WCW Monday Nitro

The Forum - Los Angeles, CA

TONY:  Welcome to WCW Monday Nitro!  We are coming to you live from Los Angeles, California.  The home of the L.A. Lakers and home to the number one wrestling program on cable television.  I am Tony Schivone along with "Iron" Mike Tenay and Larry Zybysco!  We are coming off of an historic WCW SuperBrawl last night as we crowned a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion, he is "The Crippler" Chris Benoit.

TENAY:  That was a tremendous win for Benoit over the highly talented leader of Degeneration X, Shawn Michaels.  It really was a struggle from both men.

TONY:  Indeed it was, we also have a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  He is Goldberg with a brutal but controversial win over "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.  Controversial because Austin actually had Goldberg defeated but thanks to Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson of the Horsemen, that was not to be.

LARRY:  Well, Austin had Goldberg defeated but, as you said, the Horsemen turned the tide for Goldberg.  Bill Goldberg, a proud man, I'm sure didn't want the win that way but hey, you have to take advantage of every situation. He's now a man with the gold!

TONY:  In other news from SuperBrawl, Bret "The HitMan" Hart defeated "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn for the vacant ECW Television Championship in a classic matchup.  I know that I have said my choice things about ECW but RVD is one of the finest stars in the game today and could've very well have won that bout.

TENAY:  Indeed, it was "The Excellence Of Execution" VS. the arial game of Rob Van Damn. Van Damn had opportunities to put Bret Hart away but that wasn't to be as Bret Hart captured the ECW TV belt.  Speaking of vacant titles, the nWo has added the WWF European Title to its collection as Raven defeated Scott Hall to win that championship.

TONY:  Well, we have a lot to talk about in this program but.......

At this point, shattered glass and driving guitars ring out to a huge pop as "The Rattlesnakes" ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Boss" Magnum TA) are making their way to the ring. Austin is wearing his "Bloodstone" Austin 3:16 t-shirt and blue jean shorts while Magnum comes to the ring in black jeans, cowboy boots and a leather vest with no shirt.

TONY:  Well that didn't take long did it?

Austin now has the mic.

AUSTIN:  To quote Shane Douglas, 'CUT THE FUCKING MUSIC'!!!

This gets a big pop as well.

AUSTIN:  Now, everyone knows that Goldberg is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  He pinned "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the center of the ring.  No excuses from "Stone Cold."  Sure, Tully and Arn cost me that match but Goldberg simply did what I sure as hell would've if the situation was the other way around!  So, Goldberg, I'll give you credit for having brains enough to take the advantage offered to you but rest assured that Austin 3:16 will get you in the ring again one day and it will be a whole different story!

He now hands the mic over to Magnum.

MAGNUM:  So, the Horsemen want to start something with "The Rattlesnakes."  Well, that's all well and good because those NWA United States Tag Team Belts wouldn't look to bad around our waists.  After all, as single wrestlers, we were the best two (NWA) United States champions there ever was.  So, it would be fitting if we got those titles.  Arn Anderson, you are a tough man but you never knew when to retreat and Tully Blanchard, we all know that you know how to say 'I Quit'!!  You know how to say those words better than a whore on the Las Vegas Strip!!

This caused some laughter with long time fans of the sport that knew what Magnum was getting at.  Even Austin grinned at that statement.

MAGNUM: Blanchard, Anderson.  We are going to keep knocking your collective a**es down until you don't get up, 1-2-3, those belts are coming home to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Boss" Magnum TA and that's the bottom line cuz "Stone Cold" said so!!

We now go to a commercial break.

When we return, we find the Horsemen in a fit of rage in the dressing room over the comments of "The Rattlesnakes."  Needless to say, they are saying language that I won't go into here but it is not good!!  Tully Blanchard seems to be the most upset as Barry Windham and Ric Flair try to calm him and Arn Anderson down. We now leave them and go to the ring where J.J. Dillion is standing with the WCW United States Heavyweight Title.

DILLION:  Everyone, as you well know, last night at SuperBrawl, Chris "The Crippler" Benoit won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship with a hard fought win over a gallant Shawn Michaels.  That win, however, left us without a WCW United States Champion.  Our rules do allow one man to hold multiple titles with one exception.  If you are the WCW World Champion, you cannot hold another WCW singles title.  If Benoit held, lets say, one half of the Unified World Tag Team Championship, that would be legal by the bylaws.  Plus, the WCW U.S. Title has always been either the top contender or the number one contender to the world title.  Thus, it would only be fair to have this ruling because a world champion cannot be a number one contender to himself.  Therefore, we will have a one night, eight-man tournament for the vacant title to be held next week on Nitro.  It will feature ten of the top contenders in the world today. The names of the competitors for this title will be as follows:

"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn
Magnum TA
Shane "The Franchise" Douglas
Barry Windham
Perry Saturn
Diamond Dallas Page
Cactus Jack
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

DILLION:  The matchups will be announced the night of the card but the participants will know in advance. Thank you.

Sting & The Undertaker VS. Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahooney (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

Fresh off of their win over NWA United States Tag Team Champions Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson, Sting and UT took on the popular hardcore tag team of Tanaka and Balls Mahooney. While the two tag teams did exchange handshakes before the match, both teams knew that it was going to get wild before it was over!!  The match up saw both teams take the advantage with several high impact and amazing moves.  At the eight minute mark, Tanaka had Sting in the corner in a backwards headlock.  He then flipped forward and turned it into a rolling version of the "Stone Cold Stunner"!!!  Tanaka would've had the pin but Sting managed to put his foot on the bottom rope.  At the twelve minute mark, all four men were brawling with Tanaka VS. Sting on the outside and UT VS. Balls on the inside!!  At this point, Balls went for his "Nutcracker Suite" (his version of the "Juvi Driver") but UT slipped behind him, scooped him up and executed the "Tombstone" piledriver on Balls.  He covered Balls but Mahooney kicked out at the last second!!  The usually stone-looking UT had a look of shock on his face.  For one of the rare times in his career, someone kicked out his "Tombstone."  Still, the blow took its toll on Mahooney as he was not getting up to quickly.  Meanwhile, Tanaka came back into the ring and was going for his Tornado DDT on Sting.  UT quickly went underneath Tanaka and had him on his shoulders in the air.  Sting went to the top rope just as quick and leaped onto Tanaka shoulders.  UT then "flapjacked" Tanaka off of his shoulders with Sting landing on the Japanese star's head and neck (I call this one "The Burial")!!  Sting covered Tanaka for an easy three count as they retained their titles against the formadiable ECW team.

After the tag bout and a commercial, we return to find ECW Champion Rocky Maivia coming to the ring.

TONY:  I don't know what this is about fans.  Maivia isn't even scheduled to be here but apparently he has something to say as he has the mic.

LARRY:  It's a wonder that he's still breathing after the beating that JYD and Shane Douglas put on him last night after SuperBrawl.  The Rock is a true talent but he better watch himself.  He's making enemies unnecessarily and that can come back to bite you in a big way.

The Rock is now in the ring and he has the mic:

ROCK:  Now, The Rock has a few things that he would like to get off his chest.  First of all, that jabroni, Shane Douglas and his little, enhanced bitch, Francine, couldn't get the job done at SuperBrawl for this title that I hold here.  Shane, you gave me a decent bout but once again, The Rock laid the smackdown on you!!  Even that old piece of trash, The JunkYard Dog, couldn't help you last night and you hit "Rock Bottom."  Francine, we know that you want a piece of "The Rock" if you smeeellllll what the Rock is cookin'!!! Now, onto other business, I proved last night that the ECW Championship is in the hands of a real wrestler, not some redneck piece of crap that stuffs beers and hits himself with canes every night. For that matter, 'real wrestlers' have control of two titles now as Bret "The HitMan" Hart now has the ECW TV Title as he beat that piece of trash "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam. In fact, me and "The HitMan" was talking in the back and I would like to bring him out right now.

The music Bret Hart fires up as he comes to the ring. The Rock now hands him the mic:

BRET:  Well, Rock, thank you for your kind words and thank you for telling these fans out here the absolute truth.  That ECW wrestlers are moronic, barroom brawlers that couldn't win a real wrestling match if they tried!!

This comment draws a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers.

BRET:  You know, I called Rob Van Dam one of the best new talents in wrestling and I did mean that.  But, as I proved last night, you, Van Dam, still have some learning to do before you mess with the big leagues.......

At this point, the tirade is interupted by Kilgore's "Walk" as RVD and Sabu come from the back.  RVD has a mic of his own.

RVD:  Hold the hell up!!!  Bret Hart, I will be the first to admit it, you did make me submit last night to your "Sharpshooter."  I did concede last night.  Tonight, however, is a different night.  If you have the guts, face me for that title tonight here on Nitro!!

This is met with applause as RVD holds his hand up to signal that he isn't finished.

RVD:  Now, as for you Rock, since you think you are so much better than any of us 'mere' barroom brawlers, why don't you face this man for you ECW Title tonight as well?

The Rock and Bret are now in conference with each other.  Bret has the mic again.

BRET:  RVD, if you feel like getting your ass whipped again, I'll be more than happy to do so!!  And, yeah, The Rock accepts the challenge of your partner Sabu.

ROCK:  Sabu, you say you are suicidal, homicidal, genocidal?  Well, when The Rock gets through with you, you'll just be planted six feet under!!!

With that, we go to another commercial break.

Owen Hart VS. Ken Shamrock (WCW World TV Title Match)

When we return, we find Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart already in the ring with the match just starting as these two long time rivals vied for Owen's WCW World TV belt.  The match kept switching back and forth with neither man having a long term advantage. It ends with Shamrock catching Owen in the anklelock for a sure submission.  Then, from the back, WWF Intercontiental Champion TAZ hits the ring!!  He nails Shamrock with a Yakusa kick to the back of the head, causing a DQ on Owen. Shamrock gets the win but Owen will retain the WCW TV belt.  TAZ then hooks in his "TAZmission" chokehold (kata-hajima) on Shamrock.  He is going for his "TAZmission-plex" when Bret Hart hits the ring and nails him with a steel chair, driving TAZ from the ring.  Security quickly hits the ring and force TAZ back to the dressing room.  Meanwhile, Ken Shamrock doesn't know what to make of this as he is standing in a corner looking at both Bret and Owen Hart. Bret has the mic:

BRET:  Ken, just listen for a second.  Now, I know that you have had ups and downs with us in the past.  But, it is trash like that scum TAZ is what I've been talking about.  He was in ECW and that's what ECW is all about.  A bunch of thugs and criminals trying to pass themselves off as wrestlers.

At this point, The Rock, The British Bulldogs and Dan "The Beast" Severn come into the ring as well.

BRET:  Ken, all that I am asking is that you think about this.  You, me, Owen, The Rock, The British Bulldogs, Dan Severn.  We can all bring back what this sport really should be about and that's wrestling!!  So, what do you say?

Ken is uncertain at first.  He has had long running feuds with nearly everyone in the ring except Dynamite Kid.  But then, Ken Shamrock shook the hand of Bret, signaling the union.  They group now stands in the ring and raise their hands to a mixed bag of cheers and boos.

BRET:  I guess you can call us "The Shoot Foundation."  Men that really know how to wrestle.  Can we fight?  You damn right we can but we can also beat you with clean wrestling as well.  So, to all of you ECW jokers, especially Rob Van Dam and Sabu, you have been put on notice!!

The seven men now leave the ring as Tony, Mike and Bobby Heenan discuss what they have just seen.

TONY:  Apparently, a new union has been formed between ECW TV Champion Bret Hart, WCW World TV Champion Owen Hart, IWGP Champion Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, ECW Heavyweight Champion The Rock, and former NWA and WWF World Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs.  I'll tell you, while I don't agree with everything they say or do, that's a pretty impressive group.

MIKE:  It sure is Tony.  All of these men have either been or are champions.  This is a group to be reckoned with but it is obvious that Extreme Championship Wrestling is the target of the men that now call themselves "The Shoot Foundation."

HEENAN:  And it isn't just current ECW wrestlers either.  They are targeting anyone that ever wrestled for that organization.  That means Perry Saturn, TAZ, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Magnum TA, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko......I mean, there are a lot of guys that are potential targets.

TONY:  And up first for the "The Shoot Foundation" is "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam and Sabu as they both have title matches for tonight as part of Nitro.

Pedro Morales VS. Eddy Gurrerro

The former "triple crown" winner in the WWF took on fellow latino Eddie Gurrerro in a very good matchup.  The veteran Morales finally took over on Gurrerro as he went for his "Boston Crab" submission hold on Eddie.  As he turned Gurrerro over though, out comes Chris Jericho!! He nails Morales in the head with a hard forearm.  He then throws Gurrerro out of the ring and applies his "LionTamer" (his version of the B.C.) on Morales.  He is screaming like a madman, saying "You stoled my hold!!" As Jericho increases the pressure, Gurrerro comes back in with a dropkick to the back of the skull that breaks the hold.  Jericho decides to take the cautious road as he leaves.  Meanwhile, Morales is being helped up by Gurrerro and the two head back to the dressing room.

When we come from commercial break, we see the nWo group of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, WWF European Champion Raven and a provocatively dressed Kimberly (I'll let you use your imagination here)!!  They are in the ring with the mic:

JAKE:  Well, well, well.  Things seem to be a bit sweeter around the nWo these days.  While things on the DDP end....well, they are a bit bleeker from what I've heard.  You see Dallas, I broke you into the sport of pro wrestling, I taught you everything that you know and I showed you everything that you know.  But, I never taught you everything that I know (he says this with a sinister grin).  You see, I knew Kimberly long before you did. I just didn't let you know about it.

Jake says this last comment with a suggestive tone in his voice.  Kimberly just smiles.  As Jake continues his rant, another voice is heard from the crowd.

DDP:  Hey, I have heard just about enough of this crap!!

Wasting no words, DDP hits the ring and attacks Jake but Raven is there to stop the attack.  The two DDT masters pummel the master of the "Diamond Cutter" as Kimberly sinisterly laughs at everything.  Suddenly, Johnny B. Badd and Sable come from the back.  Badd drives the two men away with a steel chair.  Kimberly leaves as well but some yelling is exchanged between her and the Meros (Badd and Sable).  The duo now helps DDP to his feet and help him out of the ring.

As this is going on, both Tony and Bobby reveal that there is/was an off-camera relationship/friendship between the Pages and the Meros.  True, DDP and Badd had been rivals in the ring and Kimberly had even managed Badd at one point in his career, but the professional rivarly spawned mutual respect and the two became friends.  The wives became close friends as well.  Now, that's all been thrown out the window because of the evil Jake Roberts and Raven.

"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam VS. Bret "The HitMan" Hart (ECW TV Title Match)

This is a rematch from SuperBrawl that took place the night before.  This bout was just as good as the previous as both men used everything in their arsenal to subdue the other.  At the 15 minute mark, Bret had RVD down and was going for his "Sharpshooter Deathlock."  He turned him over but, before he could sit down on it, RVD used his forearms to crawl to the ropes for a break.  Using smarts, Bret held the hold up until four of the five count.  Bret then went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair, taking advantage of the ECW rules.  He went for a chair shot on "The Whole F'n Show" but RVD moved out the way.  Bret turned around with the chair and took RVD's "VanDaminator" in the face!!  RVD quickly dragged Bret to the center of the ring and connected with his "Five Star Frogsplash"!!!  The ref counts 1...2...3 and RVD, just one night later, has won the ECW TV Title!!  Immediately afterwards, The Rock hits the ring and attacks RVD just as he was getting to his feet.  Just as quickly came Sabu as he attacked The Rock.  Then the rest of the "Shoot Foundation" began to come to the ring, they were followed by TAZ, Perry Saturn and The Triple Threat (Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Chris Candido).  A big brawl broke out with everyone but Sabu and The Rock leaving the ring.  The ref decided to go ahead and start the ECW Heavyweight Title match!

Sabu VS. The Rock (ECW Heavyweight Title Match)

The "Shoot Foundation" stayed on one side while the ECW contengient stayed on the other.  The Rock was going to work with right hands to the head.  He then whips Sabu into the ropes but Sabu counters it by jumping to the second rope and nailing Maivia with a leg lariat!  Sabu then drags a prone Rock near the ropes and performs his "Arabian Press" on him.  He gets a two count.  Sabu now has The Rock in the center of the ring and has him in his "Camel Clutch." After about one minute in this hold, The Rock manages to get to his feet with Sabu on his back.  He then rams him into the corner, breaking the hold.  The Rock then nails Sabu with a dropkick that knocks the back of his head into the cornerbuckle.  Seeing that Sabu was hurt, The Rock throws Sabu into the ropes, picks him up for a backdrop but, instead of letting him go over, he catches Sabu in the air and rams him face first into the mat!!  The Rock covers for a close two count.

The Rock now has Sabu in a front facelock.  He manages to keep this hold on for about 30 seconds until "The Human Sacrifice" gets to his feet. Sabu then throws three right hands to the mid-section of Maivia.  Sabu hits the ropes for another move but The Rock levels him with a clothesline!!  The Rock then picks up Sabu and bodyslams him in the center of the ring.  With the "Shoot Foundation" cheering him on, The Rock performs "The People's Elbow" on Sabu!!  He gets the closest fall of the match with it!!  The Rock is a little frustrated but goes back to the attack with kicks to the neck.  The Rock now taunts Sabu by doing what Sabu does (that little thing when he points to the air).  That turns out to be a big mistake as Sabu stands up despite The Rock throwing hard punches at him. The Rock throws another punch but is blocked by Sabu.  Sabu fires back with three rights of his own. He whips The Rock into the ropes and catches him in a backdrop.  He quickly puts him in position in the center of the ring.  RVD, his tag team partner, throws him a chair.  He folds it out, runs to the ropes, uses the chair as a stepladder and performs his "Triple Jump Moonsault"on Maivia!!  He gets 1...2...but The Rock kicks out!  Sabu then picks up The Rock for another move but Maivia quickly hooks him up and gets his "Rock Bottom" slam on Sabu!!  He gets 1...2...but Sabu kicks out!!  The ECW contengient is fired up at this and is cheering Sabu on.  The fans in the arena are split.  Some are cheering Sabu, others The Rock but some are cheering both men and are enjoying the action.  Meanwhile, The Rock goes for the steel chair and is getting ready to whack Sabu with it.  Sabu, in a brilliant defense move, dropkicks The Rock in the knee and causes Maivia to fall facefirst to the canvas and into the chair!!  Sabu quickly goes to the top rope with Maivia still laying face down on the chair.  Shane Douglas tosses Sabu another chair and "The Human Sacrifice" performs his "Arabian Facebuster" legdrop on The Rock with the chair!!  Sabu goes for the cover when Bret Hart hits the ring to break up the count.  RVD is now in the ring and the match totally breaks down as everyone is in the ring fighting!!  It is Bret VS. RVD, Sabu VS. Owen, Shamrock VS. TAZ, Saturn VS. Severn, The Rock VS. Douglas, BBB VS. Davey Boy Smith and Candido VS. Dynamite Kid.  It is a seven way brawl as security tries to break it up with little to no success as they are fighting inside and outside!!  This is the mayhem as WCW Nitro leaves the air.

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