Starrcade: Deadly Unions - Day 2
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair (1988 Clash Of The Champions I.)
Photo appears on The Ric Flair Fan Tribute Site


While the contest was going on, the construction crew was erecting the UFC ring for their next bout which was the UFC style match between The SandMan and Sabu.

The SandMan VS. Sabu (UFC Style Match)

In this bout, only a submission or rendering an opponent unable to continue would lead to a victory. Because of the nature of these two, the UFC only kept the "no biting" rule as a disqualification. Otherwise, anything else goes. The Sandman was seconded by Tommy Dreamer while Sabu had Bill Alfonso as his second. This match was a straight brawl with Sabu being the only man to even attempt submission holds. Sandman used his "Singapore" cane to his advantage as he beat Sabu like a dog with it!!! Likewise, Sabu used a chair to his advantage as he utilized it as both a weapon and a springboard for his flying manuveurs. The match ended when Sandman tied Sabu's ring tights (that white belt that he always wears) to the cage and beat him unmercifully with his cane. UFC ref John McCarthy finally stepped in and stopped the bout, declaring the Sandman the winner. Alfonso protested the decision and got up in the face of McCarthy. McCarthy respondes with a armthrow and locked a "Fujiwarmi" armbar on Alfonso. Security and officials came in to get McCarthy off of Alfonso. By the way, this match was not a work as the bookers decided to let this one be a shoot.

Owen Hart VS. The Great Muta

This bout saw the former WCW World TV Champ take on the former IWGP and NWA World Champ. This twenty minute thriller saw high flying and technical wrestling mixed with brawling and rulebreaking. The match reached its climax when Owen nailed his "Insiguri" kick on Muta. Owen then went for the "Sharpshooter" but Muta threw him off into the corner. Owen came back out on the attack, peppering Muta with right hands. Owen threw Muta into the ropes for a clothesline attempt but Muta ducked it, picked up Owen Hart, and performed a "Taka" Driver on Owen. Muta then went to the top rope and nailed his moonsault press for the three count. Surprisingly, both Muta and Owen shook hands afterwards and went back to the dressing room together.

Barry Windham VS. Chris Benoit (WCW United States Title Match)

It is former Horseman VS. current Horseman as Windham contends for the US title against "The Canadian Crippler". In a surprising gesture, Benoit actually raises the four fingers upward to Windham. Windham responds in kind. This sign of good faith doesn't stop them from going at it tooth and nail though as they punished each other during this 30 minute thriller. At the 28 minute mark, Windham has Benoit trapped in his "Iron Claw" manuvear and appears to have the match won. Benoit, in a surprise move, starts to weave back and forth and then, in a sudden spring, takes Windham down by his right arm (which he uses for the "IC") into a Fujiwarmi armbar. He then quickly rolls over to the left arm and has the "Crippler Crossface" locked in!!! Windham, however, manages to reach the ropes. Benoit breaks but comes back in for the kill. Windham rakes the eyes to stop the onslaught. Windham goes for a bodyslam but Benoit slips in behind him and executes his "Dragon Suplex" on Windham for the three count. Benoit is still the US champion. In another surprise move, Windham grabs the championship belt and hands it over to Benoit. Windham then raises the hand of Benoit and holds up the four fingers symbolizing the Four Horsemen. Windham then takes the mic:

WINDHAM: I now understand why they once chose you to be a Horsemen Benoit. You were truly worthy of the distinction. Now, I know that you are a member of The WolfPack and I am a Horseman, but if you ever need some extra help, look me up.

Benoit nods in acknowledgement. Benoit then goes to the center of the ring and holds up his US title to the applause of the crowd.

2 Cold Scorpio VS. Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight Title VS. J-Crown Title/Double Title Match)

In this bout, the two top cruiserweights in the world collided for their respetive titles. This bout saw the ground game of Malenko VS. the high flying of 2 Cold. Both men, however, showed that they can adapt to the opposite style as well. At the fifteen minute mark, 2 Cold has Malenko down and is going for the win. He goes to the top rope and goes for his "Disc That Don't Miss" (450 Splash) on Malenko but Malenko pulls up the knees at the last second. The knees bury themselves into 2 Cold's ribs. Malenko then hooks in his "Texas Cloverleaf" and, with 2 Cold's ribs injured, the pain proves to be too much as Scorpio taps out. Malenko has now both the J-Crown and WCW Cruiserweight Titles.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Perry Saturn (NWA World Television Title)

This rugged bout saw the grizzled Rude give the talented Saturn all the fight that he wanted and more. Saturn was up to the challenge as he nailed Rude with a sidekick with ten minutes gone by. Saturn then goes for the "Death Valley Driver" but Rude wiggles out of it, slips behind Saturn and puts on the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on Saturn. Rude covers and gets the three count as Rude has won the NWA World TV Title.

Eric Bischoff VS. Chyna

Bischoff was accompanied by "Hollywood" Hogan for this match. Chyna chose to come alone for this match. This match started when Hogan distracted Chyna, allowing Bischoff to get in a roundhouse kick to the head of Chyna. Bischoff then pummeled Chyna in the corner but this only served to anger her. She absorbed all of Bischoff's blows and responded with a "spear" tackle to take Bischoff down. She then pummeled Bischoff with right hands to the head. Chyna then executed a vertical suplex on Bischoff followed up by a clothesline. Hogan then jumped into the ring. He tried to clothesline Chyna but Chyna ducked the blow and executed a powerslam on the 275 pound Hogan!!! Then, using her kickboxing experience, she leveled Bischoff with a straight kick to the chest!!! Chyna then followed that up with another move as she waited for Bischoff to get up. She then executed a Frankensteiner on Bischoff. She drove Bischoff's head hard into the mat!!! Hogan, meanwhile, is just getting to his feet. He punches Chyna in the back of her head and holds her for Bischoff. Bischoff goes for one of his kicks but Chyna moves and he nails Hogan on the side of the head. Chyna then decks Bischoff with a forearm shot and puts Hogan in the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker. The crowd is going crazy with cheers and laughter (at Hogan and Bischoff) as Chyna hooks in her DDT on Bischoff. She starts to cover but the crowd is calling for the "Chyna Rack". Chyna figures "why not?" and executes the move on Bischoff. Bischoff submits quickly as Chyna secured a relatively easy victory.

The Undertaker & Sting VS. Bruiser Brody & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

In this anticipated title grudge match, the brutal and awesome World Champs took on the resilient Sting and the "Lord Of Darkness". This awesome match saw some brutal shots and a lot of tempers flying out of control. This match concluded at the 17 minute mark as all four men got into the ring. The ref tried to send UT out of the ring. Meanwhile, Brody held Sting for Hansen so he can execute "The Lariat" clothesline on him. Sting, however, moved and Hansen leveled Brody in a rare mistake by the veteran duo. Taking advantage of the stunned state that Hansen was in, Sting executed the Stinger Splash on Hansen. Hansen came out of the corner staggered as Sting tagged in UT. UT quickly lifted up Hansen into the "Tombstone" piledriver and drove his head into the canvas. As Sting made sure that Brody couldn't make the save, UT got the three count as Sting and UT won the Unified World Tag Titles. One could sense though (as Sting and UT collected all three sets of belts from the WCW, WWF and NWA) that this war had only begun as Hansen and Brody gave a look saying "you beat us today but we'll be back"!!!


The ring announcer is Tom Miller:

MILLER: Our next event of the evening is our main attraction for the second day of Starrcade: Deadly Unions!!! It is a no disqualification bout for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

At this point, the music of Ric Flair starts up to a big roar from the crowd.

MILLER: Coming to the ring, from Charolette, North Carolina!!! He weighs in at 245 pounds. Fans, here is the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!!

Flair comes down in an all-white robe with silver diamonds on it. It has the name "Nature Boy" on the back in silver letters. He comes to the ring confident and with a step in his walk (as usual). He enters the ring and acknowledges the crowd with his famous "WHOOOO" as the fans responds back to him. He takes off the robe and he has on white trunks with blue kneepads and white boots with black letters with the initials "RF". He stands in the center of the ring and awaits "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

MILLER: His opponent (the shatter glass sounds for the music of "Stone Cold") is from Victoria, TX!!! He weighs in also at 245 pounds. He is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!

Austin comes to the ring with his traditional vest, black trunks and black boots. While not as loud as the response for Flair, he also gets a nice ovation. He takes off the vest and the championship belt on the outside of the ring. He enters the ring and Flair immediately jumps on him!!! The two are exchanging rights and lefts as the ref, for some reason, steps in between them and gives them sharp reprimands to the displeasure of the crowd. Austin asks for the mic:

AUSTIN: I usually don't ask for crowd approval but if you want this jackass referee to get the hell out of the way and let us fight, give me a HELL YEAH!!!

The crowd responds with a thunderous "HELL YEAH!!"

AUSTIN: So ref, step your ass out of the way!!!

The ref, taken aback, steps out of the way. Even ECW's Joey Styles and Shane Douglas applauded the move by Austin. The match resumes with both men circling each other warily. The two lock up in the center of the ring. Flair throws in a quick knee to Austin's stomach. He follows that up with about four hard chops that knock Austin back into the ropes. Flair throws Austin into the ropes but Austin comes off with a clothesline to Flair!!! Austin then starts to kick and stomp on the chest and stomach of Flair. He then follows that up with a series of forearm/elbowsmashes to the chest area of Flair. Austin picks Flair up and puts him in "The Dominator" (a chest/face first slam). Austin is trying to take the air away from Flair. He covers Flair for a two count. Austin goes outside the ring and gets a steel chair. The ref is powerless because of the no-DQ rule so he stands back and watches the action. Austin lays the chair flat in front of Flair, who has scooted to a corner. Austin then hooks him up by the legs and performs a powerbomb onto the steel chair. The ref counts but Austin can only get a two as Flair kicks out. Austin then whips Flair into the ropes, catches him in a waistlock, and uses his "Stun Gun" on him. As Flair turns around, Austin kicks him in the gut and goes for the "Stone Cold Stunner". Flair counters quickly by slipping out, dropping to his knees and gives Austin a lowblow.

Flair follows this up with a reverse atomic drop followed by a chop that puts Austin down. Flair now uses the chair as he piledrives Austin into the chair. Seeing Austin's left leg in perfect position, Flair drives a knee into it. Flair also takes the chair and rams the blunt end of it into Austin's knee about four times. He then puts the figure-four on Austin early. Austin is in pain but will not give up. Austin quickly makes it to the ropes after about 30 seconds in the hold. Flair is on a roll now as he charges at Austin. Austin, however, still has his head in the game as he backdrops Flair over the top rope and to the floor. The ref, out of habit, tries to ring the bell but the timekeeper reminds him that it is no-disqualification. Austin, visibly annoyed, kicks the ref and "Stuns" him to the delight of the crowd!!! Austin then goes to the outside with Flair and the two are battling on the outside. Then, from the back, comes Tully Blanchard (who was in attendance as an escort for the "Luke Peep Show" earlier) and Barry Windham. They join Flair in a gang up on Austin. Austin is getting creamed by the Horsemen right now. Now, from the back, comes Saturn. He gets a hold of Tully as now they go at it. Windham and Flair take Austin back into the ring. Windham gives Austin his "Lariat" clothesline and it still looks bad for Austin. Windham then backs up and watches Flair reapply the figure-four to Austin. Windham then goes out of the ring and gets the championship belt. He has a sight set on Austin's face as he plans to do to him what Austin did to Flair back at World War 3. But, as Windham comes forward, someone drags Windham out of the ring. It is "Capt. Redneck" Dick Murdoch!!! He has Windham and is pounding the hell out of him!!! He then gives Windham his "BrainBuster" Suplex on the floor, knocking Windham out!!! Flair has now released the hold and is confronting Murdoch. Murdoch responds with a right hand from the outside. Austin has made it back up on one leg and gives Flair the "Stunner". Saturn, meanwhile, has revived the ref over the body of a prone Blanchard. The ref makes it over and makes the three count. Austin is still the NWA World Champ. Saturn gets his belt and he (along with Murdoch) helps Austin out of the ring and back to the dressing room with Flair and Co. laid out in the middle of the ring. Before we go, here are the comments of Styles and Douglas:

STYLES: I have to give these guys credit. They pulled out all stops tonight!!!

DOUGLAS: That's right Joey. I'll give Austin and his crew credit. The name "Ass-Whippers, Inc." serves them right. They went out there and kicked The Four Horsemen's ass!!! Of course, Austin is smart because he has two tough ECW alumni in TAZ and Saturn along with hardcore veterans like Brody, Hansen and now "Capt. Redneck" Dick Murdoch. This is a group that the "Triple Threat" of myself, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow is going to have to keep a close eye on because they are definitely threats.

The show goes off the air showing Flair and Blanchard carrying Windham out of the arena.

To Be Continued

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