Starrcade: Deadly Unions - Day 3
Round 2 Of The "Luke Peep Show"

This takes place as a seperate event not viewed on PPV but is taped for viewing later that evening during the main Starrcade card. It happens at The Kiel for the live gate only at 12 noon to a small crowd of 9,000 (I assume that the Kiel is/was a 20,000 plus arena).

Luther Campbell comes out to begin the festivities:

CAMPBELL: Alright!!! How ya doing?!!! We are about to start round 2 of the "Luke Peep Show"!!! Are ya ready (the crowd responds favorably)?!!! We, this round will have the girls come out and they will be in bathing suits. They can be one or two piece (some of the crowd starts chanting "Skin To Win") and they can be racy but must cover their vital parts.

At this point, Luther sees the fans that are chanting "Skin To Win" and smiles.

CAMPBELL:(chuckling) Sorry fellas. You're going to have to come back tonight for that. But are you ready to see what you're going to see later (the crowd cheers again)?!!! Alright. Let's start in reverse order from last night. We are going to start with ECW's KIMONA WANALAYA!!!

Kimona comes out with black high-heels with a black-one piece swimsuit that allows you to see through. The suit does cover her nipples and lower vitals but shows off her thin, ripped stomach. She shows it off professionally but seductively and heads to the back.

CAMPBELL:Now, up next is the delicious MADUSA MICELLI!!

Madusa comes out with black heels as well as she is wearing a two piece pink and black bikini. The bikini bottoms barely covers her well shaped "can" as the fans get a good look at it. Madusa does get a little close and one overzealous fan tries to get a feel of her "can". Madusa does catches the hand but does the unexpected as she takes the hand, kisses it, brushes his hand on the upper part of the chest near the neck, (no where near the breast area) and softly brushes the hand away. She then heads back to the stage.

CAMPBELL: Whew!!! That Madusa is tempting isn't she boys?!!!

The crowd responds positively.

CAMPBELL: Coming up now is tasty caramel, MS. DARK JOURNEY!!!

DJ, as she was called when she was active, come out in a velvet colored one piece bikini.....with some parts of it missing!!! The suit does come down in a traditional U shape just above the butt line but the fabric goes up her butt cheeks!!! The front has big holes on each side of her waist and a opening around her stomach. The bikini does cover her "beaver" and her breasts so that makes it legal. Still, it does get the crowd up and going. She shows herself off and heads to the back.

CAMPBELL: (Whispering to himself) Damn, I'm going to have to see about that later......

He now realizes that the camera is back on him.

CAMPBELL: Oh, sorry!!! Now coming to the stage, we have PRECIOUS!!!!

Precious comes out with a lime green swimsuit with yellow lines around the sides of it. It is one piece but it does attract nonetheless. She shows herself off and heads back to the dressing room.

CAMPBELL: Up next, here is the golden queen herself, BABY DOLL!!!

Baby doll comes out with a two piece leapord style bikini. She is wearing silver heels as she struts what she has. She has lost some weight and is looking hot and trim!!! She then goes back and Luther goes to the next contestant.

CAMPBELL: Coming to the aisle now is the lovely MS. ELIZABETH!!!!

Ms. Liz comes out with a two piece nWo bikini. It is all black on the bra part (with straps) but the briefs have the nWo logo on them. The back of them is a thong that goes up her butt. Liz is really being bold here. It makes you wonder what she'll do in the third round as she heads back with Luther waiting to announce the next contestant.

CAMPBELL: Up next, going solo, here is Funkette NADINE!!!!

Nadine comes out with a red one piece bikini. It has a hole design that reveals the left side of her waist. The back is exposed as she is wearing red/white high heels. She struts to the pleasure of the crowd and walks back to the dressing room.

CAMPBELL: Coming out now is Nadine's partner in crime!!! Here is funkette TRACY!!!

Tracy is wearing a zebra design one piece bathing suit that has a "cut" just under her breast line. She is wearing black heels with a bowtie on the toe of them. She comes out and shows it off and then heads back.


Lady A comes out with a red one piece suit with some lace design in the center that shows her waist and cleavage. She has on long legged black boots as she poses for the crowd and heads back.

CAMPBELL: Coming up now is LADY BLOSSOM!!!

Lady Blossom comes out in a silver and white one piece suit. Well, sort of. There is straps on the shoulders but the center is gone exposing her waist and most of her backside (except her butt of course) is exposed!!! She is wearing white heels for this as she comes all the way down the aisle and back up.

CAMPBELL: Man o man!!! That was hot (refering to Lady Blossom)!!! I'm hanging in there but it is getting warm up here (this draws a response of laughter from the crowd)!!! Up next is LUNA VACHON!!!

Luna comes out with a pink two piece bikini with pink heels. It is conservative but the crowd is stunned that Luna is actually that good looking!! She shows herself off and heads to the back.

CAMPBELL: Coming out now is the hot JENNA JAMESON!!!

Jenna comes out in a blue and white bikini. She is wearing a G-String for her bottoms. As she struts it, she bends over and shakes it for the crowd!! She then heads back to backstage.

CAMPBELL: I guess you guys up there (pointing at Ron Jeremy and Sean Michaels) know all about that (they laugh in response)!!! Coming up now is Ms. FRANCINE!!!

Francine comes out with a cheetah two piece bikini that only covers her nipples!!! The rest of her breasts can be fully seen except for that part. The bottoms are thong-made so it only covers her beaver!!! Her buttchecks are in full view of the crowd and she's loving it. She does her thing and heads back.

CAMPBELL: Coming up now is her ECW compatriot, the lovely BEULAH McGILLICUTTY!!!

Beulah comes out in a black one piece suit that has lace in the stomach area, exposing her waist. She also has a seperate lace design around the chest of that outfit. Her back is exposed in this outfit. She struts it and heads back.

CAMPBELL: Coming to the stage right now is SENSATIONAL SHERRI MARTEL!!!

Martel comes out with a royal purple one piece with gold trim. She is wearing black heels as well. The crowd is surprised by the shape she is in (which is in her prime shape, she did have a nice body in her prime). She comes about midway down the aisle and struts back up the aisle and to the back.

CAMPBELL: Up next is the original "blonde bombshell of wrestling"!!! It is MISSY HYATT!!!

Missy goes with a new look as she is wearing a two piece bikini with the American Flag design with white boots. She does her modeling walk and struts her stuff. When she returns to the top of the ramp, however, she undoes her bra part and out folds the American Flag, covering up her now bare breasts to the delight of the crowd!!! Some of the fans want to see them but Missy smiles and shakes the finger. She says, "Come back tonight to see that!!" She then heads to the back.

CAMPBELL: Coming up now is the woman known as WOMAN!!!

Nancy comes out with a black and gold two piece bikini. The brief are somewhat conservative but barely covers her a**. The bra is strapless and snugs her breasts firmly. She struts all of her stuff off and heads to the back, waving to the crowd as she leaves.

CAMPBELL: Up next, we have the "golden director". Here is MARLENA!!!

Marlena comes out with a gold one piece swimsuit with gold high heels. In the middle of the bra, however, the material comes down over her belly-button to her briefs but the rest of her waist along with her back is exposed. The bra part is strapless and the brief section of the outfit does go up into the "unknown". She struts it all and heads to the back.

CAMPBELL: Now, we have Ms. Tammy Lynn Fytch, otherwise known as SUNNY!!!

Sunny comes out with her unique one piece bathing suit (see my main front page for the design). She is wearing gold heels with it. She teases the crowd with flair and style and heads back to the dressing room.

CAMPBELL: Up next is SABLE!!!

Sable comes out with her famous Slammy bathing suit on (see photo below)!!! The crowd jumps for joy on this one!! She is definitely a crowd pleaser as she flaunts her body seductively. She then heads back to the dressing room area.

CAMPBELL: Coming up now is another "chocolate" queen in wrestling, here is MS. JAQUELINE!!!

Jacquline comes out with that swimsuit that she wore at IYH: Fully Loaded (see photo below)!!! She does wear, however, red high heels this time. This makes it even more appealing as she shows off herself to the audience. The men can't take much more of this I am sure!!! She then goes back after doing her little show.

CAMPBELL: Now, for our last contestant, here is the "Diamond Woman" KIMBERLY PAGE!!!

Kim comes out in a fusha colored one piece outfit. The thing is, where is the rest of it?!!! That's because the straps themselves cover the nipples but her whole front side is exposed. Her "beaver" is covered but the bikini does go up her butt!!! Her backside is exposed. She shows the crowd what she's got and then heads to the back!!!

CAMPBELL: Whoa!!! What a hell of a second round!!! Well, come back tonight to see the third and final round when the ladies show it all off!!! Good afternoon everybody!!! Be safe!!!

The crowd responds favorably to this as we will see you tonight (or, in our case, the next part of our story).

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Photos of Sable and Jacqueline came from the Official Women Of Wrestling Web Site