FURRBALL'S FANFIC... er... Fol-de-rol?

No... um... well, there aren't that many "F" words I can use here (not any clean ones, anyway!). I might as well call it "Furrball's Fanfic Festival," or... WAIT! THAT'S IT! Okay... take 2!


(Yeah, that'll work!) Being the strong, silent type... (okay, I'm not that strong!)... being the silent type... (no, that's not entirely accurate, either. I do say a little "Mwrow" every now and then... wasn't that a Burt Bacharach song? 'I Say A Little Mwrow For You'? Oh, never mind...) Being a cat who doesn't get to say much, I don't get a lot of speaking parts. Oh, sure, I had some lines in 'Duck Trek' and 'Buster And The Wolverine', but that was all. Guess the studio heard my voice and said, "You! In the blue fur. Shut up!" Well, you don't go around arguing with the studio (not if you want to keep working!), so I thought, why not? Besides, Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx never spoke on screen, and they did okay... where was I going with this?

(From off stage, RuBarb yells, "Down the terlet!")

Oh, very funny! That's RuBarb, by the way. She hangs out with some rat named Nigel. No accounting for taste, I guess. Anyway... here's some of the folks I have to deal with. And you think being me is easy?


(*WARNING! Contains Spoiler Material! Proceed with caution.)

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