on the fourth, she lets Chyna go and she "Diamond Cuts" her!!! Sable covers and this time she get the three!!! Sable wins but out of the crowd comes the nWo. Ms. Elizabeth, who is still associated with Hulk Hogan in this "reality", throws powder in the face of Sable and follows up with powder to Chyna as well. Then, in a sickening display, Hogan bodyslams Chyna and then Sable. Both women are half-unconscious when Hogan grabs the mic:

HOGAN: You know something? This is the fate that I had planned for Shawn Michaels tonight but he's too chickensh*tted to show his face. Likewise, "Luke Warm" Steve Austin was too cowardly to face me tonight for a rematch. So, let the tramp (pointing at Sable) and the freak of nature (pointing at Chyna) share their fates in their place!!!

With that, Hogan lets the front of his tights down and pisses on both Chyna and Sable!!! This is a very heinous act by "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan.

SCHIVONE: This is sick!!! To do it to Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin would've been one thing, but to do it to these two women.....(Schivone is so filled with disgust that he can't even talk)

LAWLER: I can't believe this. Even I can't condone this.

As the commentators try to talk about what is going on in the ring, members of both A.S., Inc. and DX rush out and the nWo bail into the crowd. There is a silent agreement between the two factions to put aside hatred and help their women out of the ring.

ROSS: This is incredible. DX and A. S., Inc. are cooperating with each other. These two faction might not like each other but now they have a common foe in "Hollywood" Hogan and the nWo.

We now are in a promo for WWF Royal Rumble in January.

When we return, the ring has been cleared of the mayhem with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler still talking about it. They are now joined by Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

ROSS: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!!! We are now joined by Jesse "The Body" Venture for the next three matches. Before we go on Jess, what do you think of what we just saw?

VENTURA: Well, first off it is great to be here back in the Garden and back in the commetators booth!!! But, that being said, let me say that I told you and everyone for years that Hulk Hogan was the biggest scum on the face of the earth but you wanted to make him out to be some hero!! Now, you see what I've been saying all of these years!!! This guy would piss on his mother if it meant him being in the spotlight!!

LAWLER: Well, don't you think that Shawn Michaels had that coming a little bit? I mean, him and DX did do the same thing to him at SummerSlam?

VENTURA: As far as I'm concerned, Shawn Michaels and DX did the wrestling world a service back at SummerSlam!!! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!! I don't see what they did wrong!! Urine is waste right? The was just putting waste on top of waste!!!

Though a sick comment, Lawler and Ross couldn't help but to laugh.

Bruiser Brody & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen VS. The Steiner Bros. (Unified World Tag Team Championship Match)

The Steiner Bros. were roundly booed and sneered at as a result of the nWo attack moments ago. In contrast, the tag champs received a standing ovation!!! This match, as expected, was a brutal contest. The champs followed up on the damage that Hansen did to Scott Steiner's arm in their one on one bout two weeks ago on Nitro. The kept Scott in the ring for most of the bout. Scott, after seven minutes of tourture managed to make the tag to Rick after capitalizing on a rare Brody mistake when Brody tried to splash Scott in the corner!! Rick came in a house of fire, taking down both Hansen and Brody. He then hit his top rope bulldog on Brody and went for the cover but Hansen broke it up. Now all four men are in the ring. The legal men are Rick Steiner and Bruiser Brody. The ref is outside trying to break up the fight between Scott and Hansen. Rick, meanwhile was going for the kill on Brody when (out of the stands) came the team of "Land Of The Giants" (Andre The Giant and Paul "The Giant" Wright)!!! As Rick was setting up for his "Steinerline" clothesline, Paul snuck in and executed his chokeslam on Rick. Andre then unleashed a running version of the "Bombs Away" splash on Rick!! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Brody took advantage and executed his patened knee from off of the ropes on Rick. By this time, the ref had returned and The Giants were long gone. Brody covers and gets the three count. They are still the World Champs and The Giants got a bit of revenge on The Steiners.

MARSHALL: I am standing here with WCW United States Champion Chris Benoit. Tonight, you have chance to regain the NWA World Title. A title that you held earlier this year when you defeated Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in New Orleans, LA at The Superdome. You then lost that title back to Steamboat but partially because of the man you will face tonight, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

BENOIT: Marshall, you are right but this situation goes beyond the NWA Title. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, our feud began in Philedelphia, PA at Untamed. You cost me the NWA Title. I cost you the NWA US title. We've fought in WarGames. We've battled in BattleBowl and in a strap match at Barely Legal. Each time, we've pushed each other to the limit. Tonight, I am the WCW US Champion but I am coming for a title that I probably should've never lost to begin with, the NWA title.

MARSHALL: Okay, now let's go to Mike Tenay. He has a sure rebutal from NWA Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

TENAY: Thank you Lee, I am standing here with NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Now, before I talk about Chris Benoit and the NWA title match, I want to get your opinion on what happened to Sable and Chyna tonight.

AUSTIN: What do you think that I think of it?!!! "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan has turned into a punkass!!! When you got to go so low as to pee on women just to get attention, then you have some serious issues. Hogan, rest assured, if Shawn Michaels and DX doesn't get their hands on you, the Ass-Whippers will. Now, about Chris Benoit, I have to give you your due, you are one tough son of a bitch!!! You have battled "Stone Cold" Steve Austin like few men have. But tonight, we will see if you can do it when it counts. I know you would love to add this belt to your US title but it ain't going to happen. If it was anyone else holding this title but "Stone Cold", then I would have to say that you would be the odd on favorite but it is "Stone Cold" holding this title and your going to be laying on the ground in prone position after the "Stone Cold Stunner" is laid on you. To quote the Nation theme song, "you count the stars while the ref counts three, I hope you like to look at ceilings 'cause that's all you are going to see" and that's the bottom line!!!

Goldberg VS. Kane (NWA United States Championship/No DQ Match)

Before this match, we see films of their last encounter at WWF In Your House: WarGames with commentary from Lawler, Ross and Ventura:

ROSS: As you can see here, Goldberg seemed slightly intimidated by Kane. We know that Goldberg fears no man but I don't think he's seen an opponent with the ability to take punishment like Kane.

LAWLER: You are right JR. Look at this!!! He executed that awesome JackHammer suplex on the concrete floor on Kane and look, the man gets up like nothing!!!

VENTURA: Well, guys, he is the brother of The Undertaker and we all know about his ability to absorb punishment. I guess it runs in the family.

As the commetators talk, the lights go out and out comes Kane through the fire and fireworks. He is cold and calm as he walks out and enters the ring. Goldberg comes in next to the cheers of the crowd. He is focused as usual. He takes off the championship belt outside the ring. He enters the ring and the fight is on!!! This is a brutal ten minutes of action with neither man really gaining a clear advantage. At the eight minute mark, both men are on the top turnbuckle. Kane is attempting a superplex from the top rope. Goldberg blocks it, picks up Kane and does the JackHammer suplex to the outside.....onto the Spanish commetator's table!!! The table breaks from the impact. Goldberg gets back into the ring for the countout but Kane raises up and barely beats the count!!! Sensing victory, Goldberg goes into the ropes for another move but gets caught by the big hand of Kane and gets chokeslammed. Kane then goes in for the kill as he "Tombstones" Goldberg!! Kane covers and gets a shocking upset as he takes the NWA United States title from Goldberg and hands him only his second loss of his career.

Another Royal Rumble promo is aired but also a WCW Starrcade promo is aired as well. When we return, we are standing by with DX's Scott Hall and WWF World Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.

HALL: Hulk Hogan!!! You better thank god that the promoters wouldn't let me or the big man out of this match to face you but rest assured, your day of reckoning is coming.

NASH: Yeah, Hogan!!! You're big and bad beating up on women. We will get to you in due time. Saturn, TAZ, you've picked the wrong night to mess with us!!!

Ross and Lawler are now explaining that Texas Tornado match will come later but right now, it is time for the big twelve man Royal Rumble style bout. With that, let's go to Howard Finkle.

FINKLE: Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time for the twelve man team Royal Rumble match!!! Before the bout, all twelve men picked a number 1-12 at random. This will determine the order of which they will appear. The wrestlers that drew numbers 1 and 2 will start the bout and a new wrestler will appear every sixty seconds thereafter. The elimination process cannot start until all twelve men have entered the ring!!! When all twelve men have entered, the only ways of elimination are over the top rope and to the floor or by pinfall. The referees can eliminate a participant if a wrestler cannot continue and there is no disqualifications, countouts or time limits on this match!!!

The WolfPack (Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Sting & Vader) VS. Degeneration X ("Ravishing" Rick Rude, Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Randy "Macho Man" Savage) VS. The Four Horsemen (Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Barry Windham)

The match begins as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has drawn number one!!!

ROSS: The former NWA World Champion looks very confident doesn't he?

VENTURA: He does and I don't know why. I wouldn't be happy getting number one in this case JR Ross.

ROSS: I'm sure he isn't. But he's not going to let you know about it. But I'll tell you, if I was to have anyone start at number one, it would be this man right there.

LAWLER: Normally, I would agree with you there Ross but given that this is Flair's first match since that devestating injury at the hands of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin......I don't know, I just wouldn't feel comfortable with him going in there first.


As the commetators debate on that issue, the music changes to WolfPack music. Drawing number two is Sting from WP. He comes down to the ring with Flair waiting on him!!! Flair takes him to the corner and chops away at him but it only wakes Sting up. Flair still goes to the attack with rights and lefts but Sting fires back and now the two are exchanging fists with Sting coming out ahead. He throws Flair into the ropes and lifts him up for a gorilla-press slam. Flair is holding his back and heading towards the corner. Sting comes in after him but Flair stops him with a finger to the eye. Flair then goes to his knees and hits Sting with a lowblow. Flair now takes over with stomps to the head and chest of Sting. He picks up Sting and sets him up in the corner. This time, his chops does have some effect and Sting cringes in pain. Flair is pouring it on as the next man is ready to come down.


It is Arn "The Enforcer" Anderson!!! Sting is in big trouble now as Arn comes down. Flair has thrown him into a corner but Sting comes out with a clothesline on Flair. But, as he rushes out, Arn is coming in. Arn is quick enough to duck low, lift up Sting and give him the "SpineBuster" slam. Arn now is kicking Sting down and punching him in the face with his left handed punches. Flair is now on his feet. He gets Sting in the center of the ring and puts him in the figure-four leglock. Arn also helps out by putting a "Dragon Sleeper" on Sting. Flair lets out a "whooo" as they are applying the pressure to Sting. This continues until the next man comes down.


It is The Undertaker. He appears from under the ring. He comes up from under the ring apron and sneaks in the ring. He grabs a surprised Arn by the neck and delivers a hard chokeslam!!! Flair releases Sting from the "FF" and goes in choping and punching UT with no success. UT pushes him to the side. Flair charges back in but gets leveled by UT's big foot. Arn charges in but runs right into a "Tombstone" piledriver. He drives Arn hard into the canvas. Sting is now back on his feet and he and UT see that they have a brief two on one for Flair. Flair doesn't know what to do but attack. He rushes Sting but Sting picks him up and gives him a reverse atomic drop. Now, UT has his hand on the neck of Flair and gives him the chokeslam as the period ends.


It is "Ravishing" Rick Rude from DX. He rushes the ring and clips Sting in his left knee. UT now turns around and has Rude by the throat but Rude responds with a quick low kick. With UT doubled over, Rude slaps on his "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on UT. UT is down, temporarily any way, so Rude goes over to Flair and drops repeated forearms on him. Arn, however, has made it back up and drives a knee into Rude's ribs. Rude fires back with a punch to Arn's face and the two trade off back and forth. Rude, being the fresher of the two, gets the advantage over Arn. Rude then clotheslines him down but Flair comes up from behind and kicks Rude in the back of the knee. Rude spins around and decks Flair with a hard forearm. He then looks to the center of the ring and sees Sting and UT standing up together. Sting then points at Rude and Rude responds and the two go at it in a slugfest. The Horsemen then take advantage and double team UT with limited success. The do manage to get him into a corner to work him over as the period ends.


It is Randy "Macho Man" Savage for DX!!! Now, all of the teams are even for the next sixty seconds!!! Savage runs to the ring like a madman and goes for Ric Flair, leaving Arn alone with UT. It is Arn VS. UT, Sting VS. Rude and Savage VS. Flair.

ROSS: This match is unbelievable. We have The Undertaker and Arn Anderson in one corner and two long time rivaries in the other corners in Savage and Flair and Sting and Rude.

VENTURA: Well, I got to give the advantage to DX at this point because their people so far has had the good late numbers. At this rate, the Horsemen and WolfPack will have nothing left at the end.

ROSS: The problem with that theory is that we don't know who the last man will be until about number 11, so to say that DX is in the driver's seat is a bit premature at this point.

To Be Continued

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