Hulk Hogan (1986) VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (1998)II: When Time Collides

by Deranged Clint

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Photo appears at the WWF Impact web site

Hulk Hogan (1986) vs. Steve Austin (1998) II

When TIME collides II

Mean Gene: Hi everyone, Gene Okerlund here. Everyone was shocked when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin of the famed WWF Attitude defeated Hulk Hogan for his WWF Title, about two months ago. We also saw WWF Attitude's Rocky Maivia defeat "Macho Man" Randy Savage in a totally unfair manner, in my book. Also, the British Bulldogs defeated DX to unify the Tag Titles. Now, its payback time of sorts — as Hulk Hogan will take on Steve Austin inside the confines on a Special 30 foot high "Thunder Cage" nicknamed by WWF Attitude as "A Hell in a Cell."

The World Wrestling Federation and Hulkamania — along with WWF Attitude proudly presents — When TIME collides II!

Match One: Paul Orndorff (1986) vs. Owen Hart (1998)

Orndorff comes to the ring with Bobby Hennan, while Owen comes out with Mark Henry. This would be a classic match-up. Orndorff would attack Owen before the bell, and start to kick Owen's head and upper body. Paul would start to punch on Owen's head — but Owen would roll over and start punching Paul's head. Paul would exit outside and regroup with Bobby. Paul reenters the ring, but Owen dropkicks Orndorff and outside goes Paul again. It doesn't seem like Orndorff can get the upper hand at all.

Orndorff renters the ring. Finally, they both lock up and Orndorff grabs Owen into a headlock. Owen breaks out of it, throws Paul in the ropes — Shoulder Block. Paul again runs outside the ring, but is thrown back into the ring by Mark Henry. Heenan complains to the ref, but to no avail as Owen places Orndorff into the Sharpshooter.

From out of nowhere, King Kong Bundy enters the scene. WHAM! Bundy has thrown Owen off of Paul, but here comes Mark Henry who belly to belly suplexes the big Bundy. Bundy rolls out of the ring, but Orndorff has a steel chair and he feeds it to both Owen and Mark Henry. As the ref turns back around, Orndorff places the Piledriver on Owen. 1-2— The Rock and Kama roll in for the save! As Maivia beats on Orndorff — the Ref DQs Owen. The fans have a mixed Roar as Big John Studd comes down the aisle to help the Heenan Family. Studd slams Mark Henry, and proceeds to beat the living tar out of "The Rock." The Nation escapes the ring, as Bobby Hennan screams at them!

WINNER: Paul Orndorff by DQ [WWF Hulkamania]

MATCH 2: Ken Shamrock (1998) vs. Ted Arcidi (1986)

Anyone remember Ted Arcidi? This muscleman had little to no heat — but was also misused by the WWF. Sure Ted was no wrestler, he was a bodybuilder — who unlike Hulk Hogan, only knew how to spit and drool and scream "Arrrgh!" Still, I think he could still prove to be a challenge for Shamrock, who is a madman!

The match begins with Arcidi attacking the back of Shamrock! Arcidi would deliver several Irish Whips to Shamrock — thus making Shamrock very dizzy. Arcidi would underestimate Shamrock on a clothesline attempt, thus being on the receiving end of a spear by Shamrock. Shamrock would then pound on the head and ears of Arcidi until Arcidi's face was nothing but blood. Shamrock would be nuts — and the ref would have to stop the bout and get guards to contain the mad monster. Of course, Shamrock does win by Ref. stopping the match.

WINNER: Ken Shamrock when Ref stops the match! [WWF Attitude]

MATCH 3: Hillbilly Jim/Uncle Elmer/Cousin Junior (1986) vs. Southern Justice/Jeff Jarrett (1998)

One word, boring! However, we do need a match against the old Hillbilly Clan and the new, don't we? Still, it would be funny if HOG and PIG had to resort back to their old Hillbilly roots to defeat these monsters! I see a win by Uncle Elmer splashing on PIG's chest!

WINNER: Hillbilly Jim/Uncle Elmer/Cousin Junior by pinfall. [WWF Hulkamania]

MATCH 4: The Truth Commission [What are they called now?] (1998) vs. Nickoli Volkov/Iron Sheik (1986)

The newly turned Truth Commission would be no match for the evil Russian and the evil Iranian! This match would be over in just a matter of minutes.

WINNER: Nickoli Volkov/Iron Sheik by pinfall. [WWF Hulkamania]

MATCH 5: WWF Intercontinal Championship Match: Rocky Maivia (1998) vs. Tito Santana (1986)

"Remember Chicko Santana loves to cheat!"

Classic match-up against the Rock and Tito. Rock would control the early minutes of the match-up. However, the Rock would get the advantage with a clothesline! Now the Rock does his usual stuff — he lands a perfect People's Elbow — goes for a cover 1-2- KICKOUT! Rock goes for a chinlock, but to no avail as Tito powers out of it. Elbow to the gut, elbow to the gut — shoulder block by Tito — and THE FLYING FOREARM! —

Wait a minute, where's the ref?? The ref has been knocked out, who could have done this? Here comes ‘Macho Man' Randy Savage — into the ring with a steel chair. HE HITS ROCKY IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR — HE HITS TITO IN THE HEAD AS WELL! What is Savage doing, he is throwing The Rock on top of Santana!

Instant replay shows Savage pulling the ref out of the ring and swamping him with a chair! Its Chaos — as WWF Commish Slaughter and President Jack Tunney come out to ringside and declare the match a NO CONTEST.

WINNERS: Match Ruled NO CONTEST! Rocky Maivia remains WWF Intercontinal Champion! — [WWF ATTITUDE]

MATCH 6: Mark Mero (1998) vs. The Junk Yard Dog (1986)

Mark Mero comes to the ring with Jackie, the Dog comes to the ring with his bone and his THUMP! — The two lock up, and Mero cleverly slips away and gut shots the Dog, the Dog is down! Mero going for a punch, oh wait — the Dog is up on one knee and got fire in his eyes. The Dog stands up, HEADBUTT — DOWN GOES MERO! JYD gets on all fours — DOGBUTT! DOGBUTT! DOGBUTT! Mero is outside being consoled by Miss Jackie as the Dog barks!

Mero re-enters the ring and locks up again! Knee to the gut by Mero. Beautiful kneelift, the dog falls down! Elbow drop by Mero into the Dog's Throat! The dog is choking — gasping for air. Mero goes up to the top rope. . . .the MEROSAULT! — ONE — TWO — THRE— no the Dog kicks out! UH OH! The Dog is wild eyed!

PUNCH! No effect, the Dog is doing his own "Hulking Up!" Mero tries again for a punch — no effect! Another attempt, no the Dog throws a punch! Mero is down! The dog grabs Mero back up again and with a mighty thrust — HEADBUTT! ONE — TWO — KICKOUT!

Wait a minute, what is Jackie doing? She has a steel chair — Mero has the refs attention — Jackie strikes the JYD with the CHAIR! NO EFFECT! The Dog grabs Jackie and kisses her! The Dog turns around kick by Mero — Mero grabs the Dog and sets him up for the TKO — wait a minute here comes Sable down to ringside — Mero accomplishes the TKO and the Dog is dead [Out cold dead that is. . . .] — Mero is about to win this match but all of a sudden — he sees Sable — he looks up in shock! Mero starts to rant and rave and scream — Jackie goes over to take care of Sable — but it does Mark Mero no good — as the Dog grabs the tights of Mero and — ONE — TWO — THREE — scores the pinfall victory.

After the match, Jackie tries to thwart Sable — but the Dog saves the day. We see the end of this match with Jackie and Mark running out of the arena — as Sable and the JYD dance to the JunkYard Thump — "Another One Bites the Dust!"

WINNER: The Junk-Yard Dog [WWF Hulkamania!]

MATCH 7: King Kong Bundy/Big John Studd vs. Mark Henry/Kama

As result of the Orndorff/Hart match, both factions of the WWF booked an instant Bundy/Studd vs. Henry/Kama.

This would of been a classic. Studd locks up with Kama — quick knee to the gut, and a quick body slam by Studd! The fans are cheering for the Hennan Family! Studd lands an ELBOW — 1-2-KICKOUT!

Studd tags in to Bundy! Bundy throws Kama into the Turnbuckle — Avalanche! - BIG SPLASH! 1-2- Mark Henry tries to make the save — goes for the Splash — BUNDY GOT UP AND HENRY HAS SPLASHED KAMA!

Wait a minute! Henry stands up — the Hennan family is in trouble now! NO — WAIT A MINUTE HENRY HAS SPLASHED KAMA AGAIN! Henry is picking Kama up — BACKBREAKER! — Sets him up for Bundy — who goes for a SPLASH! Mark Henry has joined the Hennan Family — MY GOD!

The Rock, Owen, and D. Lo rush down to the ring — but it is too late the damage has been done! MARK HENRY HAS JOINED WWF Hulkamania's Heenan Family!


After the match, Mean Gene tries to figure out why Henry joined the Hennan family:

Henry: What is the Nation? The Nation is full of a bunch of fools! I want to be part of a winners group and that group has got to be the Bobby Hennan Family!


Hulk Hogan (1986) vs. Steve Austin (1998)

THIS IS IT! The main event! We get the cage lowered as Howard Finkel introduces the challenger from Venice Beach, Ca. — weighing in at 302 pounds — HULK HOGAN! — Real American Booms through the speakers — its unusual to see Hogan come to the ring first — but he does it, and enters the Cell and proceeds to Rip off his T-Shirt!

Breaking Glass, and boom here comes Austin — "From Victoria, Tx — Stone Cold Steve --- Hogan attacks Austin, before Austin has fully entered the cage. What a change for the Hulkster, who takes his T-Shirt and proceeds to choke the life out of the WWF World Champ! Austin is gagging on the shirt. Hogan continues to choke Austin down, and Austin lies on the mat prone to attack! Hogan rips his shirt off Austin's neck and goes for the hand wave — some boos are followed — but the Cheers still drown them out! Hogan goes for the LEG — YES!

It's over! Hogan goes for the cover — 1-2----KICKOUT BY AUSTIN! Hogan can't believe it! Hogan picks up Austin, attempts a clothesline — no kick to the gut — and Stun— no Hogan escapes the ring, but of course can't escape the cell!

Hogan renters the ring where Austin has regained composure — the two lock up. Hogan has the upper hand. SHOVE DOWN! Austin gets back up to his feet in awe, and locks up again — and OTHER SHOVE DOWN! Austin has a weird look on his face, as he walks outside the ring — Hogan takes it to his advantage and rams exits the ring and rams Austin's face in the cage. He picks Austin up and sets him up for a RAM ROD!

Austin is on the floor, and he is busted wide open! Hogan has command, throws Austin into the ring. BODY SLAM by the Hulk — and ELBOW, ELBOW, ELBOW — and the rake to the eyes with the boot! Austin screams in pain — THE REF COULD STOP THIS ONE! HOGAN GOES FOR THE LEG — and he MISSES IT!

Hogan is trying to get up, but Austin is up first! Austin starts to work on Hogan's leg! He is driving knees into the Hulkster's leg! The Hulk is screaming in pain, as Austin smiles! Austin takes Hogan to the center of the ring and applies the FIGURE FOUR!

Hogan is screaming in pain, and his shoulders hit the mat — 1— 2 — THRE— NO HE POWERS OFF THE MAT! However, the hold is still locked on tight! NO, wait — Hogan is reversing the hold — Austin must let go! Hogan is not out of the woods though, as Austin stomps on the leg again! He grabs Hogan by the hair and PICKS HIM UP IN A BODYSLAM. Austin runs to the ropes and applies an Elbow to the throat!

COVER — 1 — 2 — KICKOUT, but barely! Austin has the edge, and throws Hogan to the outside! Hogan is on the mat, outside the ring and here comes Austin. SUPLEX by AUSTIN — WHAM! Hogan is shaking on the floor, in pain! Austin goes to the turnbuckle and drops a knee into Hulk Hogan's FACE — and that WAS FROM THE FLOOR! The Hulkster is now bleeding as well, as Austin throws Hogan back into the ring. . . he picks Hogan up by the hair — and kicks him to the Gut and STUNNER!

1 — 2 — KICKOUT — HE HULKS UP! HOGAN HULKS UP! Austin sees what is in the Hulkster's eyes and bolts the ring, trying to open to door — the ref tries to stop him, and gets a stunner for his troubles! Austin searches the ref, and gets the key and opens the door — he is out of the cage. Hogan is inside the ring full of Hulked up power and proceeds to exit the cage after Austin!

Where is Austin? MY LORD, he has climbed up to the TOP OF THE CELL! Hogan isn't dumb enough to go — my LORD here comes the Hulk to the top of the Cell! Austin tries to kick Hogan, but Hogan grabs his leg and Austin falls on the mesh! Hogan is now totatly on top! PUNCH BY THE HULK! Down falls Austin again to the Mesh! Austin tries to stand, Hogan again PUNCHES him and down he falls again. Remember they are up 20 feet in the air!

On the mesh, Hogan picks up Austin and slams him back onto the mesh. Hogan is about to put him away! Hogan sets up for the Legdrop on the mesh! CONNECTS! — BUT HE'S NOT GOING TO GET A PINFALL FROM UP THERE — THEY NEED TO BE INSIDE THE RING!

Wait a minute the cell is rising up off the ring — its going up! GOOD LORD! Its gone up about Ten Extra feet! — What is that. . . . . from a CABLE from top of the rafters — flies down - -- SHAWN MICHAELS (1995) — he lands on the cage and he SUPERKICKS HOGAN into the mesh! Hogan stands up, and Michaels SUPERKICKS HIM OFF THE TOP OF THE CELL __ OH MY GOD! — and Michaels is being pulled back up on the cord! Austin is only now comming to, still lying on the mesh! The cage is now lowering down again — where is Hogan?

Austin is climbing down the cell! Hulk Hogan drove LEG FIRST into a table! Because Hogan was able to set for the big leg drop — only his leg was broken from the fall — [We see of a clip of Hogan falling, but flipping over twice and sets his leg out to crash into the guard rail and table!]

Hogan's leg is gone! Austin basically throws Hogan back into the ring, and applies the figure four — Hogan is still OUT from the SUPERKICK AND IMPACT! REF STOPS THE MATCH!


Conclusion: We see a picture of the KLIQ — (1995) Razor, Diesel, 1-2-3 Kid, Hunter and Shawn all look down from the rafters — smiling! Hogan has the EMTs working on him, as Austin lifts the finger towards the cage.


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