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Recommended Reading

Adopting Parents Message/Support Boards

  • Waiting Room
  • Adoption forum; hosted by The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)
  • Exploring Adoption
  • "Exploring Adoption" forum;hosted by The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID) The reading resource list is a must!
  • Considering Adoption
  • Parentsoup forum If you've been thinking of adopting a child, but have questions that you need answers for before making the decision, let Adoption Community Producer cheermom34 (Lisa Hofmann), Community Leader cl-jennkhb and others who have been there help you with their personal insights and information Added 06-23-00
  • Other INCIID Boards
  • Includes the two boards above and then a few more specialized ones(INCIID) Added 04-24-00
  • Adopting Parents
  • Message/support board for adopting parents from
  • Adoption Debate
  • This board is devoted to the debate of Adoption. Please note before joining the discussion that this is a highly volatile topic. If you think that you will be provoked to post in anger then it would be best for you refrain from participating in this discussion. Added 8-5-00
  • Adopting/Adoptive Parents
  • This forum is for sharing information and experiences, support, and friendship. Added 8-12-00
  • Fertilethoughts Forums
  • Wide variety of forums dealing with different aspects of infertility and adoption; very active and includes several adoption related forums. Added 9-24-1999
  • Domestic Adoption
  • Parentsoup Forum If you're considering adopting a child right here in the USA, you'll find support and information with Community Leaders cl-mom2mjesr, cl-jennkhb and others who have "been there." Added 06-23-00
  • Adoption BB
  • forum Welcome to this special board for those who are considering adoption, for those who have adopted and for adoptees. Your Community Leaders are cl-mom70x7 and cl-mom2mjesr. Be sure to visit our Board Homepage while you are here! Added 06-23-00
  • Adoption Issues
  • Message/support board w/discussion for adoption issues from
  • AdoptNet Message Boards
  • Message/support board dealing with adoption issues; hosted by AdoptNet. Added 03-27-00
  • Adoption Support Forums
  • These forums are hosted by 5-19-2000
  • Getting Started BB
  • Hosted by Added 9-8-99
  • Adopcion
  • Spanish base adoption support system; families from many spanish speaking countries post to this bb. 11-02-1999
  • Adoption Forums
  • Not an easy site to navigate but it's worth trying out; hosted by
  • Delphi Forum
  • Adoption forum hosted by from Delphi forums. Added 10-5-1999
  • Adopt Central
  • Message/support board w/discussions...small amount of entries and not very active. Added 9-24-1999
  • Dream Child
  • General and basic adoption/infertility site. Also features message board and chat room

    Adoptive Parents Message/Support Boards

  • Adoptive Parents
  • Welcome! This forum is dedicated to the discussion of life after the adoption process is completed. You are no longer waiting but are now parenting full time! Please share your fears, dreams, challenges and hopes with these other adoptive parents. We hope you find support, encouragement, and friendship here in this forum.. Added 7-22-00
  • General Parenting
  • Direct link to general parenting bb at very active one!. Added 11-19-00
  • Adoptive Parenting
  • If you became a mother through adoption, join Community Leader cl-mom2mjesr and other adoptive moms to discuss life with your little ones. Be sure to visit our Board Homepage too! . Added 6-23-00 (updated 3-23-01)
  • January 2000 Playgroup
  • Welcome to the playgroup for babies born in January 2000. We hope new parents can share their ups and downs, feelings and ideas. is about community, support, friendship and encouragement. We hope you find all of that and more here in this playgroup. . Added 8-5-00
  • Car Seat BB
  • Well not totally related to adoption, but we all need to start thinking about the safety of our children as soon as possible! This bb is hosted by and is moderated by very helpful and knowledgable people. Added 6-03-00
  • Baby Discussion Forums
  • The Baby Express Stores are pleased to offer you this online resource of discussion forums, designed for you to ask questions, share information and to seek and offer support for child-related issues. Added 9-18-00
  • Adoptive Parents BB
  • Hosted by Added 9-8-99
  • Fertilethoughts Forums
  • Wide variety of forums dealing with different aspects of infertility and adoption; includes an adoptive parenting forum. Added 9-24-1999
  • Open Adoption
  • Message/support board w/discussions about open adoption
  • Informational archives dealing w/lactation issues. Added 9-1-1999
  • Delphi Forums
  • A Forum is a free online meeting place created and controlled by your company or group; this site includes a wide variety of subjects. Added 9-27-1999
  • Adoptive Parents Hotbot List
  • Adoptive parents list still growing; the home page is here. Added 10-07-99
  • Decorating the Nursery
  • Parentsoup Forum Whether you're trying to choose between Winnie-the-Pooh and Noah's Ark, creating a space that will work for either a boy or girl or looking for advice on buying a crib, Community Leader cl-mamacaca and others will help you decide. Added 6-23-00
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Adoption/Foster Parenting . Added 3-23-01

    Adoptive Nursing and General Breastfeeding Sites and Boards

  • Pumping Schedule and Herbs
  • This site belongs to Mechell Turner, M. ED. IBCLC, CCE and has a suggested pumping schedule for moms who are inducing lactation. She also has information on common alactagogues and includes Wild Lettuce(Lactuca Virosa) as part of them. Added 12-17-1999
  • Notes from LLL Conference
  • LLLI conference session presented by Sharon Larsen, RN and Kerry Yancy Dolan, MD (July 4, 1999). It addresses methodology, techniques and goals of adoptive nursing Added 9-3-1999
  • Learning About Induced Lactation
  • This link will take you to a page where I organized notes and resources concerning adoptive nursing. Added 11-02-1999
  • Is Induced Milk Adequate for Infant Growth?
  • Interesting and informative article. Added 01-19-2002
  • BFAR
  • This website is owned and maintained by Carol Maranta and Diana West, cofounders of the BFAR listserv and authors of the upcoming book on BFARing, to be published by La Leche League International in 2000. This site is a compilation of information about breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery, providing an online resource to BFAR women, professional caregivers to BFARs, and friends and family of BFARs. Added 10-21-1999
  • Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
  • Just a little write up I ran across. Added 12-3-1999
  • Dr. Newman's Articles
  • Articles on breastfeeding including very thorough and informative articles on all aspects of adoptive breastfeeding. Added 8-26-99
  • Ted Greiner's BF Page
  • "Let's make the world a place where breastfeeding works better for mothers and babies! Industrialized and developing countries can learn from each other on this issue. Here are articles I have written on issues like: needs of working mothers, sustained breastfeeding, increasing the father's involvement, the threat of HIV transfer through breast milk, breastfeeding and maternal health and nutrition, breastfeeding promotion, the meaning of 'weaning,' the infant food industry, and more." Ted GreinerAdded 8-26
  • Fathers of BF Babies
  • Not a true "adoptive breastfeeding" site, but the only fact that separates an adoptive mom's breastfeeding is having to "induce" lactation. So, on that note here is a site for "Fathers of Breastfeed Babies."
  • Personal Experience
  • A MUST SEE--very inspirational and informative site!!! Article on a Mom's personal experience with breastfeeding her adopted children. Author shares a lot of helpful tips.
  • A.B.R.W.
  • Site solely dedicated to ADOPTIVE breastfeeding--thorough site.
  • Lact-Aid
  • Information on (breastfeeding) Supplemental Nutrition Systems.
  • Medela Inc.
  • Information on Medela Inc.'s supplemental nursing system (SNS)/breastfeeding system.
  • de Leon's Pumping Pages
  • Laura shares her experience w/pumping breast milk. She has some very interesting and helpful TIPS. It includes a page that does a great job of reviewing the major electric breastpumps. Added 8-24
  • Increasing Supply
  • An article that offers suggestions for increasing breast milk supply. Added 9-9-99
  • Increasing Supply
  • Intresting article that explains the M-S-S technique, among other options to increase milk production.
  • Induced Lactation Article
  • Another interesting article on the topic, written by MD.
  • Induced Lactation Article
  • Article on induced lactation, written by Barbara Wilson-Clay, BSE, IBCLC.
  • Nursing from your Soul
  • Article by Janetti Marotta, Ph.D. from the The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy. Added 9-13-99
  • Galactagogue Herbs
  • Excellent site discussing herbs as a source of galactogogue; substance the induces/increases lactation.
  • Fenugreek
  • Article authored by Physician on the herb's use as an galactogogue; substance the induces/increases lactation.
  • Fenugreek
  • Another article--author is Breastfeeding Clinic Director, Registered Nurse w/Master's Degree--on the herb's use as an galactogogue; substance the induces/increases lactation.
  • More Links
  • Internet article that has detailed information and very good links.
  • Gabriella's Arrival
  • Mom's account and diary on breastfeeding her adopted child.
  • Domperidone
  • Article on drug that can help some mothers with low breast-milk supply. Contained in Dr. Newman's web page which in its self is a MUST SEE site for breastfeeding information.
  • Effect of domperidone on milk production...
  • Effect of domperidone on milk production in mothers of premature newborns: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Varying degrees of success have been reported with strategies to increase milk production when lactation is failing. The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of domperidone in augmenting milk production in mothers of premature newborns. Added 1-19-2002
  • Reglan
  • A page where I have put together some links that will inform you of the DANGEROUS side effects that reglan CAN HAVE and therefore should be AVOIDED...except in DIRE SITUATIONS (breast milk required to feed "premie" and/or DEATHLY ILL child).
  • Nursing and Adoption BB
  • Bulletin boards at dealing with breastfeeding an adoptive child, among a wide variety of parenting and adoption issues.
  • LLL-Adoptive Breastfeeding
  • The information on this page has been reprinted with permission from NEW BEGINNINGS, the bimonthly publication for LLL members. The files feature true stories of mothers' experiences with breastfeeding adopted babies.
  • LLL
  • Organization who's mission is to promote breast feeding through educating the public.
  • ABA
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association--very informative and thorough site. Added 9-27-99/edited 2.5.02
  • Help me video clips
  • Links directly to their "Help me video clips." Excellent site!
  • Detailed Adoptive BF Article
  • Breastfeeding your adopted baby, has VERY detailed information on methods of adoptive breastfeeding. Also has links which are just as detailed. Excellent site.
  • General Bfeeding Info
  • Babies Today's breastfeeding resources
  • LLL Plano
  • Link directly to Plano's LLL web site. It posts scheduled monthly meetings and much more.
  • Induced Lactation Article
  • Induced lactation article by The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy; very informative.
  • Inverted/Flat Nipples
  • Thorough article on solutions to breastfeed with inverted and/or flat nipples. Added 8/30
  • Breast Feeding Support Group
  • Message/support board for GENERAL breastfeeding...after all adoptive breastfeeding also brings on situations that other brestfeeding families encounter. Hosted by
  • Human Milk Banking
  • Whiteriver Concepts
  • Article at Whiteriver...breast pump company. Don't miss the "index" link to more general breastfeeding articles.
  • Lactation Institute
  • This institute is located in CA and is a good source of info and support for anyone intrested in breastfeeding.
  • Lansinoh
  • Ultra purified lanolin, only brand recommended/endorsed by LLL. Added 9-7-1999
  • Lactational Pharmacology
  • "The use of medications while breastfeeding is often controversial. I hope the data provided in this web page will help you make accurate decisions." Added 10-27-1999

    Adoptive Breastfeeding Message/Support Boards

  • A.B.R.W.'s Board
  • A MUST SEE!!! Message board to Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Web site. These ladies have such GREAT information and support. See link to the new (opens September 15, 1999) chat room!!!)
  • Adoptive Breastfeeding Chatroom!
  • This adoptive nursing topic related chatroom will be opening November 15, 1999! Can't wait!! It is hosted by Naomi from the ABRW site! Added 11-06-1999
  • Adoptive Breastfeeding Board
  • Message board to It has a section on adoptive breastfeeding--look under "How to Bring in Milk If You've Never Been Pregnant." I found other messages from the non-adoptive breastfeeding sections also very helpful.
  • Adoptive Nursing Board
  • Hosted by this board does not have many entries...yet; but it is out there and therefore important to note.
  • Adoptive Nursing Board
  • Occasionally active message board dealing with the many issues and topics of the very realistic possibility of adoptive breastfeeding; hosted by
  • Labor of Love's Board
  • Deals more with "general" breastfeeding issues but has a few entries about adoptive breastfeeding. Hosted by
  • Breastfeeding
  • "General" breastfeeding board at Parent Soup. Added 8/25
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • BB at Added 8/30
  • Exclusively Pumping BB
  • BB at Added 9/5
  • Pumping and Working
  • BB at Added 9/5
  • Link to message boards at
  • Links to breastfeeding forum at Added 8/25
  • Medications and Breastfeeding
  • Thank you for using our board! Please keep messages relevant to breastfeeding. I hope you will find this information useful. And please, if you can provide an answer to the question...please answer the person's question. Hosted by Dr. Tom Hale. Added 11-07-99

    Adoption Web Rings

  • The Adoption Chronicler
  • The Adoption Chronicler's webring is for people who have been or are affected by adoption in some manner. Whether you are parents looking to adopt a child; a birth parent or adoptee seeking their lost child or parent; or you are a sibling whether an adopted sibling or birth sibling and you have your story chronicled on a web page then we would like you to consider joing this webring.
  • Adoption World
  • Not a "true" web ring, but has numerous links to adoption related sited.

    Adoption Search Engines

  • Best and most current all-around adoption resource site
  • Adoption Search
  • Group Web's adoption listings.
  • Adoption Search
  • Adoption sites including laws and other resource.
  • Listings of adoption counselors/services--links to
  • News group
  • There are many News groups that Foster Parents can utilize to find and share information on the many facets of foster parenting. Here, we attempt to find the ones that are most appropriate for foster parents regarding adoption.
  • Adopt ASAP
  • Variety of helpful links and articles. Added 9-24-99

    Adoption Cancellation Insurance

  • Kemper Insurance Group
  • The insurance policy covers adoptive parents for what they have paid to or for their birthmother in the event that she or the birthfather change their minds and withdraw their consent to the adoption. However, as of early 2000, Kemper has stopped carrying this type of insurance. They are working to find another carrier. Added 06-23-00
  • Parent Time
  • Reviews the pros/cons of applying for Adoption Cancellation Insurance.
  • FAQ
  • Lists requently asked questions about adoption cancellation insrance; written by Kemper Insurance Group agent.
  • Minimizing Risks
  • Brief article from an adoption cancellation insurnace agent summarizing his observances w/failed adoptions.
  • Brief Comments
  • Some comments about adoption cancellation insurance from an adoption lawyer.

    Dallas Adoption Connections

  • AAAA
  • The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys is a national association of attorneys who practice, or have otherwise distinguished themselves, in the field of adoption law. The Academy’s work includes promoting the reform of adoption laws and disseminating information on ethical adoption practices. 12-8-1999
  • BBB
  • Better Business Bureau-Dallas Office--Check for any reports/disputes on businesses, including adoption agencies.
  • Hope Cottage
  • Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center is Dallas' oldest non-sectarian, non-profit, United Way affiliated adoption center.
  • Buckner Services
  • Programs include residential and non-residential services for children; assistance for families; a complete continuum of care for senior adults, including retirement communities and in-home services; domestic and international adoption services; and humanitarian relief for children in other countries.
  • Adoption Access, Inc.
  • Adoption Access, Inc. is an adoption agency licensed by the State of Texas.
  • Gladney Center
  • Require a minimum of three years of marriage to be eligible.
  • Bethany C.S.
  • Bethany places hundreds of children with adoptive families each year. The children of adoption are as individual as the birthparents who conceived them and the adoptive parents who raise them. Like all children, they grow best in loving families. Like all children, they are precious expressions of the Creator's enduring love. Added 9-27-99
  • Abrazo
  • Located in San Antonio but work with families from all over thee country. Added 10-11-99
  • TX Adoption List
  • The Texas Adoptions list is intended as a pseudo-support group for those who are considering adopting a child within the state of Texas, in the process of adopting within the state, or are already adoptive parents. However, anyone involved in the placement process or counseling before and after an adoption are welcome to join this list as well. Added 10-27-99
  • TX Law BB
  • Adoption Law Information Exchange; a message board that focuses on discussions about adoption laws in TX. Added 10-28-99

    Adoption Process

  • Affording Adoption
  • "How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option" is for people who would like to consider adoption but are reluctant because they believe that the process is too expensive. It is also for families who, caught up in the emotions of adopting, may not have given serious thought to some of the less obvious financial aspects of adoption. Here you'll find out about expenses common to most adoptions, as well as those unique to the adoption of waiting children, to independent adoptions, and to international adoptions. You'll also learn about financial assistance and tax breaks available to adoptive parents. Added 10-18-1999
  • Available Resources
    to Help Defray or Cover
    The Expense of Adoption
  • Extensive list! Added 08-06-00
  • The Financial Impact
    of Adoptive Parenthood
  • The following article, adapted from the author's book Launching a Baby's Adoption, first appeared in an issue of Adoptive Families magazine. Added 08-06-00
  • CWLA
  • Chile Welfare League of America's site; The National Adoption Foundation, the country's only national non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support, information, and services for adoptive and prospective adoptive families, recently announced the expansion of its programs to include home equity loans, as well as unsecured loans and grants for adoption expenses Added 10-20-1999
  • How To Begin
  • The basics of adoption--how to get started, the home study process, information about children who need families, and more.
  • Agency Licensing
  • Sources to sites where licensing information and criteria about specific agencies can be found. Updated 9-24-1999
  • Agency Guide
  • The adoption Agency Guide--Includes links to BBB's and pages of people's adoption experience with agencies. Updated 9-25-1999
  • "Introduction to Adoption"
  • A step-by-step approach by the National Adoption Information Council's web site.
  • Getting Started
  • Links from's "Getting Started" page.
  • Agency Warning List
  • Listing of agencies that currently have lawsuits pending and/or currently a client or clients have unresolved conflicts of a serious nature. Updated 9-25-1999
  • Court TV
  • Court TV article explaining adoption process.
  • E.B.D. Inst.
  • The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute provides research on adoption policy and practice. Access the on-line database.
  • Paternity Registry
  • Explains Texas' paternity registry. The registry is used by adoption agencies as a good faith action in attempting to protect a father's paternity rights.
  • Meeting a Birthmother
  • Tips by Dawn Smith-Pliner of Friends in Adoption, a non-traditional agency in Middletown Springs, VT Added 9-24-99
  • Losing an Adoption
  • Practical Advice for Moving on after a Uniquely Painful Experience; article authored by Pat Johnston and Wendy Williams. Added 9-24-99
  • Dealing w/Adoption Detours
  • Article dealing with adoption "fall-throughs" authroed by Joanne Green Reprinted from AdoptNet. Added 9-24-99
  • Possible Adoption Frauds
  • The sad truth in adoption is that from time to time, cases of fraud turn up. The information on this page is designed to help prospective adoptive families determine if the "birthparent(s)" they are working with are being dishonest and misleading with the apparent intent to cause emotional and/or financial distress to prospective adoptive families. The contact between the people listed in these reports and the prospective adoptive family may have occurred as a result of newspaper advertising, Internet advertising or other means. Please use the information appearing here with caution. All profiles are to be considered advice, not proven fact. Although reports are believed to be real, no actual wrong doing has been proven against any of these people in a court of law. Added 9-27-99

    International Adoption

  • Excellent resources dealing with international adoption.
  • I.A.R.
  • International Adoption Resources--Featured in Parenting's Baby Talk Magazine. A good resource site.


  • World Partners Adoption, Inc waiting children from Kazakhstan and Russia
  • This site has photolistings of waiting children from Kazakhstan and Russia. Added 12-15-1999
  • Photolisting of Waiting Children
  • This site also has an abundance of information on ALL aspects of adoption.
  • Precious in His Sight
  • I have been following this site for about two years. One of my favorites. Children waiting for forever families through international adoption.
  • TX Adoption Resource Exchange
  • Children available for adoption in Texas.
  • Adoption Center
  • Adoption Center of Washington's site that lists foreign children waiting for families.
  • Adopt America Network
  • Faces of Adoption
  • Children from US waiting for placement.
  • Tedi Bear Adoptions
  • Children from other countries waiting for forever families.
  • CAP
  • Children Awaiting Parents, Inc. (CAP®) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to uniting America's children who have special challenges with adoptive families.

    Adoption Stories

  • Harding Fam. Adoption Story
  • International adoption experience! Added 12-15-1999
  • John & Lucy's Diary
  • Share this family's adoption experience and knowledge through their web site. Added 10-5-1999
  • Hannah's Family
  • An Internet friend's adoption story. Added 8-13-1999
  • Gabriella's Arrival
  • Mom's account and daily diary on Gabriella's arrival and adoptive breastfeeding account.
  • Ravi's adoption
  • Brief account of a family's trip to India to bring Ravi home.
  • Adoption Quest
  • An eight year quest to adopt a child.

    Health Insurance Coverage and Adoption

  • Medical Coverage For Adopted Children
  • Article by Mike Melbinger who is the partner in charge of the Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Group of the national law firm of Schiff, Hardin & Waite, 7200 Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 312-258-5668. Added 01-10-01
  • Article
  • Article from dealing with insurance coverage for an adopted child.
  • An agency's checklist
  • Check list required by an insurance agency. A good resource.

    Adoptive Family Issues

  • Life Books
  • Life Books is a form of journal that can be kept and is especially tailored for adoptive situations. 12-8-1999
  • Adopted Child
  • Since 1981, Adopted Child has provided valuable advice, insight, and support to parents and professionals about the issues unique to parenting adopted children at all stages of family life.
  • AKA
  • A non-profit organization offering support, services, and community to those touched by adoption.
  • Magazine
  • Roots & Wings is a quarterly magazine designed for everyone who has been "touched by adoption."
  • Kuddle Kids
  • Kuddle Kids Korner--Created by, and for adoptive parents, this page provides information, and support for people struggling with attachment issues.

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