Red Gets Some Rocker Panel Protection

Well after crushing part of my rocker panel I decided I really needed some rocker panel protection. After searching the aftermarket and finding nothing I liked or could afford, I found Paul Cleary. Paul does alot of fabrication on his XJ and I decided to see what he could do for me. Here is what Paul made for me.

These are the rails. They attach to the XJ with nine bolts and nuts through the weld seam, and 7 self tapping bolt on each "leg" into the uniframe. They are also set up to be used as airtanks.

To aid in the install, Paul used jack stands and a rachet strap to line up the skids for drilling.

Here is the final product.

Immediately after installing the first skid, we had to test it on the Hi-Lift. It did not budge.

I have been very impressed with the workmanship and durability of these Rocker Skids. Paul does good work. I will soon have my write up of Big Dog's Main Jamdo where I put the Rocker Skids to the test.

While at Pauls, I spyed his latest project. It is a winch bumper that is rough for now, but judging by what I've seen, it will be awsome. By the way, Paul also does gears.

This shot is for those of you who know CJ Lagos. This is his new TJ. Not very impressive compared to his ZJ with 6" of lift and 33s. CJ assures me, this will be one tough TJ before to long.

For those of you interested in Pauls work, you can contact him at:

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