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“A trained dog is the ultimate dog".

There are few ways to train your dog, at this page you can see and choose the best way that you'd like to train you dog by, if you still have any questions about training your dog, send them all to:



First, the easy way is to take your dog to a professional trainer.

How do you go about this training? Well, it's a very simple procedure, pretty well, standardized by now. First, if you can afford the extra expense, you may send your dog to a professional trainer, where in 30 to 60 days he will learn how to be "a good dog". If you enlist the service of a good professional trainer follow his advice about progress. And in using a "pro" trainer you will have to go far some training, too, after the trainer feels your dog is ready to go home. You will have to learn how your dog works and just what to expect of him and how to use what the dog has learned after he is home.

Obedience Training Class

Another way to train your dog (I think this is the best training system out of the systems) is to join an obedience training class right in your own community. There is such a group in nearly every community nowadays. Here you will be working with a group of people who are also just starting out. You will actually be training your own dog, since all work is under the direction of a head trainer who will make suggestions to you and also tell you when and how to correct your dog's errors. Then, working with such a group your dog will learn to get along with other dogs. And, what is more important, he will learn to do exactly what he is told to do, no matter how much confusion there is around him, or how great the temptation to go his own way.

You can write to me the information of where you live and I'll contact for you with a trainer near your location. Go to it regularly- every session! Go early and leave late! Both you and your dog will benefit tremendously.

Training Him by the Book

The third way of training your dog is by the book. Yes, you can do this way and do a good job if it too. I don’t recommend training your dog by a book, if you never trained a dog before. But in using the book method, select a book, buy it, study it carefully; then study it some more, until the procedures are almost second nature to you. Then start your training. But stay with the book and its advice and exercises. Don’t start in and then make up a few rules of your own. If you don’t follow the book, you’ll get into jams you can’t get out of by yourself. If, after a few hours of short training session your dog is still not working as he should, get back to the book for a study session, because it’s your fault, not the dog’s! The procedures of dog training have been so well systematized that it must be your fault, since literally thousands of fine dogs have been trained by a book.

"Violence begins where knowledge ends" - Unknown

After your dog is “letter perfect” under all conditions, then if you wish, go on to advanced training and trick work. Teach him to track. You never know when a dog with a trained nose can be of great service to your community or to you personally.

Special Training

Also, there are the “special” training, the Agility and the Schutzhund. I guess you ask now “what is Agility” or “what is Schutzhund”? Well, here you can get the information about those training;

For all training

"The training method should evolve from the relationship, not the relationship from the training method" - Brigitte Coulon

The most important thing is that the dog will be trained with a purely positive training. The dog training is one of the best ways to contact with your dog, many people that I have trained their dogs, told me that the relationship with their dog became much better after they have joined the training grope, they found new friends as well as their dogs, and they became "one", two critters that become one, usually are man and his dog.

"Rely on your relationship, not on your leash" - S.B.


  As my dogs would say, they love being trained, and they love to work and give all they can, so I'll be happy, so if a dog is man's best friend, why can't we be theirs ?

"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend" - Corey Ford

The Ten Commandments of
Positive Training

1. Be Proactive.
2. Keep Them Trying.
3.Forgive Forgetting.
4.Follow the ABCs.
5. Use Approximations.
6. Shift Context Early.
7. Premark It.
8. Let Them Learn.
9. Do Not Damage.


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