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Custom Worlds Sites
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Non AD&D Fantasy Sites
First Edition Sites
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Sites Indexed!

Commercial/Mail Order Sites

The Hit Pointe

Custom worlds

Age of Valor
Aralon Online
Darksbane Campaign Setting
Dread World
Dragon Port
Goss the Mightiest City in Avernus
Guardians Web Page
Journey Beyond the Threshold
Kal Tarathorn
Kingdom of Queth
Lost in America: Fantasy role-playing in the future
NightCrystal: Hope in Darkness
Sefton Directory of the Realms
Shadows Over Paylen
Sulerin: The Dreamer's Realm
The Arylon Oracle
The City Project of Arylon
The Elven Imperial Planet
The Legend of Vernook
The Legion of SilverSheen
The Mercian Homepage
The Realm Of Kwashiorkor
The Realm of Mythosa
The Realm of Qedia
The World of Deiji
The World of Erda
The World of Jera
The World of KaranBlade
The world of Karil
The World of LLanowar
The World of Lyrlusa
The World of Lyrras
New The World of Orbis
The World of Trinalia
The World of Tryll
The World of Twyrm
Till's Stop
Tower of Lost Knowledge
New Wheel of Time

Dark Sun

The Burnt World of Athas

Dragon Lance

Non AD&D Fantasy Sites

Dragon Art
Fantasy Clipart
Fantasy Cutlery
Final Fantasy RPG
Another Final Fantasy RPG
Historical Studies WWW Pages
Irony Games Web Tools
Monster Art
Palladium Fantasy RPG
Japanese Culture RPG Page

First Edition

Toff's AD&D Site

Forgotten Realms

Best of the Forgotten Realms Mailing List
Dragon's Realm
Fallow's Cross
Grimspear: City of Wonder
Jannes Homepage
Mulhorand: Egyption FR Setting
North Journey Adventures
North Journey Projects
Realms Domain
The Ecology of the Kappa
The Empire Trilogy
The Isle of Baghran
The Oriental Adventures Set
Toril: The Journey Continues


BJ's Greyhawk Game
Cat Saga Homepage
Codex of Greyhawk
New 1st Edition Greyhawk
Jay Hafner's World of Greyhawk
The Assassins
The Gnome Page
Yelsneh's Tower

Miscelaneous Archives/Sites

Aardy's RPG Page
AD&D at Raffi's
AD&D Collective
AD&D Internet Index
AD&D Site Exchange
Alex's House Rules Page The ultimate source
Angband RPG
Anson's AD&D Page
Bad Dwarf's World Creation & NPC Exchange
Becky's Roleplaying Page
BJ's RPG Page
Blackwood Manor
Bridescale's Lair
Character Creation Site
Chaos and Mayham
Chris Barnabo's Home Page
Columbo's Library
Cural Antalas's Home Page
Dark Moon
David's AD&D Page
Dave's World
New D&D Delphi Forum
Dream Storm
Dru's Game Page
Dungeon and Dragons Online
New Dungeon Craft Articles
Dungeon Master's Guild
DM's Zone
Dragar's Home Page
Dragon's Fang
New Dwarven Loremaster
Dwarven Resources Page
Elwood's AD&D Page
Elves and Emperors PBeM Game
Eric's Refuge
Elriel's Forest
Ghwerig's AD&D Page
Hawkwind's RPG Page
Hyper DnD
John's RPG Page/Fractal Worldmap Generator
Jamey Stiles'Website
Jason Eric Nelson's Character Classes
Jason Hatter's RPG Page
Juha Vesanto's Roleplaying Page
Kooma Gulch
Lair of the Red Dragon
Life the Universe and Russ Taylor's Home Page
Lloyd's Web Page
Lord Callubonn's Fantasy Domain
New Lord Hannible's Realm of Chaos
Lord Kelan's Web Site
Louras' Roleplaying & Fantasy Pages Mandirkar's Lair
Matthie's Den
Michael's AD&D Page
Might, Magic, and the Sword
Mike Wilson's Site
MiniWorld's AD&D Section
Molan Mistandale's AD&D page
Monster Compendium
Nicholas' Home Page
Olik's AD&D Pages
Owl Master's Hollow
Pages From the Graey Side
Papa Schlumpf's Homepage
Rated AD&D Sites
Reflex Point
Rick's Homepage
Rob's World
Sarlocks Infamous Manorhome
Six Domains
Snowlock's AD&D Page
The AD&D Archive
The AD&D Net
The Adventures of the Righteous Fist
The Adventurer's Rest In
The Apprentice's Lair
The Archives of Undermountain
The Brighton Dungeon
The Cat Dragon's Home Page
The Deepest Dungeon
The Dragon's Rest
The Dread Pirate Mike's Web Page
The Howling Caves ofPandemonium
The Ice Mage's Home
The Keep
The Literal Ultima
The PBeM Front Page
New The Quillmaster
The Roc's Nest
The Tome of Galwylin
The Trap Page
The Wanderer's Web Page
Tim's AD&D Site
Tower of Elven Wisdom
TSR's Official Website
Tuson Area Gamers
Vegie Boy's RPG Page
Wanderer's Haven
Weapons Emporium
Wildmage's Homepage
William Lee's Homepage
Worlds of Adventure
Your Mining Co. Guide to AD&D


Wheel of Time MUD


Scrollworks of Antissa
Tarkas Brain Lab IV
The Karameikan School of Magecraft

Netbook Homepages

Blue Troll's Netbook Web Page
DM's Netbook
Great Netbook Archive
Netbook of Items
Netbook of Witches and Warlocks
Unearthed Arcania Netbook


AARG Home Page
Bloodlust's Pages of the Damned
Hawkwind's Planescape Fiends Page
Pal's Demiplane
The Unofficial Planescape Page


Barovia, Realm of Terror
Ravenloft: Dark Covenant


Alternate Spelljamming Rules
Beyond the Moons
Port of Anacostia
Tarkas Brain Lab IV
The Celestial Wind
The Jammers PBeM Campaign
The OverLord's SpellJamming Zone

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