The Four Horsemen VS. Ass-Whippers, Inc., Pt. 2

(This story picks up into the latter part of the World War 3 card)

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair
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Johnny B. Badd VS. "The Model" Rick Martel

Two of the most underrated men in wrestling went at it with great intensity!!! The match was a wrestling clinic for fans as both men gave their best effort. Martel had Badd in the "Boston Crab" but Badd was close to the ropes and made it to them for a break. Martel then went back to the attack with axhandle blows to the back. Martel then went for a left handed punch but Badd ducked it and threw his "Tutti-Fruti" knockout punch on Martel!!! He then went to the top rope and did his "Wild Thing" (shooting star press) on Martel and got the victory!!!

The Land Of The Giants VS. The Steiners

In this tag bout, it was the power and skill of Rick and Scott Steiner VS. the sheer mass and power of Andre The Giant and Paul "The Giant" Wright (this is the same guy that goes under "The Giant" in WCW, I am using his real name for my what-if stories). The Giants dominated most of this bout, working over Scott Steiner for extended periods of time. Rick Steiner fared a bit better but he was overwhelmed as well. Fourteen minutes into the bout, the Steiners managed to double-clothesline Paul over the top rope and to the floor. The then knocked Andre into the ropes where he was tied up and on his "can". The Steiners pounded Andre with all they had. Andre took some heavy blows from both Steiners but Paul came back in and dropkicked Rick Steiner out of the ring. He then hit a charging Scott Steiner with a side kick to the jaw that nearly knocked him out. Paul, who was the legal man, then executed his chokeslam on Scott and covered for the win. Afterwards, Paul went and untied Andre but (shockingly) the Steiners returned with steel chairs and bashed both of the Giants with them!!! The chair shots knocked Andre down and Paul out of the ring. The Norfolk crowd is stunned!!! Rick and Scott then double-suplexed Paul out on the floor and handcuffed him to the ring post. Rick then headed to the top rope and nailed Andre with a flying "Steinerline". Andre, however, was still on his feet but Scott cut him down with a clip to his left leg that put him down. As the Steiners unmercifully punished Andre, Paul struggled to free himself from the cuffs. He then, in an ubelievable move (reminiscent of that incident on "Thunder" back in January 1998), he pushes on the ringpost and causes the ring to collapse!!! The Steiners loose their balance and decide it is best to vacate the area now. The Steiners leave to a stunned silence mixed with some boos as Paul and some medical attendants tend to Andre.


Over the next twenty minutes, the ring has been replaced so that World War 3 can begin. The only wrestlers not participating in this battle are "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair since their bout will come right after this. Let's go to the ring announcer David Penzer:

PENZER: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the "World War 3" battle royale. Sixty of the greatest superstars of wrestling will compete for a shot at WCW World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels or whoever the WCW Champion is at SuperBrawl in February. The rules of this bout is that all sixty men will enter these three rings. A wrestler can travel from ring to ring. There is two ways to be eliminated. Either be thrown over the top rope and to the floor or if a wrestler leaves the ring without being thrown out, he is automatically eliminated!!! Now, let's meet our sixty competitors!!!

I am just going to let you see the list. You can invision them coming to the ring to the sounds of the crowd and imagine Penzer's voice:

Bruiser Brody

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

Magnum TA

Johnny B. Badd

WCW World Television Champion Diamond Dallas Page


WWF World Heavyweight Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash

Jushin "Thunder" Liger

J-Crown Champion Syxx

The Ultimate Warrior

Tully Blanchard

NWA United States Champion Goldberg

Owen Hart

The Giant (Paul Wright)

WCW United States Champion Chris "The Crippler" Benoit

The Big Bossman

Davey Boy Smith

Road Warrior Hawk

Kerry Von Erich

David Von Erich

Road Warrior Animal

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen


NWA World Television Champion Perry Saturn


Jake "The Snake" Roberts

"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

Bret "Hitman" Hart

Ole Anderson

Arn Anderson

Barry Windham

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

"Total Package" Lex Luger

Dynamite Kid

Scott Steiner

Rick Steiner

Nikita Koloff

Bruno Sammartino

Randy "Macho Man" Savage

WWF Intercontiental Champion Scott Hall

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

"The Rock" Rocky Maivia

Ron Simmons

Ahmed Johnson

ECW Champion Shane "Franchise" Douglas


Bam Bam Bigelow


"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn

The Undertaker


WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko

"Hardcore Legend" Terry Funk

Cactus Jack


Dan "The Beast" Severn

Ken Shamrock

"Superstar" Billy Graham

Dustin Rhodes

Booker T

As for the match itself, it went a good twenty minutes of rights and lefts and kicks being thrown everywhere with the all star battle. What follows is the description of the last five minutes of the bout. There are eight men left. The men left are UT, Sting, Bruiser Brody, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, The Giant, Cactus Jack, Goldberg and Chris Benoit. The men look at each other cautiously, wondering the other man's (or men's) next move. Then, they attack with UT and Sting continuing their feud, Brody and Hansen going to work on the Giant and Cactus, Goldberg and Benoit having their own "Triple Threat" bout in the corner!!! Brody and Hansen have The Giant going over the ropes but are a bit off balance themselves. UT rakes the eyes of Sting and sees this opening. He launches himself at the pileup and knocks all three men over the top and to the floor. But, as UT does this, Sting takes advantage and dumps UT out, getting rid of four of the biggest threats. UT tries to go after Sting but Brody gets him from behind and now all four men are fighting up the aisle with some officials trying to seperate them. Meanwhile, Cactus and Sting renew their old feud as Benoit and Goldberg go at it. Cactus has Sting down and is driving his foot into his throat. Benoit is trading back and forth with Goldberg. Goldberg is actually being challenged for one of the rare times in his short career. Benoit's chops are actually hurting Goldberg but Goldberg holds his ground and responds with a right hand and the two trade back and forth. Cactus, meanwhile, has put the chicken-wing DDT on Sting and feels he has him ready to throw out. He picks him up and sets him on the ropes for his deadly clothesline over the ropes. Sting, however, read the move and simply ducked pulling the top rope down. Cactus goes flying out of the ring and he is out. Sting staggers to a corner for a breather but hears a "thud" behind him. He turns around to see it is Benoit after getting speared by Goldberg!!! Sting rushes in for a clothesline but Goldberg ducks and gets "speared" himself. Goldberg is now jacked up. He picks up Sting in a military press and throws him out of the ring. He then goes for Benoit and sets him up for his "JackHammer" suplex. But, as he gets Benoit up, Benoit reverses out of it and hooks in his "Dragon" (Full Nelson) suplex on Goldberg!!! Goldberg is up but is stunned from the move. This gives Benoit time to rush Goldberg and clothesline him out of the ring. Benoit has won WW3 and will get the next shot at the WCW World Champion. As Benoit leaves the ring to a nice ovation, the construction crew are coming down to get the cage ready for the NWA World Title match between "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


The cage has been erected and standing in the ring is ring announcer Michael Buffer:

BUFFER: Ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready for the cage match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship of the world?!!! Norfolk, VA are you ready?!!! For the thousands in attendence here tonight and the millions watching around the world, there is only one thing left to say: LLLLLLLET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMBLLLLLEE!!!!!

At this point, the voice of "Stone Cold" blares over the speakers followed by shattered glass and driving guitars.

BUFFER: Coming to the ring at this time is the challenger. He hails from Victoria, TX. He weighs in at 245 pounds. This "Texas Rattlesnake" is a former WCW World Television Champion, a former US Champion, a one-time world tag team champion with the Hollywood Blondes, an Intercontiental champion and, most recently he was NWA United States Champion. Tonight, he wants to capture the richest prize in wrestling. The NWA World Title. Here he is!!! The leader of Ass-Whippers, Inc. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!!

Austin, much like he was against Magnum TA in their first encounter, is pretty oblivious to everyone as he steps into the cage. He is focused as he wears his traditional black boots, black tights and his leather black vest (with the words "ASS-WHIPPERS, INC." on the back of them). He stands in the corner and awaits Ric Flair.

Now, the music of 2001: A Space Oddessy is playing.

BUFFER: Now, coming to the ring at this time is a true legend of professional wrestling. He weighs also at 245 pounds. He has held titles virtually all over the world and is a multiple time world champion. Tonight, he puts his coveted title on the line. Here is the NWA Heavyweight Champion of the worlllllllld!!!! The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!!

Flair, in contrast, comes down in a beautiful white robe with purple trim. He enters the ring with purple trunks and white boots with the letters "RF" on them. He takes his robe off and hands the title to the ref. He then goes to the center of the ring with Austin already there. The two are toe to toe. As the ref gives them their instructions, the two are talking and the camera picks up on their words:

FLAIR: Here it is Austin. No Ass-Whippers, Inc. No Four Horsemen. Just you and me pal. Let's see what you got.

AUSTIN: You better bring all of your tricks because you're in for an ass whippin' old man.

FLAIR: We'll see, we'll see.

AUSTIN: Hell yeah, we'll see. That title is coming home with me tonight.

The two them go to their corners and limber up for this bout. Neither man never really take their eyes off the other though. The bell sounds and the match is underway. They circle each other for about five seconds and Flair stops and walks to the center of the ring. Austin goes there to meet him and they have another staredown. Flair breaks the staredown with a "whooo" and the crowd responds in unision. The two lock up and Austin takes Flair down with an armdrag. Flair gets up and charges and gets a hiptoss for his trouble. Flair gets up again and shoves Austin, who responds with a right handed slap to the face. Flair returns the slap and the two are trading punches in mid-ring. The two are now fighting along the ropes for supremacy as the ref tries to seperate them. He is successful and warns both men but neither are not really paying him any attention because their eyes are on each other. Both men settle back down (for how long is anyone's guess). They lock up again and, this time, it is Flair who gets in a leg take down and floats over for the side headlock. Austin doesn't stay in this hold for long, however, as he quickly fires Flair into the ropes. Flair comes off with a shoulder tackle. Flair hits the ropes again and Austin goes for another hip toss. Flair, this time, is ready as he turns it into a backslide for an early two count. Austin retreats to the corner as Flair lets out another "whhoooo" to the Norfolk crowd who is mostly pro-Flair mixed with some Austin backers. Austin, angry but not flustered, continues the attack on Flair. He now has Flair in the corner and goes for a big right hand that misses. When Austin turns around, Flair responds with a chop!!! Flair does it again four more times but Austin absorbes the blows and responds with a right hand to the face that decks Flair. Flair looks up at Austin, who gives him a "double-bird". Flair charges in but Austin counters that with the "Lou-Thesz" press and starts to pepper him with right hands to the side of the head. Austin gets up and raises his hands to the crowd, drawing a mixed response. He doesn't notice, however, Flair getting back to his feet. Flair rushes forward and drives a knee into the back of Austin that drives him head first into the corner. Flair then takes Austin and does a series of chops into Austin's chest. He then takes and drives his kicks into Austin, kicking him down. Flair, then does his traditional strut and then (untraditionally) gives Austin the "finger"!!! Flair now has the advantage as he takes Austin's left arm and twists it. Flair then takes him down to the mat and puts it in a hammerlock. He drives in the pressure by dropping knees into Austin's elbow. Austin is screaming in pain but is nowhere near surrendering. "How's that 'Stone Cold'!!! Now, you pay the price!!! Whhoooo!!!", screams Flair at a prone Austin. Austin gets back up to his feet but Flair still has the hammerlock. As Flair applies pressure, Austin reaches up with his right arm to grab Flair's head. Flair immediately releases the hold. "Why did Flair release the hold? He had the advantage but he let it go JR Ross", ponders Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Ross explains, "I think the reason Flair might have let it go was because the right arm is the one that Austin executes the 'Stone Cold Stunner' with. Had Flair not let go, Austin might have had him in perfect position for it." Obviously, Flair thought so as well as he eyes Austin (who has a devilish smile on his face right now). Austin is now shaking out his left arm. The two lock up again as Flair now has a side headlock. Austin throws Flair into the ropes and gets shoulderblocked by Flair again. Flair hits the ropes but, this time, Austin ducks down and allows Flair to go over. Flair comes back and Austin catches him in a waistlock, spins around, and execute his "Stun Gun" manuveur on Flair, snapping his neck across the top rope. He also, by accident, caused Flair's head to ram the cage fence!!! With Flair down, Austin now drives his running elbow into the head and neck areas. He does this repeatedly about five times and then get picks up Flair and puts him in the old "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker. Austin remembers the punishment that he and Saturn put on Flair during the tag match and is taking advantage of it. He drives a series of elbows and kicks into the head and neck of Flair. He then slings him into the cage for the first cage shot of the night. Flair's head bounces off of the fence like a rubber ball and he comes off and falls to the canvas. Austin goes down and rubs Flair's head into the canvas. The combination of the cage shot plus the mat rub opens a cut on Flair's forehead. Austin straddles Flair and pounds on that cut with right hands to the head. He then gets Flair in a reverse chinlock, trying to wear him down. The ref asks Flair does he want to give it up and Flair screams "No"!!! After about one minute in this hold, Austin lays Flair on his back and drives repeated knees into the chest of Flair. Austin then gets up and gives the fans his "double-finger" salute which draws the ire of the Norfolk crowd. "Your hero ain't sh*t!!!," screams Austin. When Austin turns around, however, he is receiving a Flair chop that puts him down to the canvas. Flair picks up Austin and shoves him into a corner. He then fires in ten straight chops to the chest of "Stone Cold". Austin's chest is a beet red after Flair is finished. Austin falls face first out of the corner but he comes up to his feet. Flair rushes in with a knee to the back that sends Austin into the cage head first. Flair picks up Austin, grabs a side headlock, brings him over to the ropes and rakes his face across the top strand. Blood is now gushing from the face of Austin as both men are a bloody mess. Flair gets Austin, picks him up by the waist, and delievers a reverse atomic drop to "Stone Cold". Flair then executes his patened "Shin-Breaker" on the left leg of Austin. Austin goes down. Flair then takes Austin's leg over to the ropes, lays it on the bottom strand and drops him weight on the knee. Flair then takes the leg, wedges it between the second rope and the fence, and begins kicking the knee of Austin into oblivion. Austin screams in pain but still is fighting as he stops the onslaught by delivering a left handed low blow to Flair. Flair falls to the canvas as Austin struggles to his feet. He hobbles over to Flair, picks him up and executes a piledriver on the bad neck of Flair. Austin, however, hurt his knee doing the move so both men are now on the canvas. At this point, all of the Horsemen (Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard, Ole & Arn Anderson) come down to the cage. Austin sees them as he comes up and begins trading words with them. While Austin engaged in the verbal match, Flair gets to his feet. Flair takes advantage by clipping the left leg of Austin from behind. The Horsemen have done their job and are now telling Flair to finish Austin off. Flair goes in for the figure-four and gets it in near the ropes. Austin is in tremendous pain as Flair is using the ropes as well. Flair gets several near falls on Austin. Both men are crimson messes as Flair maintains the hold. Austin, courageously, drags Flair away from the ropes while still trapped in the figure four. He then begins to turn the hold as they are out in the center of the ring. He does it!! Flair now is screaming to the heavens now. Flair now seeks refuge in the ropes as the ref is calling for a break. Still, Austin is the worst for wear as he still can't really stand up. Flair is limping and covered in blood but is still the fresher of the two. Flair stands Austin up and chops him in the chest. Austin responds with a right hand to the face. Flair kicks him in his left knee and Austin responds again with a right hand. The two are now trading blows with "Stone Cold" coming out ahead (surprisingly). Flair falls down from trading punches with Austin. As the Horsemen watch with emotional concern, other members of A.S., Inc. (Bruiser Brody, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, TAZ and Perry Saturn) run to ringside. A four-way brawl insues on the outside as the match is continuing on the inside. Austin, on a bad leg, now has executed a superplex on Flair but hurt his leg further with the move. Flair, recovering as fast as he can, comes over to Austin and stands him up. Flair kicks Austin in his bad leg but Austin still stands. Flair hits the ropes but Austin (just barely) sidesteps him and throws him into the cage headfirst!! As Flair richochets off, Austin grabs him and throws him into the other side of the cage. Austin then gets in his customary kick to the guts and goes for his "Stone Cold Stunner" but Flair counters by pushing Austin into the corner. Unfortunately, it is the corner where the ref was as the ref is now down!!! Barry Windham, meanwhile, has seen this and yells to Arn Anderson (who has taken over in his fight with Saturn). He low-blows Saturn, heads to the cage door, and throws Flair the championship belt (it is the belt known now as the WCW title). Arn tried to go into the cage as well but TAZ cut him off. Flair, seeing opportunity, picks up the belt and is waiting for Austin to get up. Flair goes to the hit but Austin ducks and gets nailed with a clotheline from Austin. Austin now has the championship belt. He takes it and drapes it over his right shoulder. He waits for Flair to get up and when he does, he gets in his kick and gets in the "Stunner".....on the championship belt!!! Austin throws the belt out of the ring and to the floor as the ref has made it back over. The ref counts 1......2......3!!!! Austin has won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!!! The Norfolk crowd is stunned. The other members of A.S., Inc. are in the ring and are helping Austin out. Hansen hands Austin the championship belt and Austin raises his hands in victory. He is bloody, battered and has an injured left leg but he is the winner. Meanwhile, as A.S., Inc. are heading back up the aisle. Arn and the rest of the Horsemen are screaming for medical attention for Flair. Flair's neck and jaw was injured by the "Stunner" with the championship belt draped on Austin's shoulder. As the EMT's take Flair and get him to an ambulance, a concerned Norfolk crowd look on as they applaud Flair as he leaves the arena on a strecher along with the Horsemen.


Flair is now being loaded onto the ambulance. As the Horsemen look on, they are unaware that Austin is in the front of the ambulance!!! He rushes to the back as A.S., Inc. block the ambulance with their cars!! The Horsemen come out and another brawl breaks out. Meanwhile, Austin is attacking Flair on the strecher as security has come out to break up this horrible scene as World War 3 goes off the air!!!!

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Women Of Pro Wrestling

Luna Vachon (WWF)
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