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The music is here
To let you leave your fears behind
Come on along don't get me wrong
Let's see what you might find


Welcome to the grand illusion,
Come on in and see what's happening...


Click *HERE* to view the AWESOME cover to the NEW album from Styx entitled "Brave New World." The brand new Styx album is now out in stores to buy, so go buy a copy if you haven't already...it's well worth the money!

I've just updated my news page with several new tour dates, information about Styx being featured in Goldmine magazine, information about a new Dennis DeYoung release, etc... Like always, the subjects that are new or have some new information under them have blinking titles or subtitles...check out my news page by clicking on the link above!

Just a short time ago, on October 7th, I had the chance to see the current tour-line-up of Styx live in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I must say, JY, Tommy, Todd, Glen, and Gowan put on one excellent show! This current set list has been the most varied set that I have seen and/or heard Styx play in the past few years. While I would still rather have had Dennis and Chuck be there, I still thought that the show was GREAT, and I even got a handshake from JY at the end of the show! They are all great performers, and I definitley recommend that all of you out there who haven't seen a show on this tour yet or who have been reluctant because of Dennis and Chuck's absence, to go attend a show or two if they come near you...it should be well worth your money!

I now have over 10,000 visitors!! WOW!!!! I can't believe how this page has grown! I would like to give a big THANKS to all of my visitors. I appreciate that all of you stop by and that some of you take the time to sign my guestbook to let me know what you all think. I do this page for the band and for all of you Styxgians out there, so thanks for your support! Now, back to listening to Brave New World! Bye for now friends!!

Click on the banner above to read about Styx' albums and what they were doing at the time of the album's release! I now have the "Studio Albums Released By Styx" section completed which contains all of their studio albums from "Styx I" all the way up to "Edge of the Century!"

For the time being, this page has lyrics for ALL of Styx' studio albums to date with the exception of "Brave New World." I hope to be adding the lyrics for that album sometime in the not so distant future.

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Ladies and gentlemen...I'M HERE TO TESTIFY, I SAID, I'M HERE TO TESTIFY...that Styx...yes I'm talking about TOMMY SHAW(shaw shaw shaw)...JAMES YOUNG(young young young)...DENNIS DeYOUNG(deyoung deyoung deyoung)...JOHN CURULEWSKI(lewski lewski lewski)...GLEN BURTNIK (burtnik burtnik burtnik)...CHUCK PANOZZO(ozzo ozzo ozzo)...TODD SUCHERMAN(erman erman erman)...AND JOHN PANOZZO(ozzo ozzo ozzo)...all of these cool guys have EVERYTHING to do with what is rock and roll!!

BTW, the previous paragraph was a little twist of JY's speech about "The Devil"...get it...lol! I have been into STYX for about 3-4 years now...and I suspect I am probably among the youngest of the new generation of STYX fans: I am 18 years old. I love both the old and the new STYX...from all of the stuff with J.C., to all of the stuff with Glen, and most especially, all of the stuff with Tommy. Over these few years, I have gotten every album by STYX in some way, shape or form...I even have multiple copies of Equinox on up to KWH...on vinyl and CD!

I saw my first ever concert on June, 26th, 1997 at the Allentown Fairgrounds in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and it was of course, STYX. It was amazing...the music, the light show, and even the simple joking around on stage. "I'll have three eggs and ham"...lol!! I was having such a great time...it still brings a smile to my face to this day when I think about it. Apparently I looked like I was having a good time too...my friend said I looked like I was ready to explode...lol. If there is anyone out there reading this that hasn't been able to see STYX live...GO SEE THEM NEXT TIME AROUND...IT IS WELL WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!

Now for a little bit of info about myself. Well, to start of with, my name is Joe, and I have finished my second semester at the Penn State Hazleton Campus. I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now, and I play music ranging from classic rock to metal. My drummer friend and I have been trying to form a band for the last few years, but we have found it to be VERY hard to do! So, if there is anyone out there who lives in PA and is interested in forming a band, or anyone who just wants to talk about Styx, email me!

Last updated on October 10, 1999! More updates coming soon!