Hulk Hogan (1986) VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin(1998)

by Deranged Clint

Hulk Hogan
Photo appears on the WWF Impact web site

It all began on Superstars in early Sep. 1986. Mean Gene presents the WWF Champ Hulk Hogan. Real American blasts through the speakers -- Hogan comes out onto the platform.

Mean Gene: Well Hulk Hogan, you got a victory over Paul Orndorff at the CNE stadium and it seems that right now HULKAMANIA is running wild.

Hulk: Well, you know something Mean Gene. It all the thousands of Hulkamanaics to help me defeat that "Mr. Wonderful" -- but these 24 inch Pythons saved the day.

Mean Gene: Well --

[A voice booms from out of nowhere]

Voice: Shut up you stupid piece of trash.

[Music of Shattered Glass starts as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes his way towards the old style platform on "Superstars" -- Austin has his own mike.]

Austin: First off, the reason why I came here instead of WCW -- was because I don't want to face the Jurassic Park Hogan -- I want to challenge this piece of trash.

Hogan: Who is this -- Mean --

Austin: I'm Steve Austin -- WWF Superstar of the year in 1997 and 1998 -- I rule the same federation you do -- but its twelve years later.

Hogan: Your WWF is no match for Hulkamania and the WWF superstars today.

Austin: When you say today, its my yesterday -- but hell -- that's why I'm here. I mean, your old ass ducked me when we both were in WCW back in 1994 -- so I decided to come back to WWF of 1986 -- even when it was on your terms -- you stupid piece of trash -- at least you took a challenge.

Hogan: Listen, Brotha -- I will take you on anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

Austin: Okay -- lets get the contract signed, and thats the bottom line because Stone Cold said so...

Special Encore PPV -- When TIME collides ---

WWF 1986 (WWF Hulkamania) vs. WWF 1998 (WWF Attitude).

MATCH ONE: Uncle Elmer (1986) vs. Jeff Jarrett (1998)

This would be a slobber-knocker. Jeff Jarrett may be a great technical wrestler, but Uncle Elmer was a big, old, country boy and would have complete control from the get go. This match would be totally carried by Elmer who would finally attempt the big SPLASH — but Tenn. Lee would prevent Elmer from doing so — by grabbing his leg while rebounding off the ropes. Elmer would turn around and hit Lee, but a knee in the back from Jarrett would knock the BIG man out of the ring. Jarrett remains in the ring for a count-out victory. One victory for WWF Attitude

Winner: Jeff Jarrett of WWF Attitude by count out..

MATCH TWO: George "The Animal" Steele (1986) vs. Mankind (1998)

Mankind would of course be lead to the ring by Uncle Paul, while George would just scream and rant his way to the ring. You got a match between two wild creatures here. Steele would brawl good in this match, but hunger for the turnbuckles would allow Mankind to take over. However, when trying to go for the Mandible Claw — George would simply CHOP down! A scream by Mankind, but George won't let go! KANE is coming for the rescue — George kicks Mankind in the gut — and George breaks free of the claw. Mankind's hands are bleeding bad — as George shouts at KANE! Kane enters the ring and George attacks Kane — to no avail. Kane tombstones George and then leaves. Ref. DQs Mankind as Mankind, Paul, and Kane leave! Andre the Giant comes to the aid of the fallen Steele. [I know that Andre was in the Machines at this time, and would not return until his heel debut against Hogan — but play along.]

Winner: George Steele of WWF Hulkamania by DQ

MATCH THREE: Hart Foundation/The Funk Klan (1986) vs. The Nation of Domination (1998)

Bret Hart/Jim "The Anvil" Nighart/Hoss and Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Owen Hart/Kama/Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown.

This match would pitch Jimmy Hart's Hart Foundation and Funk Brother team against the Nation. The younger Bret Hart would not have any love of pity for his younger brother at this stage. In fact in a interview before the match, he doesn't recognize the man from the future as his brother — and introduces his 21 year old brother Owen from 1986.

This would be a boring match because all eight man tags are boring — but its a filler match for a great card. I see match between Owen and Bret — with the Nation's Owen dominating his brother — and placing him in the Sharpshooter. The Funk Brothers would break the hold, but Bret would look up at Owen in a look of disbelief. The match would end when Jimmy Hart finally throws the Megaphone into the ring — and be used by Bret for the win.

WINNERS: Hart Foundation/Funk Brothers of WWF Hulkamania by Pinfall.

MATCH FOUR: Intercontinal Title Unification Match: Rocky Maivia (1998) vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage. (1986)

Do you smell what the Rock is cookin'. Well, the Macho Man doesn't — who cheap shots the Rock before the bell. A vicious series of knee drops and choke holds — while Savage is still in full outfit — (Robes, sunglasses, etc.) — and begins to hit the Rock with his Belt. Rock is helpless — the Nation tries to come to the rescue — but D Lo and Kama are thwarted by WWF Attitude's commish — Slaughter. Mark Henry does make it past the guards, but is greeted by an Ax Handle. Even though Savage thwarts Henry, the Rock — goes for the Rock Bottom right there and then on the Macho Man. 1-2-KICKOUT.

The Rock goes for his display of talent — The People's Elbow. Then he goes for the pin — no dice. Chinlock follows by the Rock, but Savage grabs the ropes — and when the Rock lets go — Savage ducks out of the ring. Rock chases — Savage places Liz in front of the Rock. The Rock turns away, but then turns around and decks Liz — Savage gets MAD and starts to CHOKE Rocky outside the ring. A countout should have happened — but Owen Hart interfered with the refs count as he comes to ringside. Mark Henry also comes back and splashes into the Macho's back. Macho is thrown back in and a half dead Rock is thrown on top of him. 1-2-3!

After the match, Doctors have to tend to Savage and Liz — while the Nation carry the Rock off nice and quick!

WINNER: The Rock — Rocky Maivia — Unified Intercontinal Champion. — Score on for WWF Attitude.

MATCH FIVE: Ricky Steamboat (1986) vs. X-Pak (1998)

This would be a great match between skill and skill. Ricky would use all his high flying moves — and X-Pak would use his Karate and Bronco Buster moves. In the end, X-Pak would be no match.

WINNER: Ricky Steamboat by Pinfall.

MATCH SIX: Tag Team Unification Match: Roaddog/Bad Ass (1998) vs. The British Bulldogs (1986).

In spite of never meeting DX before, Bulldog claims to be pissed at the sight of them. Great match by both teams. We would see DX interference — but to no avail, The Bulldogs will win.

WINNERS: The British Bulldogs of WWF Hulkamania. Bulldogs are the Unified Tag Champs.

MATCH SEVEN: Andre the Giant (1986) vs. Kane (1998)

No contest! The dead man's brother, who is also a dead man couldn't stand a chance to Andre. Andre splashes him in under 2 minutes.

WINNER: Andre the Giant of WWF Hulkamania.

Match Eight: The Undertaker (1998) vs. Kamala (1986)

These two monsters would meet in 1992 — so Undertaker has the experiance. But, this is a younger and fresher Kamala, who might have a chance to beat the aging Dead Man. To no avail, as Kamala loses by DQ when he hits the Undertaker with the Voodoo Stick.

WINNER: Undertaker of WWF Attitude.


HULK HOGAN (1986) vs. STEVE AUSTIN (1998)

We skip the fanfare of the two — and we lock up! Hogan has the power edge and shows it! Austin goes outside the ring walk around, and enters. Again lock-up and again Austin goes down. Austin gets up and gives Hogan the finger. Hogan goes for a punch, punch, throws Austin into the ropes — clo— NO, knee by Austin. Hogan is on the ground. Two middle fingers for ya HULK!

Hulk gets back up, but is met to a kick to the throat by Austin. Then Austin stomps on the belly of Hogan. The crowd is mixed, as Austin gives Hogan the middle finger again. Knee drop by Austin — 1-2- KICKOUT.

Austin tries to kept the edge, but Hulk powers up and takes control. Shoulder block by the Hulk. Hogan runs into the ropes — ELBOW DROP! Again, ELBOW DROP — then rake to the eyes with the foot. Austin stumbles to his feet, Hogan throws him into the turnbuckles — CLOTHESLINE!

Austin is almost gone! Atomic Drop — Austin goes out of the ring. The beating that Austin is taking is even having WWF Attitude's Owner Mr. McMahon Smiling — while WWF Hulkamania's President Jack Tunney tells Vince that his younger self is hiding in a back office somewhere

Hogan gives the sign — BIG BOOT! Hogan goes for the LEG — NO! He missed!

Austin goes for a Sharpshooter — YES A SHARPSHOOTER! For about five minutes — it looks like Hogan is going to lose — NO WAIT! He powers OUT OF THE SHARPSHOOTER! Hogan is coming BACK again! No wait, kick — STUNNER by Austin!

1-2- KICKOUT — HOGAN HULKS UP! Austin looks in the Hulkster's eyes and just gives him the finger as he jumps out of the ring and walks away.

The ref starts to count — but Hogan breaks it, by going after Austin. Hogan places his hand on the back of Austin, turns him around — KICK BY AUSTIN AND STUNNER on the CONCRETE FLOOR.

Austin drags Hogan back to the ring and throws him in. Austin goes up to the top rope, and Knee drop! 1-2-KICKOUT — AGAIN HOGAN HULKS UP! Austin, again gives Hogan the finger and leaves the ring again.

This time Austin goes out for a chair! Hogan follows — WHAM! Hogan is struck with the chair! Austin enters the ring, and again exits the ring. He throws Hogan in the ring again! 1-2- KICKOUT. HOGAN HULKS UP A THIRD TIME!

Austin this time hits the Hulk, no dice. PUNCH — Hogan shakes some more, and stands up tall — as Austin looks like he feigns away — KICK, STUNNER — NO Hogan BLOCKS IT! Punch, PUNCH — THE BIG BOOT!

Hogan picks Austin up — BODY SLAM. In the ropes — THE BIG LEG.

It is going to be over in just matter of seconds — no wait Hogan is — what is he doing. He is going for a Stunner of his own! WHAT AN INSULT — 1-2- kickout! Austin kicked out!

Hogan tries to pick Austin — NO WAIT SMALL PACKAGE __ 1-2-3! Austin DID IT! He pinned the HULKSTER!

WINNER: Steve Austin of WWF Attitude. New unified World Champ!

Conclusion: Hogan is in shock, as Austin gives him the finger. The crowd has a mixed reaction. We hope you come to our sequal — When time collides II!
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