WCW SuperBrawl:
The Card & The Interviews

This segment is being co-hosted by both Tony Schivone and Jim Ross.

TONY:  Hello everyone and welcome to the WCW SuperBrawl control center.  I am Tony Schivone and joining me here is WWF commentator Jim Ross.  For the next few minutes or so, we will examine the card for SuperBrawl which will originate from The Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA.

At this point, we go into the card:

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Goldberg (NWA World Heavyweight Title Match)

Sting & The Undertaker VS. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Val Venis w/Jenna Jameson (NWA World TV Title Match)

Jake "The Snake" Roberts VS. Diamond Dallas Page

Raven VS. Scott Hall (WWF European Title Match)

Rob Van Damn VS. Bret "The HitMan" Hart (ECW TV Title Match)

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. The Rock (ECW Heavyweight Title Match)

TAZ VS. Dan "The Beast" Severn (IWGP Title Match)

Saturn VS. Ken Shamrock (Lion's Den Street Fight Match)

ROSS:  And now, folks, we are going to hear from the athletes that will be in this tremendous event at SuperBrawl.

Here are comments from the competitors:

BENOIT:  Shawn Michaels. WCW World Heavyweight Champion. You and I are no strangers to each other. We met last August at SummerSlam in "Supreme Armaggedon."  We met again at The Royal Rumble. We both have had a taste of what the other is all about. But now, it is for the whole ball of wax. It is for the big prize.  As much of an honor it has been to be United States Champion, it will be the biggest accomplishment of all when I win the World Heavyweight Title. So, Michaels, if you want to keep that title, then be prepared to fight to the death because that is the only way you will keep that belt from "The Crippler"!!

SHAMROCK:  Saturn!!  Everyone in the world saw your partner TAZ tap out to the anklelock at The Royal Rumble. Everyone knows that I should've won that match and that I never voluntarily tapped out. It was you that cost me that match!!  Well, I get you at The Cow Palace at SuperBrawl in a "Lion's Den Street Fight Match."  That means anything goes and that this match only ends in submissions. No pinfalls, no countouts, no disqualifications.  The match ends when there is a submission or a knockout.  Bring everything you got but you are submitting to me!!

AUSTIN:  For those of you that don't know already, my name is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and at SuperBrawl, I will be defending this title against that overrated piece of trash called Goldberg.  The man that WCW originally created to copy yours truly.  Well, Goldberg, I'll give you this much, you have carved your own star in the world of wrestling as you are NWA United States Champion.  But that also makes you second best to me and I am glad that belt does make you the top contender because I've been wanting to get in the ring with your sorry ass ever since you came into the sport to show everyone what a bunch of crap that you really are. Bring your "jackhammer" and "spear" because the "jackhammer" won't mean jack when you meet the "Stone Cold Stunner." And that's the bottom line cuz "Stone Cold" said so!!

BRET:  Rob Van Damn, my opponent at SuperBrawl, you are in for the biggest match of your entire career.  You are a great athelete, I'll give you that much. You have fantastic moves in the ring but you are facing a man that has done it all in wrestling.  The ECW TV belt is just a bonus as I just want to beat the crap out of you and give you a wrestling lesson that you will never forget.  I relish in the fact that I am facing one of the best young talents in the business and also in the fact that I have a chance to prove once again that I am "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be."

DOUGLAS:  Hey, "Rock"!!  You've been shooting off your mouth about how you are the only real wrestler in ECW right now because you are the champion.  Well, pal, let me tell you something. You are facing a former UWF World TV Champion, a former WCW World Tag Team Champion with none other than Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, a former ECW World TV Champion and three time ECW Heavyweight Champion.  I was winning titles when you were buying your first condom to get your first piece of p*ssy!!  So, come SuperBrawl, you better be taking this situation seriously because if you don't, then get ready to crown a four time ECW Champion and that is me!!

MICHAELS:  Hey, Benoit!!  Coming up at SuperBrawl, you better be at the top of your game because you are facing the best that this sport has to offer.  You are a great athelete, I can't take that from you but you are only second best compared to me! If you want to take down "HBK", you better bring every trick that you know because I plan on walking into the match as WCW Champ and I plan on walking out the same way. If you don't like that, then I have two words for you:  SUCK IT!!

DDP:  Roberts.  You just won't leave me the hell alone, will you?  I've planted you with The Diamond Cutter so many times that I am starting to think that you enjoy it!!  Well, it'll be my pleasure to do it again at SuperBrawl.  Only this time, it won't be one Diamond Cutter. It may be two, three, or even ten Diamond Cutters!! Just to make sure that your ass doesn't get up again!!  See you in Cali, BANG!!

TONY:  Well, that's all from here.  We will see you at SuperBrawl in a few weeks. For Jim Ross, I am Tony Schivone. We will see you then.

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