Degeneration X VS. nWo VS. The Four Horsemen

Baltimore, MD

After losing a tough bout to Sting and The Ultimate Warrior, nWo members Hall & Nash (along with Syxx) were into a heated argument with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff!!! It was later discovered that the argument was not only over the loss but the some fact that wasn't public knowledge. The fact was that, apparently, Hogan and Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls was supposed to face Sting and UW but Hogan pulled a double-cross by having Hall and Nash face The Blade Runners instead!!! While this didn't sit too well with the Outsiders, they went along with it (abeit reluctantly)!!! Two days after this blow up, things in the nWo were back to normal....or were they?


Daytona, FL

Hall and Nash were getting ready for another night of action but got an unexpected phone call.

Nash: You know something Scott? When we formed the nWo, we formed it to take over WCW. It was also all for one and one for all. Not all for Hogan and Hogan for himself!!! I am getting tired of this sh*t!!!

Hall: I agree man!!! "Hollywood" has gotten too big for his britches!!! That son of a b*tch seems to forget that it was US that brought his over the hill a** into the nWo in the first place!!! Sure, I give him his due for what he's done in wrestling but his butt would've been gone a long time ago if it wasn't for us!!!

As Hall and Nash continue to discuss this issue, Syxx comes in with a cell phone:

Syxx: Guys!!! Take this call!!! You're not going to believe who this is!!!

Nash takes to phone.

Nash: Hello!!! Who is this?!!! Huh,.....oh man (he says with a smile)!!! How's it been?!!! Yeah, I saw that match a couple of months ago!!! It was great!!! How are things?.......

The conversation went on for about 20 minutes. The end of it went like this!!!

Nash: Yeah!!! That sounds like a hell of an idea!!! You guys with this? (Hall and Syxx nod in agreement) Well, do you mind if we bring Curt Hennig along for the ride as well? Great, well, call us in a few days!!! Ok!!!

The Wolfpack has a sinister smile on each of their faces!!!


WCW Monday Nitro is on the air with a classic main event featuring a title for title bout between NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan!!! Flair is working on the legs of "Hollywood" and is going for his figure-four leglock!!! Before he could clamp it on, however, "Buff" Bagwell clobbers Flair in the head with WCW Championship belt!!! The ref signals for the bell!!! Flair and Hogan will retain their respective titles!!! Suddenly, Hall, Nash, Syxx, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage join Bagwell, Hogan, Bischoff (as well as Vincent and Scott Norton) to gang up on Flair!!! The rest of the Horsemen show up (Ole & Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard) to save Flair but the numbers are too great!!! The nWo go to work on Blanchard's injured knee (he suffered it during WCW/nWo Road Wild in a brawl with A**-Whippers, Inc.). Syxx, in a mock of Ric Flair, puts the figure-four on Blanchard!!! Hogan then drops repeated legdrops on Blanchard as Syxx holds Blanchard in the figure-four!!! Meanwhile, the rest of the nWo members are holding off the Horsemen!!! Finally, after about 2 minutes of carnage, the nWo lets Blanchard go!!! Arn quickly drags Blanchard out and the Horsemen leave to get their comrade some medical help!!! The nWo stand triumphant in the ring with Hogan holding his belt!!! Hogan now has the mic and is speaking:

HOGAN: You know something, nWo-ites!!! We just proved that we are the ultimate power in wrestling today!!! Not the Four Horsemen!!! Not A**-Whippers, Inc.!!! Not no one!!! And led by the icon of professional wrestling, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, we will rule wrestling forever!!!

BISCHOFF: You heard it right here!!! Give it up for.......

Then, a voice from the aisle cuts them off.

MICHAELS: Oh, please!!!!

Bischoff and Hogan are stunned to see the form of J-Crown Champion Shawn Michaels and the rest of Degeneration X (Chyna and Hunter Hearst Helmsley) standing under the Nitro stand!!! Michaels continues his rant:

MICHAELS: The only reason your wheel-chair wrestling ass is on top of the world of wrestling is because you have had the good fortune of not crossing paths with Triple H, Chyna and HBK!!! That fortune has now come to an end!!! I am so sick and tired of hearing about how you did this and did that!!! True, you did pave the way for pro wrestling in the 80's and early 90's!!! But, what you seem to forget is that someone had to pave the way for your sorry, one-move wonder ass too!!!

HOGAN: (chuckling) So, the "HeartBreak Kid" finally has the guts to come down from his cozy palace up North to challenge the ultimate power in wrestling today?!!! Well, Mr. Michaels, I sure hope you got a good insurance plan, because when we get through with you, there won't be enough left of you and your stinking Degenerates for the corner to ID!!!

At this point, Michaels does the nWo sign!!! Hogan laughs and says "Look at him, trying to be like us!!!" This is actually a signal as Hall, Nash, Syxx and Savage all attack Hogan, Bischoff, Vincent, Bagwell, and Norton!!!! DX is now running to the ring (Curt Hennig has come from the back too with Michaels!!!) and the seven men and one woman do a number on the nWo!!! Nash, Hall, Syxx, and Savage rip off their nWo t-shirts to reveal DX t-shirts!!!! Nash now has the microphone!!!

NASH: Hogan!!! You say you made pro wrestling what it is today and that none of us would be here if it wasn't for you?!!! Let me refresh your memory on something!!! If it wasn't for Hall and Nash, your career would be over right now!!! It was us that created the nWo!!! It was us that invited your overblown ego into the nWo!!! It was Bischoff's idea to even have your sorry ass in the nWo!!!! So, we gave you the opportunity to be in the nWo!!! So, you see, someone had to give you opportunities as well!!! Well, Hogan, you can have your nWo because this is the group that is going to rule wrestling!!!

With that, the DX members raise their hands in victory, leaving Hogan and Co. laying in the middle of the ring!!!


The following week in Los Angeles, CA at the Sports Arena, the "new" Degeneration X made an appearance on RAW. The group got a surprisingly warm reception!!! The crowd was chanting "Diesel, Diesel!!" when Nash showed up through the curtain!!! In the ring, Jim Ross went to speak with the rouge band:

ROSS: As everyone knows, your buddies - the founders of the New World Order - joined up with you, Helmsley and Chyna last week during a broadcast of WCW Nitro in Rome, Ga. You comments please.

MICHAELS: As the world knows, DX made a strong statement last week on WCW Nitro. And that statement was that we are the rulers of the professional wrestling world!!! The nWo is now old news!! The Four Horsemen, as great as they were, are old news!!! In fact, Hogan, the only reason you put the Horsemen on the shelf was because you had Nash, Hall, Savage and Syxx backing you up!!! Now, they are no longer there to hold the hands of you, Bischoff, Vincent, Bagwell, Norton and Bryan Adams!!! (Michaels then turns the mic over to Nash)

NASH: Hogan!!! Welcome to hell on earth!!! Welcome to your "eh tu Brute"!!! And there is only two things that you can do about it!!! Nothing and like it!!! Oh, my mistake (saying sarcastically)!!! There is a third option!!! SUCK IT!!!

As this was going on, WCW Nitro was airing in Greensboro, NC at the Greensboro Coliseum. The Four Horsemen getting ready to be interviewed when Arn Anderson caught a glimpse of the comments by Shawn and DX!!! Needless to say, Arn got a bit heated!!! So, when Flair, Blanchard and Ole came out for the interview, Arn was in the back and had a little surprise.

MEAN GEAN: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you The Four Horsemen!!!

All four come out to Flair's music but (uncharacteristically) it is Arn that gets in the first words:

ARN: Mean Gene, normally, it is Flair that leads us off in the interviews but tonight I have something to show you and the rest of crowd here in Greensboro!!! Roll that film!!!

With that, everyone sees and hears the comments of Shawn and DX from RAW!!! The looks on the Horsemen's faces could've burnt through steel!!! When the interview was over, Arn calmed down the troops and announced his intentions:

ARN: Well, the odds are stacked against us aren't they? They look impossible to overcome!!! But the Horsemen have gone up against worse odds and we've come out on top every single time!!! And we are not about to fall now!!! Now, with all due respect to each one of you, we have to understand that even weakened we are outnumbered and Flair, you have always taught me to never go into a battle overmatched!!! So, without further adieu, HORSEMEN UNITE!!!

When Arn said this, out came the forms of Sting, Lex Luger, Chris Benoit, and Barry Windham!!! Flair, Ole and Blanchard don't know what to make of this!!! Arn settles them down and explains:

ARN: The way I see this situation, the only way to combat the nWo and Degeneration X is to gather the troops!!! Now, all of these men here, whether we liked them or hated them, were once Horsemen!!! All of these men are the greatest wrestlers in the world!!! And the Horsemen always had the elite in wrestling!!! Which brings me to our final part of our challenge!!! I understand that the WWF is having their SummerSlam coming up at the end of August!!! Well, I have a little challenge for both the nWo and DX!!! We challenge you to a Wargames bout under Royal Rumble rules!!! Now, what that is that before the bout, all of the teams of four will draw a number from 1-12!!! The men will come in that order starting with numbers one and two!!! From there, every two minutes a new man will come into the WarGames cage!!! It could be one of us, it could be a member of either the nWo or DX!!! When all twelve men hit the ring, the match ends when a team can make a member of either of the other two teams give up!!! Now, by next Monday, I want an answer from both the nWo and DX!!! Now, excuse us Gene, the Horsemen got some discussing to do!!!

With that, all eight of the Horsemen leave with a stunned Greensboro crowd looking on!!!


While Tony Schivone, Bobby "The Brain" Henan", and Mike Tenay was talking about the Horsemen's challenge, a phone call came through on Nitro:

TONY: Wait a minute. We got a phone call here.

MICHAELS: Hello!!!

TONY: Hello. Who is this?

MICHAELS: You know damn well who this is unless you've been living under a rock for the last one hundred years!!! It is Shawn Michaels and DX!! We heard the little challenge that the Four Horsemen, or should I say the Four Horsemen and four dumba**es, made a little earlier on!!! Well, I can't speak for Hogan's nWo but I can say that yes, DX accepts the challenge for SummerSlam!!! As for who we are going to send, I will tell you that "HBK" will be in that match!!! See ya in Chicago Horsemen!!!

Almost immediately after that phone call, the music of "Hollywood" Hogan plays and out comes Hogan, Norton, Bagwell and Bryan Adams!!! Hogan has the mic:

HOGAN: Well, Arn Anderson!!! You want to make a challenge for four men on each team to compete in a WarGames match under Royal Rumble rules?!!! Well, you have four men here that are throwing their hat into the ring for that bout!!! Not only is it a chance to retire The Four Horsemen, we get to get our hands on DX, especially those turncoats Hall, Nash, Syxx, Savage, and Hennig!!! So, yes, we accept Arn's challenge for WWF SummerSlam in Chicago!!!

Later in the week, it was confirmed who would represent who in the WarGames/Royal Rumble (now nicknamed "Supreme Armageddon"). For the Horsemen, it would be Flair, Sting, Benoit and Barry Windham and for DX it would be Michaels, Nash, Hall, and Savage!!!


This WWF card was being billed as the greatest SummerSlam ever!!! Determined not to disappoint, Vince McMahon pulled out all stops for this one!!! The commentary was provided by Jim Ross and Jesse "The Body" Ventura for this event. Here is the undercard:

Owen Hart VS. Dusty Rhodes (WCW World Television Title Match)

The crafty "blackhart" of the Hart family was taking on the "American Dream." Owen dominated most of this 10 minute time limit bout with rulebreaking and wrestling. With three minutes left, Rhodes mounted a comeback with quick "Bionic Elbows" and brawling!!! Owen then make a good move when Rhodes went into the corner for another "BE"!!! Owen moved and Rhodes crashed into the turnbuckle!!! Owen then used his "insiguri" kick on Rhodes and got the three count (with a little help from the ropes as insurance)!!! Rhodes was out cold as Owen became the new WCW World TV champ!!!

The Midnight Express VS. The British Bulldogs (NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match)

In this battle, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Sweet" Stan Lane went up against the former Unified World Tag Team Champions for their US straps!!! While the Express held their own against the Bulldogs, they had a hard time adjusting to both the speed and power of the Bulldogs. Fifteen minutes into the bout, Lane went in for a flying splash in the corner on Dynamite Kid but Dynamite moved and Lane landed crotch-first on the middle-turnbuckle!!! Dynamite quickly took advantage by first hooking him in his "snap-suplex" and then tagging in Davey Boy Smith!!! Eaton came in illegally but Smith clotheslined him down!!! DBS then threw Lane into the ropes and caught him with a clothesline!!! He then put on a surprise move in the "Sharpshooter" Deathlock on Lane!! Eaton quickly came back in for the save!!! Now, we have all four men in the ring!!! Lane raked the eyes of DBS, threw him into the corner, and went for a shoulder-block but hit nothing but the top turnbuckle!!! DBS quickly picked him up for his powerslam but before he could execute it, Jim Cornette nailed him with the tennis racquet from the apron!!! The ref saw this and DQ'ed the Midnights!!! Suddenly, WCW US Champion Chris Benoit (who has some past ties with The Bulldogs) grabbed Cornette from off of the apron and threw him to DBS!!! DBS then gave Cornette what would've been Lane's fate and put the powerslam on him!!! With Cornette prone, both Dynamite and Benoit (who look a lot alike actually) ascended to the top rope on opposite ends of the ring and, at about the same time, dove off of the ropes and landed on Cornette with flying headbutts!!! The Midnights quickly dragged Cornette out of the ring!!! The Midnights will retain the US belts but their manager paid a price doing so!!!

Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Taped Fist Match)

This is a result of the "Tag-Mania" event in June in Baltimore, MD when Ass-Whippers, Inc. was formed!! There will be no rounds in this bout as both men had their hands taped up!!! It goes until a man cannot answer a ten count!!! Both men showed tremendous heart and desire!!! Garvin had about 70% of this bout due to his experience in this type of match!!! Still, Austin kept coming back for more!!! At the ten minute mark, Austin was bleeding like a stuck pig!!! Garvin had him in the corner hammering him with chops and headbutts!!! He then picked up Austin for a bodyslam and performed his "Garvin Stomp" on him!!! Austin was ravaged in pain as Garvin set up for his knockout punch!!! Austin barely ducked the blow and when Garvin turned around he was met with the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!! Both men were laying on the ground as the ref was administering his ten count!!! Both men were up at the count of seven but Austin grabbed the ref's pants!!! As the ref was trying to get Austin to let go, NWA World TV Champion and fellow A.S. member Perry Saturn came on the apron, and nailed Garvin with a side-kick to the chin!!! As Austin came to his feet, the ref saw Garvin down and counted him out!!! "Stone Cold" was the winner in this brutal encounter!!!

Ole Anderson/Arn Anderson/Ex Luger/Tully Blanchard VS. Syxx/Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Curt Hennig/"Ravishing" Rick Rude (Eight Man Tag Team Match/No DQ)

In this eight man war, the remaining members of DX and the Horsemen would not be bored as they went at each other!!! Twelve minutes into it, Syxx and Blanchard was down!!! Both made the tag at the same time (Syxx to Rude/Blanchard to Ex) but the ref didn't see the tag for the Horsemen team!! Luger came in as the ref tried to stop him from coming in!!! Ex responded by decking the ref!!! Because of the no DQ rule, it was perfectly legal!!! All eight men came into the ring at that point with Ex VS. Rude, Syxx VS. Blanchard, Arn VS. Hennig and Ole VS. Triple H!!! The match ended when Chyna delivered a low blow to Luger!!! Rude then went in for the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on Ex but Ole kicked Rude in the stomach!!! Arn then moved in and applied his DDT to Rude!!! Meanwhile, Ole caught Triple H in his patented armbar, Ex put Hennig in the "Human Torture Rack" and Blanchard finished off Syxx with his "Slingshot" suplex!!! Another ref came in and counted Rude out and the Horsemen had a win and momentum going into the main event later on!!!

The Hart Foundation VS. Sabu/Rob Van Damn

The ECW upstarts were looking for an upset win over the more experienced and established Harts!!! Both teams showed fantastic teamwork as the advantage kept switching back and forth!!! Twenty minutes into this match, Bret Hart went for his "Sharpshooter" on Sabu but was stopped by a karate kick from Van Damn!!! Jim Neidhart tried to come in but was stopped by the ref!!! Meanwhile, Van Damn and Sabu combined to put this move on Bret!!! Van Damn put Bret in a "Tombstone" piledriver position facing Sabu, who was on the second rope!!! Thus, it was a "Spike-Tombstone" piledriver!!! Van Damn went for the cover but the ref saw Sabu still in the ring and ushered him out!!! This gave Neidhart time to come in and put Van Damn in his powerslam!!! He then dragged Bret over and put him on top of RVD!!! The ref turns around and counts RVD out as the Harts escape with a close one!!!

Magnum TA VS. Perry Saturn (NWA United States Title Match)

NWA World TV Champion Saturn was attempting to bring in more gold to A.S. Inc. as he vied for Magnum's US title!!! Most of this match was dominated by Saturn as he punished the determined champion!!! Late in the match, Saturn missed his side-kick on Magnum and struck the ref!!! Saturn, however, got Magnum with a clothesline as Magnum came back up to his feet!!! As Saturn went for his "Death Valley Driver", Ron Garvin (who lost a match earlier because of Saturn) came in a nailed Saturn with his knockout punch!!! Saturn went down with Magnum on top of him!!! The ref came around and counted Saturn out as Magnum escaped with a fortunate win!!!

Cactus Jack VS. The Sheik

This bout was a bloodbath as both men were bleeding before five minutes had expired!!! The Sheik used his usual carving tactics while Cactus used anything not nailed down on The Sheik!!! The match was out of control from the beginning and the ref finally signaled for a no-contest after seven minutes of carnage!!! Officials and referees emptied the locker-rooms to separate these two!!!

Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen VS. The Road Warriors (Unified World Tag Team Championship Match)

Brody and Hansen put their three championships (NWA, WWF, WCW) on the line against the former NWA and WWF World Tag Team Champions!!! Both teams used power and brutality during this 15 minute bout!!! The match ended when Hawk and Animal used the "Doomsday Device" on Brody and went for the pin when Hansen used the "Lariat" on the ref!!! The ref DQ'ed Hansen and Brody!!! The Warriors will win the match but have been screwed out of the titles as Hansen and Brody will retain them!!! The Warriors, livid, went after Brody and Hansen up the aisle and began fighting them!!! This would prove to be a mistake because the rest of A.S. Inc. came out!!! TAZ put Animal in the "TAZ-mission" while Brody stomped on him!!! Meanwhile, Austin had used his "SCS" on Hawk and Saturn hooked in his "Rings Of Saturn" submission hold on him!!! Hansen and Austin then was stomping on a helpless Hawk!!! This turned into a 5 VS. 2 mugging!!! Officials came out to calm things down but the damage had been done!!!


The WarGames cage had been lowered during the A.S. mugging!! It is now secure and ready!!! The ring announcer in ring #1 of the two rings is Howard Finkle:

"Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome to the feature attraction for SummerSlam!!! It is the "Supreme Armageddon" cage match!!! Before the card, members of the Four Horsemen, Degeneration X, and nWo drew a number from 1-12 to determine the order in which they will appear!!! When the match starts, the men that drew numbers 1 and 2 will enter!! Every two minutes thereafter, another contestant will enter the ring!!! When all twelve men have been called in, then the match can end!!! It can end only when one man on one of the three teams gives up!!! Now, let the WarGames begin!!!"

With that, the music of Chris Benoit starts up!!!

"From Edmonton, Alberta, "The Crippler" Chris Benoit!!!"

Benoit enters with his long red tights with black trim and his black boots!!! He looks focused as usual!!! He enters the cage and awaits his opponent!!!

"His opponents," says Finkel

"Are you ready?" blares over the speakers as the music for DX starts up!!! Through the curtain comes Shawn Michaels!!!

"From San Antonio, TX, 'The HeartBreak Kid' Shawn Michaels!!!"

Michaels comes down in a black version of his flashy tights!!! He wears no extra garb!!! On the "seat" of his tights, there is a drawing of two tombstones!!! One for the Horsemen on the left and one for the nWo on the right!!! In the center, stands all the members of DX doing the crotch sign for DX over the tombstones!!! He enters the ring and the match is on!!!


Benoit attacks before he even gets into the ring!!! Michaels and Benoit trade punches back and forth!!! Benoit takes the advantage with a quick kick to the gut and a thunderous chop that knocks the breath out of Michaels!!! Michaels staggers into a corner with his head resting on the top turnbuckle!!! Benoit begins a series of kicks to the lower back of Michaels!!! He follows up the kicks with seven shoulderblocks into the back!!! Benoit then whips Michaels into the opposite corner!!! Michaels' back struck hard into the corner!!! Benoit then catches Michaels in a military press slam position and throws him back first into the cage!!! Benoit pauses for a moment and hold up the four fingers for the Horsemen and then does a mocking version of the crotch-chops to Michaels!!! Benoit pulls Michaels up but is poked in the eyes!!! Michaels catches Benoit with a short right to the head!!! He then tries to whip Benoit into the ropes but Benoit reverses it but, instead of whipping him into the ropes, he catches him with a short elbow!!! Michaels staggers back into the ropes and Benoit catches him with a clothesline that sends him between the two rings!!! Michaels rolls over to the other ring with Benoit after him as ten seconds remains!!! Michaels gets to his feet and fires back with an elbow to Benoit's head!!! Michaels goes for a clothesline but Benoit takes him down and applies his "Crippler Crossface"!!! With five seconds left, Michaels is screaming in pain!!! Benoit is pouring it on with the crowd counting down the last seconds for the next participant!!!


The next man is none other than Kevin Nash of DX!!! Nash quickly comes into the cage!!! Benoit sees him coming and releases the hold!!! As Nash steps over the top rope to enter the second ring!!! Benoit nails him with a dropkick that knocks him back over!!! With Nash down, Benoit is kicking him for all that he is worth!!! From behind, however, Michaels has made his way back up to his feet!!! He catches Benoit with the "Sweet Chin Music" superkick to the back of Benoit's head!!! Benoit goes down!!! Now, it is Michaels turn to stomp Benoit!!! Nash is coming up to his feet and is in the other ring with Michaels!!! Nash picks up Benoit and puts his "Snakeyes" maneuver on him!!! As Benoit staggers out of the corner, Michaels bounds off the ropes with a flying forearm that knocks Benoit down!!! With Benoit prone, Nash comes across with a big elbowdrop on Benoit!!! Michaels mounts the second rope and drops an elbowdrop of his own on Benoit!!! Michaels, in a mock of Ric Flair, then puts the figure-four on Benoit with Nash holding his arms down!!! This occurs with seconds left in the match!!! Nash adds more punishment by stepping on the throat of Benoit while pulling up his arms (Michaels still has the figure-four on Benoit)!!! Benoit is enduring the punishment as the buzzer sounds for the next man!!!


It is Scott Norton for the nWo!!! He races down to the cage and enters with Michaels and Nash waiting on him!!! Benoit is down in the other ring while the two DX members are waiting for Norton in the opposite ring!!! The both pound on him but Norton counters by giving both Michaels and Nash low-blows!!! Norton then hits the ropes and nails Nash with a shoulderblock that levels the near seven foot Nash!!! Michaels moves in and is met with a boot to the gut!!! Norton lifts Michaels upside down and gives him his shoulderbreaker!!! It is on the same shoulder that sustained the "CC" earlier!!! Nash dives at Norton but Norton moves and Nash hits the cage head first for the first injury of the fight!!! Nash has a small cut on his forehead!!! Norton goes to work on Nash!!! Michaels gets to his feet but, as he does, Benoit jumps over both ropes and onto Michaels!!! He quickly straddles Michaels and peppers him with fists to the head!!! He then puts the "LionTamer" boston crab on Michaels!!! Meanwhile, Nash and Norton are fighting along the ropes and in the corners!!! This continues until this period ends and the next man comes in!!!


The next man for this match is "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan!!! He hits the ring and nails Nash in the head with some brass knuckles!!! Norton and Hogan then pick up Nash and "spear" him into the cage!!! Nash is down!!! Norton then goes over and kicks Benoit in the chest, breaking up the "LT"!!! Norton is now on Benoit while Hogan is on Michaels!!! Hogan is nailing him right hands that has Michaels staggered and reeling!!! Hogan then whips Michaels into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Michaels ducks it and hits the "SCM" on Hogan!!! The hated Michaels got plenty of cheers from the Chicago crowd for that move!!! Hogan is down and is stunned!!! Nash has made his way back to his feet and signals for the "Jacknife" powerbomb!!! He then points to Hogan!!! As he is hooking Hogan for the move, Norton has Benoit in the corner and is mauling him!!! He sees Hogan in trouble and he clotheslines Nash before Hogan can go for the ride!!! As he turns around to go back to Benoit, Benoit dropkicks him in the knee!!! He then goes for the leg and begins to punish it with kicks to the side of it!!! Hogan stops it by clotheslining Benoit down!!! Michaels gets up and leaps onto Hogan and peppers him with right hands on the head!!! Hogan responds to this by mule-kicking Michaels low!!! Hogan then goes back after Michaels with kicks and stomps to the chest and face!!! Meanwhile, in a rare partnership, Benoit and Nash are double-teaming Norton!!! They each got an arm hooked over the top rope in a corner and both are kicking Norton in the gut with their boots!!! Hogan leaves Michaels slumped in the corner and goes to help Norton with time running down and another fresh man coming in!!!


The next man in is Barry Windham for the Four Horsemen!!! Windham enters the cage with a black Horsemen tank-top, black jeans and black cowboy boots!!! Windham goes for Hogan immediately (remember their title bout on the undercard of WarGames in my Benoit VS. Austin story)!!! Windham whips Hogan into the ropes but Hogan reverses it!!! Hogan goes for a clothesline but Windham ducks it, hits the opposite ropes and comes off with a flying "lariat" clothesline on Hogan!!! Norton tries to get involved but is cut off by Nash with a knee to the gut!!! Benoit, meanwhile, goes over to Michaels who is just getting to his feet!!! He clotheslines Michaels over between the rings!!! Michaels head is now between the two rings and Benoit is now stretching Michaels' legs apart (making a wish)!!! Benoit then hooks Michaels' feet on the top ropes with his legs still spread and his head between the rings!!! Benoit then mounts the second rope and comes off with a diving headbutt to….well, to somewhere "vital" to Michaels!!! Needless to say, Michaels comes up in trememdous pain as Benoit continues to stomp and kick at Michaels' head!!! Meanwhile, Windham has got his version of the "Iron Claw" on Hogan in a corner!!! On the corner opposite of them, Nash whips Norton into a corner but Norton reverses it and executes an "Avalanche" splash on Nash!!! Norton, in an impressive show of strength, then puts the "Powerbomb" on Nash!!! This occurs when the buzzer sounds for the next man!!!


It is Sting!!! The crowd lets out a huge roar!!! The Horsemen have a one man advantage right now!!! Sting is wearing long black tights with a red scorpion on one leg!!! He also has a white horse on the opposite leg for tonight's bout!!! When questioned about it later, Sting said, "Tonight, I am a Horseman so I might as well fit in!!! The Horsemen are enemies of mine but if we are going to be a team, I might as well create a team atmosphere!!!" Anyway, Sting hits the ring and is immediately attacked by Norton!!! Norton whips Sting into the ropes and goes for a back elbow but Sting ducks it and starts to kick Norton in the left leg that Benoit dropkicked earlier!!! With Norton standing but staggered, Sting hits the ropes and comes off with a low dropkick to the knee that takes Norton down!!! Meanwhile, Benoit (in the opposite ring) has executed a piledriver on Michaels!!! Nash is still down from the "PB" from Norton earlier and Hogan is almost out from the "IC" from Windham!!! Sting drags Norton over to the area where the rings meet!!! He drags Norton's legs underneath the ropes and (from the left side) puts a figure-four on!!! With no way to reverse it, Norton is forced to take the pain!!! Benoit comes over and kicks Norton's bent knee while he's in the hold!!! Windham has come over as well and is dropping elbows on Norton!!! Benoit then signals Windham to trade places with him!!! Windham then picks up where Benoit left off and kicks Norton's knee relentlessly!!! Benoit, meanwhile, has hooked a "Dragon Sleeper" on Norton while Sting still has the figure-four on him!!! Norton, as powerful as he is, is almost out from this punishment!!! The buzzer sounds as this carnage is going on!!!


It is Bryan Adams!!! He hits the ring immediately!!! Benoit tries to head him off but is met with a big boot to the face!!! Windham tries to come over but Adams rushes over and, before Windham can come through, jerks up on the second ropes and causes it to go between Windham's legs!!! Windham falls over into the ring!!! Sting is caught in his own trap as Adams stomps him in the chest and face!!! Michaels is now recovering from the piledriver given to him by Benoit earlier!!! Adams has broken the hold on Norton now and continued to pound on Sting!!! Hogan is back up and delivers a bodyslam to Windham!!! Hogan then hits the ropes and gives him his legdrop!!!! He does this repeatedly!!! Benoit, meanwhile, gets up and sees what's going on!!! When Hogan goes into the ropes for the fifth consecutive legdrop, Benoit uses his momentum as he is coming off of the ropes, takes him down and goes for his "Crippler Crossface"!!! Before any real damage could be inflicted however, Adams breaks up the hold!!! He then picks Benoit up and puts a backbreaker on him!!! Nash, meanwhile, has recovered from the "PB" from Norton and sees Norton on the ground trying to get up from the punishment he was given earlier!!! Nash gets him up and flings him into a corner!!! He then begins to thrust elbows into the head of Norton!!! These elbows open up a cut on Norton's head!!! Michaels and Benoit have hooked it back up with Michaels sending Benoit head first into the cage!!! Benoit is also bleeding now as well as Norton!!! Meanwhile, Hogan and Adams have gotten into it with Sting and Windham!!! Sting bounds off of the ropes and nails Hogan with a clothesline!!!! At the same time, Adams nails Sting with a "Heart-Punch"!!! Right after that, Windham nails Adams with a "lariat"!!! Meanwhile, Norton has started to recover a little as he fighting Nash back while Michaels has put Benoit in a "Sharpshooter" Deathlock with the buzzer sounding for the next man!!!


It is Randy "Macho Man" Savage for DX!!! He runs down to the ring and gets into the cage!!! He nails everyone except Nash in the first ring with a double-axhandle!!! He then grabs Hogan, stretches out his left arm and kicks him in the ribs!!! Adams moves in but is kicked low by Savage!!! Sting, meanwhile, has made his way over to the other ring and gets Benoit out of the "SS" from Michaels!!! Michaels acts like he is stumbling to the ropes but, as soon as he hits the ropes he lashes back with a boot to the gut of Sting!!! This match has taken its toll on Michaels however!!! Nash and Savage, in the other ring is now double-teaming Adams!!! As Nash holds down Adams, Savage repeatedly stomps Adams on his "Heart-Punch" hand!!! They are trying to break his hand!!! Hogan and Norton throw Windham out of that ring and go to help Adams!!! This turns to out to be nightmare for Michaels as now he has three Horsemen to deal with as his two comrades are fighting against n.W.o members!!! Windham comes over and catches Michaels with a low blow as he is fighting with Sting!!! Windham then puts Michaels in his "Texas-DDT"!!! Sting then places Michaels in his "Scorpion" Deathlock while Benoit hooks in his "CC" again on Michaels!!! To add to this already bad situation, Windham hooks in his "IC" on Michaels!!! Michaels is being tortured with no help in sight!!! Meanwhile, Nash is being double-teamed by Norton and Adams while Hogan is working over Savage by working on his right-elbow!!! Hogan shows some surprising wrestling skills by taking Savage down and using a cross-armbar and is pulling up on it to add to the pain!!! All of this is going on as the next period is about to begin!!!


It is Scott Hall of DX coming down!!! He hits the ring quickly!!! He kicks Hogan off of Savage!!! Adams and Norton try to come over to attack but are met with right hands that knock them back!!! He then goes over to the other ring and plants a boot to the ribs of Windham, breaking the claw hold!!! Sting quickly breaks the "Scorpion" but is met with a clothesline from Hall!!! Benoit gets up but is met with a boot to the gut and Hall executes his "Razor's Edge" powerbomb on Benoit!!! Hall then helps Michaels to his feet and helps him over to the other ring!!! Once there he leaves him in an empty corner and goes to help Savage and Nash!!! He goes for Adams and continues what they started as he rams Adams' right hand into the cage!!! Hall then takes Adams down to the mat!!! Adams is laying face-first on the canvas!!! Hall then streches out his right arm and begins to stomp on Adams' hand with his right foot while holding down the arm with his left foot!!! Adams is at Hall's mercy right now!!! Hogan comes over and stops the damage with a right hand to the back of the head!!! Hall fires back with a right hand to Hogan and the two are going toe to toe with Hall coming out on top!!! Hogan stops the onslaught with a poke to the eye!!! Savage comes over and kicks Hogan in the gut!!! Meanwhile, Sting, Windham and Benoit decide to take a rest and let the six ex-n.W.o partners go at it!!! Sting sits on the top turnbuckle while Windham and Benoit stand and watch the carnage over in the other ring as the next period is about to begin!!!


It is "Buff" Bagwell for the n.W.o!!! He comes down and gets into the ring and immediately goes for Michaels!!! He peppers him with right hands and then stops to pose!!! This draws a negative reaction from the crowd!!! He whips Michaels into the ropes but Michaels rebounds with a forearm and does his traditional knip-up!!! Michales then goes to work on Bagwell!!! Michaels is bleeding slightly from the "IC" from Windham earlier but he ignores the pain that his body is feeling right now!!! In that ring, it is DX VS. n.W.o with the Horsemen just sitting back and watching everything from the other ring!!! Michaels then mocks "Buff" by posing in front of Bagwell!!! He then goes back to kicking and punching Bagwell, who is down in the corner!!! Meanwhile, Savage has managed to get Hogan down and delievers his top rope elbowsmash on Hogan!!! It does, however, take something out of Savage due to the work Hogan did on it earlier in the bout!!! Norton is now reeling from the punishment from Nash!!! He is still favoring his left leg from earlier in the bout!!! Hall is still working on Adams but Adams fights back with a side-kick to the jaw!!! Hall goes down!!! Adams is still favoring his hand though!!! This action is occuring with the time running down as the last participant is coming in!!!


It is NWA World Champion Ric Flair!!! He comes down all business!!! He enters the ring (as he does, Sting, Benoit and Windham all head to the other ring) and goes for Shawn Michaels!!! He grabs him, puts him on the ropes and nails him with his patented chops!!! The other Horsemen have hit that ring as well as Sting goes for Bagwell, Benoit goes where Nash and Norton are and Windham goes for Hogan and Savage!!! Flair throws Michaels into the other ring!!! Michaels valiantly fights back however!!! Flair throws Michaels into the ropes and goes for a backdrop!!! Michaels reads the move, however, and hooks in a swinging neckbreaker!!! Michaels then goes up and drops an elbow on a prone Flair!!! Michaels then signals for the "SCM"!!! As Flair gets up, Michaels comes at him but Flair avoids contact!!! He kicks Michaels in the gut when Michaels turns around after the missed attempt!!! Flair then grabs Michaels and puts him a "Shin-Breaker" and locks in the figure-four!!! Michaels is screaming in pain!!! Hall, Nash and Savage try to go help him but are cut off by both the n.W.o and the Horsemen!!! Michaels withstands the pain as long as possible!!! This hold, as well as all of the punishment he's taken, is just too much as he finally taps out!!! Flair raises his hands as the announcer announces that the Horsemen have won!!! As Sting, Flair, Benoit, and Windham quickly leave the cage, Luger, Blanchard, Arn and Ole come out to congratulate them!!! Meanwhile, the n.W.o and DX are still fighting!!! Hogan breaks away from Savage and decides to go over and get a weakend Michaels!!! As Michaels is getting to his feet, Hogan sucker punches him down!!! While this was going on, however, Nash had put the "Snakeyes" on Norton!!! Savage has managed to lay out Bagwell and Hall had put the "RE" on Adams!!! Hogan turns around to see DX standing in front of him!!! Hogan tries to beg out of it but Michaels nails him with a dropkick to the back of the head!!! This knocks Hogan forward to a boot to the gut from Hall and a "JK" from Nash!!! This is finished off with an elbow from Savage from the second rope!! With Hogan down, all of DX stand over him and in a shocking move, they all give Hogan a "golden shower" (e-mail me to find out what that means if you don't know)!!! They then do the DX sign and leave the cage as losers but satisfied nonetheless!!! The n.W.o is in shambles as Hogan just realizes what has happened to him and is seeing red!!!

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