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This party took place about an hour after the event.  Nearly everyone that either wrestled or participated in some form were there at the Hilton in downtown St. Louis (this part is fiction because I don't really know if there is a Hilton in downtown St. Louis/just go along with the story).  Everyone was sipping champane, eating food, dancing and having a great time.  The fans of course, were there greeting their favorite superstars.  There were also comments from the wrestlers and celebs that attended as well, here they are:

BRET HART:  I must say that Starrcade:  Deadly Unions turned out to be a great event for "The Hitman" and his fans.  Raven, it was a pleasure kicking your butt from pilliar to post all over The Kiel.  I beat you at your own game in your own match. "Raven's Rules" huh?!!  Well, I just proved that "The Hitman" can play anyone's rules and beat them.  As for you mentor, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, he got what he deserved as well and thanks to Diamond Dallas Page for watching my back and keeping that slimy old man out of bout.  Sure, you didn't submit to the "Sharpshooter" but you didn't escape it either.  I left you laying in your own blood and that's what happens to those that cross the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

RICK RUDE:  Starrcade was a tremendous event for Degeneration X.  Triple H got his revenge on that pretty boy "Buff" Bagwell.  Bagwell, you have a great physique but as I can tell you, it takes more than that to succeed in this business so you might want to take you wrestling a little more seriously next time.  Then, Hall and Savage took care of that Mid-South tag combo of Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase.  Ted, maybe you should've stuck with your green backs and the "Doctor" should've stuck with football because Hall and Savage handled you.  Nash, the loss to Vader was a setback but I know you and I know you'll be back against Vader for the WWF Title.  And my buddy here, Curt Hennig, took it to that daddy's boy Dustin Rhodes.  Come on in here Curt.

Curt Hennig comes into the view with Rude.

HENNIG:  That's right. "Mr. Perfect" took the Dustin Rhodes and planted him right in the middle of the ring!!!  Rhodes, I'll give you credit, you are a good wrestler with great skills but you are not "Perfect".  My "Perfect-Buster" drove you through the canvas.  As good as the "Perfect-plex" was, the "Perfect-Buster" is even better, so all of the wrestlers everywhere better watch out.

We now see Jim Ross talking to Magnum TA.

ROSS:  Magnum, I have been around you for a long time and I know about the background between you and Shane "The Franchise" Douglas from the UWF days.  You were the one that taught him the belly to belly suplex.  Since that time, there has been a parting of the ways and a change of philosophy in Douglas.  Tonight, you were attacked by Douglas, Bigelow and Candido. What is your response on that.

MAGNUM:  Well, first off, I want to say that I had a great match with Lex Luger and I am sorry about the way it had to end.  But the reason for that was, as you pointed out, Shane Douglas and his crew.  Douglas, I am the one that taught you the belly to belly suplex.  I am the one that helped you the most at the start of your career.  Now, how you conduct your career is your business but when you get involved in my business, it becomes personal.  Douglas, I am after the NWA United States Title but that ECW Belt wouldn't look to shabby on me so be looking over your shoulder because I just might show up.

We now come over to Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly Page.

DDP:  First, I would like to put Jake "The Snake" Roberts on notice.  That WCW World TV title that you stoled from me with the help of Raven is on borrowed time.  It was a pleasure to put the "Diamond Cutter" - BANG!!! - off of that apron and to the floor and it was also a pleasure to see the "HitMan" put the "Sharpshooter" on that scum Raven and watch him suffer.  Jake, Raven, the nWo will not save you from the BANG!!!

KIMBERLY:  I must say that this weekend was a mixed bag for us.  Dallas lost the TV title but he did lay out that Jake "The Snake".  On the other hand, I had myself a great time at that "Luke Peep Show".  To let myself go like that felt great and I thank the fans for being so positive in their responses.

DDP: (chuckling and holding Kimberly in his left arm)  Guys, don't you wish this was you (pointing at himself with Kimberly laughing)?

We now go to the other side of the room where Chris Benoit, Woman and Sean Michaels is standing.

WOMAN:  You know, being in that contest was the ultimate tease.  You know that I love to tease men and every man in America got to be teased like never before.  I may or may not win the contest but that was a great rush out there.

BENOIT:  Barry Windham.  You gave me one of the best matches that I have ever had.  If you ever want a rematch, then come on down because "The Crippler" is always ready for a challenge.

SEAN:  I did have a good time here at this place.  Most of these guys I have never met but they are pretty good people to be around. I would definitely do this again (At this point, AZ YET's single "What The Hell Do You Want" plays).  Oh, Woman, may I have this dance (Woman nods)?  Chris, would you excuse us (Benoit nods and cracks a smile)?

We now are with Chyna from DX.

CHYNA: Eric, you got what you deserved this weekend at Starrcade. "Hollywood" Hogan said that I had to pay for the sins of Shawn Michaels. Well, you paid for the sins of Hogan this weekend not once, but twice. It was my pleasure to help the Road Warriors take you stinking head off. I hope you had fun Eric, I did (she says this with a sinister smile).

We now go to a section where some ECW representatives are partying down with bottles of champane and some "BudLight", courtesy of The SandMan. The are New Jack, John Kronos, The SandMan, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty.

In another corner, we see members of A. S., Inc. With them is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "Capt. Redneck" Dick Murdoch, TAZ, and Hansen.

AUSTIN: This Starrcade was a bittersweet one for Ass-Whippers, Inc. On one hand, we lost the World Tag Team Titles and the NWA World TV Title but I am still the NWA World Champ, this man here (pointing to TAZ) is still the Intercontiental Champ, Sable took care of business in the ring and won the WCW Ladies Title and we got one of the original hell-raisers in this business, "Capt. Redneck". So, Ass-Whippers, Inc. will bounce back so Rude, Undertaker and Sting, you better enjoy those straps while you got 'em because they ain't going to be around your waist for long and that's the bottom line!!!

TAZ: Ken Shamrock. You are one tough son of a bitch. I'll give you credit. But, you are not the WWF Intercontiental Champion, I am. Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you.

The scene shifts as we see some of the men and women of pro wrestling dancing with fans. One lucky fan is dancing with Madusa. Mickey has the fortune of dancing with Kimberly (being respectful of DDP of course) and another lucky fan is dancing with Sable. Over in a corner, Ms. Jacqueline is providing some comments on the weekend.

JACQUELINE: Losing the WCW Ladies Title was a bitter pill but I can't take nothing away from Sable. She earned it. But make no mistake, I will be back. On the other hand, the "Luke Peep Show" was a positive experience. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis but it was fun. I think every woman in the world should strip once in their life just to appreciate their body for what it is, a beautiful work of art. Not necessarily in front of anyone, but just strip. It can be by yourself in a room. Just do it once for the pleasure of it. I had fun overall this weekend.

On another side of the room, we has members of The WolfPack in the form of Sting and The Undertaker. WWF Champion Vader is there as well.

UNDERTAKER: This victory is sweet vindication for the attack on me and Sting at Barely Legal. Brody and Hansen, you were great champions. I take nothing away from you but me and Sting made sure that at Starrcade, you two did....REST IN PEACE.

STING: I'll be honest, I never thought that I would be sitting here with Undertaker side by side, much less holding all of this gold. I mean, to be called the Unified World Tag Team Champions is an honor because we will have teams from all over the world, from all federations gunning for these titles. But fellas, me and "The Grim Reaper" fought our way to the top and we are going to be hard to knock down. OOOWWWWW!!!!

VADER: "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. I showed you what "Vader Time" is all about. I took your 6'10" ass and planted it into the ground with the powerbomb. If you want to play the pain game again, then come on down brother. Feel the power of "The Mastadon". The power of the World Wrestling Federation Champion Vader!!!

At this point, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin goes to the stage and has the mic:

AUSTIN: You know, I told this reporter that the sweetest thing that happened was retaining the NWA Title from Ric Flair. After thinking about it, that is the second sweetest thing that happened. The sweetest thing that happened this weekend was tonight when the Ass-Whippers with DX, The WolfPack, and The Horsemen took the biggest piece of trash that I ever laid my eyes on -"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan - handcuffed him to the "Hell In A Cell" cage and gave him the whipping that his damn momma and daddy should've gave him a long damn time ago!!!

Everyone in the room responded with cheers to that statement.

AUSTIN: So, if everyone was glad that "Hollywood" Hogan got his ass whipped before, during and after the match, give me a "HELL YEAH!!!"

Everyone responded in unison "HELL YEAH!!" Even sworn enemies like Ric Flair and Magnum TA joined in that chant.

AUSTIN: And that's the bottom line not because "Stone Cold" said so, but because we (everyone says this part along with him) ALL SAID SO!!!


LUTHER: Hey, we now have the winner of the "Luke Peep Show" contest. Before I announce her name, let me say that I have had a good time up here and that all of the women put on some steamy performances. Now, our winner is, KIMONA WANALAY!!!

Kimona jumps for joy over this. She is congratulated by all of the women that participated. As she goes up to accept her trophy (dress in a full-length black dress with black high heels), she had this to say.

KIMONA: First, I would like to thank all of the girls for participating. It took some coaxing but all of the ladies put on a great performance. Although there is one winner, I can't really take this trophy by myself. It really belongs to all of you ladies and I think they deserve a hand as well.

Kimona leads the crowd in applause for all of the ladies. The music now fires up again and fans and wrestlers alike are dancing the night away in St. Louis.


The nWo are licking their wounds. None moreso than "Hollywood" Hogan as Liz is rubbing alchohol on them. Hogan screams out in agony everytime she touches a welpt or a cut caused by the strapping. Then, suddenly someone bursts into the room, the nWo gets up to stop him but stop when they see who it is. We can't hear what he is saying but it is enough for the nWo to let him pass. We do not see his face but Hogan knows who it is immediately.

MYSTERY MAN: I saw your desecration and I came to offer revenge (the man's voice is muffled)!!!

Hogan doesn't know what to think but he reaches out and shakes the hand of this man. Hogan now has a new fire in his eyes, an almost demonic look on his face as he laughs sinisterly. The wounds almost seem to be gone as looks at his new and unexpected ally. Ploting his revenge against the wrestling world and against those who caused his humiliation.

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