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24 Aug 2000

About Mike


Name: Michal Okon (Mike)

DOB: 2 Feb .83

Breed: none (Filly and Astra's joke)

Sex: Female

Favorite Treat: Vegetables Salad must contain mushrooms! (Go figure parents?!)

Best Trick: ???


Hobbies: My name is Michal (friends call me Mike), I’m a student at high school, I'm about to go to study Veterinary medicine when I'll finish high school. I live with my dogs at Israel and most of the time I train dogs and go to help the vet.

As I said, most of the time I'm working with dogs, I'm a dog trainer and I help the vet whenever he needs help. I love working with Filly and Astra, they are really good working dogs, and they love to learn new stuff. I also show dogs at the Junior Handler competitions. I decided to make this site for my dogs because I think that people look for a place to look for answers about their dogs, or if they are about to get a dog, they want to make sure what breed they should take. Also at this site, you can get some answers online, and at the health category you can check what's wrong with the dog on the site, you don't have to send anything! This site is very easy to use you just look for what you need, and click on it, it's simple as it sound’s! I hope you'll enjoy this site, as much as I did by working on it.

I’ll be happy if you'll send me some illustrations and comments, or if you have any suggestions for me, how to make my site better, like, if you want more pictures, more info. About specific subjects, just  Send them to:

We only wish to be the people our dog thinks we are!

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