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24 Aug 2000



This page is dedicated to all the people that we work with, or helped us in every way!

Schutzhund Club:

We want to thank Oded, the best protection trainer, for helping us being better trained dogs, for being so patient with us, even when we have our bad days :) .

We would like to thank Avi  for being such a great helper, when ever we need something he is always the right place to go to, thanks!

We would like to thank Rudi, our personal trainer, we want to say that he have done a great job, and for the first time in our lives, we know what a trained dog is.

We would also would like to thank Michael that was out protection trainer before Oded, he did a great job on us! 

We are proud to be a part at the Schutzhund Club of Israel, with such a great company there, we also want to thank all the other members there who are doing a great job as well, don't think that we have forgotten you guys!


Agility Club:

We want to thank Avi, for being so helping with us and when ever we make a mistake, he always make us feel better (not like our mom! kidding...).

We would like to say a few words about a very special guy for us, Ivon, he is one of the best friends that we ever had at the Agility Club of Israel and we hope that he will stay that way forever!


I (Mike) would like to thank my dad for being such a great helper with the dogs, the training, this site and for always being there for me!



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