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At this page you can take your chance in answering our puzzles, quizzes, riddles or the funny "Breed Mix-Up" puzzle.
Once in a while we'll update this page with a new task for you dog lovers to solve. All you need to do is fill out the form below in the right place (please make sure you enter the right answer in the right space, if you won't your answer won't be checked), all of you who answered right will win our 'Dog-E-Game Award'. There is no limit to the number of the awards you can win!!! You can always collect as many awards as you want, and at the end of the year the winner with most 'Dog-E-Game Award' will be our yearly winner!
You can start collecting the 'Dog-E-Game Award's right now with this week's game and you don't need a site to win them! All you have to do is love dogs (and answer right...)! Every time when we add a new game for you, we'll also place the answer/s for the previous. You need one correct answer to win our award!

This riddle has a clue of a dog breed, try to find out with breed it is and enter your answer in right place in the form bellow.

Riddle: 'No tail on the end of this sheepdog’s backside, black and white are his colors full of hair, joy and pride'

For help here is a puzzle of the breed

This puzzle in built from different pieces of different dog breeds. In the form bellow you'll find a place to each part of this 'Mix-Up' dog and please remember to enter the answers in the right places.

What's your name?

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How old are you? 

Do you have a dog? Yes, I do!     No, I don't.

If you do, what breed is your dog?

Your answer  (for puzzle, quiz or riddle):

Your answer (for "Breed Mix-Up" puzzle; for full names of the breeds please see breed list in the personal info above): 






Hint! check out "Dog of the Week" for clues.



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