Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
Leader of nWo Hollywood

In the aftermath of SummerSlam: Supreme Armageddon, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan suffered the most humiliating moment of his life when J-Crown Champion Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Randy "Macho Man" Savage perfomed the "golden shower" move on Hogan (in case your wondering, that's a nice way of saying that they pissed on Hogan!!!)!!!! Hogan awakened to find himself drenched in nasty liquid and he was seeing red!!! We now go to later on that evening after the "Supreme Armageddon" matchup when Dok Hendricks caught up with Shawn Michaels in the dressing room:

HENDRICKS: Here we are with J-Crown Champion Shawn Michaels and I have to say you have got "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan really ticked off as well as the whole nWo (Michaels is chuckling as Hendricks talks)!!! Aren't you worried that you have made a serious enemy here?

MICHAELS: Hendricks, please!!! Degeneration X isn't worried about Hulk Hogan, the nWo, the Four Horsemen, Ass-Whippers, Inc. or any of the other so-called supergroups in wrestling because we are the ultimate supergroup in wrestling!!! We respect no one......

That's all that Michaels gets out as Hogan has broken into the dressing room!!! He gets in a blow with a clothesline from behind that knocks down both Michaels and Hendricks!!! Hogan picks Michaels by the seat of the pants, spins him around and decks him with a right hand that re-opens the cut that Michaels suffered during the cage match just a half hour ago!!! "Get up b*tch, get some of this!!" is what Hogan yells at Michaels repeatedly!!! Hogan straddles Michaels and peppers him with fists to that open cut!!! Michaels is bleeding like a stuck pig!!! During the carnage, members of DX try to get to Michaels to help but Hogan has barracaded during the Michaels interview so no help can come!!! As Michaels gets to his hands and knees, Hogan boots him in the ribs!!! He then takes off his weightlifting belt and is whipping Michaels silly with it!!! Hogan takes the belt, wraps it around the neck of Michaels, and slings him headfirst into the metal lockers!!! Michaels is practically unconsious!!! As Hogan goes in for more punishment, DX and security finally manage to get in!!! Security rushes in and takes Hogan down to prevent him from doing anymore damage to Michaels as DX take their comrade to safety!!! Commentators Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura comments on what they've just witness:

ROSS: Hulk Hogan just decimated Shawn Michaels in the locker room!!! My god. Michaels is going to need medical attention right now!!!

VENTURA: Well, Hogan is not one of my favorite people but you got to say that Michaels had that one coming!!! I mean, how would you feel if you were humiliated like he was during that main event!!!

ROSS: You do have a point there Jesse. Michaels and DX's M.O. is to disrespect everyone but, Jess, they may have disrespected the wrong man this time because Hogan, like him or not, is a legend in our sport and he has never been treated in the manner that he was treated by DX tonight. You almost can't blame Hogan for reacting as he did but I have a feeling that this war between the nWo and DX is just beginning!!!


It is WCW Thunder as "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan is defending his WCW World Championship agains former WWF Intercontiental Champion Lex Luger!!! Luger has things going his way as he has Hogan on the run with a series of clotheslines!!! He then goes for his loaded forearm but Hogan moves as Lex takes to the air and Luger hits nothing but the canvas!!! Hogan then moves in and gets in a piledriver!!! Hogan then foresakes his traditional bodyslam and goes for the legdrop and gets it!!! Hogan goes for the cover but there is no ref!!! That's because an uninvited guest has shown up and has thrown the ref into the ringpost!!! It is Shawn Michaels!!! When Hogan gets up to see what has happened, he is met with a forearm to the head from a black clad Michaels!!!! Michaels takes Hogan down by the legs and is knocking the daylights out of him with fists to the head!!! Hogan reverses the tide by using his superior size to flip Michaels over!!! Hogan is now pounding Michaels in the head and has him against the ropes!!! Hogan whips Michaels into the ropes and goes for his boot but Michaels ducks it and gives Hogan a boot of his own in the form of the "Sweet Chin Music" superkick!!! Hogan is knocked out!!! Luger, meanwhile, decides to leave as it is really none of his concern now!!! Michaels stands over Hogan and gives him the DX sign!!! The rest of the nWo comes down but Michaels high-tails out of the ring it before they catch him!!! Michaels grabs the house mic and says this:

MICHAELS: Hey, nWo!!! Tell Mr. "Hollywood" when he wakes up that if he has the guts, he will face "HBK" at ECW's Barely Legal event on September 15 in Long Island, NY!!! Bring that title with you as well because it will look good around my waist!!!

Though unconscious, one can imagine that Hogan has the message.

WCW officials granted Hogan permission to defend the title against Shawn Michaels at ECW's event!!! Because of the nature of the match, it was also decided that it would be a no-DQ, no-countout bout with pinfalls counting anywhere in the building!!! The match can be won by pinfall, submission or by knockout!!! Also, members of both the nWo and DX will be either barred from the building or (if they have a match that night) locked in the dressing room!!! After the bout was announced, both men had some pointed comments about it:

HOGAN: Shawn Michaels!!! The so-called "HeartBreak Kid"!!! I hope you have a good insurance plan because you are going to take the beating of your life!!! I will never forget what you and your degenerates did to me in Chicago!!! Your supposedly great bouts with Bret Hart, Sid Vicious, Scott Hall will look like a trip through kindergarden when you face me!!! I am the 'icon' of this sport and when I am through with you, you'll just be another name on Hulk Hogan's long list of conquests!!!

MICHAELS: What you fail to realize "Hollywood" is that I have gone up against men that were just as big or bigger than you!!! I have been the underdog all of my life but I have always come out on top and this time will be no different!!! In Long Island on September 15, I am going to warm up the band and break off the "Sweet Chin Music" in your a** and on your face!!! You're looking at the new WCW World Champion!!!


Long Island, NY

ECW's card was set up with some great bouts. WCW, NWA and WWF as well as New Japan also came along for this crazy card. Joey Styles and Jim Ross covered this one. The undercard went like this:

Nikita Koloff VS. Bill Goldberg (Texas Death Match)

In this bout, the match ends when one man can't answer a 10 count!!! This match was just as brutal as their previous encounter in Sturges, SD!!! Both men even got up from each others respective finishers (Goldberg's "JackHammer"/Nikita's "Russian Sickle") to beat the 10 count!!! The end came when Ivan Koloff tried to nail Goldberg with the chain but Goldberg countered with a version of the "Sickle" that nearly decapitated Ivan!!! Nikita, taking advantage, gets in a lowblow on Goldberg!!! Nikita fires Golberg into the ropes but Goldberg reversed the whip and gets in his "spear" tackle!!! Goldberg, surprisingly, waits for Nikita to get up and gives him another "spear"!!! Goldberg then takes Nikita outside to the timekeepers' table and performs his "jackhammer" suplex onto the table!!! The table breaks from the force!!! Goldberg makes it back into the ring while Nikita is counted out and Goldberg remains undefeated in a brutal ten minutes of action!!! (Slight correction: Golberg's only loss in the "what-if" world came at the hands of the Ultimate Warrior (see Magnum VS. Austin III) but has been undefeated since then)

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Indian Strap Match)

Benoit and Austin renewed their rivary from "WarGames" in this indian strap match!!! A stipulation added to this bout was that pins would count as well as the traditional "drag-around-the-four-corners-rule". Benoit's US title, by the way, was not on the line but you couldn't tell by the way Benoit and Austin fought this match!!! Fifteen minutes into the match, Benoit had red marks on his back and chest and was bleeding from the chest while Austin was bleeding from the head (he also had his share of strap marks as well)!!!! The match ended when Benoit nailed his patened diving headbutt but was too stunned to either drag Austin or cover him!!! As both men got to their feet, Benoit went for the "Crippler Crossface" but Austin countered by staying on his feet and leveraging Benoit head-first into the turnbuckle!!! He quickly turned Benoit around and nails the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!! Austin places an arm over Benoit's chest and gets the pin but both men were taken to the hospital after this match!!!

Dan "The Beast" Severn/Ken Shamrock VS. Ole & Arn Anderson

Four submission wrestlers set to do battle in this classic battle!!! Shamrock and Severn showed surprising teamwork for two men who have such a personal rivary!!! The targeted Arn Anderson and his bad neck for most of the match!! Only the Andersons superior experience edge kept them into the match!!! The match ended when Tully Blanchard ran in as Severn was putting his armlock submission on Ole!!! Though outnumbered 3-2, Shamrock and Severn ran three of the Four Horsemen off!!! The ref called for the bell and ruled a DQ victory for Shamrock and Severn!!!

Rocky "The Rock" Maivia VS. Junkyard Dog

In this bout, "The Rock" went up against a legend in the JYD!!! Maivia had a tough time adjusting to the unorthodox style of JYD as JYD was reigining right hands and headbutts at will on Maivia!!! Maivia did gain a brief advantage over JYD with a lowblow!!! He then put the "Rock-Bottom" slam on JYD but only got a two count!!! From their, JYD came back strong and executed his "Thump" (a powerslam) on Maivia for the win!!! The action was not over, however, as D-Lo Brown and Kama of the "Nation Of Domination" came in!!! The Dog tried to fight them off but was overwhelmed by the numbers!!! Help did come in the form of Ahmed Johnson and Ron Simmons!!! The three drove off the Nation and Johnson and Simmons stood in the ring and raised the arms of JYD in a show of victory!!!

The Undertaker VS. Sting (Hell In A Cell Cage Match)

These two fought in a Texas Death Match at "Untamed" (see The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody) and on opposing teams at WarGames!!! Now, they battle in one of UT's specialties other than the "casket match"!!! The fought in the ring, out of the ring around the cage, outside the cage and even on top of the cage!!! One of the most brutal parts of this match saw Sting hanging on the edge of the cage with UT stomping his hands!!! Sting reached up and nudged UT's foot slightly!!! This caused UT to fall over a bit and UT had to catch his balance!!! This was the break Sting needed as he grabbed UT's vest and pulled him off of the cage and into the commentator's table!!! Sting then went to the top of the cage and executed a splash on a prone UT!!! Amazingly, both men were still fighting after all of that for about another seven minutes!!! Once back inside the cage, Sting brought a chair with him to use on UT!!! He used it like a father would use a belt on a child but UT stayed on his feet!!! He then used a chair shot on UT's left knee and put him in the "Scorpion DeathDrop"!!! As he was going for the pin, Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen hit the ring and attacked both UT and Sting!!! Both of these men were tired and fatigued and couldn't put up much of a fight against the Unified World Tag Team Champions!!! Brody added insult to injury as he put the "Tombstone" piledriver on UT!!! The crazed duo then took Sting, put Hansen's rope around his neck and hung him over the top rope!!! Sting was struggling for his life!!! Help finally came in the form of the Road Warriors (who were attacked by these guys back at SummerSlam)!!! They managed to drive Brody and Hansen off but the damage had been done!!! The ref, by the way, ruled this bout a "no-contest" and Sting and UT were helped back to the dressing room for medical assistance!!!

Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin VS. Perry Saturn (NWA World Television Title Match)

This match was made as a result of SummerSlam when both men interfered in each other's matches!!! Garvin and Saturn had a real hard hitting match that saw some good wrestling and fighting!!! The match ended when Saturn was going for his "Death Valley Driver" with five seconds left but Garvin squirmed out of it and nailed him with his knockout punch!!! The time, however, expired before Garvin could cover Saturn!!! Garvin then took the title and drapped it across Saturn's chest!!! Saturn would retain the title but he didn't look like much of a winner tonight!!!

Jushin "Thunder" Liger VS. Syxx (or X-Pac)

In this battle of the top cruiserweights in the world, both men showed their wears in this one!!! Syxx brought his patened "bronco ride" and karate kicks while Liger brought his unique grappling style to this match!!! The match ended when Syxx went for a Hurracanrana but Liger blocked it, held Syxx in the air and gave him his "Liger-Bomb" for pin and the win!!!

New Jack VS. Booker T (Harlem Street Fight)

This bout saw one half of The Gangstas against one half of Harlem Heat in this bout that was right down the alley of both men!!! This match went inside and outside!!! The rules of this bout were similar to the main event except that a pin must take place in the ring!!! A 10 count, however, can happen anywhere in the building!!! After ten minutes of brutal action, New Jack went for a charge at Booker T on the outside!!! Booker countered with the "110th Street Slam" (spinebuster) on the concrete!!! As Booker went in for some more punishment, Mustafa Saed came out to help New Jack but was cut off by Stevie Ray of the Heat!!! With Saed neutralized, Booker then slammed New Jack onto a table!!! He then went to the balcony and executed the "Harlem Hangover" (spinning legdrop)!!! The force sent both men through the table!!! Booker managed to get back up and the ref, gladly, counted out New Jack and Booker T was declared the winner!!!


The ring announcer is Michael Buffer

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!!! The rules for this match is no disqualifications, no countouts, no time-limit!!! Pinfalls count anywhere in the building!!! The match can also be won by submission or by knockout!!! This contest is between the leaders of two of the most recognized and controversial groups of pro wrestling!!! So, for the thousands in attendence tonight and the millions watching around the world, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!

At this point, "Are you ready" blares over the speakers at the DX theme is playing!!!

"Coming to the ring at this time is the challenger!!! He hails from San Antonio, TX and weighs in at 225 pounds!!! He has been AWA World Tag Team Champion, WWF World Tag Team Champion, Intercontiental Champion and a former three time heavyweight champion of the world!!! Here is the current J-Crown Champion of the wooooorrrrllllld!!! Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels!!!

By this time, Michaels has already made it to the ring and has done his traditional posing and stripping!!! The music now changes to Jimi Hendrick's "Vodoo Child"!!! He now awaits Hulk Hogan!!

"Coming to the ring is a legend in pro wrestling!!! He is a multiple world champion and is one of the most recognizable faces in every contient around the world!!! Here is the WCW World Heavyweight Champion "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan!!!

While Buffer was making that introduction, Michaels had left the ring and the match has officially started in the aisle!!! Michaels and Hogan trading punches with Hogan getting the better of the two!!! Hogan then winds up for a big punch but Michaels ducks it and catches Hogan with a boot to the mid-section!!! Michaels follows that up with stinging left jabs and a hard right to the jaw!!! While Hogan was stunned, Michaels takes one of his J-Crown titles and brains Hogan with it!!! Michaels then tries to whip Hogan into the steel steps but Hogan reveses the whip and Michaels goes into the steps shoulder-first!!! Hogan then comes over and picks up part of the metal stairs!!! He is going to slam them on top of Michaels but Michaels gets in a lowblow!!! This causes Hogan to drop the stairs and they fall on top of his head!!! With the lower part of the metal steps exposed, Michaels takes Hogan and piledrives him on top of the steps!!! Michaels then tries for a pin on Hogan but only gets two!!! Michaels then picks Hogan up to go for something else but Hogan counters by picking up Michaels and dropping him crotch-first onto the guardrail!!! Hogan then nails Michaels with a clothesline that sends him into the crowd!!! Hogan is following right behind him in hot pursuit!!! He has a steel chair and he bashes it into Michaels' back!!! Hogan then follows up with a bodyslam on the concrete floor!!! He then straddles Michaels and gives him five punches to the head!!! He goes for his first pin and gets two!!! He then takes Michaels back to the guardrail and lays him up against it!!! Hogan goes for another clothesline but Michaels dips his shoulder and backdrops him over the rail!!!! Michaels then heads back to the ringside area where Hogan is and throws him into the ring!!!! Michaels sees Hogan still on his back in the ring!!! He heads to the top rope and drops his elbow on Hogan!!! Michaels is going for an early win at we are only five minutes into it!!! He gets ready for the "Sweet Chin Music" superkick!!! As Hogan comes up to his feet, Michaels goes for it but Hogan ducks it and gets in a belly to belly suplex!!! Hogan is still recovering from the elbow, however, and can't make the cover!!! He then drags Michaels over to the ring post and groins him against it!!! He also gets in a right hand to Michaels face for good measure!!! Hogan heads back to the ring and drags Michaels to his feet!!! He whips him into a corner and nails him with a clothesline!!! He then whips him to the other side and Michaels goes up and is sitting on the top turnbuckle!!! Hogan then goes up with him and back suplexes him off of the ropes!!! He then goes for the cover but Michaels manages to get a shoulder up!!! Hogan then throws Michaels into the ropes and gets in his boot to the head!!! Hogan then quickly hits the ropes and gives him his legdrop!!! He covers and could've had the three count but he pulls Michaels up!!! The crowd can't believe it!!! Hogan then yells, "It's payback time you son of a b*tch!!!" With Michaels down, Hogan plans on giving Michaels a "golden shower" of his own!!! As Hogan was undoing himself to give Michaels the "shower", he didn't notice Michaels reaching into his own tights and pulling out some medicated powder!!! When Hogan turned around, he got a face full of powder!!! Michaels took advantage of Hogan's temporary blindness, hit the ropes and nailed him with his flying forearm!!! Michaels did his traditional knipup and was ready to roll!!! He pushed Hogan into a corner and nailed him with a series of elbows to the head!!! He then whipped Hogan into the opposite corner but Hogan reversed it but Michaels leaped over a charging Hogan and tried to nail the "SCM" again but Hogan ducked it and Michaels hit the ref!!! Hogan took quick advantage with a running clothesline!!! Then, from under the ring apron, came Scott Norton of the nWo!!! He nails Michaels with a forearm to the back of the head!!! He then holds Michaels for Hogan to nail him with something!!! As Hogan rears back for a punch, Michaels moved and Hogan nails Norton!!! This causes a momentary lapse of concentration for Hogan as he checks on his comrade!!! This give Michaels time to get in a "SCM" to the back of Hogan's head!!! Hogan is stunned but still on his feet!!! When Hogan turns around, he is nailed square in the face with the "SCM"!!! The ref, meanwhile, has made it back around and counts Hogan down as Shawn Michaels has won the WCW World Title!!! He gets up and does the DX sign to a fallen Hogan and accepts the belt from the ref!!! As he leaves, DX members come out to congradulate him as Norton checks on the fallen leader of the nWo!!!!

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