Malt o' Month

Malt o' Month


This month's featured malt is the 1972 Glenrothes "restricted Release" a/k/a "Yellow Yabel"

Glenrothes 1972 yellow label:
23 years
year of distillation 1972
no cask information given
individually numbered bottles (No. 01026)
43% abv

According to the information on the Berry Bros. & Rudd website ( ), this is  "Matured exclusively in sherry casks, this limited edition Single Speyside malt will delight any malt enthusiast. There is spice and some smokiness on the nose and a truly delicious richness on the palate."

Here are the images (click for enlargements) of the label and the information from the neckband:

glenyelo2.jpg (123548 bytes)

(neckband) "Only a few bottles of this vintage year have been released and every bottle is individually numbered. The following notes, written by our Head Taster, depict the character of this fine Single Malt Whisky.
COLOUR: Natural, rich amber colour drawn from the cask.
PALATE: A rich full flavour of plums and raisins showing great depth and complexity.
NOSE: A mature oak smokiness. SPice combined with Speyside fruitiness.
FINISH: Lingering, smoothmouthfilling finish."


glenyelo3.jpg (121193 bytes)(label) "CHARACTER: Rich, spicy, fruitiness
            CHECKED: Duncan F. Stevens        DATE: 2.11.72
            APPROVED: R.H. Frink                DATE: 26.3.96
            thE CONTENTS HEREIN IS......of restricted release"

Now, here's my notes:

Tasting was done at full strength in a petit La Maison du Whisky verre degustation.

color: light amber gold

nose: spiced pears

body: medium-full

tasting notes: soft fruity fullness followed by a spicy clove/cinnamon.  Deeper fuller ripe plum and a hint of cocoa. 

finish: long, spicy, slightly dry and astringent, chocolate and oak pulsing in the background.  A tiny whiff of smoked cinnamon.

Overall comments: This is a sophisticated whisky of quiet complexity.  There is quite a bit of spiciness and character for a SPeyside.  The fruitiness is not thin but deep and rich and is quickly followed by a nice dry oak-influenced character.  The finish is quite long lasting and evolving.  There are latent fruits that spring up form the firmament of dry spicy oak throughout the duration.  The sherry maturation is not all that prevalent, which is a blessing.  The sherry adds character in this case rather than masking the malt.

Altogether a top-drawer malt for anyone's collection.

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