WCW Starrcade: Deadly Unions - Day 2
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Photo appears at the WWF Impact Web Site


Saturday night's broadcast is being covered tonight by Shane "The Franchise" Douglas, Joey Styles and Gordon Solie. The National Anthem was performed by Nirvina featuring rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. The main event for tonight's card is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Styles announces that the match was just made a no disqualification bout today before the card began.

Ted Dibiase & Steve "Dr. Death" Williams VS. Scott Hall & Randy "Macho Man" Savage

This opening bout saw the former Mid-South (UWF) Tag Team Champions take on two members of Degeneration X. Power and science was used by the "Dr." and DiBiase while Hall and Savage relied on smarts, rulebending and double-teaming. The match reached its end 15 minutes into it when DiBiase caught Hall in his "Million Dollar Dream" sleeperhold. The ref, meanwhile, was putting Williams out of the ring when Williams foiled a save attempt by Savage. This gave Savage the opportunity to go to the top rope and nail DiBiase with his double-axhandle to the back of his head. Hall took advantage by slapping his "Razor's Edge" powerbomb on DiBiase and getting the pin as Hall and Savage took the win in the opening bout.

The Fabulous Freebirds VS. Demolition (Ax/Smash)

This bout saw Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy take on the former three time WWF Tag Team Champions in a highly anticipated tag team bout. This bout saw the advantage go back and forth with the Demos taking the slight advantage. Eighteen minutes into the match, Smash took over on Hayes and Gordy. He quickly tagged in Ax and they executed the "Ax Attack" (a backbreaker/elbowsmash combo) on Hayes. Ax went for the cover but the ref was breaking up Gordy and Smash. Buddy Roberts then came into the ring with his cowboy boot and nailed Ax in the head with it. Unfortunately, the ref just happened to be looking that way while trying to break up Gordy and Smash. The ref DQ'ed The 'Birds and Demolition gained a hard fought win by disqualification. Pissed off, Hayes DDT'ed the ref as the Freebirds left in disgust.


(I should note that all the ladies will be showing cleavage)

To the tune of "Raise The Roof", out comes Luther Campbell.

CAMPBELL: Yo, Yo, Yo!!! What's up St. Louis?!!!!

The crowd responds favorably.

CAMPBELL: Well, before we go on with some of this great wrestling action, I want to introduce the participants and judges for this wrestling version of "Luke's Peep Show"!!!

The crowd, particularly the males, give a loud response to that.

CAMPBELL: Now, tonight, this is the first round and the first round only. They will come out escorted by a male of their choosing. This will be the evening gown round. Now, tommorow, you will see these women in bathing suits for the second round and a strip tease for the third round!!! Are you ready to see the ladies, fellas?!!!

Again, a positive response.

CAMPBELL: Now, first. From the WCW, she is the wife of the Diamond man, Diamond Dallas Page and the leader of the Nitro Girls, KIMBERLY PAGE!!!!

Kimberly comes out in a sparkeling blue dress that shows all of her curves. It has straps for the neck but her shoulders and back are exposed. She is accompanied, of course, by a dapper looking DDP as they greet the crowd.

CAMPBELL: Next up is a lady also from WCW. She is the current WCW Ladies Champion, MS. JACQUELINE!!!

Jackie comes down dressed in a flowing red dress that is strapless. She also has long red gloves to match the dress. She is escorted by Booker T of the Harlem Heat (who is looking sharp in a traditional black tuxedo).

CAMPBELL: Up next is a participant from the WWF. She is the wife of WCW superstar Johnny B. Badd and is currently a member of Ass-Whippers, Inc. She is SABLE!!!

Sable comes out with a black dress w/white lines that cut across the breasts. The dress also has a cut in the leg allowing some view of her legs ( ERV'S COMMENT: She does have nice legs). She is accompanied by her husband, Johnny B. Badd who is wearing a white tux for this occassion.

CAMPBELL: Coming to the stage, accompanied by Chris "No Gimmicks Needed" Candido, here is Tammy Lynn Fytch, better known as SUNNY!!!

Sunny comes out in a flowing red dress (just like the one that she wore at the recent ECW HeatWave '98). Candido is dressed in a matching red suit with a black tie and white shirt. The come out and greet the crowd.

CAMPBELL: Coming up next, from the WWF, here is MARLENA!!!

Marlena is wearing a sparkling gold dress that shows here back and stops just as her butt curve before revealing that rear. It is full length. She is escorted, of course, by her husband Dustin Rhodes in a sharp waiters outfit with a black coat and pants with a white shirt and black bowtie.

CAMPBELL: Up next, we have - accompanied by Chris "The Crippler" Benoit - the sultry and sexy Nancy Sullivan, better known as WOMAN!!!

Benoit is strikingly dressed with a white shirt with no collar. He has a purple suit coat and pants to match with black shoes. Woman is dressed in a full length silk black dress with straps around the shoulders. This couple looks striking.

CAMPBELL: And following behind them, we have the "blonde bombshell" MISSY HYATT accompanied by former NWA United States Champion Magnum TA!!!

Missy is dressed in a light pink dress with a pink boa around her neck. Magnum is wearing a tux with his hair slicked back in a ponytail.

CAMPBELL: Coming up next, accompanied by WCW's own "Mean" Gene Okerland, here is "SENSATIONAL" SHERRI MARTEL!!!!

Sherri comes out with a sparkling strappless black dress with a black boa with a split in the back of the dress around the leg area. Gene has on his usual suit.

CAMPBELL: Word up!!! Now, coming out representing Extreme Championship Wrestling, here is the delicious BEULLAH McGILLICUTTY with Tommy Dreamer!!!

Beullah comes out with Dreamer dressed in a hot orange dress with yellow trim. It is strapless does have slits in the back and in the front of the leg. Dreamer is dressed in a blue tux for the occasion.

CAMPBELL: Also, from the ECW, here is FRANCINE with Shane "The Franchise" Douglas!!!

Francine comes out with a white dress with straps but, on the side, it has thin see through silk!!! Although you can't see much, you can tell that she doesn't have on any bra or panties. Douglas has taken the traditional route and is wearing a white Armanni suit for this occassion.

CAMPBELL: Now, we have another babe from ECW. She is JENNA JAMESON accompanied by Val Venis!!!

Val is wearing a black shirt with a tan coat and tan pants to match. Jenna is wearing a matching tan silk dress that has a flower arrangement around the shoulders.

CAMPBELL: Representing the WWF, here is LUNA VACHON. Accompanied by ECW's Bam Bam Bigelow!!!

The crowd stood in shock as Luna came out with flowing blond hair without the facepaint. She looked totally different than what the fans were used to. Anyway, she had on a silver dress with splits on the side. Bam Bam is wearing a traditional tuxedo (that is extra, extra, extra large to be sure).

CAMPBELL: Our next contestant is formerly of WCW, she is now retired from the wrestling business but is coming out for this event. Please welcome Jeanine Clark, better known as LADY BLOSSOM!!!

Lady Blossom comes out with a red sparkle dress with a split in the back. She is also wearing a beautiful pendant on her neck and has long black gloves on. She is escorted by her former charge during his "Stunning" days and NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who is wearing a white suit with a black bowtie.

CAMPBELL: Up next is another hot lady from ECW. Accompanied by Jerry Lynn, she is LADY ALEXANDRIA!!!

Lady Alexandria comes out in a golden brown dress that fits around her neck, showing her back. Lynn has on a golden brown suit with a black tie.

CAMPBELL: Up next, from the WWF, we have Tracy and Nadine, known as THE FUNKETTES!!! They are accompanied by 2 Cold Scorpio.

2 Cold comes out with 70's style suit with one of those big hats. Tracy has on a purple sparkle dress with splits on both legs. Nadine is wearing a gold dress that fits around her neck with little splits on the sides showing a little bit of what she has but not much.

CAMPBELL: Up next is a lady that was a WWF icon for years. She is now currently with WCW. She is MS. ELIZABETH!!!

Liz comes out with one of her famous dresses. She is dressed in a baby blue dress with a flower-type arrangement around the shoulders. She is escorted by a daper looking Eric Bischoff.

CAMPBELL: This next one is a reunion of sorts. Here is Nicola Roberts, better known as BABY DOLL!!!

Baby Doll comes in a green dress that is casual but effective. She is accompanied by one half of the new NWA United States Tag Team Champions and former charge Tully Blanchard, who is looking sharp.

CAMPBELL: Here comes another couple from the past folks!!! Formerly of the AWA and the NWA, here is Patti Garvin, better known as PRECIOUS!!!

Precious comes out with a white dress with a criss-cross design across her chest that hooks to a collar around her neck. She is accompanied by her husband, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin who is dressed an Aqua colored suit looking colorful and sharp.

CAMPBELL: Up next is a sista' from the past. Accompanied by Ron Simmons, here is DARK JOURNEY!!!

DJ comes out with a black dress with white pokadots with shoulder straps. Simmons comes out with a black tuxedo with his hair slicked back (kind of like Billy Dee Williams used to).

CAMPBELL: Here and now, we have from Italy, now from Florida, the lovely but deadly MADUSA MICELLI!!!!

Madusa comes out in a wedding type dress that has only one shoulder strap. It is tight fitting but not too revealing. She is accompanied by Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert. The camera does get a shot of Missy Hyatt with both an annoyed and pissed off look on her face but she does manage to keep her cool.

CAMPBELL: Finally, from the ECW, we have KIMONA!!!

Kimona is accompanied by Masa Chono. She is wearing a silk dress with see-through material that allows the crowd to have a peek. Chono is wearing a white waiters outfit with sunglasses.

CAMPBELL: Now, we have met the contestants. We shall now meet our judges who, by the way, have been judging you on your outfits and poise during this introduction. This has been the first round and now we shall meet the judges who have judged you and will judge you for the second and final rounds. First, an adult entertainment star for over 20 years. Please give it up for Ron Jeremy.

Appropriately, the 2 Live Crew music of "Dick Almighty" plays as Ron Jeremy comes out to greet the crowd and the participants. As he makes his way over to greet Luther, we have an unexpected interuption. It is Kevin Sullivan chasing after Shawn Michaels. As they make their way over, Kevin grabs the mic:

SULLIVAN: I am going to get you punk!!! I'm going to rip your lungs out!!!

At this point, Woman has made her way over.

WOMAN: Kevin!!! What the hell are you doing!!!!

SULLIVAN: What do you mean what am I doing you little b*tch!! You been messing with that creepy "Boy Toy" and after I kick the crap out of him, you might be next!!!

Benoit has made his way over as well.

WOMAN: First of all, Kevin, have you forgotten that we are divorced? That means I can do whatever I want, whenever I want with whoever I want!!! Yes, I did have a fling with Sean Michaels but NOT that Shawn Michaels.

At this point, Sullivan, Benoit, Campbell, and Michaels are confused.

SULLIVAN: Then what is this rumor that I keep hearing?

At this point, out comes a nicely dresses black male with Keith Sweat-like looks that raises his hands to the crowd. He comes over behind Sullivan (Woman has a big smile on her face at this point).

SEAN MICHAELS:(In a deep voice) Excuse me, are you Kevin Sullivan?

SULLIVAN: Yes!!! What the hell do you want?!!!

SEAN: Well, I am the man in question. I am Sean Michaels.

Woman walks up to Sean and rubs his chest seductively.

WOMAN: And I know first hand that he's five times the man that you'll ever be Kevin.

SEAN: I might also add that she is definitely a WOMAN.

Sullivan starts to strike but security gets a hold of him before he can do anything. Sullivan is screaming to the top of his lungs. Luther now has the mic back.

CAMPBELL: Uh, ladies and gentlemen, this is our second judge. He is also from the adult entertainment world. He is Sean Michaels!!!

The crowd cheers as he shakes hands with Woman, Benoit, Shawn Michaels, and Luther. He then goes over and takes his place with Ron as Luther continues.

CAMPBELL: Up next, he is a former MTV VJ and is the star of "How To Be A Player"!!! Here is Bill Belamy!!!

Belamy comes out to the music of James Brown. It is "Get On Up"!!! He comes over and shakes hands with all three men.

CAMPBELL: Up now, here is the "Queen B", Miss Lil' Kim!!!

Lil' Kim comes out in a conservative outfit (for her anyway). She comes out with a pink nightgown with seductive lingere. She greets the judges and stand with them.

CAMPBELL: Finally, we have from the pop world, Madonna!!!

Madonna comes out in a turqoise outfit that fits her wild demeanor. She walks over to the judges and greets them. She takes the mic:

MADONNA: Hey, Shawn Michaels!!! Come here.

Shawn comes back, not knowing what to expect.

MADONNA:(Sounding tough and angry) You know, you and I have been sharing the same name for years and that is the "Boy Toy". Well, this is from one "Boy Toy" to another.

She reaches up and deeply kisses Shawn to the "ohh's" and "ahh's" of the crowd.

MADONNA: From one "BT" to another. (She blows a kiss at Shawn, winks at him and walks away to the judges).

CAMPBELL: Well, that's all for now. Let's get back to the ring.

To Be Continued

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Photos of the ladies came from The Pro Wrestling On-Line Museum except for the Ms. Jacqueline, Woman and Francine photos. They came from the Official Women Of Wrestling Web Site.