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Red started as a daily driver and has grown through budget boost-3"-4.5"- to where it is today. Red is built to wheel, nothing is done for looks, it is built for function.

1990 Lerado 4dr, 4wd, 4.0, auto, NP231. Color (and name)- Red.
35" BFG MTs,
custom flat crossmember,
Custom t-case skid,
7" Suspension lift Using Rusty's 6.5" coils and my custom long arms up front, and Rusty's STS 6" leafs and 1.5" shackles in the rear.
Lock Right Locker in the Front Waggy 44 with 4.88 gears.
Welded Rear in a Waggy 20 with 4.88s and a custom over the top truss I built.
gas tank skid plate
transmission cooler
home made quick disconnects
custom rocker panel guards
Rusty's Airtube with K&N filter
New remanufactured Longblock.
Pacesetter Header.
Rusty's Cat Back.
GDI three row radiator and upgraded to the newer open cooling system.
AA SYE and Tom Woods custom driveshaft

Tech writeups on Red:

Stock Towhooks and Brackets
Rear swaybar removal
Budget Lift install
Locker install
Custom Rocker skids
Home made Swaybar Quick disconnects
Quick page with a quick overhaul.

Update Aug 6, 2003

New Axles check them out here.

Click here to see Red's new suspension.

Click here to checkout the bumpers I built for Red.