This story takes place the day after the Royal Rumble in Houston, TX

ROSS:  Hello and welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW!!  I am Jim Ross along side Jerry "The King" Lawler.  Tonight, we have a great show for you as we are coming from Victoria, TX. The home of NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

LAWLER:  That's right JR!! Tonight, we have some of the teams that are going to be in the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tournament to be held in March in New Orleans, LA.  They will be going at it in tag team action.

ROSS:  What we don't know is who is going to be facing who as these matches were made just yesterday. From what I understand, only the wrestlers know so we are pretty much in the dark about tonight's card. I understand also that these bouts are special challenge matches and are not part of the tournament itself. They could have, however, a psychological effect on the teams going into that big tourney in two months. What we are not in the dark about is The Royal Rumble that took place in Houston, TX  yesterday.  "Nature Boy" Ric Flair won the Rumble and by doing so, he has earned the right to face the WWF World Champion at WrestleMania which is also in March. Right now, the champion is "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and that should be a classic power VS. science matchup.

LAWLER:  I think the key word there is that Flair will face the WWF Champion. There is no guarantee that it will be Nash, it could be anyone by the time WrestleMania comes around.

ROSS:  Also, ECW's Rob Van Damn and our own Bret "The HitMan" Hart is here and that in itself is amazing after yesterday during the Rumble match itself.

LAWLER:  It sure is!! Take a look at this footage here (the footage from the Rumble is being played as Lawler talks). Bret Hart superplexed Rob Van Damn from the top rope, to the outside and through a table!! Both men should've been hospitalized after that but they are hear tonight?!!

ROSS:  Indeed they are "King" and that could be a volatile situation within itself. We also know that one of the teams that will wrestle tonight will be the champions Sting and The Undertaker and they will put those titles on the line tonight but, again, we don't know who.  Right now, let's get to the action.

The Rock n Roll Express VS. Kane/Gangrel

In the first of three encounters between Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial teams, the four time NWA World Champions take on the scary, unorthodox team of Kane and Gangrel. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, while not intimidated, were taken out of their gameplan a bit by the different styles of these two men (if you can give them that). The match ended when Ricky and Robert went for the double-dropkick on Gangrel and connected. They then went for it against Kane but it only knocked him back a few steps.  As both men made their way back to their feet, Kane lunged out and grabbed both men by the throat and delivered a double-chokeslam to the RnR's!!  Kane then went to the top rope and stood poised and ready. Gangrel threw Ricky out of the ring and put Gibson in the opposite corner from Kane. Gibson fought Gangrel back, knocking him back to the center of the ring. Gibson charged at Gangrel but, as it turned out, it was a set up as Gangrel ducked down in a backdrop position. He then lifted Gibson over his head (like Gibson was leapfrogging him) and, just as Gibson reached the apex of his jump, Kane came off of the top rope with a clothesline that turned Gibson over in the air!! Gangrel quickly covered Robert for the three count as Kane and Gangrel left with the win. Gibson left on his own power but had to be helped by his partner.

After the commercial break, we have The New Age Outlaws coming down to the ring. The Road Dog does his usual thing but I'll write it anyway.

"ROAD DOG" JESSE JAMES:  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!!  The WWF proudly brings to you its soon to be Unified TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLLLLLLLLD!! THE "ROAD DOG" JESSE JAMES!!! THE "BAD ASS" BILLY GUNN!! THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!

Gunn now takes the mic:

BILLY GUN: Now you might be wondering why me and the "Road Dog" are doing out here? Well, we would like to introduce two new outlaws to the fold. Everybody is sweating The Four Horsemen, The Ass-Whippers, Inc., the nWo, and Degeneration X. Well, the Outlaws are forming their own clique. Let's bring him down right now, accompanied by the lovely, sexy Madusa Micelli, here is the original outlaw "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert!!

This is a small surprise to the crowd. Ross is intrigued by it but Lawler, who normally would cheer such a move is not in a festive mood and for good reason as Lawler and Gilbert has had a bloody feud in the past. Eddie enters the ring with his wife Madusa under his arm (they were married in real life before Eddie passed away).  The enters the ring and hi-fives Gunn and the "Road Dog" while Madusa hugs the duo.  Jesse James now hands over the mic to Gilbert and Micelli.

EDDIE GILBERT:  Well, this is how wrestling is done today eh? Everybody can wrestle everybody? Well, this is how it should've been all along.  It is about time someone woke those pig headed promoters up!!  Now, I am here with the Outlaws for two reasons. One, to help put the Unified World Tag Team Championships around their waist. Sting, I know you better than most people because I am the one that help you out early in your career. I know your strengths and weaknesses and you better believe that I have passed that on to these gentlemen right here. Two, to help create mayhem and chaos as only the Outlaws can do!!  Now, Madusa, you have something to say I understand.

Eddie hands the mic over to his wife.

MADUSA:  Sable, you are the WCW Ladies Champion. Right now, you are overseas defending that title but when you return over here honey, you'll have to face THE top female wrestler in the world and that's me!  I am prettier, I am sexier, and I damn sure can wrestle better than you!!  So, shine up that title because you are looking at the next WCW Ladies Champion!!

This segment ends with the four leaving to the back.

When we return, we have Dusty and Dustin Rhodes w/Magnum TA in the ring getting ready for their tag team bout with NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and a mystery partner. The announcers admit that they have no idea who the partner is and hope to find out right now.  Shattered glass and driving guitars blare over the speakers as SCSA makes his way out to the ring.

Dusty & Dustin Rhodes w/Magnum TA VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & ?

AUSTIN:  Now, everyone wants to know who is my partner for this bout. Before I introduce him, I want to tell you that me and my partner will be known as "The Rattlesnakes"!!  The duo called this is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and......

Austin drops the mic and does the "Stone Cold Salute" towards Dusty, Dustin, and Magnum. Suddenly, Magnum attacks Dusty!! Dustin goes to help but he's jumped by Austin!! This has taken the Rhodes family by surprise!! Austin has Dustin down and is pounding the hell out of him with stomps while Magnum whips Dusty into the ropes. Magnum performs an incredible belly to belly suplex to the 302 pound Rhodes that lays him out.  Meanwhile, Austin gets Dustin up and whips him into the ropes. Magnum gets in front, picks him up in a waistlock and begins to fall back. As he does, Austin catches Dustin's head and, in one swoop, they execute a double-team "Stunner" (similar to the Dudley Death Drop) called the "Stun Gun" (taking the name from Austin's old move).  Dusty gets back to his feet but Magnum boots him in the guts and gives him the "Stunner." The two former enemies face each other and shake hands and does the "Salute" again to each other. The leave with carnage in the ring.

ROSS:  I can't believe what I just saw.  Magnum TA has joined forces with one of his most bitter rivals to form "The Rattlesnakes" and that is a apt title because they have just struck the Rhodes family.

LAWLER:  I'd never thought I'd be impressed by anything that Magnum TA would do but that was pretty impressive!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

The Victoria, TX crowd is both stunned (no pun intended) and cheering as Austin and Magnum leave Dusty and his son in the ring laid out. We go to a commercial and find Michael Cole with WWF Head Vince McMahon, Jr.

MICHAEL COLE:  Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, I am standing here with the owner of the World Wrestling Federation Mr. Vince McMahon and he is hold here the WWF European Title belt.  You have an announcement concerning that very title.

VINCE:  Indeed I do.  The WWF European Title has been vacant for quite sometime now and we plan on re-activating this title.  The WWF has decided that the two top contenders in the world for this belt are Scott Hall from Degeneration X and Raven from the nWo. As we saw last night at the Rumble, there is already a rivalry brewing between these two extraordinary competitors.  We have also contacted the offices of World Championship Wrestling and they have gave us permission to have this match on their next Pay Per View which is SuperBrawl. At that event, Hall and Raven will battle it out to fill the vacancy for the European title. If I may, I would also like for the president of Extreme Championship Wrestling Paul E. Dangerously to come with an announcement as well.

PAUL:  Thank you Vince.  Like you, ECW has also had a title that has been vacant for awhile and that is the ECW World Television Title. We have also received permission from WCW to have a match at their event to fill the vacancy.  It will be between two men who, just last night, nearly lost their careers in mortal combat with each other. I am talking about "Mr. Monday Night", "The Whole F*cking Show" Rob Van Damn and former World Wrestling Federation Tag Team, Intercontinental, and World Champion Bret "The HitMan" Hart!!  These two will fight it out for the vacant ECW TV Title at SuperBrawl!!

We now get reactions from "The King" and Jim Ross.

ROSS:  Folks, those are two big announcements that we have just heard. The WWF European Title, after nearly one year, will be re-activated when Scott Hall of DX faces Raven of the nWo.

LAWLER:  And we have already seen some friction between those two.  Remember last night at the Rumble?  Hall picked up Raven (they are showing the footage of it as Lawler is talking) and executed his "Razor's Edge" powerbomb, putting Raven through the windshield of a truck!!  This may be for the European belt, but I think these guys would just as soon fight without a championship.

ROSS:  And what about the other big matchup that was just announced, Bret "The HitMan" Hart VS. "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Damn for the ECW TV Title.  These two had a tremendous exchange last night during the Rumble which ended in a moment that most of us will not soon forget.

LAWLER:  It sure did JR (the footage for that is rolling as well)!!  Look at this!! Bret Hart "superplexed" Rob Van Damn from the top rope, through a table to the concrete floor!!  You would think that these two would have enough of each other but they haven't!!

ROSS:  And both men are in the building tonight so anything can happen!! Hey, it is the ECW Champ The Rock!!

Indeed, Rocky Maivia is coming down with the ECW title and has the mic as he enters the ring.

MAIVIA:  Now, everyone wants to know why did I attack poor, old JYD, that piece of ghetto trash Junkyard Dog?  Well, it is real simple, The Rock was just making a statement as ECW Champion and that statement was that at anytime, I can lay the smack down on you and make you hit "Rock Bottom." Now, as for ECW itself, they better get ready for a clinic in wrestling and violence because I plan on taking every single one of those trailer-park pieces of trash, planting them in a dumpster, and taking them to the treatment plant for recycling......

As the Rock rants, out comes Paul E. Dangerously.

PAUL:  So, you want to prove you are the man of ECW eh?  Well, I am going to give you that chance because you're first PPV defense Maivia will come at WCW SuperBrawl and it will be against former three time ECW Champion Shane "The Franchise" Douglas!!

The Rock is not happy about this announcement.  He goes outside to get Paul E. but the smart promoter is already high-tailing it out of there. As The Rock gives chase, we go to a commercial break.  When we return, we come back to another blockbuster tag team contest.

NWA United States Tag Team Champions Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson  VS. Sabu/Rob Van Damn (Non-title)

In the second of the Crockett Cup matches, the Horsemen took on the ECW duo of "The Human Sacrifice" and "Mr. Monday Night."  The veterans had trouble adjusting to the unorthodox style of Sabu and RVD as well as the high-flying tactics for about the first five minutes or so.  They then focused on Sabu's neck as it was a weak point.  Tully and Arn worked it over with slams, knees, and chinlocks for about seven minutes.  At the twelve minute mark, Arn went for the kill as he hooked the head of Sabu for his version of the DDT.  As he took the hold, Bill Alfonso jumped up on the apron to distract both Tully and the referee.  RVD took advantage and hit a missle dropkick on Arn that saved Sabu from the DDT before it could be executed.  Sabu quickly made the tag to RVD.  RVD came in with forearms and karate kicks on both Tully and Arn.  RVD then bodyslams Arn to the mat, leaps up to the top turnbuckle, and executes a "frog splash" on Arn for a sure pin if not for Tully making the save. Sabu then flies into the ring with a leg lariat from the top rope on Tully.  RVD and Sabu now have Arn two against one in the center of the ring. They get him in position and execute "Rolling Thunder" on Arn.  That was the end for sure but someone had stormed the ring.  It is Bret "The HitMan" Hart!! He tackles RVD down to the mat and the two battle to the outside of the ring.  Sabu starts to go over to help his partner.  Tully takes advantage of the situation by planting a knee to the back of Sabu.  Tully quickly throws him into Arn (who is back on his feet).  "The Enforcer" executes his "spinebuster" slam on him for a pin as the Horsemen win this close matchup on their way to a Unified World Tag Team Title shot at WCW SuperBrawl. Meanwhile, Bret and RVD have fought up the rampway and are fighting towards the hallway as we go to a break.

After another commercial break, we come back to find security just getting Hart and Van Damn seperated.  Meanwhile, another match is getting ready to get underway.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude/Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS. Sting & The Undertaker (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

In this bout, just 24 hours after a physical matchup with Demolition, Sting and UT defended the titles against a relatively fresh duo of Rude and Helmsley.  The "Ravishing One" and "Triple H" took full advantage of the battered champs as they pressed the offense from the opening bell by keeping UT inside the ring for most of the bout. Still, the reslient big man kept coming back and took advantage of rare Helmsley mistake as "Triple H" rushed into the corner for UT.  UT put up his size 16 boot that connected in the chops of Helmsley.  With both men down, UT crawled to the corner and made the tag to Sting just as Helmsley tagged in Rude.  The two old enemies began to slug it out with each other. Rude whipped Sting into the ropes but Sting reversed it, caught Rude, lifted him up into the air, and let him crash front-first onto the canvas!! Rude got up but was met with a series of clotheslines followed up by a bulldog-type move!!  Helmsley came in and got decked down by a right hand.  This distraction, however, was all that Rude needed as he planted a knee to the back of Sting.  As the DX duo pressed their regained advantage, out from the back comes Val Venis!!  He yells something to Rude and does his version of the "bump and grind" towards him.  Rude laughs at Venis and does his version. This distraction is all the time Sting needed to tag UT back in. UT goes to the top rope and, when both Rude and Helmsley turned around, nails them with a double-clothesline from the top rope.  UT then gives Sting the "cut-throat" sign along with a "thumbs-up." Sting knows what that means as he lifts "Triple H" up on his shoulders.  UT is up on the top rope again.  UT puts his right leg on the back of Helmsley's head and, with both men going down, execute a double-team legdrop from the top rope that drives Hunter's face into the canvas (I call this move "Closed Casket")!! UT covers Hunter for the three count as Sting and UT retain their titles as Venis laughs at Helmsley and Rude as he walks back to the dressing room.

The team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler wishes everyone a good evening as RAW goes off of the air after another night of great programing.

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