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24 Aug 2000

M_F_A Exchange

Are you tired of displaying banners on your page that lead far and away from your intended audience?
Would you most like to invite visitors who share your same interests?
Would you be willing to display a pet related Banner on your page and direct traffic to and from other pet homepages similar to your own?

Sign up for M_F_A's banner exchange exclusively for Dogs & Pets sites. Increase your web site traffic with a targeted audience. 

Here's how it works. The promotional banner you create is shown on targeted sites across the network. In exchange, you display banners for other network members on your web site. It couldn't be easier.
For questions that are not on the "M_F_A Exchange FAQ" page, please Email me to m_f_a@bigfoot.com .

Please read the requirements first.

You can view & edit your site info easily at anytime.

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The service is free and helps Dogs & Pets sites  webmaster tell like minded individuals about his/her site.  We offer a display ratio of 4:2.  That is, for every two banner displays on your web site you will receive one display on somebody else's web site.

All you need is a dogs or pets site & a banner

If you don't have a banner, here is a free on line services that will help you to create one instantly.

Animation Online

Important Requirements

Banner dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels only! JPEG or GIF
(It will always be scaled to the required dimensions).

Banner size: 12000 bytes or less.

You must not modify the HTML code.

Banner code must be on your site to be included in rotation.

Dogs or other pets related sites only.

Your banner and your site must be family & pets safe.

We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time if there is a violation of our requirements.


M_F_A's BannerExchange for Dogs & Pets Sites
M_F_A's BannerExchange for Dogs & Pets Sites - Click to join