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24 Aug 2000

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Full Name: Astra Hatzipor Hakchula

DOB: 23 Jan 98

Breed: Red-Black, German Shepherd Dog

Sex: Male

Favorite Treat: Biscuits (the Nutro ones!)

Best Trick: Count till 10

Life hobbies: First, my life is one big game, I love playing, most of my day I watch the house along with Filly. I work at Agility, and I really like it, but seems like I have to follow my mom all the time. Why can’t she follow me once?

At Schutzhund I work only for a short time, but I’m doing really well, I love the protection part.

I’m a pure breed dog, so I get to go to the GSDs dog shows, I usually get 1st places, and I enjoy going there, people always say that I look good and they pet me all the time (I love being scratched).

I have my privet pool at home, and my own doghouse, my mom buy’s me things to play with all the time, so I have a lot of games too, but Filly always try to steel them away!
I help my mom with her shows, by being very smart… I know how to count till 10 and I know how to sing, I’m a very good singer. I fetch EVERYTHING that she’ll throw away, no matter how big it’ll be. My pedigree, have few good dogs in it. You can take a look at it just click on Astra’s Pedigree.

I’m from Fanto v.hirschel’s and Jeck v.Noricum’s family (both of theme are siger dogs!) and  I have 7 sieger champions (world champions) in my family. You'll be able to see here some pictures of me at Agility and SchH… or when I'm just having fun! People say that when I’ll get my SchH III  ready, I’ll be a good stud dog, I don’t have a dogfriend right now, but that's only because my mom want me to have the best. You can send me questions about puppies if you want to, and I’ll be very happy to answer any question, also, you can take a look at the FAQ, and you might find the answer to your question there. Send the questions to:


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