Hulk Hogan VS. Bill Goldberg
by Deranged Clint


Hulk Hogan (1986) vs. Bill Goldberg (1998)



Hulk Hogan's record in 1986: Major fued with Paul Orndorff in late 1986. Wrestled a lot of people. Challenged the Hennan family on numberous occacions! Destroyed the Mighty Kamala, King Kong Bundy, Don Murrco, Brutus Beefcake. Of course others as well.

Finishing Move Combo for Hogan in 1986: Big boot, body slam, and leg drop.


Bill Goldberg's record in 1998: Defeated Raven for US Title. Defeated Saturn. Defeated Norman Smiley 50 times -- just joking. Hasn't faced big names but destroyed anyone who crosses his path.

Finishing Move Combo for Goldberg in 1998: Spear and Jackhammer.

Fans comprised of: One side of 1986 WWF fans -- One side for 1998 WCW fans. Mixture of Pro-Hogan/Anti-Hogan for the old days and Pro Goldberg/Anti Hogan of the current days.


Goldberg and Hogan actually would wrestle a great match. Hogan from times used some of his moves he only does for Japan. Hogan needs these moves just to have a shot at this monster. Goldberg is not buying the Hulk's act and gorrlia press slams him into a shoulder breaker. Hogan shakes all over the place, Goldberg has only been in the ring for two minutes and he has the match almost won!

Goldberg slings Hogan in the ropes and attempts a spear -- Hogan dives under Goldberg's legs and stands up. PUNCH by Hogan. PUNCH, PUNCH -- Goldberg moves back. Hogan throws Goldberg in the ropes and clothesline. Elbow drop, Elbow drop, and rake to the eyes by Hogan. Hogan does the hand to the ear as Goldberg stands up.

Next, we have the test of power -- which Goldberg wins that is until the power of Hulkamania comes back and tries to get back on top. Hogan does it, but Goldberg then kicks Hogan in the stomach. Body slam by Goldberg! A count -- ONE TWO -- KICKOUT.

Goldberg throws Hogan into the ropes -- SPEAR. As Goldberg does his ape man stance. The crowd is mixed as Goldberg sets Hogan up for the JACKHAMMER -- NO Hogan has some power, small package -- ONE TWO THR---kickout! Hogan surrived the spear and is still in the match. However, Goldberg is still in control -- Goldberg does a LEGDROP -- ALLA HOGAN. 1 2 -- kickout --- HE HULKS UP! HOGAN HULKS UP!

Goldberg doesn't back down. PUNCH! Hogan is red eyes. PUNCH! Hogan shakes! Double punch! Hogan stands up, shakes. PUNCH -- BLOCKED! Hogan waves the finger and shakes. PUNCH by Hogan! -- No effect! Goldberg does a apeman ROAR! PUNCH -- nothing! Goldberg tries to STRIKE -- Hogan feins, Goldberg rushes -- Hogan BODYSLAMS Goldberg...

Hogan runs into the ropes -- THE BIG LEG. He connected! -- 1 2 -- KICKOUT!

Hogan can't believe it! He is stunned. Hogan bodyslams Goldberg again and runs into the ropes. THE BIG LEG! Again, he connects. -- 1 2 -- KICKOUT!

Hogan is still livid because Goldberg is still alive. Goldberg beings his massive GOLDBERG DRIVE. Hogan tries to bodyslam Goldberg -- no! Goldberg throws Hogan in the ropes -- SPEAR!

Hogan is helpless! Goldberg sets up for the JACKHAMMER! Hogan is up in the air! Goldberg places one arm down! He holds Hogan up for a minute! JACKHAMMER! -- ONE - TWO - THREE!

NO! Wait! Hogan's foot is under the ropes! Hogan rolls outside the ring as Goldberg follows after. The match is restarted as Hogan hits Goldberg in the face with a lead pipe! Hogan then bodyslams Goldberg into a outside table. He enters the ring. COUNTOUT victory for the Hulkster!

Winner by countout: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan retains the WWF Title

Goldberg remains the WCW Us Title!

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