WCW SuperBrawl
f/ Chris "The Crippler" Benoit Vs. Shawn "HeartBreak" Kid Michaels

The Harlem Heat double teaming Sting
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Cow Palace - San Francisco, CA

The opening features the team of Tony Schivone, "Iron" Mike Tenay and Bobby "The Brain" Hennan with rotating appearances from Jim Ross and Joey Styles.

Saturn VS. Ken Shamrock (Lion's Den Street Fight Match)

This is the opening match and it is a dandy as "The World's Most Dangerous Man" took on an dangerous individual in his own right in Perry Saturn in a "submission only/anything goes" bout!! The ring ropes had been removed for this bout at the request of both wrestlers. Suplexes, chairs, holds, etc., was used in this bout! The high point came when Saturn set up a table on the outside. From there, he had a bloody Shamrock on his shoulders to execute his "Death Valley Driver" from the apron to the table. Shamrock squirmed free, hooked up Saturn and executed his belly to belly suplex from the ring, through the table and to the floor!! This took a lot out of both men.  From there, Shamrock tossed Saturn back into the "rope-less" ring and applied his anklelock hold. The ref stopped the bout when he saw that Saturn was already knocked out and couldn't give up on his own. The bell rang and Shamrock was the winner of this brutal opening contest at WCW SuperBrawl.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts VS. Diamond Dallas Page

In this grudge bout, DDP once again took on his former mentor and nWo member Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The two, surprisingly, started off slow but soon the tempers flared up and they just cut loose on each other!! Ten minutes into this bout, DDP went for his "tornado" clothesline but nailed the referee instead as Jake ducked the move. Jake countered this miss with an attempt at a DDT but DDP was ready with a backdrop to counter that. From there, DDP hit his "tornado" clothesline on Jake and signaled for the "Diamond Cutter."  At that point, someone in a black robe that covered the whole body (even the face and hands were hidden) came from the back and delivered a low blow to DDP.  From there, the mystery person executed a DDT on DDP. After that, the hooded figure went to the ref and revived him while Jake wearily covered him. The ref came over and counted DDP down as Jake gained a controversial win. As Jake and his friend celebrated, DDP was back on his feet and slugged Jake with a right hand. He then grabbed the mystery interloper and pulled off the hood to reveal who he thought was Raven, DDP's classmate and Jake's sidekick, but it was Kimberly Page!!  Kimberly took off the rest of her outfit to reveal her in an all black outfit. She has on a black top, a black mini-skirt and black high heels.  DDP is stunned!! Meanwhile, Raven has come from the back and DDT's Page!! Jake and Raven then dragged Jake out to the center of the ring and they have the mic:

ROBERTS:  Well, well, well. Dallas, you should take better care of your women.  We both know that I took Cheryl from you years ago (Jake's ex-wife), now I have taken the one thing that means the world to you!!

KIMBERLY: Dallas, here is a parting momento.

With that, Kim reached up into her skirt and pulled down her panties (this action gets a lot of "ohh's" and "ahh's" from the crowd as well as a lot of camera flashes).  She then lays them on DDP's face.

KIMBERLY: Cherish them well because that's as close as you'll ever get to this again (gesturing with "crotch chops" as she says this)!!

The evil nWo duo leave a battered Page in the ring.

TAZ VS. Dan "The Beast" Severn (IWGP Heavyweight Title Match)

Two brutal mat experts went at it here as TAZ went to add more gold to his collection. The two traded suplexes, bodyslams, and submission holds in a slow but brutal bout. At the 15 minute mark, TAZ went for the "TAZ-mission" on Severn. Severn fought valiantly to escape and, as he did so, he accidentally nailed the referee.  With the ref down, Ken Shamrock came down and delivered a low blow to TAZ, breaking the "TAZ-mission."  Shamrock then hooked in a new move (for him), a head and arm suplex that dropped TAZ on his head, knocking him out!! Severn, confused but seeing opportunity, made the cover as the ref came back over and made the three count. Severn, luckily, retained the IWGP Championship.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Val Venis w/Jenna Jameson (NWA World TV Title Match)

The "Ravishing" one put his NWA TV strap on the line against the "Big Valboski" with porn star turned valet Jenna Jameson at ringside.  These two did as much posing as they did wrestling as they both tried to show up the other. At the eight minute mark, Rude had things well in hand as he was the more aggressive of the two. He went for his "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on Val when Jenna entered the ring. Rude, distracted, went to confront Jenna when Madusa Micelli came down. These two do share a past as Madusa once managed Rude during his WCW days. What happened next was unexpected as Madusa went to confront Jenna. As Rude came closer, Madusa suddenly spun around and slapped Rude!! Taken by surprise, Rude now grabbed Madusa to find out what was going on while Jenna had the ref's attention. Then, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert came down, spun Rude around, and threw fire into the face of Rude!! The ref saw this and called for a DQ on Val Venis. Rude would retain his NWA World TV Title but at a high price as Gilbert and Madusa continued the carnage. The New Age Outlaws joined in as well. In another twist, Val Venis got up and was helping out a helpless Rude. DX members Kevin Nash and Hunter Hearst Helmsley also came down to drive the Outlaws away but the damage had been done. With medical assistance, Val, Nash, and Triple H helped an injured Rude back to the dressing room at The Outlaws had made their presence felt with this shocking act.

Scott Hall VS. Raven (WWF European Title Match)

This bout should've been billed as a "WWF European Title/Grudge Match" due to what happened at TheRoyalRumble when Hall put Raven through a windshield of a pickup truck with his "Razor's Edge" powerbomb. Both men went at with pure venom as there were very few wrestling holds in this bout.  At the 14 minute mark, Hall put Raven on the top rope for his belly to back suplex. As Raven came down, his arm accidently nailed the referee. Hall has things going his way as he signals for the "Edge." At this time, Jake Roberts is back out with a table. He quickly sets it up and gets on the ring apron. Hall goes over to get Jake but, as he does, Raven knees him in the back. Jake pulls Hall out to the apron and sets him on the top turnbuckle on the outside. Raven goes to the outside as well, hooks in a front-facelock on Hall, and delivers his Evenflow DDT on Hall, from the top turnbuckle, through the table and to the floor!! By this time, Raven is getting Hall back into the ring as Jake revived the ref. The ref counts three as Raven is the new WWF European Champion. The nWo has reclaimed some gold.

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. The Rock (ECW Heavyweight Title Match)

In this heated bout, Douglas was fighting for himself and ECW pride against the cocky, arrogant and insulting Rocky Maivia for the ECW belt that Douglas claims that he put on the wrestling map (a claim that has a lot of merit).  The two traded holds both illegal and legal as they both put on their trademark moves. The Rock hit Douglas with both the "People's Elbow" and the "Rock Bottom" slam but couldn't put the "Franchise" down. Likewise, Douglas hit his belly to belly suplex and couldn't put The Rock away!!  Seventeen minutes into it, The Rock had Douglas in a bad way. Francine quickly jumps up on the apron of the ring. The Rock walks over to her and levels her with a right hand!! This act rained well deserved boos from the crowd. As the ref went to check on Francine, The Rock went back for Douglas. As he did, The Junkyard Dog (who was viciously attacked by The Rock at TheRoyalRumble) hit the ring.  The Rock turned around and JYD leveled Maivia with his steel chain!! JYD then stood The Rock up and administered a terrible beating to The Rock. Meanwhile, Douglas went and got the ECW belt. As The Rock managed to gain some ground against JYD, Douglas smashed the title belt into the face of Maivia!! Douglas now is aware of what happened to Francine and he is pissed!! Douglas goes for another hit with the belt (JYD, meanwhile, is over with Francine) but The Rock catches him in the "Rock Bottom."  This time, it is enough for a three count and a win for Maivia. JYD quickly comes back into the ring, wraps the chain around The Rock's neck, and hangs him over the top rope. Francine, who now has her senses back with her, comes around and delivers a "Shattered Dreams" kick to Rocky's nuts!! Douglas has now recovered and is joining in on violence perpetrated on The Rock. Officials and ref's come down and finally get JYD, Douglas and Francine off of Maivia and back to the dressing room. Maivia, meanwhile, has to be strechered out of the arena as he is in bad shape. Still, he remains ECW Champion.

"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn VS. Bret "The HitMan" Hart (ECW TV Title Match)

In one of the best matches of the night, RVD and Bret Hart fought for the vacant ECW TV strap. At the 20 minute mark, RVD had Bret straddled on the top rope.  RVD's manager, Bill Alphonso, held a steel chair to Hart's head for the "VanDaminator."  As "Mr. Monday Night" was getting ready to jump, Bret quickly kicked Alphonso down and jerked the chair from him. When RVD leaped, Bret whacked Van Damn in the right leg with the chair!! Bret then took the chair and was jabbing Rob V. in the knee with it. He then put the "HartBreaker" (ringpost figure four) on "The Whole F'n Show"!!  RVD was screaming to the heavens!! Bret, after about 30 seconds, then broke the hold and went back into the ring. He went for a vertical suplex on RVD but RVD reversed out of it. Bret, however, had a counter of his own because as RVD was reversing out of it, Bret dropped down into a version of the "Diamond Cutter"!! RVD was taken by surprise.  With Van Damn stunned, Bret locked in the "Sharpshooter Deathlock" on RVD. RVD valiantly tried to reach the ropes but couldn't. After 45 seconds in the hold, RVD passed out from the pain and the ref stopped the match. Bret Hart had become ECW Television Champion but you could bet that Bret hadn't seen the last of "Mr. Monday Night."

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Bill Goldberg (NWA World Heavyweight Title Match)

In this highly anticipated bout, "Stone Cold" went up against NWA United States Champion Bill Goldberg. While both men used brawling for much of the contest, it was clear that Austin had the superior skills in terms of wrestling while Goldberg had the superior power.  Both men used these strengths to their advantage as neither held a long advantage. At the 18 minute mark, Goldberg went for a right hand but, as he reared back for it, he elbowed the ref in the eye, blinding him temporarily. Austin took advantage by kicking Goldberg low and catching him in the "Stone Cold Stunner." The match was over, Austin had the pin....except there was no referee!! At this point, Tully Blanchard came down to ringside and began to taunt Austin. As Austin's attention was on Tully, Arn Anderson came down, spinned Austin around and nailed him with a pair of brass knuckles!! Neither the ref nor Goldberg saw any of this. As Goldberg got to his feet, he saw Austin in perfect position for his "spear-tackle"!! He charged and ran through Austin like a mack truck!! Goldberg then went for the finish as he executed his "Jackhammer" suplex for the win. The ref came back around to count Austin down as Goldberg won the NWA World Heavyweight Title!! He is now a duel champion for now (You can't hold both the World and US titles at the same time). Meanwhile, Austin is pissed and looking for revenge.

Sting & The Undertaker VS. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (Unified World Tag Team Championship Match)

In this bout, NWA United States Tag Team Champions Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson attempted to add more gold to their waists as they took on the champions of Sting and UT.  In a shocker for this bout, Sting came out in his old "Crow" gimmick to match the eerie image of his partner. The two made a shocking pair. As for the match itself, it was the power and technique of Sting and UT Vs. the technical ability and ruthlessness of Tully and Arn. The match broke down at the 12 minute mark as all four men ended up in the ring. Sting and Tully fought on the outside, leaving UT and Arn in the ring. UT hit the ropes for a move but got caught by Arn in his "Spinebuster" slam. Arn had the pin but the ref was trying separate Sting and Tully. As this was going on, the ref got knocked down by a glancing blow from Sting. As Sting tried to help him up, Tully rejoined Arn in the ring and was going for a finisher. Suddenly, they were nailed in the heads with steel chairs!! It was "The Rattlesnakes" ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin & "The Boss" Magnum TA)!! They hit the ring stomping a mudhole in the Horsemen. Austin knocked Tully out of the ring while Magnum worked over Arn. Arn fought back with a knee to the gut and hit the ropes for a clothesline. Magnum quickly ducked down and lifted Arn up. Austin quickly reacted as he grabbed the head and they executed "The Stun Gun" (a double team version of the "Stone Cold Stunner") on Arn. They quickly left the ring as Sting threw Tully back into the ring. With Arn down, Sting and UT went on to finish off Tully. UT lifted Tully up on his shoulders and went over to Sting as he stood on the top rope. He grabbed Tully's head in the "Scorpion DeathDrop" position and executed it from UT's shoulders on Tully (I call this move "The Embalmer"). The ref came back in and counted three as Sting and UT (with unexpected help from "The Rattlesnakes") retained their gold.


The ring announcer is Tom Miller.

MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our feature attraction for WCW SuperBrawl!! It is for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, scheduled for one fall, with a one hour time limit.

With that, the music of Benoit starts up.

MILLER: First, the challenger. From Edminton, Alberta Canada, weighing in tonight at 235lbs., he is the WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, "The Crippler" Chris Benoit!!

Benoit, as usual, is focused on this bout. Surprisingly, he does give a couple of fans hi-fives coming to the ring but that's about it. He hits the ring and quickly removes his black vest that has "WolfPack" written on the back. He hands the vest and his WCW US Title to the attendant as he awaits Shawn Michaels.

MILLER: And now, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

At this point, the DX band starts to play the DX song (think of their performance of it at WrestleMania 14 for an imaginary aid).

MILLER: From San Antonio, TX, weighing in at 228lbs., "The HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels!!

Michaels comes walking down to ringside with his championship gold wrapped around his waist wearing black and red for this bout. In contrast, Benoit his wearing red and white with black boots. After Michaels' big entrance, the champion hands the belt over to the ref so that the match can get underway.

The two men circle each other for about three seconds. They then move in to lock up but Michaels ducks under Benoit and sticks him with a left jab. Benoit is taken by surprise but doesn't lose his focus. The two go for a lockup again but the same thing happens. This time Benoit does move in but Michaels goes to the outside. Benoit does give chase and Michaels runs back into the ring. Michaels hits the ropes and Benoit ducks down. When Michaels rebounds, Benoit hits him with a thunderous chop to the chest that lifts Michaels up and off his feet. Michaels gets up quickly but Benoit gets him and runs him into the turnbuckle headfirst. Benoit then performs a series of kicks to the midsection, using the ref's five count. Benoit then pulls Michaels out of the corner and bodyslams him. He goes in for another move but Michaels counters with a double-kick to the face. Both men scramble up to their feet and now, Michaels returns the bodyslam but Benoit does the same counter to him. Both men scramble up again. Benoit takes Michaels down with a leg sweep and covers for only a one count. Michaels performs a similar move on Benoit in return as both men come up to their feet. He covers for only a one count as well. Both men get up and Benoit throws another hard chop into the chest of Michaels.

Benoit now whips Michaels into the ropes but Michaels reverses it. Michaels picks up Benoit for a side-slam but Benoit turns that into a flying head-scissors. Michaels scrambles to his feet and gets clotheslined back down. Benoit covers for a solid two count as Michaels manages to kick out. Benoit now has a reverse chinlock on Michaels. He holds this hold for about 15 seconds. He now turns it into a reverse surfboard as he streches Michaels' arms out and plants the knee between the shoulderblades of Michaels. He holds this for about 35 seconds before releasing it. Michaels doesn't give up but he is in tremendous pain right now. Benoit whips Michaels into the ropes and goes for a bodyslam but Michaels flips behind him, hooks his head, and delievers a "Scorpion DeathDrop" (reverse DDT) on Benoit!! Both men are down right now but Michaels manages to get to his feet first. He takes Benoit and puts him down into the corner on his butt. Michaels goes to the opposite corner, runs from there, and plants both feet into the face of Benoit!! He then takes Benoit by the legs, lifts him out of the corner, and powerbombs him down for a two count. Michaels now picks up Benoit and whips him into the other corner but Benoit reverses it. Michaels goes upside-down and over but lands on the apron. Benoit goes for a clothesline and misses but Michaels connects with one of his own from the apron. Michaels now goes to the top rope and flies at Benoit with a double axhandle blow. Benoit, seeing it coming, catches Michaels and turns it into a "FlapJack" slam on Michaels!! "HBK" has the air knocked out of him. Benoit covers for a close count. Benoit hits the ropes again but Michaels catches him and executes a sidewalk slam (similar to the Big Bossman's)!!

Michaels now has the advantage back as Benoit is down. Benoit gets up near the ropes and Michaels clothesline's him over the ropes and flips himself back in. Seeing Benoit in a prone position, "HBK" goes to the top rope and connects with his elbowdrop on the floor!! This move took something out of Michaels as well as he does favor his right leg a little bit. Still, he gets Benoit back into the ring. Michaels now sets up Benoit in the corner as he goes to the top rope again. He has Benoit by the back of the head and puts his right leg on the back of his head. He then leaps and attempts to drive Benoit head first into the mat with his leg on the neck. Benoit, somehow, holds his balance and manages to powerbomb Michaels down to the canvas!!

Now, Michaels is down and Benoit gives his "cut-throat" sign. He goes to the top rope and attempts the diving-headbutt on Michaels!! He flies...and misses!! Michaels barely gets out of the way. Michaels scrambles to his feet and sees Benoit slowly getting up. Shawn senses that now is the time to go for it. He slaps his right thigh as a sign for the "Sweet Chin Music" superkick!! He gets set as Benoit comes to his feet. He goes for it and nails it right on the jaw....but can't go for the cover because he aggravated that injury to his right leg that he suffered earlier.  Michaels slowly drags himself over to Benoit, who has been down for 15 seconds. Michaels covers and gets 1...2..but Benoit gets a shoulder up!! Michaels can't believe it!! Undaunted, he picks up Benoit and goes for a verticle suplex. He gets Benoit up in the air but can't hold it because of the leg. Benoit gets down and turns it into the "Crippler Crossface"!! It is in the center of the ring. Michaels tries to make it to the ropes but can't. After 20 seconds in the hold, Michaels finally taps out!! Benoit has won the WCW World Heavyweight Title!! The usually unemotional Benoit is overcome with it now!! He can't believe that he's won as the ref hands him the title and raises his hands to a thunderous ovation!! WolfPack members Lex Luger, Vader, Sting and The Undertaker all come in to congratulate the new champ. Vader and UT hoist Benoit up on the shoulders in celebration. Other coming in to congratulate the new champ included WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko (Benoit's long time tag team partner), new ECW TV Champ Bret "The HitMan" Hart, new NWA World Champ Bill Goldberg, Shane Douglas (Benoit's former mate in "The Triple Threat") and even "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (Benoit's former mate in The Four Horsemen). It is a big time party in the ring as Benoit holds his new WCW World Title in the air with tears running down his face. It is an emotional moment as Tony Schivone and Co. bidded everyone a good night.

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