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Hi everyone, before you read the scoops, I wanted to say a few words about this site.  First of all, I want to thank the hundreds of supportive emails I received!  It is because of you that this site is not shutting down.  Listen folks, I have a really demanding job and cannot promise that this site will be updated every week.  I may not get it updated until Monday's.  There will be no more Spotlight Story.  

News: Wendy Riche has left her duties as Executive Producer of General Hospital!  

Ramy Zada will begin playing Harris, someone evil from Ian's past, beginning December 6th.  You may remember Zada from Melrose Place - he played the leader of the cult Sydney got involved in!

It is rumored that GH is testing Tracy Lindsay Melchoir for the role of Carly, in case Sarah Brown chooses not to renew her contract.

Mac will cross-over to PC  for a while and will be involved in the Medical mystery investigation.

Three characters will be leaving Port Charles.  No confirmation as of yet as to who is going.

Carly Schroder will appear on Dawson's Creek for several episodes, beginning with episode 5.  She will play a bratty soccer kid.  Kimberlyn Brown is rumored to be leaving at the end of November - Hhhmmmm, just in time for the end of sweeps week!  Do I smell a Whodunit?

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