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  "A dog is not 'almost human' and doesn't know a bigger insult then this comparison""A dog is not 'almost human' and doesn't know a bigger insult then this comparison"
John Holms

"My dog can bark like a congress member, bring objects like a secretary, beg like a journalist and 'play dead' like a reception clerk while the phone near him is ringing"
Gerald Salomon

"Nobody appreciate your special genius of your words as much as the dog"
Christopher Morlie

"You can tell your dog the dumbest thing, and the dog will look at you with the look that says: 'My god! you are right! I'd never could have think of it!"
Dave Barry

"Trained or un-trained - will always be a master to its self, in some way"
Karol L. Bengemin

"Things that might have annoy a Terrier, a Great Dane might even not notice"
Smiley Belton

"If dogs could have talk, it would be hard talking to them as hard it is for us to talk to other humans"
Karl Chapek

"The best I like the pets companion - they never ask questions or have a criticism"
Gorge Aliot

"In the saying of the world, there is one thing you can't but with money - the tail wagging of a dog"
Gosh Billings

"Every critter, even a puppy, is in the middle of the universe"
Anatol France

"The nature teaches the animals who their friends are"
William Shakespeare

"Ask the animals and they will teach you"
The Book of Job

"The special ones steal our hearts and give us theirs"

" 'Yes' is so much important than 'No' "
Dominique Barbier

"There's facts about dogs, and there's opinions about them. The dogs have all the facts, and the humans have the opinions"
J. Allen Boone

"You have to think, and learn to think like a (dog)"
Tom Dorrance

"A dog is a good friend. He wags his tail and not his tongue"
Chinese Proverb

"The tail is the gauge of the soul"
Manfred Heyne



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